Poll: 72% Of Young Americans Say Mainstream Media Is ‘Fake News’

A new poll found the overwhelming majority of young Americans believe the mainstream media is "fake news", peddling lies and conspiracies.

A new poll from IBD/TIPP found the overwhelmingly majority of young Americans believe the mainstream media is “fake news” that presents baseless information on a daily basis with the sole intention of bringing down a democratically elected President.

Investor’s Business Daily report:

Americans overwhelmingly blame the media for the hoopla surrounding the Russian investigation, with 57% agreeing that “the media has prematurely declared President Trump and his allies guilty of collusion with Russia” despite a lack of evidence. Just 39% disagreed.

And once again, the partisan split was notable, with 83% of Republicans agreeing that the media had displayed bias, but just 32% of Democrats saying the same. Some 62% of independents saw media bias in the coverage of the Russia investigation.

Perhaps surprisingly, the age group that saw the greatest media effect was the youngest — the 18-to-24 year-old age group, with 72% agreeing that the media had essentially treated Trump and his campaign officials as guilty in covering the Russia issue without providing evidence. All of the other age groups were in the 53% to 59% range.

Example of CNN fake news.

Their poll also found most Americans have rejected the mainstream media’s conspiracy theory about Russia influencing the outcome of the election:

Despite the media’s saturation coverage, some 52% of respondents said the outcome of the 2016 presidential election was “not influenced” by Russia, while just 39% said it was.

The responses split along predictable party lines, with 77% of Democrats saying Russians influenced the election, but just 6% of Republicans in agreement. Among independents, only 31% saw a Russian influence on the election outcome.

Almost half of Americans said the Russia investigation is a full-on “witch hunt” driven by fake news:

Meanwhile, some 47% agreed with the statement that “the investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia is a political ‘witch hunt’ aimed at getting the president impeached.” But 48% disagreed.

Even so, 21% of Democrats agreed that the investigation was a witch hunt, along with 75% of Republicans and 51% of independents.

The poll also found 65% of Americans say it’s “premature” to talk about impeachment while only 32% say it’s “appropriate.”

[CNN Journalist: Governments Pay Us To Fake News]

The poll was taken May 30 to June 6, before former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony which largely blew the “Russkie conspiracy” narrative out of the water.

The fake news media’s hysterical propaganda is failing. If the Republican party would stop being such cowards and actually work to force through Trump’s agenda they could actually win and win big in 2018, and wipe the failing Democrat Party off the map in the process.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • John C Carleton

    The young are the hope and future of America. The old farts, for the most part, have too much of their lives tied up in the lies and war crimes of Washington DC. If they admit that Washington DC is evil, that all the things that MSM had told them all their lives is pure zionist propaganda BS, they admit they were stupid enough, ball-less enough, greedy enough, evil enough, to be part of the reason that the evil of the pedophilic Washington DC USA evil Empire has survived.
    They have to admit, it was from their support and not speaking against the evil, which has made evil International war crimes, murdering children in their homes and schools, overthrowing governments, spreading death, mayhem and destruction.
    Most older Americans i have met, don’t have the guts or intellectual honesty to face the truth.

    • Pete Repeat

      I see you failed your critical thinking course. Do you think all of this happened overnight, and that the American people knew what was going on? The only news was from the flagship newspapers and network TV. The internet didn’t exist, nor did cable. The left wing media fed lies, just as they’re doing today. The difference now is that there are a myriad of folks doing rogue investigative work and bringing these atrocities to light where more and more people can see the truth.

      “Most older Americans i have met, don’t have the guts or intellectual honesty to face the truth.”. You really are a self-righteous, gutless moron.

  • Sleeveheart

    This just in: Young people think old people smell like old people.

  • Fingal Carson

    There are a lot of problems with the younger generation, but virtually all were caused and created by their lame-brained, incompetent parents. What I think will happen is the strongest souls will rise above the rest, the good souls will follow, and the rest will show their true colors. If the Boomers had any good, which many of them did before middle age, there should be far more optimism for this generation.

    The media sh!t-talks younger people for a reason: divide and conquer, and make sure you think they’ll all ret@rded. so you won’t hire them, won’t give them a chance, won’t live amongst them without conflict, and won’t view them fully as human or not judge them by cover. The Boomers had every opportunity practically given to them and they were a very shady youth and very draining young adult bunch. It will NOT get worse.

    Autism also didn’t really skyrocket until kids born 10-15 years ago, and ADD is just an excess-sugar problem and mineral deficiency problem, so there is FAR more hope than people realize, but do you think the rulers want you to know that? The brain also has potential for repair and the body has organ reserve and great detox potential in its younger years. Younger people are also realizing that grass-eating (gluten/wheat) is not normal and animal flesh is not for everyone, and keep your pesticides, grandpa. Reversing the worst of the damage and healing are possible.

    If any mainstream source says something, the opposite is true or it was a lie. “Young people are hopeless retards”. So the truth is: ? Think about it.