Hacker Uncovers Photographic Evidence Chemical Attack Was Staged

Hacker uncovers evidence that chemical weapons attack in Syria was staged

Photographs obtained by a hacker proves that the recent chemical attack in Syria was staged by US-backed rebels, in order to justify war. 

Blackstoneintel.com reports: The al-Qaeda affiliate group, Jaish al-Islam, has admitted to using chlorine gas to massacre dozens of people in Aleppo. This same group killed civilians in Douma.

Together with the fake humanitarian group, the White Helmets (which has been caught staging death scenes/videos in the past), Jaish terrorists took the dead bodies of children and staged the bodies in multiple locations to create propaganda photos/video to shock and outrage the public – and to frame President Bashar al Assad and the Syrian military for the crime.

These photos are evidence that the “chemical attack” being blamed on the Assad government to justify western military invasion is not what it seems.

  • Vasile Lucian BUJOR ( Vasi )

    Good article.

  • Mollie_Norris

    Thanks for spreading the truth about the Israeli/UK/UK’s NWO attempt to instigate a global nuclear war based on this most recent incredibly evil deception.

  • Jeff

    The white helmets are a small part of 0bama’s propaganda division paid for from America’s tax payers and even 0bama himself. 0bama is the son of perdition and is hear to destroy everything that is of GOD.

    • Jack Inder

      Lol, conservatards are so stupid that they not only buy the shit that FakeNewsWire peddles, but still thinks Obama is president.

      • Will

        LOL, Jack. I’m a liberal, like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The reason this page seems legit is because the last false flag chem weap attack in Syria was faked as well, so I expected it again. These folks with white hard hats walk around without hazmat gear. Does that sound even a little bit legit to You? Maybe when You grow up You can be a liberal too. Right?

  • Will

    Yes Sir. Another outrageous con-job “chemical attack”.

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