Patriarch Kirill Performs Bizarre Ritual In Antarctica Over ‘Ark Of Gabriel’

Patriarch Kirill performs ritual over 'ark of Gabriel'

A bizarre report from the Kremlin says that Patriarch Kirill has performed a strange ritual in Antarctica this week at the mysterious ‘Ark of Gabriel‘, reading a secret text given to him by Pope Francis. 

The “Ark of Gabriel” was first discovered in Mecca on 12 September 2011 by a construction crew tunneling under the Masjid al-Haram Mosque, who were all tragically killed by a “plasma emission” when they attempted to unearth it. reports:

Even worse on 24 September 2015, during a second attempt to unearth the mysterious “Ark of Gabriel”, another massive “plasma emission” killed an estimated 4,000 more people—but which Saudi officials blamed on a stampede.

Quoting from the original MoD report as to what Saudi officials did next we can read:

“After the catastrophic death toll involved with the Saudi’s second attempt to remove this mysterious “device/weapon”,  His Holiness Patriarch Kirill was then contacted by the Grand Mosque emissaries in regards to one of the oldest Islamic manuscripts possessed by the Russian Orthodox Church that was saved from the Roman Catholic Crusaders in 1204 when they sacked the Church of Holy Wisdom (now known as Hagia Sophia) in Constantinople (present day Istanbul, Turkey) titled “Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad”. 

Important to note, and virtually unknown in the West, were that the Roman Catholic Crusades (and like they mirror today) were not only against the peoples of Islamic faith, but also against those having Russian Orthodox faith too—and why, during these crusades, the Russian Orthodox Church not only protected their own religious libraries from being destroyed, but also those belonging to Muslims.

As to the contents of this ancient Islamic manuscript, “Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad”, it centers around a group of instructions given to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel in a cave called Hira, located on the mountain called Jabal an-Nour, near Mecca, wherein this heavenly being entrusted into Muhammad’s care a “box/ark” of “immense power” he was forbidden to use as it belonged to God only and was, instead, to be buried in a shrine at the “place of worship the Angels used before the creation of man” until its future uncovering in the days of Yawm al-Qīyāmah, or Qiyâmah, which means literally “Day of the Resurrection”.

On 6 December 2015, this report notes, Federation naval research vessel Admiral Vladimisky departed the Saudi Arabian Port of Jeddah with the “Ark of Gabriel” bound for Antarctica accompanied by a vast naval armada ordered for its protection by President Putin and that (strangely) also included capsules with Russian soil to be placed in the areas of military glory and burial sites of Russian sailors at selected ports of call along the long journey to the Southern Ocean.

Upon his learning of the “grave and global implications” associated with this mysterious “Ark of Gabriel”, this report continues, Pope Francis contacted Patriarch Kirill requesting an “urgent and immediate” meeting while warning that “the end is near”—after which Patriarch Kirill agreed to meet the Roman Catholic Church leader in Cuba on 12 February, an historic meeting between these two leaders that had not taken place between these church’s leaders in nearly 1,000 years.

Though the exact nature of the talks between Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis remain classified at much higher level then we’re granted access to, MoD analysts in this report do state that an “ancient secret manuscript” was given to Patriarch Kirill by Pope Francis that pertains to the “Ark of Gabriel” whose legend behind it claims it was written directly by the “watchers” (angels?) described in the Book of Enoch.

And just hours ago, this report concludes, Patriarch Kirill, while using this “secret text” given to him by Pope Francis, preformed an “ancient ritual” over the “Ark of Gabriel” in the Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity Church (the only church in Antarctica) and where immediately thereafter this mysterious artifact was transported into the vast interior of this cold and foreboding continent by a highly specialized Spetsnaz (Special Forces) unit to a destination, and purpose, not identified by the MoD.

  • chevypot

    The sad part of this entire waste of money is the fact that Gabriel and all of those religious initiators- gods- if you will- don’t car about giving to us- except technology which will turn our earth into a toxic waste dump like their own planet. They tempt muslims and other male leader with societies like their own with 7 wives and 60 kids or more. But look how many of us they have killed to reach that goal….

  • Gabriel

    Religion, Polyticks and the rest mean the same thing. You speak for me and you are blind and clueless. Gabriel and HIS push timeknowledgey? Liar. Those like you do things to incite and then watch men kill each other, all the while you hide in the shadows, hoping to pick the bones clean, right ishtardead, baal$hitter?
    Talk a little time in your response but your i.q. is a scripted, weak joke and you’re the punch line. The Holy Bible is a lie? If that’s the case, then you’re in real trouble. If that is The Case and this your living testimony, then you’re in real trouble.

  • Gabriel

    Core-ection: “If that’s the case, then you’re in real trouble. If that’s not The Case and this your living testimony, then you’re in real trouble.
    That is all.

  • Gabriel

    What kind of ‘magic’ trick, nonsense retardual did this feller perform over some materialistic, idol mess? Did it have ‘magic’ symbols on it too? Are there ‘magic’ beans inside perhaps? Did his ‘magic’ hat help him?
    Those popel with their ‘mystery’ and ‘mystique’ – nice outfits.

  • Doug Brown

    For more information please carefully read the Bible. It is mankind’s handbook, in it all questions are carefully answered and explained. Once Bible is digested and grasped and the full cast of characters comprehended and understood, proceed to the last book, the Revelation of Jesus Christ. There and then it will become clear.

  • albermarle19

    It is all coming together now! The real reason why what’s happening in Syria, Iraq and Iran, is not about terrorists or nuclear weapons, it’s about Stargates, which are ” religious” artifacts being plundered and pillaged from Syria and Iraq. It’s about claiming these artifacts and storing them in Atlantis which is modern day Antarctica !
    Once all the artifacts are combined, the real trouble starts. The illuminati will have total control over the earth and turn the earth back over to the guardians of earth, which we commonly refer to as extraterrestrials or aliens!

  • stealthman5

    There are no “ancient” Muslim artifacts. Muhammad lived starting in the Early Medieval Period. He was about 40 years old in the year 610 ce or AD when he had his first contact (so he says) with the Angel Gabriel. Islam did not exist as a religion prior to Muhammad being 40 years old at the beginning of the 7th Century.

  • turfbarn80

    Strange that there aren’t any photos of the weapon/device. Is it that top secret or is this all a massive psy-op?

  • Antoinette Stones

    It is a being in a stasis chamber. They airlifted someone, (no name given), to a hospital, just before John Kerry’s visit to Antarctica. There are beings who have inhabited this planet for aeons of time, they have underground bases. One is at the Hikurangi Trench off the coast of New Zealand. They just tried to take it out after Kerry’s visit to Antarctica. They did not succeed. The British and NZ conducting Tsunami Bomb experiments in the Pacific in the 50’s. They were successful. New York is planned to be taken out with a Tsunami bomb.

  • Antoinette Stones

    It is a being in a stasis chamber. Just before John Kerry’s visit to Antarctica a person,( no name given), was airlifted out for special treatment at a hospital. No more info than this. I say it is the being from the Stasis chamber. While Kerry was in my country New Zealand we had a big earthquake, they tried to destroy an underground base, that belongs to beings who have always lived here. They did not succeed. Look at the Hikurangi Trench on Google. The Worlds largest Seismic Thumper Ship worked on this Fault from top to bottom in the days preceding the earthquake. We also have here the SS Sampson, look that up and it’s capabilities, it is thought this was also used in their technology of creating quakes. There is a Clinton email that shows the last big earthquake here was known 6 hours in advance. Here is the email. Our Prime Minister also slipped his tongue by saying on National TV, that it was a man made earthquake.

  • Ranger Morgan

    They’ll use it to free the fallen imprisoned there. God help us.

  • Kane

    the Yussupov family had for centuries basically controlled the Islamic world really The biggest mistake the Romanof family made was to lure them into becoming Christians by offering them the title of Prince A very common title in Russian Nobility ,and they foolishly accepted. Personally I think that was fatal to the Russian power structure in Europe. I don’t know who convinced them to do it .I suspect the Vatican was undoubtedly involved.. Always the same .