Poland Says No To $9.2 Billion Credit Line From IMF

Warsaw breaks free from the world bank's grip

Poland has said thanks but no thanks to a $9.2bn credit line from the Rothschild owned IMF.

According to Poland’s finance ministry, Warsaw will withdraw from the International Monetary Fund’s precautionary Flexible Credit Line (FCL) which is worth billions of dollars.

The ministry quoted Finance Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Twitter saying: “We are resigning from a $9.2 billion credit line from the IMF. The Polish economy is in such a good situation that we can do it”

RT reports: The country’s budget posted a record surplus of $1.36 billion for the period from January to August as a result of a steep rise in revenue from value-added tax. Economic growth was almost four percent.

I have taken the decision to quit the FCL after an analysis of tax data, macroeconomic parameters, assessment of our budget stability and currency reserves,” Morawiecki was cited as saying.

In January, the Executive Board of the IMF approved a two-year arrangement for Poland worth about €8.2 billion at that time.

The fund said the credit line would “provide valuable insurance against external shocks.”

“A possible growth slowdown and banking sector stress in the euro area could have significant spillovers via trade, financial, and confidence channels,” said the IMF.

The Flexible Credit Line has been in place for Poland to use at times of crisis since 2009, but the country has never drawn on the funds. Last year Poland asked the IMF to halve the value of the FCL.

  • slim

    smart country, wish i could say the same for this crap hole canada.. just as bad as crack head usa.

  • https://gab.ai/HWR HWR

    Smart move Poland. It’s a monetary debt trap of compound interest you’ll never get out of and then (((they))) rule you.


  • CharlieSeattle

    In a stunning “IN YOUR FACE” reversal of Rothschild IMF control and Angela Merkel’s win, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic showed their support for Germany’s “Alternative für Deutschland” Party and invaded Western Europe on two broad fronts this evening with a goal to repel the muslim invasion and restore law an order!

    The extreme threat in about 10 years by 4 new muslim nuclear powers, Iran, France, Germany and Britain, was too great to ignore any longer.

    Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May threatens to flood the English Chunnel to stop them.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel retreated to Berchtesgaden with her muslim refugee sycophants chanting, Allahu Akbar! Sieg Heil!

    France is expected to surrender out of hand.

    Update at 11 PM EST.

  • Djago

    Way to go Poland!

  • eddieareyoukidding?

    The IMF will now do everything it can to destroy Polands trading relatiosnships with countries that the IMF owns…. watch your back Poland