President Putin Claims Queen Elizabeth “Is Not Human”

Putin has told senior staff and close associates that he believes Queen Elizabeth II shapeshifted while greeting him as a show of strength and a warning to not mess with the dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline.

President Putin says that Queen Elizabeth is a shapeshifting reptilian

Brave Vladimir Putin has told senior staff and associates that Queen Elizabeth II is not human but is a ‘reptilian that shapeshifts between human and reptile form’ and according to sources close to the President he has witnessed her shapeshift ‘in the flesh, before his very eyes, and in his opinion, as a warning to him personally.’

Putin met the Queen at the 70th anniversary of the D Day landings in Normandy, France in 2014.  He was widely criticised by the Western media for failing to help the monarch up the stairs, and keeping his distance from her in general.

It has now emerged that Putin stayed as far away from the Queen as possible because he witnessed her shapeshift moments earlier.

The Queen has a long reptile face, almost like a beak, and she is a sickly grey dish water color.’

She shifted between this form and her human state ‘three or four times’ while greeting Putin.  He also saw her shapeshift later while she was being helped to her position for the world leaders photo op by Barack Obama and New Zealand’s Governer General Jerry Mateparae.

Her hands turned into reptile hands while they helped her up the stairs.  When she smiled her teeth changed into sharp reptile teeth and glistened.’

Putin has told senior staff and close associates that he believes she shapeshifted while greeting him as a show of strength and a warning not to mess with the dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline of which she is a high priestess.

Putin’s first hand experiences with the reptilian-Illuminati chime with my own research and second hand accounts.  I have dedicated the last five years to researching the elusive, tyrannical powers that rule our world, travelling to over 80 countries, and it never ceases to amaze me how many people from very different walks of life have told me stories about seeing ‘people’ briefly turn into reptilians before their very eyes.

I’ve been told this by Californian news anchors, Ethiopian goatherds, and Australian Aboriginals, just to name a few.  A Danish taxi driver described driving past a group of VIP guests at the 2014 Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen and seeing some of their faces turn reptilian and some of their hands and feet take on a reptilian look.

In Peru a respected psychic told me she sees people in power, like Obama, David Cameron and Hillary Clinton, turn into reptiles whenever she watches an international news channel.

The world’s ruling class have tyrannical control over the mainstream media, as well as our food, water, and air supply, and they are actively dumbing down the masses.  The evidence against them, ancient and modern, is enormous and continuing to grow.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Djago

    Well Putin is the only head of state with a brain, that the queen of england is a reptile that`s for sure

    • Anita Rosey

      It’s a well known fact Putin is a wanker. He loves mixing the church and state

      • Thomas Kelly

        What a hateful Zionist thing to say.

      • Distressed7

        ISRAEL is a theocracy. Yet able to shapeshift at will into a secular “state”…. You know, there will always be that mix. Even the US Declaration of Independence has strong references to God. And the United States has always had a state religion….FREEMASONRY.

        • Clifford Neeley

          There is no state religion in the U S–you are crazy

          • Corinna Magee

            In God We Trust. I’ll say no more.

      • Mira

        what do you know about it?

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Not really Anita, very not really and I think you know it. Isn’t it sad though that this is all you’ve got to add to the discussion? Putin is head of a Christian nation, one which is guardian to the light of the Russian Orthodox Church and heirs to the greatest Christian Empire ever to stand and it stood for 500 years. Fallen to one of the worst Muslim Empires ever to rise up, and I say it as a Muslim myself. Russia has a healthy amount of Christian principles within its society by choice and it reflects in their resistance to the LGBT agenda. Lacking such moral basis anymore, the West embraces perversion and other deviant behavior. We see pedophilia and zoophilia now nipping at the heels of the LGBT pioneers with the first steps in their normalisation underway. I would choose Christian Russia over the cesspit you’re celebrating even if I was an Atheist.

        • Anita Rosey

          Omfg enough said. You are a bigot

          • russ1776

            Anita, you speak like a perfectly programmed American sheep. Barely literate, name-calling, and no substance in your comments. You represent so much of what plagues the United States in the present day.

          • russ1776

            Reading comments you have left on other articles show that you really cannot offer any information to back up your ignorant and empty opinions, and your constant use of “FFS” among other vulgarities is the typical M.O. of programmed, braindead, reality tv hooked sheeple.

        • Siobhan MacDonald

          I’d agree except now we’ve President Trump and a friendship with Putin , and, God willing, will recover the country America and was meant to be. Many, many, reject with horror what Clintons, Bushes, Obama did to us. Millions are praying.

      • Siobhan MacDonald

        What’s that ?

    • Clifford Neeley

      putin changes colors according to where and whom he is with–He is a very dangerous person;

      • Merryl

        Why would you say that?

      • inspiredbyloveforhumanity

        go back to sleep, kid. Do you know anyone in the us who can hold a candle to Putin ? I thought so…You are dangerous by thinking like a programmed zombie.

        • pattio666

          I will hold a candle to him.

      • jen

        Yes, i agree, i have read more then one warning, that he is playing us, and that he’s really working for the New World Order.
        Why do people believe this article, when there is no real proof, it’s just hearsay and could be made up lies, like so much on the internet. I can’t believe people pass this article along in email, anyone could have made it up. I feel like the internet people are just as crazy as the tv watchers, for believing anything posted on the internet.

        • Nofearorfavor aka Papas

          Sorry Jen but disagree. Have you ever watched any of VP’s Q&A Sessions? He responds to everyone’s questions the same (from the simplest farmer to the most famous of people) — treats them all with respect. Often runs late for follow up engagements, because he will not be rushed. Putin initially thought GWB was on the level, but he soon found out that unless Russia played the game the western leaders’ way, Russia will always be regarded as the US’ global bankster gangsters’ #1 foe. Putin has publicly stated that he is not Illuminati — although he most probably was ‘initiated’ completely into their ranks — The he said “Nyet” (No!) —

          Putin loves his country and his people and has always emphasized, that while Russia seeks to live in peace with all nations … but he said, when it comes to Russia, she will defend herself and never become a vassal of the western powers to be plundered, raped and decimated ever again — that Russia will have to cease to exist, before that happens. I just hope the ordinary people of the West and of the USA in particular, find out before its too late, who is in fact ruling the USG and virtually the whole planet.

          I love America and have many friends there, but is it not Putin who warned the American people, to not ever give up their God given right to bear arms? Putin cares for people and for peace and he is the first to admit that Russia still has a long way to go before it is a completely just, fair and equable society — but slowly and steadily he’s moving her there — despite that Russia was a broken and divided country and society when he became president in 2000. The moment Putin wouldn’t play ball with the corrupt to the core west, his goose was cooked with them. I would recommend you research the man well and with an open mind, before judging him on Murdoch owned western MSM lies.

          • Steven

            Yep you have hit the nail on the head but the world is blind

          • Nofearorfavor aka Papas

            Thank you — but truth is truth and it always comes out Steven — Can only say thank God today we have not only got the ‘Net and all manner of other fancy electronic media, backed even by the finest forensic analyses that is virtually infallible when it comes to exposing the most vicious of lies and corruption.

            However, is it not just incredible that although it is ordinary people all over the world who mostly invented all the modern, cutting edge tech the world runs on, these wonder kids generally fail to see how they’re being abused and conned to h*ll and gone by their insanely greedy leaders — all controlled by and in the pockets of the global bankster gangsters.

          • Siobhan MacDonald

            It’s after the G20 and I’m so pleased that Trump and Putin struck up a friendship that can benefit both countries, perhaps the world. They both love their country and it’s people, God bless and save us.

          • Nofearorfavor

            Sadly Trump is not free to take action for his country– he remains a virtual captive of the globalist mafia which hijacked the USA and actually almost all countries on the planet. Yet, guess he’s a fighter and Putin has set him an excellent example…. we can only…. as you say, hope he is blessed with the wisdom and fortitude of a Putin to succeed as Putin is succeeding. The whole world needs it and desperately so. Midnight is approaching.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          Jen sweety, think about this. If Putin, the Chinese and Iran and those few other holdouts against the crazies at the helm of the rest of Empire are actually playing a double game, why pray tell are they still going through the motions of conflict? They can clamp down on us, do as they wish, no need to play the masses just get things done. The stated reason they want a unipolar world is to avoid the need for any more time wasted on democratic pretenses.

          I also point to the excellent points made by Nofearorfavor aka Papas above me and agree wholeheartedly. Just as one can see the reptilian nature and even features if you squint a little when watching many of, indeed most leaders of the US led Empire the truthful and forthright and very human nature of Vladimir Putin shines forth. he is a close friend and confidante of the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church which has the right stuff to claim to be heirs of the true Church of Jesus, true Christians as such. If there is any such things alive and I as a true Muslim, among many, believe there is.

      • fishing4truth

        He’s not as dangerous as Barack Obama or HRC..

  • ImIgor

    What a vile lie! Where is reference, record, evidence? Abomination.

    • Thomas Kelly

      Do you, actually, like those fake ‘Windsor’ and that fraudulent, vile thing that claims to be ‘Queen’ of England?

      The Saxe-Cobergs were nothing but German Pig farmers that murdered and slime’d their way into the British throne. That’s an Abomination.

      • bodica

        They’re Hanovers.

    • Nancy Clark

      Do some serious research.

  • eric

    that cow will be loved in hell.

  • Anita Rosey

    Such full of shit

  • Knowles2

    And yet not a single photograph of this happening and there are cameras everywhere nowadays.

    • Distressed7

      How do you know there are no photos of shapeshifts? Do you have access to every photo in the world? I am amazed….at you.

      • Jhon


      • Knowles2

        because such photos would be spread around the internet at lightening speed, this article would surely have that photograph included.

    • nsilva2270

      search on youtube…there’s a slew of them

      • Aug Tellez

        Research #DonaldMarshall #cloningcenters #humancloning

        • jen

          I thought he said that she does not shapeshift and it’s just a fake story that they are reptilians. I thought that is what Donald Marshal said.

  • Lanie Dreer

    uh oh someone got into the funky mushrooms again…

  • Distressed7

    I do not doubt this….I find that most of the modern world is full of more lies and more illusions than ever before in history. The human race has progressed in its ability to steal…kill…and destroy. It has increased its ability to lie and deceive. The occurrence of reptilian hybrids a throughout history is too rampant to write off.

  • Victor Victory

    Putin had too many bottles of vodka.

    • ImIgor

      Is it vodka do not give rest to you? You remember about it even now. You know what to do. There are a excellent place where you can satisfy you needs out of here.

  • scotspete

    putin is devoted christian ? so says his mother who had him baptized in st peters unknown to his father ?..just google and get a life of truth about the devils disciples living amung us ?…are you all so blind to Obama and what he is up to ? …the second coming of jesus could be any second ?…the rapture is already started …i suggest you all repent NOW ?before he comes … i am witness to his first …peter campbell reborn

    • Barry White

      Rapture is not a Bible teaching.

    • Jen

      Jesus is not going to save humanity from the evil that they create. Humanity has dug it’s own grave, and has created the world you see. Dr. George King was a spiritual master and was able to communicate with Jesus. And he was told that mankind has created this reality that he lives in.
      Almost everyone has created this reality with their toxic thoughts. How convenient that the human race wants someone to fix the world for them. The world they have created themselves by not loving thy neighbor more then thyself.
      Jesus is not going to save you or anyone. We all created this reality by living lives of selfishness, a lack of compassion for others. We have no right to blame countries or governments for what we see. We live in a holographic reality that we create with our thoughts and our actions. What you see in the world is what you helped to create. There is no savior. Human kind has to save itself by evolving consciously into loving, compassionate beings.

      How convenient that you guys believe a “big daddy” is going to save you from your own shit stained diapers that you pooped in. The planet is dying, the animals are living in holocausts and are tortured. The trees are being killled, oxygen levels are being destroyed. And most people can only care about their TV remote, beer drinking, porn, sex and kim kardashian. No spiritual master is going to come down like “big daddy’ and save the poop smearing babies from the shit they smear all over the planet earth.
      The Jesus as savior is the biggest mind control program on the planet, and it’s fake.

  • commonlaw

    She is also a nazi- a lying fraud-Mr Putin is right.

    • Clifford Neeley

      you need a psych

      • ReligionKills

        you should read

      • Vietta Robinson

        You should read David Icke’s books. He’s been writing about this for years.

    • rcwarbirdbuilder

      Here DNA is German.

  • Nicky Zakzuk

    You’ll find this reptilian shape shifting in myths and lore throughout the world. Thanks to the internet, we have them in our sights. satanic blood sacrifice spiritual high.

    • Nicky Zakzuk

      The big picture:

      • Nancy Clark

        Hope you realize VT is very one sided and biased and NOT always truthful. They protect the democrats and the Vatican. The word Jesuit is not mentioned. But they try their darndest to do road kill on the republican side. There is so much more to all this evil. Not one mention of Soros, or that bunch.


      thanks for that link! Have you checked further into this, to verify this stuff is for real? I mean the shape shifting. I know Satanism is real! But i once promised my self when i first become a so called truther, that shape shifting was just a joke and that i would never really believe something like that. But i swear the more i learn in the conspiracy world the more i wonder?

  • Nicky Zakzuk

    Who has allowed the Pentagon’s top control structure to go renegade? The answer is that a lot of powerful USG officials that should have done their jobs and stopped this hijacking of the American military by the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate. This syndicate is also the World’s largest Opium Cartel, the World’s private “bloodline” Money-changers who run almost every monetary creation and lending system. And their top leaders are known to be secret Baal worshipers continuing the same anti-human evil occult practices all the way back to ancient Babylonia. These practices include infant and child sacrifice and mass-sacrifices of thousands and millions innocents using wars. These parasites believe they get supernatural powers from shedding the blood of innocents and sacrificing them to Baal (Lucifer).
    Gordon Duff, Veterans Today Editor’s note : With the current meltdown of the British government tied to an almost identical scandal, and it is very much about satanic human sacrifice, not just butchering and killing children “for no reason,” as reported, one would think a publication other than VT would have the guts to carry these stories. These ritual killings are part of a belief system on the part of the Black nobility and key families, you can name them easily, where they cement their relationships with the demonic/non-corporeal entities that help them maintain control over our government and media. Choose to believe or not, you and your family live in slavery because of this, we fight wars to feed their blood frenzy. All of this is very real. Another aspect of this dynamic are traditional/multi-generational family “infestations” which are more than voluntary. VT insiders have attended infestation rituals. These occur on Corfu for the Rothchilds or at Skull and Bones (Yale/Bush family and others) or Bohemian grove or at the Denver solstice. In Washington, the evangelical “prayer breakfast” cult outings help not only “bond” power brokers to one another but to their “non-corporeal” associates as well.
    Stew Webb & Rev. Jessie Lavey: Bush Satanic Child Rape Sacrifice Castration.mp3
    Stew Webb: Encounter with Baphomet Demon, the Goat of Mendes.mp3
    We now know for certain that the Pentagon and the CIA bring over 95% of all illegal drugs into America through multiple sources. I have been told by good sources who know that the typical payoff made to the authorities totals 10% of the net take for the Cartel.
    VTRadio 9-10-14 GordonDuff ChipTatum CIA WORKING WITH CALI CARTEL.mp3
    Dr Preston James: War on Drugs is Premeditated Genocide.

    • Diane Brunner Quaintance

      This is very thorough. Refreshing for a change. .. Not the topic but the brass to back it up.

    • fgvyti

      i tend to agree

    • tara

      Veterans Today is part of the system, it’s controlled to put people in fear and anger. It’s even been found that some of the people on the staff are Bush cabal. It keeps people in a lower level consciousness of hate.

  • Raigama Gampola

    This is a fake info! Hm.!

    • Merryl

      I don’t think so.

  • MAJohnson

    Is this article satire?

    • Merryl

      I don’t think so.

  • RomertL

    I don’t rule out she’s non human, but this article is obviously bs can you really not see that? You can’t come with claims like that without telling WHO sad it. Who in the “senior staff” of Putin? To whom did he/she pass on the information? Directly to the author of this article? Come on guys

    • jodi

      Seriously, i can’t believe people pass this along in email, like it’s truth. Where is the proof or the source?? People are so dumbed down, they will believe anything posted on the internet.
      I can put out an article that staff saw Obama shapeshift into a big green Gay people eating reptilian, and the internet people will go and send the email around as if it’s truth.

      • RomertL

        Some people, upon realizing that the mainstream media that they use to trust blindly is lying, turn to alt media and trust all of them just as uncritically. They haven’t learned a thing, they just change whom they trust blindly instead of realizing that it might not be a good idea to trust ANY source blindly.

      • Matt Wilson

        At least somebody else knows about Obama. He doesn’t just eat Gay people. He also eats transgendered babies.

  • Justin Fink

    Pretty big statements to quote and not have a single source. Apparently this part time blogger has direct ties to putins senior staff?

  • bodica

    What are the possibilities that some of those bilgebergers (sic) are possessed and clean hearts are allowed to see this. A Family Court Commissioner totally abuses her position to hurt children and destroy families, and I ‘saw’ reptiles writhing within her. An ‘intellectual’ vision rather than ‘two cobras and an asp’ sort of thing…

  • Daniel

    It’s all good, but where are the sources for this article. Never any sources cited, only heresay 🙁

  • Swede760

    A Snake calling other Public Figures Reptiles? Classic.

  • Yeshua rules

    Reptillians are real, but there may be good ones..see: JOEL 2. See my YT looking for: HOMAND INTIMIDATION.

  • Aug Tellez

    Research #DonaldMarshall #CloningCenters MKULTRA, ProjectPaperclip, while you still have the opportunity

  • Tatsmaki

    WWⅢ by US imperialism and NATO against Russia is never allowed by the Creators
    -This is the answer from the Creators to the question from the Earth
    The plan of the 3rd world war by the US B.Obama Admjn:
    However, according to а notice of the Creators, the Merkel’s German government secedes from NATO near. NATO suffers the annihilative blow.
    May 1, 2016
    The plan of the 3rd world war by the US and NATO becomes the boomerang causing their ruin.
    Annihilative earthquakes in NY, LA, London and Japan are imminent US East
    and CA State, British Islands and Japan sink into the oceans.
    Positivistic expectation of the savage level by scholars is overturned by the “unexpected” result. The history have shown such facts.
    New Important Notices from the Creators:
    According to notices from the Creators, after M7.1 large earthquake near Kumamoto city, Japan and the M7.8 large earthquake in Ecuador implying the occurrence of major earthquake in the North America, then,
    (1) Annihilative large quakes of M9.1 will occur near in the US NY, CA State, GB London and the West of Japan as well as in Russian Moskva, Chinese Shanghai and Israel. The financial crisis and economic collapse occur. Money turns to paper wastes.
    (2) The US East and CA State sink into the ocean near even in April, 2016. Already the NY Times wrote that the US East coast is sinking into the sea:
    And British Islands sink into the ocean near. EU countries are annihilated with 100-meter tsunami. Next, Japanese islands also sink into the ocean, at the same time Russian Moscow, S. Peterburg, the East-South of China inc. Shanghai and Israel sink into the oceans after M9.1 earthquake each.
    These cataclysms are the General Cleaning by the Creators of the Earth, which is under the evil, corrupt civilization of capitalist system of plutocratical slave domination by dominating layers of all countries of the Earth consisting of shapeshifters of reptilian humanoids of the Lizard being minions of their bosses, draconians of the Draco (the official emblem of London city). They are invaders and real dictatorial dominators of the Earth since ancient times.
    Their GHQ of the Earth domination was in the underground world named Agartha, but it was annihilated by the Creators in Aug.17, 2014 together with the dominating layers of their planets.
    But, their shapeshifters are continuing evil doings on the Earth and in its underground.
    In result, they have led to the General cleaning of the Earth.

  • Derrick Howard

    They are the Fallen Angels and the Nephilim.

  • Derrick Howard
  • Derrick Howard
  • Alexander Gottwald

    *lol … I love articles that start with “Putin said”… almost as entertaining as “Snowden said”… too cute how this MI6 puppet in the Kremlin is portrayed as the messiah of truth and honesty… 😉

    • Nancy Clark

      This is from two years ago before he chose a better path. He plays two ends against the middle to stay alive.

      • Alexander Gottwald

        *lol … sure… Putin plays the role of the villain (for Rothschild press) and of the messiah for the “truthers”…

        • Nancy Clark


          • Alexander Gottwald

            And if we look at who might benefit, this could be highly interesting to consider…

          • Nancy Clark

            With this video I disagree……there are truths in it and lies. I have been to China and our tour guide made sure we understood about the Opium Wars from their angle. Remember the communist atheist connection in China….. So they believe a distorted and unproven analogy of origin. Plus the “white race” is extremely ludicrous as it is NOT the white race at fault but the Zionist/ Jesuit Babylonian cabals that have destroyed mankind since day one. You cannot have a good and an evil WITHOUT a source…..two opposites. A creator so powerful is the only answer within logic. Not the Zacharyia Steichen Sumerian false info of ETs.

          • Standing Lightwave

            Exactly!!! Thank you! It’s good to hear from someone who gets it

          • Nancy Clark

            Also reading the Book of Enoch will make you understand Gen:6…..fallen angels…..giants in the land…..

          • jen

            Zacharia Sitchin info is truth. Annunaki are ETs. Look on youtube to Robert Morning Sky’s videos on “Terra Papers”.

            And people are brainwashed to blame the stupid verbage of Zionism for the problems in the world. If Israel was never created, you would still have all your problems in the world. The terminology of Zionism was created by the illuminati, so they can hide their deeds behind the regular non illuminati Jews, who are innocently always used as their scapegoat. The problems on this world date back thousands of years before the creation of the stupid zionism terminology, so the mind controllled truthers could have a place to vent their anger.

            The truth is, everyone on this planet is creating this reality you see. If people weren’t evil themselves, we would be living in paradise instead of hell.

            But people are cold blooded and have no compassion for other people.

            They vent anger at entire countries or races, for what the illuminati stage.

            Israeli is the new Iraq. The scapegoat for the illuminati..

            People are creating this reality with their evil. They think it’s the illuminati, satanists fault, but most everyone on this planet is a mini satanists, venting hatred and anger at innocent masses forgetting that the world is a stage, and a holographic universe representing the average collective consciousness of man kind’s evil thoughts.

          • Blacktiger

            Zecharia Sitchin a very good author who worked his whole lifetime translating everything he could get his hands on. Once the attack on Iraq was set the first thing they did was destroy the museum. Now even ISIS is destroying everything pertaining to world history.

          • johnmmm

            Sitchin is a CIA fraud check Anton Parks and new translators, zitchin made up most of the books bs people.

  • Howard C.


  • Hasan Khater

    I guess it’s fake news, to brainwash as many dumbass idiots as possible, why we’re always being dragged by mass media to the political field, who gives a fuck if any asshole said that the other asshole is an asshole?! (Doesn’t mean that Putin or the Queen are assholes)

    • Nancy Clark

      I will choose Putin over the queen any day!!!!!! Do some research.

  • Mieeeuuhhhmieeeuuhhh

    I believe to, that a kind of alien have a technologie with they can go into humans! I want to believe! But i don`t understand, if they have so a kind of technik, that they not can build a machine for menkind, where we can human souls transform into animals? So, that menkind never become the same problems like this extraterrestrials? Why they not turn planet earth in to a paradise? So, that it never existing to much humans on planet earth?

  • Thatwackytech .

    You’re ALLAH bunch of Screwballs….

  • Vietta Robinson


    • george

      Yeah, and so far, he has no proof. Even “Arizona Wilder” who was one of his main interviewees, said that she was setup by the illuminati to speak with David Icke. The illuminati set her up and she’s a mind control victim. There is no proof that any of these political people can shapeshift. So far it’s all heresay and people buy up this stuff and there is no proof. i think they cannot shapeshift. I do think there may be reptilian DNA in the human genetics and the Royals may have more. But i was told by an insider that they do not shapeshift. And i have read that it may be a huge psychological operation. What better way to make truthers look like crazies

  • Arwijn

    Okay… so where are the sources that prove Putin actually said this? This seems like a giant propaganda piece to me to… I’m not saying it is, but without some more evidence it definitely seems like propaganda to me.

  • ladonichais

    Do any of you really believe that he actually said this, its like a lot of rubbish that is thrown about people seem to make up a load of lies just to discredit people they don’t like. Grow up all of you.

  • lexie

    Source? I looked but can’t seem to find the original source article or any mention of this on sites other than things like “”

  • Shelley Evans

    Putin is one smart mf. And I love how he shows it ….

  • Shelley Evans

    Ive watched a few documentaries regarding this and believe it to be true

  • Flor

    Lol! These people must have been in drugs. ..needs rehabilitation!!!

  • William Thrash

    I think I might agree with Putin on anything. England has been the hotbed of globalist Luciferianism since the 1800s.

  • Liam West

    Sorry but where exactly is this sourced from??? Pure Bullshit.

  • James Smith

    Mr. mass murdering Christian genocidal punk U.N. communist Putin isn’t human either but a savage war criminal animal. They’re all in on the Christian and Muslim culling, world war three population reduction….

  • templer

    how can we know you(article writer) are not a reptilian as well that truing to miss-guide us? writing false information as a reptilian “journalist”?

  • Nofearorfavor aka Papas

    Princess Diana said the same … knew all their secrets that’s why she had to die. Plain and simple. Putin is the only man throughout history who’s had the guts to spill the beans on creatures who live among us, who’re not human, but only parading as human beings. As humankind, we have no idea of our true history, of our eternal heritage and the power we each possess within ourselves — pure spiritual beings having a human experience … IMO, we are moving out of the Kali Yuga or Iron Age and are currently experiencing the worst decline — but then moving into the Sat Yuga or Golden Age (age of truth) — will take time, but the good news is that we move upwards and inwards again — and the Satanic worshippers hijacking us, will be defeated and for many millennia our planet will flourish once again …

    • Shu C.

      Trump of all presidents did too, he revealed the “deep state” and how they control the legal system. They want him gone, but they can not kill him like they did with Kennedy or it would cause too much trouble and research

  • Steven

    Yes I do agree

  • Steven

    Sorry yes I do agree and I am Scottish and have met her twice

  • Muhammad Abbass

    This is hearsay and whilst not outside the realms of possibility, or even likelihood, it does not amount to “Fact” and anyone who treats it as such and uses it as a reference as it is must be prepared for well earned ridicule. It’s worth taking on board and I do but I’d not even bother to show it to anybody as it is, this has no credible source or sustenance. I am even someone who knows about the lizards, as I call them and yes Australian aborigine friends of mine actually do know about them.

  • Mihai Prunescu

    Sorry boys. Even if reptilians exist and dominate earth. Even if the queen is one of them. Does it make sense that she exposes like this just for mocking Putin? Come on. It is more plausible that Putin makes a defamatory propaganda because he considers himself in a kind of war with the west. There is also another possible explanation, related to wodka and its hallucinatory effects, but this would be just too bad. If he has other informations about reptilians, and as a cosmic power president I’m sure he has, than he must disclose his whole knowledge in a coherent way, with data, subject and predicate.

    • Shu C.

      They do exist. And every leader of major country knows it. Putin knew all along the witchcraft families in the US (rockefeller, astor, rothshields) and their connection to Italy, Germany, and lets not forget Britain. The royal family IS full of shapeshifting reptiles, the Queen is only so old and in reign because of her not being human. The royal family and many presidents in the US have been satanic followers, and Putin and maybe Angela Merkel know if it since ages. The Queen obviously knows that Putin knows it as he openly stated in interviews often that the ones in power in the US are corrupted and nothing but evil. He knows all of the powerful families and their sick rituals, as does he know that the Queen and royal families of England are part of that. Her revealing it to him was not to prove it to him as he long since knew, it was to threaten him to stop spouting the truth and mind his own business.

  • Tim Tempest

    Now you’ve lost any credibility you might have had

  • Duc Duc Duc

    Wow! Look at all those sources haha

  • sartt

    i call her Queen A LIZARD BITCH

  • seafrog

    Wow, I must be way behind the times. I thought everyone already knew this about the “Queen”…

  • Emm Yo

    Hmmmm. There is so very much we do not understand.

  • CentralCaliGal
  • Rebecca

    The Queen admitted on the Royal website she is not human. But it was quickly taken down.

  • 1ssam

    Queen Elizabeth always has a really evil stare and grin… it’s so easy to see

    • 1ssam

      BTW she also has her “grumpy cat” face