Police Officer Reads Riot Act To Fellow Cop For Harassing Citizens

In this video a police officer puts a fellow cop in his place, after he catches the corrupt cop harassing citizens. 

In the video, the cop can be heard educating the other police officer that members of the public have a right to their property, a right not to be searched, and a right not to be accosted.

He says, “there’s a constitution that I swore and oath to so don’t’ freakin’ mess with it with these citizens! Do you understand me

Police Officer Puts Another Cop in his Place For Harassing Citizens

  • Ben Dover

    This is a deputy brow beating a SECURITY GUARD, not a “fellow cop”. If it was a cop, the psycho would not have said anything, woulda joined in. The deputy has a beef with security guards and THAT is what this is about.
    Nothing heroic here.
    PLEASE get your facts straight.

  • Ben Dover

    Hmmm, censorship.