Prominent Scientist Warns Mega Earthquake Will Hit US This Weekend

Prominent geologist warns that a mega earthquake will strike the U.S. this weekend

A prominent US geologist has warned that a powerful mega earthquake is due to strike the U.S. this weekend, due to the fact that a full moon this Friday is set to occur at the same time the San Andreas Fault is showing signs of earthquake activity. 

Jim Berkland, a former US Geological Survey (USGS) scientist, once predicted the Loma Prieta quake, and has confirmed that mega quakes often occur during a new moon or full moon due to their gravitational effects on the Earth.

Berkland decided to go public with his latest fears following the eight recent earthquakes that struck along south Asia and the pacific over the last 80 hours. reports:

Mr Berkland predicted on October 13, 1989, an earthquake of magnitude 3.5 to 6.0 would strike San Francisco within the next week.

Four days later on October 17 a magnitude 6.9 quake hit Loma Prieta in northern California.

He now says 20 of the world’s last 25 mega quakes have happened during new or full moons.

He is most concerned about the San Andreas Fault through California and the Cascadia Subduction Zone, which is further north along the coast of Oregon and Washington State.

He says both areas are long over due a so-called “Big One” earthquake and would likely cause devastating tsunamis to surge over the west coast if it happened.

He said: “Beware the new and full moons.”

He says this causes “equinoctal tides”, which are extreme gravitational forces that cause solid earth to expand and contract, in the way ocean tides rise and fall.

Mr Berkland studied geology at the University of California, Berkeley.

He worked for the United States Geological Survey, later acting as county geologist for Santa Clara County.

But he claims after his first prediction he was warned by government officials not to make any more for fear of mass panic.

In 2006 a book about him called The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes was published and he continues forewarning of tragedy on his website.

Mainstream scientists dispute his theories on what causes earthquakes.

But worryingly another self-styled earthquake predictor has also warned of a mega quake on Friday or Saturday.

Franks Hoogerbeets from the Netherlands, who has no science background, studies planetary alignments to predict when a quake might strike.

He released videos last month warning of a series of quakes in this part of April, culminating on the 22 or 23.

A night before the Japan and Philippines quakes last week he posted on Facebook to be wary of earthquake activity in both areas.

Sceptics say he just got lucky this time, as he has been out on previous predictions.

But all scientist agree the west coast US is long overdue a big quake.

  • greg

    This guy has predicted some of the BIG ONES. His technique is somewhat unorthodox, but he uses the same method consistently: he uses computer-generated positions of the planets, sun and moon with Earth.

    Since the moon puts alot of pull on the Earth (and is responsible for the tides), any time something else, i.e. the sun or a planet aligns with the moon and Earth (in a straight line) causes increased forces on the Earth’s crust. Since he can predict in advance the exact time that all three (3) elements – the Earth, Moon and other body will align, he can ALSO predict the exact time that all these forces will pull on the Earth’s crust.

    He basically can get it down to the date and the 1 hour period when it is most likely to occur, say like 1 pm to 2 pm. He then just looks to see what land mass (or non-land mass) is “underneath” all those straight-line gravitational forces and labels that the Location where it will hit.

    So far i’d say he’s done excellent, maybe having 75% of his predictions come true. However, in the not too recent past, he put out a BIG WARNING for this one in California (San Francisco) and nothing became of it – so it was a “dud” of a prediction.

    But no one else has been able to predict earthquakes and certainly NOT as accurately (date/ time) or precisely (location) as this guy has. His WARNINGS are definitely something to take into consideration.

    REMEMBER: if you don’t heed the warnings, then you are saying d*mn the consequences.

    • frillbot

      I used to hear him quite often, when he would be a guest on KGO radio in San Francisco. . I don’t think he’s ever actually tried to claim that he was 100% predicting an exact time & date that a major quake WOULD happen…….but was just informing us that according to his models…..the circumstances were ripe for a quake. I would take him seriously. We should ALWAYS be prepared, and if nothing else…..he reminds us of that.

  • ronald1216

    he failed to predict hawaii quakes with the planets aligned i predicted nothing will happen and i won that prediction and predicted you tube preditions will shut down cause of embarassment and won that prediction