Study: Prophet Muhammad Warned Of ISIS

Did the Prophet Muhammad warn of the rise of ISIS?

According to a study into the traditions of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad warned against the rise of ISIS in astonishing detail. 

The majority of ISIS’ victims are actually Muslims who resist its ideology and refuse to acknowledge its authority. ISIS has even executed Sunni clerics who reject the organization, and Muslim woman who refuse to submit to its worldview. reports: This feature is shared across all terrorist groups operating in the name of Islam. The vast majority of the victims of the Taliban, for instance, are also Muslims. Hundreds of Shia Muslims have been killed just in the last few years. And I have lost many close friends in similar attacks on the Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and even in America.

So when some anti-Islam critics keep doggedly associating the faith of us Muslims with the acts of our tormentors, we call them out for their insensitivity.

I do not disagree that part of the motivation for religious extremism is rooted in perverted interpretation of scripture by radical extremists. However, it is dishonest to label the vast majority of Muslims who reject such interpretations as non-devout or “nominal.”

An honest study of the Quran shows that groups like ISIS act in complete defiance of the injunctions of Islam. The Quran, for instance, equates one murder to the elimination of the whole human race (5:32), and considers persecution and disorder on earth as an even worse offense (2:217). It lays emphasis on peace, justice and human rights. It champions freedom of conscience and forbids worldly punishment for apostasy and blasphemy.

A study of the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad also demonstrates that he warned us of the rise of religious extremism in this age in astonishing detail.

1,400 years ago, he prophesized that a time would come when nothing would remain of Islam but its name, nothing of the Quran but its word, and that many “Mosques would be splendidly furnished but destitute of guidance” (Mishkatul Masabih). In these latter days, the true spiritual essence of Islam would be lost, and religion, for the most part, would be reduced to a ritualistic compulsion. He foretold that the clergy would be corrupt and be a source of strife during these times.

How true this is of the extremist clerics in parts of the Muslim world that abuse the pulpit to preach division and hate.

He also went on to describe terrorist groups such as ISIS that would try to hijack the Islamic faith. At this time of dissension, he said there would appear “a group of young people who would be immature in thought and foolish.” They would speak beautiful words but commit the most heinous of deeds. They would engage in so much prayer and fasting that the worship of the Muslims would appear insignificant in comparison. They would call people to the Quran but would have nothing to do with it in reality. The Quran would not go beyond their throats, meaning they wouldn’t understand its essence at all, merely regurgitating it selectively. The Prophet then went on to describe these people as “the worst of the creation.”

As if this outline wasn’t clear enough, another tradition in the book Kitaab Al Fitan reported by Caliph Ali, the fourth successor to Prophet Muhammad, describes these people as having long hair and bearing black flags. Their “hearts will be hard as iron,” and they would be the companions of a State (Ashab ul Dawla). Interestingly, ISIS refers to itself as the Islamic State or Dawla. The tradition further mentions that they will break their covenants, not speak the truth and have names that mention their cities. The ISIS caliph, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, comes to mind.

Prophet Muhammad furiously and painfully described these evildoers, and admonished Muslims to beware of their evil and fight it. “Whoever fights them is better to Allah than them,” he proclaimed.

Reflect on this critical point. Whenever ISIS kills in the name of Islam, claims to follow the Quran, or uses the Holy month of Ramadan to spread anarchy across the globe, know that Prophet Muhammad explicitly warned us of these imposters, and entrusted us to root them out.

The only people who refuse to reflect on this point are ISIS, ISIS sympathizers and anti-Islam extremists who want the world to believe that ISIS is legitimate. Intelligent people, meanwhile, see Prophet Muhammad’s prophetic wisdom and thus remain united against both ignorance and extremism.

  • WhyDoesMURDOCHBlacklistSavage

    I guess we won’t talk about the numerous koran verses that clearly incite violence and are absolutely responsible for what we are seeing today.

    “When the sacred months have passed, then kill the Mushrikin wherever you find them. Capture them. Besiege them. Lie in wait for them in each and every ambush but if they repent, and perform the prayers, and give zacat then leave their way free.” 9:5

    • Abraham Williams

      I am a Muslim that hates Isis because they are destroying my religion name and killing innocencents so next time stop ranting about Islam and actually talk about isis and how its destroying a religion named islam

    • A’ishah Khan That should clear things up for you.

    • Bluesnspire

      Please read the Quran fully and understand the meaning of all the verses

  • leslie falconer

    Tabatabai, you are a liar. The verse that muslims always quote after the inevitable massacre ie SURA 5:32 applies exclusively to the children of Israel, and you know it. The verse states that if a Jew living in muslim lands was to kill a muslim, it would be as if they killed all muslims. SURA 5:33 The punishment for those who wage war against allah and his messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this: THAT THEY SHOULD BE MURDERED OR CRUCIFIED OR THEIR HANDS AND FEET SHOULD BE CUT OFF ON OPPOSITE SIDES, OR THEY SHOULD BE IMPRISONED. The false prophet mohammed was a sexual deviant child rapist who married little Aisha at the age of six years of age, molested her until the age of nine, then he raped little Aisha. He was a torturer, mass murderer, enslaver/sex slaver brigand liar thief false prophet.

    • Harun

      SubhanaAllah you are ignorant of the Quran.The Quran address the past ,present and future.Some of the verses you quote address at time when muslims were being persecuted because of their faith and were acting on self defence just like any other modern state.War is last resort as the encourages muslim to observe patience and seek peace in such circumstance when they are persecuted because of their faith.The current violence in the name of Islam is sheer satanic and has no place in Islam the religion of peace.

    • Bluesnspire

      you are just too ignorant just like all other people.. Our Prophet Muhammad (S) is indeed the last prophet but you are just too adamant to believe that..may I know what your religion is please?

  • leslie falconer

    tabatabai, you muslims should stay in you 3rd world hellholes. Islam is being exposed by intelligent educated informed westerners who have researched islam and are exposing the lies and deception within. The false prophet mohammed, (there are 2 of them). Mecca and Medina mohammed. The Mediina mohammed was very violent, filled with rage against Jews. He slaughtered hundreds of Jews ie the Banu Qurayza. Cut the throats of hundreds ofJewish men, boys with pubic hair Took the women and children as sex slaves/slaves. Tortured Safiyya’s husband with fire and hot iron, in order to find out where the gold was hidden. mohammed raped 17 year old Safiyya that very day.

    • A’ishah Khan

      By “research” do you mean read an islamaphobic website.

    • Harun

      Tell us about the Jesuit order

  • Bluesnspire

    To All Anti-Islamic people: please read and understand Quran fully before making any remarks. Once a pious Christian Pastor (female) who happened to be the grandma of one of my friend tried to convert my faith to Christianity, merely because she told me I quote : ” I have read your Quran and your Quran says to believe in Lord Jesus as the savior and that even Prophet Muhammad (S) prayed to him.” I was surprised but it came as no shock to me because her job is to convert people’s faith even if it’s through a lie or an act of deceit or with money. Let one’s faith be with oneself. If you really want to do good do good. why you care what I believe or not!!! why do you judge me??? who has given you the authority??? Everyone is bound to face the Judgment day and there you will not be questioned if you had a debate on religion and faith and whether you made your point or not whether you won or not, you will be questioned of your actions of your ill deeds of how you made your life useful or not. So take care of yourself, your actions and make your life useful.

  • Fingal Carson

    “Prophet Muhammad” and “Jesus Christ” both did not exist. Both are fictional characters for their respective religions. Satan also does not exist, another fictional bad guy. However, what “Satan” is blamed for in the Bible is actually what their thoughtform God is about and does. Marxism is based off of the nonsense written into these two stupid religions.