Prince Murder Probe: Vault Drilled Open, Home Secretly Searched

Detectives continue to hunt down Prince’s killer, as a vault containing 100 unreleased new albums is broken into by his heirs.

Prince's famous vault of unreleased music at his Paisley Park estate has been drilled open as the murder probe into the music legend's suspicious death continues.

Prince’s famous vault of unreleased music at his Paisley Park estate has been drilled open as the murder probe into the music legend’s suspicious death continues.

According to ABC News, it was drilled open by Bremer Trust, the bank appointed administrator of Prince’s estate, in order for them to take an inventory of its contents.  They report that the only way to get into the vault was to drill it open as Prince was the only person who knew the code.


During the 80s, the star’s most prolific era, the platinum-selling rebel hid recordings from his record label Warner Bros in his vault.

Earlier this week, when reporting on claims Prince was murdered, we said to keep an eye on who comes calling to break into the vault as it could be very revealing. 

As a media cover up conspiracy is exposed, now is the time to ask who will stand to profit from the Purple One’s death?


According to reports, there is enough produced music in the vault to release an album per year for the next century.  Astonishingly, it is believed there are even 50 songs that have music videos accompanying them.

Earlier this week a Minnesota judge appointed the bank to ‘safeguard the estate’, and scheduled a probate hearing after Prince’s sister Tyka said he left no known will.  Who the bank will prove to be serving – Prince, or the music industry hell hounds, his sworn enemies? – only time will tell.

Vault belonging to Prince has been prized open by authorities
Prince’s vault – which has now been drilled open by authorities


The parallels with Michael Jackson’s death are eerily strong.  Prescription painkillers were in the singer’s possession following his sudden death, officials confirmed.  A law enforcement official confirmed to The Associated Press that investigators are looking into whether icon died of a drug overdose caused by a doctor, in a case that would mirror the way Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Who will wrest control of Prince’s enormous back catalogue and prodigious vault stash now he is dead?  Will Warner Brothers buy the rights to his music from his heirs in a cut price fire sale, the same way Sony got their hands on Michael Jackson’s catalogue after his death?


Meanwhile it has emerged that a search warrant was obtained in relation to the home of Prince shortly after he died, court documents show.

The musician’s Minneapolis home and recording studio, Paisley Park, was searched on 21 April, the day he died.  But authorities won a court order on Thursday to keep the warrant sealed, arguing that making it public would hamper their work.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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    Its so sad how they broke into his vault. Its like someone drilling yr heart open. But when he wakes up (he’s just sleeping) He has another vault awaiting him… One that they will never be able to find or break into. “Stop storing up for yourselves treasures on the earth,where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal. Rather, store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes, and where thieves do not break in and steal” Matthew 6:19-20