Putin Accuses U.S. Of Spraying Poisonous Chemtrails Over Syria

‘As I understand it, the Americans are not interested in defeating ISIS but they are interested in controlling the minds of the Syrian population.’

Putin says the U.S. are spraying poisonous chemtrails over Syrian in a bid to 'mind control' the Syrian population

Brave Vladimir Putin is standing up to the US government again: he is said to have demanded that Western government forces stop spraying chemtrails in Syria.

How closely Russian military forces worked with Western forces is an ‘operational detail’ that hasn’t been fully divulged and remains ‘beyond top secret’ on both sides, but according to a Federal  Security Services (FSB) report and strong sources in the Kremlin the contact was close enough for Russian military top brass to learn of Western tactics and standard operating procedures, and they have passed on the intelligence to the Kremlin.

President Putin, who is fundamentally opposed to herbicidal warfare, is said to be ‘deeply disturbed’ and ‘furious.’

As I understand it, the Americans are not interested in defeating ISIS but they are interested in controlling the minds of the Syrian population.’

Chemtrails regularly remained in north-Western Syrian skies for whole days during American-led airstrikes on Khorasan and al-Nusra, according to the FSB report, transforming into cirrus-like clouds in the evenings.   It is said no civilian casualties have died from chemical deployment, but chemtrails are not about death, they are about psychological and physical control.

Crop destruction and attempts to control the weather are anathema to President Putin.  He is a strong supporter of the Environmental Modification Convention which bans ‘any technique for changing the composition or structure of the Earth’s biota.’

American and British military forces have been openly ignoring these international laws for decades.  During the Vietnam War the US used herbicidal and incendiary agents like napalm, arguing they fell outside the definition of ‘chemical weapons’, and used planes to spray 10% of the total land surface of south Vietnam.  85% of spraying was for defoliation and about 15% was for crop destruction.

And in 2016 they are continuing to spray civilian populations in an attempt to control them, alter the structure of the Earth’s biota, and weaponise the weather.  Putin is deeply opposed to this.  He considers weather manipulation to be a dangerous game that has disastrous consequences.

Putin’s childhood might explain his understanding that nature must be respected and cultivated, not manipulated and weaponised.

After the Siege of Leningrad, which almost killed his mother, his family was forced to move into a rat-infested communal building.  Putin spent hours chasing rodents in the staircase.  He developed a respiratory disease.  Four adults, plus Putin and his brother, were squeezed into a single 20 square foot room with no hot water, bath, or toilet.  He overcame these dire conditions by embracing his studies as well as judo, karate, and sambo, a Russian martial art that requires intense balance between mind and body.  The Russian President understands the need for a healthy, disciplined lifestyle.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • crápula

    Vaya, hasta el napalm con el que los asesinos gringos envenenaron grandes extensiones de terreno con secuelas que padecen y padecerán los vietnamitas por generaciones y que se hacían a la luz del día y que todos sabíamos, (creo que los autodenominados despiertos aún estaban durmiendo) se han convertido por arte de magia en chemtrails. Los hay como Franco inasequibles al desaliento. Las estelas químicas de la fotografía no son tales. Son evidentes señuelos térmicos para despistar a posibles misiles que amenacen el avión. ¿Hace falta mentir hasta ese punto?.

    • James McDowell


  • Susan Littleton

    What a great article.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Burlymachine Forty Six & Two Unity Shift

    This is great and I’m going to research this more later, but you need to site your sources of information or people will not take this as a credible article. As a journalist it is your responsibility to prove validity to your words, especially when we are trying to spread independent media’s worth and give people more truthful information. For example, I can’t share this article immediately on my pages until I’ve proven that this is credible information due to there being no links/sources. Cheers

    • Jake Seilman

      you are truly intellectually compromised.

      • Nolan Mc Guinness

        if you truly believe that, you must be rationally compromised. you can’t invent understanding from lack of understanding. its stupidity. evidence is needed. people need to realize that false journalism and the spreading of hoax is a real problem and causes confusion and irrational perception of the world.

  • BS Exposer

    What a bunch of BS!

  • Rodster

    Where’s the writers sources because this would be flagged as either made up or a conspiracy theory.

  • shotofhealth

    Sources? Would like to believe but need proof!!

    • James McDowell
      • shotofhealth

        Yes, have seen that. Totally on the same page with regard to geoengineering and stratospheric aerosol injection. Just not sure about the sources for Putin.

  • Johnpd

    I’ll stick with globalresearch.ca

  • Joy

    As a journalist it is your responsibility to PROVE validity to your words, especially when we are trying to spread independent media’s worth and give people more truthful information.

  • Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under

    This is obviously the product of creative writing. Putin doesn’t say this kind of think. We KNOW he doesn’t. Please use a bit of common sense.

  • Reg Walsh

    Check out geoengineering.org is you doubt anything about chemtrails. Over 21 million visitors to that site beats one single doubting Thomas any day of the week.

  • PithHelmut

    I cannot disseminate anything from this site. Though if this were true I would love to. But for credibility purposes, whenever I see this site, I always scoff. I would check for a source and spread that but there is none here so this is going nowhere.

  • Boogie

    Wouldn’t it be something if the West minded its own business for a change? Then stopped poisoning its own population with chemtrails !!!?

  • Sam

    Lol the Siege of Leningrad ended in 1944 and Putin was born in 1952 but nice try

  • friedrich nietzsche

    Only over Syria? Americans fucking all World, Planet Earth with Chemtrailsspraying!