Poisoned By Tdap Vaccine, Stroke Victim Speaks Out (Video)

In this video we see John Berchielli who is currently struggling for his life after being administered the Tdap vaccine. 

John came down with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and a stroke shortly after being vaccinated.

According to the description on the video:

He [John] is a former 7 year volunteer and Nemesis of Dr. Richard Pan. In this video we take venture to Sutter Roseville to hear what John has to say about Dr. Pan and #‎SB277 Please like comment and share and lets get some attention to the 20k plus people a year that are coming down with this syndrome! #SB277 #‎CallingOutDrPan #‎GuillainBarreSyndrome #hope4john

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  • Vicki Hood

    I went blind for a year after a vaccine ( Look up ingredients) my diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis. Matters not which vaccine you get. They contain– Cross species pus, rotting dog kidneys, antibiotics, human aborted fetal cells, formaldehyde, rotting monkey brains, feces and other crap. Look it up. Vaclib.org is a good one. Lots written there by doctors. You see big pharma is required by law, if asked, to reveal all ingredients.