Prince Assistant Says He Was Healthy, “His Death Makes No Sense”

Former Prince assistant says he was healthy before death

Prince’s former assistant, Mariah Brown, has said that Prince appeared to be completely healthy and energetic before he died- hinting that she doesn’t believe that Prince died a natural death. 

Brown says that Prince never drunk alcohol and didn’t do any drugs, “he was a very, very healthy person. … That man has more energy than me, and anyone I know,” she told the Associated Press.

The whole death didn’t make sense to me. … He never came across as sick, or anything like that, ” adding weight to claims that Prince may have been killed by somebody as police continue their murder investigation. reports:

Prince was found dead April 21 at his compound in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Toxicology reports will not be available for weeks, but a law enforcement official has told the AP that investigators are looking into whether Prince died from an overdose and whether a doctor was prescribing him drugs in the weeks beforehand. The official has been briefed on the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak to the media.

Prince had rescheduled concerts in the days before his death, citing illness.

Brown started working for Prince when she was referred by one of his friends who also worked with him. At the time, Brown was a 23-year-old model. . As his assistant, she brought him his food, bought his clothes and did other tasks non-celebrities do for themselves on a daily basis. She also toured with him in addition to managing his personal details.

“My experience with him was phenomenal; he’s like no other,” said Brown. “It was like magical.”

Brown said she spent most of her days at Paisley Park: She might start at 1 p.m. and leave in the wee morning hours. He typically was working on his music but would sometimes spend hours talking to Brown and others, about anything.

She remembers him telling them “‘there’s no endings. You can do whatever you want, as long as you put your all into it.’ … The words ‘can’t’ and ‘no’ never existed in his life.”

Prince was the only person who lived at Paisley Park, but she and his band members spent so many hours there, he wasn’t alone for most of the day. One moment he could be playing ping pong with his crew in fierce battle mode and the next he’d be at his sound stage.

And when the band or Brown would leave, he knew he could call them back and they’d be there.

“We would all stay about a mile up the road,” she said. “It was one of those things where if he did call and needed something, we would go get it for him.”

Brown recalls calling him “Uncle P.” One time, after spending a month with Prince on the road in Europe, she was exhausted and tired, and just broke down into tears because of how much she had to do.

“Prince came into the room, and we had just one of the most meaningful conversations, and he was handing me tissues,” she remembered.

There was also another point where Prince wasn’t playing his classic hit “Little Red Corvette” in concert, which was Brown’s favorite. So one day, he asked her for something, and she said she would get it on one condition: that he add the song to his set.

He did.

“It just made me so happy. He’s just that kind of person. He’s always trying to see the best in people,” she said.

Brown said the two parted ways on a mutual note. She sent him a couple of emails just asking how he was after she left and he responded.

Why, she wonders, was he left alone if seriously ill?

“It hurts my heart because I don’t know the story,” she said.

Brown said she has stayed away from social media because of all the gossip surrounding Prince’s death.

“It’s like people are coming out . just to try and throw dirt on his name,” she said. “It’s sad. Let that man rest in peace.”

  • missmack

    Opiates are like that. We need to shut down Big Pharma.

    • Taelyn

      We dont **KNOW** that opiates were involved or misused here To this day we dont have an actual cause of death….. None of this sounds accidental to me….. Pills just dont kill that fast it takes time to actually OD because its a respiratory failure, Its not like a Cardiac arrest, And WHY was he in the Elevator ???… This Prince situation is a big Cover up.. We just have not been given details so people keep making crap up.. And even IF he used pain meds, I doubt he OD’d, Many people need and use pain meds responsibly.. What ISNT responsible is taking them away from someone in pain. And what about those of us suffering real pain. People in pain are NOT looking to get high, We just want to function. Surgery or Physical therapy does not work for everything either.. Are legitimate chronic pain sufferers supposed to turn yo illegal drugs? Why do you think Heroin made such a big come back.. Many people in pain cant get help. Should opiates be Monitored and controlled YES.. But people in pain should not have to suffer because some want to just be stupid.. **Something is Rotten at Paisley Park**

      • pete

        I hope the M.E. checked for being slowly poisoned over time. Being that he was cremated, there is no going back to get a hair sample.

      • DistantMemory

        Noting your post was 8 months ago. TMZ was first to state *he had a belly full of percocets* before an autopsy was even done. That d ifisgusted me beyond what any word can state. He did have an autopsy, and with any autopsy samples from every organ would be taken for further testing. His cause of death was *accidental overdose* stated on his ONE page autopsy. What has not been released and I am 100% certain we will never see is the toxicology report which would tell if he did infact OD. I do not believe he did OD. So much has been hidden and kept silent, so silent it is deafening. I believe he could have been in the elevator going to the kitchen for a tea or something he needed. Yes he sick prior …..he could have had a serious flu. We have all had the flu……feel like crap and do lose a few lbs. I dont question at all the elevator/his clothes still on. He was treated in Moline, refused to stay, which I totally understand. He did see a doctor on April 20. I AGREE that those that need and use daily pain medication are the ones that will suffer will all the misinformation. Your post is absolutely 100% correct.

  • don juan

    Something is rotten in Denmark

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    cashed out22cashN marketing move.I`d like to submit DNA to the courts-IF they ever submit princes DNA just to see if he was a half brother.Not for the money but for the effect with all his hangerOns being fed by him,it would be interesting effectives if someone else butted into the gravy train.the money trail leads back to his controllers/killers.Doctor Cornfeild??? WTF midwest moffia?.He was one of a few modern day artistes who would`nt sign off all his copyrights and I`am sure the studio~SS will get all his copyrights now after they drive off the buzzards.I`am a hidden son of howard robard hughes&jean peters so I`ve learned the hardway the hows&whys of the studio~SS^^^ who also killed off jean&howard for all the HIGH TECH patent rights.Whoever controls the satellites&HIGH TECH runs the world system…howard did but they took all that away just like they did to tesla and most of the modern day inventors.Prince was cashed out so they could cash in…marketing time-he was thier product.The person named prince did`nt matter to them only thier product intacted and protected.Muti-billion dollars over the next 20 years.the estate will sell sell sell and the studios will buy buy buy all in a closed deal not open to the public…those are your killer`ss

  • James Smith

    If it doesn’t make any sense then maybe Prince didn’t die?