Poland Believes A Russian Invasion Is Imminent

Polish soldiers

Today in Poland there are 80,000 militiamen training for a possible war with Russia.

Believing an imminent Russian invasion is likely, Poles are living in the grip of paranoia over their historic enemy. Yet it is not Moscow which is today threatening Poland’s sovereignty and independence. It is Washington and Brussels.

Russia Insider report:

I have never been to Poland. But I know it is a country where Russophobic paranoia runs deep – perhaps more than any other country. The Poles and the Russians have been fighting each other for over 1000 years, going back to medieval Rus.

Even Ukraine does not compare, for it has historic, cultural and blood ties to Russia that – despite the extremist anti-Russian veneer artificially imposed on the country – still generate a natural affinity toward Russia on the part of millions in Ukraine.

One infamous Pole, Zbigniew Brzezinski, managed to worm his way into the halls of power in Washington DC and has been injecting Russophobic venom into US foreign policy for decades. He cannot help it. It is in his genetic code.

Yet I didn’t realize how gripped Polish society was by paranoia until I chanced upon this report from Vice News on the 80,000 private militiamen training hard in Poland for war with Russia. That is on top of Poland’s 120,000 strong standing army.

These men (and women) believe Russia could launch a full blown ground invasion at any moment.

I maintain an interest in firearms and gun law in various countries. All the information I had seen heretofore was that gun control was relatively stringent in Poland.

Yet apparently, these militias are permitted under Polish law to equip themselves with military-grade hardware – armored vehicles, assault rifles and other small arms.

So great is the danger posed by the Russian “aggressor.”

Here is a quote from one Mateuz, a member of one of the militias interviewed for the program:

How do I know that these things won't happen in my county, like they did in Ukraine? There is the saying, if you want peace, prepare for war.

Si vis pacem, para bellum – no argument here. But against whom? Is there a Russian army group massing in Kaliningrad? That is the only border Poland shares with Russia. And since Kaliningrad is an exclave separated from Russia proper, any attempt to mass ground forces there would have to come by sea (and some by air). In any case, there would be plenty of advance signs for NATO intelligence to pick up on.

And what exactly could happen in Poland which happened in Ukraine? Will the Poles overthrow their constitutional government, murder thousands of their own people, abandon the rule of law for the rule of the gun, and launch a genocidal campaign against the population of a region in their own country?

All of that Ukraine has managed to do to itself, with no help at all from Russia.

Again and again throughout this documentary, Poles can be heard saying they are doing it because they are “patriots.” The same refrain is heard from those in Ukraine who burn their neighbors to death and lob artillery shells at schools. Truly, patriotism really is the last refuge of scoundrels.

Take a look at this quote from Waldemar Jakson, mayor of Swidnik, where one of the military drills took place:

Now it is no longer Poland but Germany that has the flank of NATO and the Poles are convinced that the military bases of the Americans in Germany should be in Poland.

Indeed. Such is Polish patriotism. Such is their concept of “independence.” Having ejected the Soviet army, they now earnestly desire to join the Germans in being military occupied by the Americans.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against militias as such. The militia system proved more than sufficient defense for the United States until the 20th century, when it chose to adopt the role of superpower. A militia system has proved more than sufficient defense for Switzerland for 700 years. An armed people is a free people.

What is not only greatly disappointing, but highly alarming, is that in Poland all this is being done in the guise of fighting a threat that does not exist – so great is Polish paranoia toward Russia.

Poland is a conservative, religious country where heritage and moral values are still important.

All that is still true of Russia. It is no longer characteristic of Western Europe.


It is not Moscow which today threatens Poland’s sovereignty and independence. It is Washington and Brussels.

By Ricky Twisdale for Russia Insider.poland

Edmondo Burr

BA Economics/Statistics
Assistant Editor
  • Adas Kiezun

    The end of this article says it all. The author writes for Russia Insider. Of course this is a heavily biased piece. There is a real fear of Russia just as the 20th century alone suggests. No one remembers that USSR invaded in the 20’s Poland let alone the occupation after WWII.

    What others don’t seem to even know is that the Polish president died in a plane crash in Russia in which Putin denied polish investigators to. Can you imagine if Obama died in a plane crash in Canada and the Canadian government denied ANY access to the scene? Not only that, but they immediately took apart the evidence of the crash site and the plane parts. How can you trust some one like this who has shown so little good will in the region and towards Poland?

    I believe Putin has good reasons to be worried from the West but he makes a great case for the Poles to be worried about him.

  • Anna Szenfeld

    historically saying, Poles always had stake with Russia, or should I say against them, betrayed, stabbed in the back, torn apart…but the fact is that Poles hoping NATO will intervene on their behalf is delusion! Russia is closer and more powerful ally than US, and it’s a fact, undeniable! unfortunately due to some historical bad blood..Poles will look again to NATO, UK etc…and will again get kicked in the ass by betrayal…as history proved it!
    one wonders….how many times does it take to learn the lesson, and align interest with those who actually have power to influence the outcome

    • Mira

      so totally true! they are so paranoid, but it is NATO and the US they should be watchful of, the real enemy. They always said about the Poles that they have more courage than sense….

      • Anna Szenfeld

        couldn’t agree more 🙂 Poles will charge ahead in the name of justice – forgetting to think politically – or should I say…give a cool calculation to what makes sense and what not, – I know, I’m one 😉