Pope Francis Says GMOs Are Approved By The Catholic Church

Pope Francis says Catholic church fully approves of GMOs

Pope Francis says that the Catholic Church now officially approve of GMO food and will authorize their use in holy events going forward.

Not only is the Vatican now caught up in one of the biggest pedophile scandals in its history – the Church is now officially endorsing one of the most ruthless and evil corporations in the world – Monsanto.

Naturalnews.com reports: This is only accelerating the demise of the Catholic Church, of course, as people see it abandoning God and cozying up to evil, domineering corporations that seek to place Man higher than God when it comes to seeds and food crops.

Aside from the philosophical arguments about seeds and Mother Nature, Monsanto is also the single most evil corporation in the world, running some of the sleaziest “dark ops” negative P.R. operations the world has ever seen, lying, deceiving and smearing clean food advocates in order to dominate the world’s food supply at all costs.

None of this appears to bother the modern day Vatican, where upcoming events might as well include mass sex orgies, organized sexual abuse of choir boys and all-you-can-eat GMO sperm cracker buffets. Is this really what the Catholic Church has come to?

Sadly, it seems so.

Pedophilia and GMOs seem to go hand in hand these days — because they’re both EVIL — and now it all appears to have the blessing of the Pope himself!

  • monica

    I hope he eats it 3 times a day – he is a betrayal to the true Catholic people of the world

    • Sallybolson

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  • palcau ioan

    of course,of course,the catholic Church approving ANYTHING EVERYTHING!this Church is nothing but a satanic Church,and Satan itself is its ,,king,,…on the other hand,this,,pope,, is a joke,a joker ,the son of satan…dont listen to him,hes empty inside and ugly outside…theres no reaf faith or real fears of Almighty God and His Son ,Jesus Christ,the only Way to our Father! Peace and love to all humanity,my big and true family!

  • Fingal Carson

    Not human anglo saxons and jewish creatures need genetically modified substances to survive. Some are pharmaceuticals, others are food drugs like gluten, others are man-made plants. The pope just says no humans are running the catholic church. Not a surprise.

  • John Mccord

    Well, out the mouth of the expert. Son of satan,you can have my share.

  • renewed4life

    I serve no man, as men are fallible & this man seems to want to change the path they, the church, have been on for decades. I Follow CHRIST !!!

  • Robin

    Eat on and get your thyroid problems, digestive, respitory and allergy problems, liver, heart, pancreas, gallbladder and stomach problems… Get your diseases along with cancer with GMOs. If the pope doesn’t have enough sense or is that easily paid off, then so be it. I’m eating organic as long as I can.