Paul Craig Roberts Asks “Why Aren’t ISIS Targeting Politicians?”

Why do terrorist groups like ISIS target innocent civilians and not politicians?

American economist Paul Craig Roberts has raised the pertinent question: Why do terrorists focus on attacking ordinary civilians, leaving politicians largely alone? 

The 9/11 attacks, the Boston marathon bombing, and the recent Paris attacks all have one thing in common: The only people who suffered were innocent members of the public who had absolutely nothing to do with the politics and ideology that the attackers were apparently fighting against. reports:

Historically, terror attacks are not on the innocent but on the rulers and those who are guilty. For example, it was the Archduke of Austria/Hungary who was assassinated by the Serbian terrorist, not ordinary people blown up or shot down in a street cafe.

It is interesting that terrorists attacks attributed to Muslims only fall upon ordinary people, not upon the political elites who oppress the Muslims. In past years on several occasions I have remarked in my columns on the total vulnerability of the neoconservatives to assassination. Yet there has been not a single attack by terrortists on a neocon life, and the neocons are the source of the violence that Washington has unleashed on the Muslim world. The neocons walk around without threat free as birds.

How believeable is it that Muslim terrorists take their ire out on innocents when the President of France himself, who has sent military forces to murder Muslims, was sitting in the attacked stadium and could easily have been eliminated by a suicide bomber?

Now let us turn to questions of identification of the alleged “Paris terrorists.” Is it realistic to suppose that the millions of refugees from Washington and its European vassals’ wars in the Middle East have passports? Were these millions of refugees expecting to be driven by White Civilization’s Bombs out of their countries and thus had prepared themselves with passports in order to flee?

Did they write on their passport applications that they were going to be visiting Europe?

Was the beleaguered country, their homeland, under full military assault, able to process all these millions of passports?

What sort of dumbshit Western media goes along with the passport story — a media well paid to lie for Washington’s hegemony and crimes?

One final question for skeptics. Where are the photographs of the terrorists during their terrorizing? Surrounding the scenes of violence there were not only abundant security cameras, but also hundreds, even thousands, of people with cell phones that have cameras. With all of these photos, how is it possible that the authorities do not know if some terrorists escaped, and if so, who they are and what they look like? Why are the authorities relying on fake passports for photos of the terrorists?

Terrorism has been unleashed in the Western World, and it is the terrorism of Western governments against Western peoples.

  • Mike

    Because our politicians are causing more damage than the terrorists can.

  • Paul Hicks

    “Liberals” are as much the problem as neocons… …they’ve perpetuated the same actions.

  • Jon W Hinch

    Al qaeda have it covered ? Also they want ordinary people to submit to Islam and ISIS don’t have the intelligence ( network ) . If they took out our politicians as the IRA did ( ) they might get serious opposition to their immigration and their continuous toleration with platitudes – Islam is the religion of peace etc ! You are plain wrong about

  • Jon W Hinch

    How believeable is it that Muslim
    terrorists take their ire out on innocents when the President of
    France himself, who has sent military forces to murder Muslims, was
    sitting in the attacked stadium and could easily have been eliminated
    by a suicide bomber? They didn’t get into the
    stadium because of the security and he may well have been their
    target .

    So are you seriously suggesting an
    alternative more likely explanation ? I could do with a laugh –
    please tell !

    • Jan de Vries

      Not forgetting that these people are not dumb. Hé is forgetting to mention the fact that killing the archduke unleashed ww1, Daesh is not trying to get all off nato forces to syria.

  • Jillian5512

    Since when are the Obama administration “neocons?” You know that they are paying/training/supplying ISIS, right?

    • Alberto Dietz

      Progs and neocons are the two equally evil sides of the same counterfeit coin.

  • Peter Piper

    Because the EU and American federal politicians are behind the rise of ISIS – to push so-called “refugees” into the West to create chaos through terrorism, help to destroy nationalism, and create the conditions to implement martial law and their one-world-government. As part of that, they are also recreating the islamic caliphate.

  • Sublimation

    Because Politicians are usually protected around the clock by armed guards in high security areas, duh.

    Remember that next time those same politicians want to take your guns away.

  • jerryhulick

    The scum bags are not going to bite the hand that feeds. At least not yet.

  • MeAnd Julio

    This article is sheer idiocy. I can’t believe it was published, anywhere.

  • cillaMcQ

    People have passports. Maybe not in the USA but in Europe over 90% of people have passports, same for the middle east. The USA is the EXCEPTION, where people will only get a passport when they are planning on travelling abroad, nearly everyone has a passport,whether or not you are planning to travel- its part of normal life.