Pope To Reveal Truth About Alien Contact TOMORROW!



According to public interest lawyer  Daniel Sheehan, Pope Francis is on the verge of making one of the most startling revelations of ALL time! And he’s – allegedly – making it TOMORROW!

At a conference earlier this week, Sheehan (click on the RT video link below to see him lecture on exo-politics and extraterrestrial disclosure policy) reveals that the Pope will be denouncing the capitalist system in order to prepare for full alien disclosure. In his announcement, he is predicted to expose the truth about the existence of other intelligent life-forms, some of which have been in contact with earthlings for many years. The Pope, it is said, is keen for the revelation to be made in a way that will avoid mass chaos: how he’ll do that is, for now, anyone’s guess.

Many conspiracy theorists have believed for decades that 2015 is destined to be the year of alien disclosure: could they be proved right this Friday? Watch this space…


The Ghost Diaries website reports:


Is there a technologically and intellectually advanced sentient species elsewhere in the galaxy? Pope Francis believes so and on June 5th will not only announce his intention to prepare the human species for contact, he will denounce the transnational corporate capitalist system that is currently contaminating the planet with toxic consciousness.

According to constitutional and public interest lawyer and educator Daniel Sheehan, the Catholic Church is actively preparing for the discovery of and contact with a highly advanced sentient alien species. He spoke today at Contact in the Desert 2015, a landmark UFO conference in Joshua Tree in Southern California, where he described what will be a historic papal encyclical decree calling for nothing less than the disassembly of the power structures that are destroying our civilization and preventing us from joining an enlightened galactic partnership.

Sheehan’s speech started with a summary of his work as a people’s advocate for alien disclosure that has included access to classified sections from Project Bluebook, which supposedly contains photographic evidence of a downed craft with alien symbols.

Sheehan went on to describe how Pope Francis wants to avoid the kind of chaos that engulfed the Catholic Church during the time of Galileo when it was revealed Earth is not the center of the Universe. For the next major shift in human consciousness, he wants to position the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order to integrate the reality of alien existence as well as the evolution of a 6th faculty of human consciousness. This 6th faculty will constitute a new form of religion and a new form of contact between humans and advanced telepathic aliens.

Jacqui Deevoy

Jacqui Deevoy

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Jacqui Deevoy
  • beebob

    I thought I recognized this story. I saw it in a Weekly World News magazine that I was reading while standing in line at my grocery. But the author left something out. Apparently the aliens also told Pope Francis that they kidnapped Elvis in 1978–he never really died, which would explain why he’s been seen from time to time (the aliens let him out every once in a while to promote Elvis worship).

    • SirBoss

      Have you heard that the ELITE have 439 bunkers created underground all over the world. Elvis may have died or if not put into one of these bunkers just like bin laden hitler who knows!

  • Mira

    yournewswire does it again, crazy, don’t believe a WORD these people print.

  • MisterE


  • fatwillie

    If this bozo tells you there are aliens, run from his ass this will prove who he works for, and it is not the Lord God almighty.

    • steezuschrist

      if you read the bible it says that god has other planets with other life-forms. we were just created last.

    • Mira

      the only bozo here . is the guy who wrote this stupid article. honestly yournewswire is just so fake.

  • gilcarlson

    You don’t have to wait for disclosure! Haven’t you heard of that
    famous “Blue Planet Project Book” it reveals some amazing facts about
    government involvement with aliens, genetic experiments, and amazing technology
    using alien knowledge:

    • SirBoss

      LOL rubbish stop misleading people I know why the pope placed a telescope Mt graham “do you”? Why would a person who believes in God who created everything we see smell and touch believe in aliens cmon its not aliens! Its something else look up Planet X scientists have been killed for finding evidence of this by the ELITE. They do not want anybody to know a matter of fact the so called Elite (Illuminati) dont want you to know anything.

  • Danny Dodge

    “Many conspiracy theorists have believed that 2015..”

    No they haven’t. What makes them prophets anyways?

    These aren’t aliens, the pope is not the voice of the creator and there are no such thing as aliens. We have all been lied to.

    Christianity is a false religion.

    The messiah who many call Jesus, Yeshua was a Jew who taught Judaism. Paul of tarsus set up the decoy religion of xtianity for the gentiles waiting for Krishna / Tammuz to return.

    These beings are demonic, possibly the falling angels or possibly the disembodied spirits of their sons, the nephilim, reincarnated into hideous bodies, and either way, we don’t want to go near them. CERN is most likely responsible for their invasion – creating wormholes through which they can return in droves from what is called the pit or abyss in the biblical texts and tartarus by these pagan leaders including the pope that can’t wait for humanity to be consumed by these beings.

    Source: Jewish texts including Torah, tanakh, 3 books of the NT and 3 books from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    • Joseph Hart

      If you haven’t spent any time researching, your off the cuff, ignorant comments are why this planet is on such a bumpy road…

      • Danny Dodge

        Really? You have no idea.
        These stupid sites are the reason no one takes the NWO stuff seriously. But I guess that since I’m a reptilian alien troll, then calling this site out as a clear controlled opposition useful idiot site is pointless, right? …

    • Mira

      the clue is in your source,(the Torah) you are so WRONG, and of course the Jews would try and discredit the belief in Jesus. They rejected Him, then and they are rejecting him now- as you are. Jesus is real, Christianity is real, and you are spreading false information about Jesus. The pope is NOT pagan!!! By the way this article is not journalism, either it is all lies.

      • Danny Dodge

        How wrong you are my friend.

        Yeshua is the Jewish messiah, iesous krestos, the satanic angel of light and gracia that Paul the nephilim Pharisee of the brood of vipers claims to have seen is the pagan god of the catholic church, and of the rest of Christianity by proxy, since they worship him and reject Torah.

        This is fact. Im not going to reply to this post again so just do you know, I’m not being rude and ignoring you, I just can’t be bothered with this tired old argument, you can look into what I say or you can disregard it which will probably end in you verbally attacking me, either way I’m not getting into a debate.


        • Mira

          in that case we will agree to disagree, and no I will not get into a debate with you about it, believe what you will….. I just want to say that this article about the pope was wrong and very false. In fact this whole website is a lot of crap, it is only good for spreading disinformation.

      • SirBoss

        Its awesome to see that you believe in Jesus and you say christian faith is real yay BUT: You say “the pope is not pagan” oh yes he is 100% it goes to show that you have no idea of the Vatican’s history. I will show you a couple of pic and tell me what you think please be opened minded this is in your face wake up please ok thanks

        Also An ancient Egyptian image of Isis, the wife of the sun god and Mother of gods. She holds up the sun in the form of a pearl, carried by the crescent moon https://ivarfjeld.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/pope-benedict-mortality.png

        and here proof in your face sungod (baal) and goddess ishtar all pagan worship but in saying that it goes a lot deeper of course you have to do your research but if decide to you will find the truth that i was telling “you” the truth about this peace

  • ZNN


    ZNN has just spoken with Mr. Daniel Sheehan who was purported to have stated Pope Francis would be making a disclosure announcement about ETs. This was reported in – YOUR NEWS WIRE.COM

    As we suspected, the article by Jacqui Deevoy on the Papal Announcement could not be more wrong. Mr. Sheehan has asked me – on his behalf – to clarify this matter with you forthwith.

    In our conversation with him this morning he told ZNN that he made no such statement about Pope Francis revealing or disclosing the existence of extraterrestrials. Mr. Sheehan, a public interest lawyer, made it clear to ZNN the assertions in the YOUR NEWS WIRE.COM article are totally inaccurate.

    What Mr. Sheehan did say was that Francis is developing a Papal Encyclical that will challenge world governments on the resolution of global debt issues and to set out clear directions which will challenge world governments to immediately address the dangers inherent in how fossil fuels and other deleterious industrial practices are polluting the atmosphere and the planet as a whole.

    Therefore, as suspected, the article by Jacqui Deevoy is way off the mark. Mr. Sheehan’s remarks should not be confused with earlier statements by Jesuit officials at Vatican observatories who have made statements in the past about the possible presence of intelligent ET life. This is in fact a matter of record as stated by Father Corrado Balducci and Jesuits – Father Gabriel Funés and Brother Guy Consolmagno. See http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7399661.stm

    [Ed. Note: The level of caution and the standards of journalism that are required in reporting on the ET issue responsibly are fundamental to the work we do to properly inform the public about the known existence of ETs. The slippery slope engendered by agencies like YOUR NEWS WIRE.COM and the like, do little to engage authenticity about a truth embargo in the media.]

    If you have any questions concerning this matter – please feel free to contact ZNN.

    If YOUR NEWS.COM has specific audio or written documentation about assertions made by Mr. Sheehan, they are invited to share this specific documentation with ZNN and the public.


    • Mira

      wow, thank YOU ZNN. I knew this article was fake. These people from yournewswire.com are not REAL journalists, but a bunch of liars really. It is a very poor piece, and I suspect they will try and discredit the pope, with this type of stupidity.

  • Mira

    all lies, that is yournewswire all over. Do not believe a WORD these people print. It is now 5th, and still no word of aliens from the pope, and not likely to be….This is all just lies and sensationalism.

    • SirBoss

      LOL The telescope (Lucifer) that the vatican created on mount graham is to monitor a plant called planet X no one can see it you can only see it through infrared.
      Look it up and you will see the real truth to whats going on its the biggest secret of them all.

      • Mira

        your post and beliefs are weird, as is this article, people can be such sheeple. I think that is one reason I have STOPPED reading this webpage, some of their articles are even weirder than weird. Each to his own…and I am not at all convinced by your arguments , as I have my own brain thanks very much.

  • Blondebomber

    Probably sentient AI they created who have outsmarted them and are now running free.