Media Blackout: ‘Paris On Brink Of Civil War’ Warns Le Pen

Le Pen claims Paris on the brink of civil war, amid total media blackout

Marine Le Pen has warned that Paris is on the brink of a total civil war, as media outlets across Europe refuse to report on the situation. 

Paris has been under martial law for around 2 years with riots, rape and murder filling the suburban streets.

With French police routinely fleeing from armed rioters, Marine Le Pen has urged President Hollande to address the growing concern that Paris is about to fall into complete civil war as rioters close in on the city center. reports:

The Front National leader said the Government has been quick to “rush to the bedside of the very few victims of police violence without even waiting for… justice” – but are unable to quash the risk of a “real civil war” on the streets of Paris.

In a ruthless rant, Le Pen wrote: “In a state of emergency, it is completely irresponsible to let a protest against the police and alleged police violence take place.

“This government has remained unresponsive for years to scoundrels who make their laws in certain districts and do not hesitate to unleash their violence as soon as a demonstration gives them the opportunity.

“Is it necessary to say that the magistrates need a strong and effective police force in order to do their work?

“Must we remind them that this same police force, as well as the gendarmerie, now needs to be permanently changed?” reports:

According to Le Figaro, the destruction is getting worse. At the beginning of the week, on the nights of the 12th and 13th, 32 vehicles were burnt out. On the 14th and 15th, some 47 cars were destroyed by fire as well as 59 bins.

Police appeared to have completely lost control at times, with unverified videos surfacing on Twitter of officers being chased out of certain neighbourhoods by rioters.

An officer at the scene said: “Windows have been smashed and officers attacked. Small groups of protesters wearing hoods to hide their identities are causing trouble and then running away.

“Everything is being done to try and disperse the crowds, but this could go on for a long time yet.”

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    they need a non-Cabal leader who is strong, like Le Pen and start deporting for goodness sake. These migrants probably illegal, have NO right to even be in France. The leaders are breaching their own constitution, as this is there to protect its citizens!!