Princess Diana’s Daughter Meets Prince Charles, Accuses Him Of Murder

Princess Diana's secret daughter confronts Prince Charles accusing him of murdering her mother

Princess Diana may have had a secret daughter named Sarah, who was kept hidden from the public due to pressure from the Royal family.

In 2014 Sarah confronted Prince Charles during a secret meeting in England where she accused him of killing her mother.

The entire confrontation was apparently caught on tape by Globe Magazine, who recorded the confrontation between Sarah and Charles on a surveillance camera. reports:

Globe magazine claims that after Charles and Diana married the fertilised eggs were supposed to be destroyed but a rogue doctor implanted one of the embryos into his wife.

The mag alleges that a 33-year old New England woman, who they say is called Sarah, was born before William and Harry.

Globe says she is now living incognito in New England in the United States, and has feared for her life following Diana’s death in a Paris car crash in 1997.

It’s quite a tale, and one bolstered by the fact that Diana did undergo a gynaecological examination before her engagement to Charles, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

But Dan Brown couldn’t write it any better, and in fact the whole story bears a quite spooky resemblance to a fictional book entitled The Disappearance Of Olivia about a supposed secret daughter of Diana’s.

The author, Nancy E. Ryan, imagined a story in which an oncologist who “admired Princess Diana and wanted to emulate her” discovers she is Diana’s secret daughter. In the novel, Olivia also lives in hiding, much like ‘Sarah.’

Asked once whether there was any basis in fact of her story, Ryan replied, “It’s not for me to say. I believe that my story could have been true. Many have told me that they believe my story is the only one that is entirely plausible. These same people also think that Prince Charles wanted Diana to be fertile that he might have pushed Diana into having her eggs harvested to prove her fertility… I believe that fantasies allow us to explore our feelings. I hope that Diana’s fans would understand that the book allows us to say ‘What if?’”

Contributions by: Jacqui Deevoy 

  • 82hbf01

    . The British Royal
    family (prince Charles) murdered their own member of their family (Princess
    Diana) for a personal reason (“She is a headache”). . .A Philippine
    “Royal” Dilaw family (Danding Cojuangco) murdered a member of their
    own Dilaw family (Ninoy Aquino. . .acc. to Martines’ affidavit &
    Butch Aquino) for a business reason (bring down Marcos and save their Hacienda
    Luisita from his agrarian reform program. . this goal finally failed due to the
    actions of GMA & Corona who just died out of stress after a member of the
    Dilaw family, Pres. Pnoy (not the Senate in reality ha. . impeached
    him w/ SALN a non impeachable offense. successfully due DAP/PDAF, w/c the
    Supreme Court now declared as un-constitutional. GMA is now imprisoned for
    years w/o a court guilty verdict, a human right violation). THIS BELOVED

  • Somethingwicked

    Well, it would be easy enough to get a DNA test. If her brothers were curious, they could offer to find the truth. I highly doubt they would do that. Just look at Harry-if he’s not Charles’ son, he would be kicked off the list completely, and no one wants to rock that boat. Or someone on the inside could snatch a hair out of a hairbrush, a discarded tissue, an item of clothing, anything that would contain any of the family’s DNA. Any volunteers?