Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia

Putin played the New World Order game long enough to climb as high as the position of President - then he abruptly turned his back on them, prompting Jacob Rothschild to accuse him of being a "traitor to the New World Order."

Russian President Vladimir Putin bans the Rothschilds from Russia

Brave Vladimir Putin has banned Jacob Rothschild and his New World Order banking cartel family from entering Russian territory “under any circumstances.”

Putin recently reminded his cabinet that he paid off the Rothschild’s debt and “grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and kicked them out Russia’s back door.”

This meeting featured the President pounding his fist on the table and vowing to destroy the New World Order, and according to a Kremlin source Putin is making great strides towards this goal.

They do not own the world, and they do not have carte blanch to do whatever they want. If we do not challenge them there will be other issues. We will not be bullied by them.”

It is understood that the Rothschild banking racket was a noose tied around the neck of the Russian economy. Once the knot was tightened, the economy would struggle and choke.

Early in his presidency he made a priority of uniting Russia socially, spiritually, and economically. He ordered the arrest of the Rothschild backed oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky who had made Rothschild, Henry Kissinger and Arthur Hartman directors of the Open Russia foundation.

He was so upset with the banksters in his temple, he tipped over their tables and drove them out with a whip.

A keen student of history, well versed in world affairs, the Russian President has studied the history of the world’s most elusive organisation and understands the central role their financial collaborators have played in fomenting the major international conflicts of the 20th century.

Now they want to plunge us into World War III.

The New World Order’s invasive roots and branches keep spreading around the world, but President Putin has stopped them expanding into Russia. This is a major blow to their plans for world domination and now they view him as a real threat. He’s got them running scared, which is why he is degraded in the Western media at every opportunity.

The reality is that Putin is leading us towards a multi-polar world, far from the one government, one religion future plotted by the New World Order. When he took his forces into Syria to protect a sovereign state he further enhanced his reputation as a powerful leader.

People around the world have started to wake up and notice.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • commonlaw

    Very smart man!! This whole planet should be after these vermin.. I would not want that name at this time in history for NO amount of money. Need to get anyone and everyone that even smacks of rot-child.

  • Dan Jones

    Matthew 24 coming to life all over the planet… Are you ready to meet your Maker????

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

    • corey

      god is fake lol

      • Dan Jones

        You will find out…

  • Djago

    Way to go Mr. Putin!

  • Stu Pendisdick

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  • Faizel Khan

    Putin has balls of steel.

    • A guy from Ukraine

      Purin Has a SOUL!

  • Henning Heinemann

    Not to mention that he is in an alliance with China and Iran, also both New World Order opponents. The inconvenient truth that Americans and Europeans need to accept is they no longer hold the stronger position. We have sold production and resources to the Chinese for the last half century in order to grow the consumer capability of the world’s largest population. The New World Order exists only by the creation of money from thin air, issuing it as debt, and collecting fees and interest from it. It is NOT Capitalism, Capitalism as defined by Adam Sith requires ‘Solid Currency’ and a ‘Free Market’; we have neither. We have ‘fiat currency’ and a monopoly controls the capital market. With Trickle Down theory applied, what we have ladies and gentleman is Industrial Age Feudalism where all resources are controlled by those who control the capital supply.

    What no one really addresses is what to do about it. War doesn’t work because war is the bread and butter, stock in trade, of the status quo. The only thing that can be done is to make them irrelevant. The reason we do not have “The Hydrogen Economy” is not the cost f producing hydrogen. It is the fact that with hydrogen as primary consumer energy AND fresh water supply, you have a commodity to back a currency on which is not only scarcity proof, but also self regulates supply to meet demand, as economic growth parallels energy need. The major factor to it though is it allows anyone with a solar panel or windmill and some water that needs to be cleaned to literally “make money”.

    This will finally make usury obsolete, and with that we can finally start to get our evolution back on track.



    • MerLynn

      Hydrogen economy, what a gimmick. It requires a new delivery system and storage methods, ALL of which will be regulated by the NWO puppet lawmakers. You will require a LICENSE to run your energy source. This isn’t the answer. This is just new players entering the existent control system.
      The answer lies in duplicating the earths magnetic fields upon underground water in you backyard garage. Where you take potable drinking water and apply DC electricity upon a magnetic field generation antenna array to turn water into nice fresh oil that can be poured into any diesel motor without any refining. Pennies a gallon.
      That is the solution to end slavery and the scam of free energy. To see this process, pictures and password protected videos… just ask… magneticwaterscience at the dot com of course

      • MerLynn

        I might add that one of the other password protected videos, DC electricity is applied directly to bottled water and it BURNS, just like petrol. You silly particle scientists and other hydrogen mythsayers just do not understand the construct of the energy format we call water.

      • Henning Heinemann

        The only way they can control is by us allowing them control, but they are already being challenged by a force they cannot defeat any longer, they can only achieve a tie in extinction. NWO is not my concern, China is my concern, and being able to produce food and water more efficiently autonomously than under Chinese control. Otherwise we will be seeing “re-education camps” in America.

        • MerLynn

          You see China as a threat.(“my concern”) Your conflict mentality places you squarely in the camp of the NWO of Divide and rule. Read some of the posts below, The guy form Ukraine for example. The NWO Kazzarian Mafia Jews who profit from your conflict mentality are destroying the peace and liberty and the pursuit of happiness the world over. But China, who is fighting this New World Money Order are the bad guys in your minds concern…. Claiming a more expensive method of USING energy (Hydrogen may be cheap to make but more expensive to use) Is a pathetic attempt to correct this conflict mentality which you fail to even recognize within yourself. The entire control over the world is achieved by teaching children the FALSE particle science of ‘marbles’ constituting the atomic structure. Tesla knew it, calling it ‘silly equations’. Is it any wonder a misogynist Idiot jew became famous for some silly equation that has no bearing upon the natural universe? All the while the guy who invented the technology that built the 20th Century is forgotten by all except ‘conspiratorialists’? Hydrogen production promotes this fallacy. If the very foundations of understanding the atomic structure is false then the understandings of medicine, biology, energy production, geology, cosmology and the entire concept of FREEDOM is false.

          It is unfortunate that I rest my case upon the 100’s of experiments that totally destroy the marble particles of atomic structure, and have to hide behind secrecy to avoid persecution from the enemies of freely available abundant energy and the knowing of truth. The Earths magnetic fields ELECTROMAGNETICALLY restructure water into oil and coal and gas. Fossil is the “control” word. It can be duplicated by anyone with fabrication skills for mere 100’s of dollars. It cannot be freely available information for energy production because, until YOUR conflict mentality is eradicated from the human psych and we use it for peaceful means instead of as a means of slavery control and increase the efficiency of building ‘re-education camps’ for the survivors,

          When Russia (as Edgar Cayce foretold) rids the world of this new world money order (along with china) You may very well find yourself in a re-education camp for the heresy of Hydrogen and fossil carbon theories and conflict mentality. My ethnicity, Cherokee…….
          One final note… just what are the “FEMA camps” surrounded by razor wire found in many parts in the USSA (even here is OZ blurred by google just like the one here just down my road) best described as??? Did you use the word “re-education camps”? There are none so blind as they who cannot see.

          • Warren Radnan

            You are fucked in the head.

          • MerLynn

            Typical human response is to dismiss and reject in the first instant new information.
            But time is on my side and the internet is where new information can be available in this Aquarian Age of Enlightenment.
            Tis sad you wish to keep your head buried in the sand and remain in the Picean age of Darkness

          • Kevin Herbert

            Wonderfully argued…..

        • Joanne Sgrignoli


      • paul faso

        Magnetic power cells will change the entire equation in every area of electrical power on Earth.
        Just one application is found in The EVUR -Electric Vehicle Unlimited Range;


        Hydrogen fuel will require the same played out logistics of the past Petro/Chemical cash flow model.
        It is an insane relic of the past, requiring to be buried in a shallow grave.
        The future of mankind will depend on harvesting the kinetic and ambient energies found throughout nature

    • Sarah Angel

      I went and watched this slideshow Henning, I couldn’t really tell what they were selling, a ranch in New York? Blimps?
      Hydrogen that is centrally instead of democratically produced will only be another stage in the energy slavery. There are technologies that can free us and give us our food and energy in our own back yards. Some aren’t even “controversial.” http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/bladeless-wind-turbines-generate-electricity-by-shaking-not-spinning-10257275.html

      • Henning Heinemann

        An entire socio economic system based on exactly that, a co-op infrastructure of local production sources. Our system of centralized supply is failing and the main thing that is centralized is the capital supply. With a global co-op using a true Free Market Capitalism model with a fully resource funded and backed, scarcity free, capital supply that everyone has the capability of creating, then we can finally get away from the 4000 year old economic model based on usury and the commoditization of imagination through currency control.

    • Valerie Grace

      I believe that we can overcome them using solar and wind power, which they can’t control. Hydrogen … I have yet to see the need. For the planet to survive and for us to evolve, I believe it will take simplifying our lives to a great degree, and learning to live less materially. That also helps people to develop the Inner Self as opposed to always looking outward for distractions and self-gratification. Just my own thoughts. 🙂

      • Henning Heinemann

        Yet to see the need for hydrogen? City after city is being inundated with polluted drinking water that will require billions if not trillions of dollars of infrastructure to deal with. Hydrogen eliminates that by returning pure water to the consumer, 9 liters of hot water per kg of hydrogen. As a reference 1kg of hydrogen delivers the same work as 1 gallon/4liters of gasoline/14kwh metered electricity. By replacing the consumer fuel with hydrogen, we take care of carbon control, water purification, and water and energy distribution infrastructures, all on the same dime. If we do it elegantly, we add agricultural production as part of the waste management of both heat and carbon dioxide.

        The need to go to hydrogen is expressed in the need to gain efficiency in all our resource management. We manage resources to provide the largest gains in the markets. Unfortunately since we are a consumer based economy, that means we will induce waste and scarcity because that drives supply side profits. We can no longer afford to do that since we are a debtor economy with only fiat currency to trade on. The big creditor across the Pacific is preparing to pull the plug on us. If we want western levels of freedom to persist after that, we need to be more productive of our own free will, than we will be under Chinese management.

        We have a way out, the only question s will we choose it?


        • Bobby Bill

          stay out of elevators

      • Haut

        Thorium nuclear power is the answer !

    • Darren MacKay

      You made some terrific points, Henning.
      It’s a Very Complex situation, which Government is at the HELM running everyone in the Ground.

      • Henning Heinemann

        Government is not at the helm, they are a piece in the game. Who is missing from the picture?

        • debugger

          My view would be to put the corporations/bankers in the king spot with media the queen since they’re owned by the corporations spouting off bovine excrement and government is the puppet that controls the military and police.

          • Henning Heinemann

            Who controls the Corporations and Bankers? Who supplies them with their capital?

        • Joanne Sgrignoli

          The Elite?

    • you should know it by now

      China is a NWO puppet

      • Henning Heinemann

        Not Puppet, they are out playing them at their own game, trading back the debt we hand them for cheap consumer goods and buyng real resources, manufacturing capability, infrastructure, and real estate, here and around the world with it. They are building their empire on our debt.

      • Haut

        Show proof !

    • Joanne Sgrignoli

      I just read all of your comments in response to this article. You’re obviously intelligent and know far more on this subject than I, so I have some learning to do.

      I do realize that most comments are from a year ago. Two questions, if I may. First, is there anything you would add? Second, are you in a position to effect or promote the kinds of changes you suggest?

      Thank you for a huge contribution to the conversation.

      • Henning Heinemann

        I am in a position to do anything people choose to cooperate with. None of this is up to me, it’s up to we.

        What do I have to add? I made cooperating tax deductible.

    • Enrrique Costas

      Now China is more New World Order than America with Donald Trump…and by far China means more WTO, more global warming, more APEC…

  • Eddy
  • UncleB

    We must understand of course that the American Financial Classes stole the American workman’s stake to build China. My Question: Did they do this on behalf of the Rothschild Fortunes? Do the Rothschilds in fact have heavy investments in China’s astounding growth? Did Christianity in fact hold them back, where Muslims are willing and religion driven breeders? Have they become the new slave class with something to prove and will they pay the price to the Rothschilds money lender system to get it? Remember: great piles of stagnant money are of no use! a human factor enslaved to multiply it is needed. Gold does not mine itself!

  • audiosstarr

    Sources? I don’t believe for a second that you’re the first person to break this story. After a quick search, I only found obscure stories and links that are two and three years old and none have been updated.

  • Johnny_Blackcock

    When Russian Tsar Alexander refused The Rothchilds into his Kingdom they funded the Bolsheviks thus creating the Sovit Union. Goes to show you no matter your god or form of government Money has total control over your country and its people. Mon-ey= one eye

    • A guy from Ukraine

      But Lenin then refused to give control over Russia to the Rothschild as Lenin (the leader of the Bolsheviks) was obsessed by creating the first ever communist state, so the Rothschilds started raising Hitler to make another attempt at subjugating Russia by force. They did all they could to prevent Russia from becoming an industialized state by going as far as orginizing Golodomor (death by famine) in early 30th when Stalin proclaimed his 5-year development programm to build heavy machinery industry and become indipendant from western imports. Stalin was a very sensible leader and was perfectly aware why the Rotchilds began financing Hitler heavily. He realized that the only way for the country to survive was to create strong army and heavy machinery industry was indespensable for that purpose. But to develop the industry Russia had to import machinery that was produced by the US and England. The only items Russia was able to offer in exchange for the western machinery at that time was gold, natural resourse and …wheat. If was exactly after Stalin proclaimed his expidiated development 5-year programs that both the US and UK mutually stopped trading machinery for both gold and natural resourse and only demanded WHEAT from the Soviet Union… Then the Soviet Union was struck by a severe drought and Stalin was confronted by a tough choice- either to take away wheat from peasents but to keep on with the industialization of the country or to wind down the development programs keeping peasant with the wheat. He chose the second option until he learned of the calamitythat followed and banned all wheat exports. Now The West tries to portray Stalin as the worst villain of earth while the worst atrocity this world has ever witnessed is the Khazarian Rothschild mafia. There will be no peace as long as these ultimate criminals rule the world.

      • Johnny_Blackcock

        But there’s reasons Soviets ripped down every statue of Stalin and only allowed ones of Lenin.

        • Warren Radnan

          Ha ha the UN is anti-semitic you fool.

          • Nelly Neil Pierce

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          • Warren Radnan

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        • Алексей К.

          It’s true that the Rothschilds were financing both sides. THat is the usual practice of the anglo-american elites. They tried to make both party powerful to deal each other a deadly blow. The Rothschilds then hoped to come in with fresh forces over the ashes of the exhausted enemies and take over just as the US did in WWI. But Russia is like a Phoenix rising from ashes all the time, so the anglo-american forces were forced to intervene in 1944 to secure control over western Europe when it became absolutely clear that Russia would be able to defeat Hitler on its own.
          As for Stalin, it was not the Soviets but the General Secretary Khrushev (“the butcher” as he is often referred to by some russian historians) who started a campaign against Stalin as he had a grudge against Stalin. By the way, both of Stalin’s two sons Jacob and Vasiliy were enrolled in the soviet military: Jacob was an artillery officer who was captured by germans (they arranged a special operation to capture him) and tried to trade him for german General Pauls who was captured by Russians in the Grand Stalingrad offensive in early 1944. But Stalin then refused by pronouncing his notorious words “nobody swaps a rating for a general”. Another son of Stalin, Vasiliy was a fighter pilot, a true hero who was able to take down 5 german planes and survived the war. As for Khruschev who took the place of Stalin after his death, his son, Leonid, was serving in the soviet army and was captured by germans, too. He then got recruited by germans to wage an information warfare against the soviet army as they were taking him to the front lines to sabotage the soviet troops against fighting. When Stalin learnt this, he ordered the soviet guerilla units operating the german back area to capture him which they did. When Stalin was reported that Leonid was recaptured and asked to provide a plane to take him back to the Soviet Union, Stalin ordered not to risk any more people for returning Leonid to the Soviet Union and to judge Leonid there. He was then executed by the partisans. This is the reason Khruschev started a broad campaign aimed at discrediting Stalin after his death. It was exactly when Khruschev came to power that the USSR started eroding.

      • Santa Claws

        Get fucked you fucktard Nazi cunt, Rothschild would have been sent to the gas chambers you fucking retard!

  • Nathan Dunning

    Bravo! Vladimir Putin deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against terrorism & the restraint in dealing with the downing of a Russian fighter,the cold blooded murder of the pilot.I think the world is a much better place with Him and the Russian federation in it.

  • misterkel

    Do you have evidence for this businessman being an NWO puppet? My friend uses his imprisonment as evidence that Putin is Bad, bad, bad. I’ve always wondered about the real story of that. Western media used it to paint Putin as, well – bad, bad, bad.

  • Deb

    Perhaps some people might want to move to Russia. #trumpforpresident

    • Kriegar

      With #tRumoforpresident, there would be no need to “move” to Russia. We would have our own police state right here. Thank a Repugnatard.

  • bill

    No wonder Russia is getting trashed by the corporate media.

  • y3shuA imMANu3l

    Revelation 21:5
    He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!”

  • y3shuA imMANu3l

    Novus Ordo Seclorum

    Revelation 21:
    Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,” for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. 2 I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. 3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. 4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’[b] or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

  • Sarah Angel

    This all sounds wonderful, but we have to be better than the corporate terrorist media and provide links and sources.
    I hope this is true, but I have a fried who speaks Russian and Google translate. Where did you learn this? I would like the links and sources to follow through as we all should do when we read things on the internet.

  • Jack

    He should have let them in and then lynched them!!!

  • Ted

    If only it were true.

  • Occams

    These 2 memes say it all; The ‘Russian aggression’

  • Occam’s Razor

    Thank you!

    Israel, Not In America’s Name, 2016!

    Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD250

  • https://www.facebook.com/andras.brindza Brindza András
  • Steve

    This is a very good thing. I’m sure he knows what happened to Germany when they did the same thing in the thirties. Just keep that in mind Mister Putin, we can’t afford to lose you when NATO and the G7 are baiting you to war.

  • https://www.facebook.com/andras.brindza Brindza András

    Crime and sin will not go unpunished /Petition written for the UN Security Cabinet members/ and links
    A BŰN NEM MARAD BÜNTETLENÜL /+ Petíció az ENSZ Biztonsági Tanácsának tagjaihoz — IN ENGLISH /+Kapcsolódók

    • Johnny_Blackcock

      we should petition to end The UN and its bs It’s a Zionist ( Rothchilds) tool

  • nomorefakenewplease

    Congrats, yournewswire, for once again fooling people with your FAKE news.

  • wayne

    Very interesting and I am noticing and I have to say that I find Putin very interesting and will be researching a lot about him. I can’t say that I disagree with him on many subjects.

  • Sapper

    At least someone who is not afraid of these world rulers…

  • Fred Goraieb

    Could Putin be playing right into the hands of the NWO, as the new “Boogeyman? If he declares war on the NWO it would be like radiating Godzilla, making the Beast even stronger. It happened in the late forties with the Cold War, and Russia becoming the Red Menace; then in the 60’s with Fidel Castro acting as the Caribbean Boogeyman (thus justifying wars in Central and Latin America). Now, Putin and his anti-NWO and the rise of NATO as supreme “gatekeepers” of Central and Eastern Europe, financed by, Rothschilds and their banking cabal (Trillions of Dollars strong). Want NATO knocking on your front door, Putin? With new and improved Nukes? Want to become the next pariah a la Kim Young Un? Or the Ayatollah? “Come and play with us, Vladimir”, is what they (the NWO goons) are saying, we need a new enemy to fight. Either Putin, or, an Alien Invasion. I will bet on Putin….

  • mike

    Explain how Putin has not been killed, he is a Rothchild apparatchik being put up as one arm of the planned third world war. It’s all crap, do you think he survived the most powerful satanic group on earth who have the power to crush any country or a pipsqueak like Putin without their cooperation. He is a straw man, the Rothchilds stole and enlaved the Russian Orthodox and completely covered it up with their world media empire. They murdered 66 million Russians and covered it up and have completely flooded the world with lies, abortion, divorce, feminism, and usurious taxes- just like the Marxist planks call for. They have declared war on the white race and are actively destroying Europe and America. They deserve HELL and they will get it- but don’t believe a word of this bullshit. Putin is one of them.

  • fullarmor

    Good for Putin.

  • Duncan Gill
  • Rational Vibration

    there is a lot of speculation of motive, thoughts and emotions without cited sources, or interviews.
    It is nice to spread hope, but Putin is no Jesus. He may be making strides but he is also a rather authoritarian ruler who suppresses individuality and persecutes it ala LBGTQ peoples

  • Bryan Blackburn

    Edgar cayce the great one said that Russia would become a force that would lead the world towards freedom and that is what you see happening amazing prohetic work. Rothschild is the head of the snake for the force of evil.


    Lord Rothschild created the zionist movement by signing the balfour declaration. Zionism is evil whtt.org is a great site to visit to learn how they got Christians into supporting the lies that Israel was their property and the jews where rthe chosen people. In the bible/ torah it clearly states that the Jews were to remain in exile till they recognized the messiah and since that has not happened they are disobeying their God to live in Israel. Further more Christ in revelations 2:9 and 3:9 describes the synagogue of satan as being those who claim to be jews who are not jews. Enter the DNA tests and science that shows the Israelis are Khazarian and not jews to start with. Tests that were done at John Hopkins. Connecting the dots shows us that he is the right hand of Satan since the invention of centralized banking which he owns was invented by Babylon for their worship and sacrificing children to Satan. The zoroastrian persians destroyed Babylon and in doing so forced the leadership of the satanists who ruled in Babylon to flee and go into the land north of Babylon that was called Khazaria where they then rebuilt the empire of Babylon where they could continue to worship satan and these are the same people who now rule in Israel. in other words Israel is the synagogue of Satan.

    • Erasmus

      The Khazars converted to Judaism in the 740 A.D. To maintain independence from both Constantinople and Baghdad. Their conversion was political and convenient to avoid domination of the other faiths closing in from either side. Persian king Cyrus the Great in 539 BCE, liberated the Judeans held in exile for 70 years by the Babylonians. They returned to Judea and built the temple. Your theory is dubious since there is a span of 1200 years between the exile and Khazar conversion.

      You might want to consider the Emperor Constantine’s true motives for adopting Christianity as the Roman Empire’s official religion. Christian bishops convened in the Bithynian city of Nicaea by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325 to adopt Christianity. Jerusalem had been destroyed, the Temple destroyed and the Jews scatter only 300 years before. I believe Constantine was using Christianity as a device to bring the Jews, who he needed as Roman citizens, back into the empire w/out seeding Jerusalem back to the Jews! This makes perfect sense. He thought the Jews would adopt Christianity as THE new Judaism and thus be allowed to be Roman citizens again. He needed to consolidate his power to fight the Visigoth, Huns. Well the plan didn’t work, the Jews never accepted Christians as Jews, Rome was sacked in 425 A.D. just 100 years after the council of Nicaea……Jews rejected Christianity, yet Christianity is still modeled on Jewish dogma! Jews created the Christian church, or had a very large hand in it, because many in the new faith were from families that practiced Judaism.

      I reject Christianity, summarily, for this reason. The doctrines of puported to be Christ’s can, easily, be found in older Buddhist faith.

      • Bryan Blackburn

        you don’t reject christianity you reject the political creation that arose around it many decades and centuries after his teachings were co-opted by the religion that became Catholicism. Christ’s real teachings were in line with Buddhist teachings and he believed in reincarnation and he probably studied Buddhism as well. The Notovich manuscript found in Tibet was and is considered a forgery by the theosophical society but other than that I am of the opinion that during the missing 18 years were Christ is not mentioned in the bible he was in fact doing his father’s work and some of that work must have involved traveling to visit other cultures and he most likely did know of the buddha and his work. The bible like you say is the work of Jews and who can trust these priest craft fraudsters as they adopt other concepts into their religion whenever the will to do so strikes them. As prisoners of the Babylonians they were evidently greatly influenced to add in some despicable things when they wrote the babylonian talmud. In Babylon the country was sacrificing children to Moloch and openly worshiping what the Zoroastrians called Satan as that is when and who developed that name probably based off of a version of set or seth from the older egyptian religion. All religions have much BS and fraud in them as politics gets involved and they start to manipulate texts to mean things to suit their agenda. I still say that the khazarians evolved from the Babylonians who survived the destruction brought about when Cyrus the great conquered them as the khazarians were known to also sacrifice children to moloch before their conversion. The Zoroastrian religion was one that the Hebrews borrowed from greatly. I am told by a professor who speaks locally and has a Phd that the concepts of angels demons heaven and hell as well as the name Satan and the concept of the messiah were all taken from the zoroastrian faith and inserted into the Hebrew faith. This sect was named the Pharisees a play on words as they were named with a name similar to that for sadducees and the name for the language Farsi which was the language for the Persians who liberated them and gave them the concepts they borrowed into their religion.

        As far as Constantine’s true motives it was to get people to pay taxes and support the state enough to fight in his armies. The people were all becoming christians so he had to co-opt that movement and legalize it to control it and get the people into his camp supporting him with taxes and participation in his army. A christian hearing that his new found faith had been named the official religion of the state would then align his interests to be more pro roman since this religion was now being supported by the state.

  • Calvin

    Hello Baxter Dimitry,

    Can you do another version of this article with details of the events you talk about?

    Banned Jacob Rothschild and banking cartel family from entering Russian Territory “under any circumstances”.
    -Who said “under any circumstances”?
    -Where and when did they say it?
    -Do you mean they can’t establish a business in Russia – or can’t visit because they won’t get a visa? At what event did Putin make this ban?
    -Is there a document or press conference or media statement to reference?

    There was a meeting (at the Kremlin) and Putin banged his fist.
    -Who was at this meeting?
    -Date and time?
    -Purpose of meeting?

    Quote about “carte blanche etc”
    -Are you attributing this to Putin?
    -Date and time?
    -Context. Where. When. Who to?

    Rothschild Banking Racket “noose around the neck” and “tightened”
    -Was Jacob Rothschild’s banking cartel working in Russia
    -Were they removed?

    Arrest of Khodorkovsky and connection to Rothschild
    – Which arrest do you refer to? Date?
    – What are the details and date of the Open Russia Foundation directors appointed?

    Temple Bankers, tables and whips
    – Does this refer to the arrest of Khodorkovsky?
    – Are there other instances that could be listed?



  • Joe

    Smart man Putin is not falling victim to the New World Order of the US. Both the Bush presidents spoke of it and look at how they are using Islam to destabilize everything world wide to create their capitalist satanic world of consumerism.
    Open your eyes people to what’s happening and the actions of pollies world wide. I wonder what they have been offered to sell out their countrymen.

  • kellie

    If you all want to know the truth this is where you start. eyes wide open!!!!!! go to this site the jonathan kleck.com

  • BornAMileHigh

    Having a Trump/Putin alliance against the NWO would be a dream come true…

    • Kriegar


      • BornAMileHigh

        that’s what your dad said when he saw you, but I don’t want to judge…I’m sure you’re…nice….

        • Kriegar

          Wow, you aren’t the brightest lightbulb in the box, are you? Still dribbling down Daddy’s leg, I see. Did he have any kids that lived?

          • BornAMileHigh

            at least it doesn’t take me six days to scour the internet for a response. What a dufus…

  • Michael Moulds

    If this is true, Putin won’t be the first. The last one was Hitler, and look at the crap he was blamed for.

  • Joy

    I hope Putin knows that he has friends in America. Americans do not want the New World Order. It has been forced on us, the American People never selected to be part of it.
    Trump 2016!

    • Tony B.

      Trump is wholly owned by the Rothschild cabal. He was going into bankruptcy and the Rothschilds bailed him out. They own the political parties in the U.S. – no one gets on a ballot who is not their prostitute. It makes no difference who is put in the offices, the Rothschild cabal runs them anyway.

  • Chris Sky

    where’s the source for this information?

  • Deborah Lynne Connor

    Thank you President Putin. There have been times during Obama’s tenure in office that had I been able to prevail on you to move to Russia, I would have! Thank you for helping the world to get rid of these menaces to freedom. Thank you for your support of Donald Trump. The future would be wonderful if our two countries would be united in commerce and friendship. 801-654-3140

  • Clarm

    Wow Been hearing about this stuff for years. I used to think it was craziness. I wonder how many other people in this country have no idea whats going on around them. Explains why Hillary is trying so hard to antagonize Putin.

  • Jayson Barjarat

    The facts of the matter is, the Rothschild Clan must have offered something very worth while to the members of the US Government who make the decisions. I would like to know what America’s Sovereignty, its Freedom and Liberty sold for. I have noticed the subject of the NWO is still kept in a subtle tone and has only been mentioned on a Regular basis by Obama the traitor,. Members of Congress aren’t saying much as they slip and slide around their Treasonous actions as if they have them hid from we the people. Some people might not know what has happened but many do. This NWO is not going to change life much for those in 3rd world countries. As ruthless as the elite are I dare say that most in 3rd world countries will be exterminated rather quickly. Russia stands alone against the NWO, so western media in all its lying glory will anything to make Russia look bad. Our media should be all over these Zionist traitors in America demanding this Government does the same4 thing that Russia has done. It is blatantly clear that the U.S. Government has turned upon its people and the US Constitution. We live in a Country that has lost its way. A country that has been taken from within. WE HAVE BEEN CONQUERED. Now if this government had a change of heart, the NWO would be over that quick. This government has been so corrupt for so long its members don’t even think in legal verses illegal terms. Corruption rules the day and this congress did little or nothing in the past 8 years as America slips into a hole we will never get out of. Misinformation, division along the silliest of lines and a host of governmental games meant to keep the people occupied while America was being dismantled and set up for what is to roll over we the people. This Government did not ask the people IF we wanted the NWO, they are not prepared to tell the citizens of America how there can be no constitution or American bill of rights because it conflicts with the NWO mandate. Trump can halt the NWO forever overnight if he follows Russia’s lead and closes the Federal Reserve and oust ‘s a den of Zionist enemies from his country. If Trump does not follow Putin’s lead quickly then he is a bigger liar then Obama and America at this juncture would be all but finished.

  • Shajahan Sainor

    Soon Philippines will be alliance with Russia and China too? Well I hope it happens.. Now that the Philippine President Duterte next move is to kick Rothschild out of Philippines, I hope he do it well or get some aide with Russia if needs to… 😉

  • alex33

    The rich people including the Rothschilds finance all political parties: left, centrist and right.
    I this chaos and mess it is difficult to know what is truth.
    One thing is sure: the rich people have to loose their money peacefully.
    The only problem is how to take their money without allowing the left wing to grab the power and ruining all nations and countries on Earth!

  • Haut

    Thanks Vlad 🙂

  • Eric Gruarin

    Thank you for your work

  • Gustavo Alves



    New World Disorder. This is the proper name for the complete catastrophic events coming out to play with all needy living beings, from Plankton to Elephants.Self destruction, inability to accept mortality, and logic. No power for toilet papers users, only Co-dependency.
    Psychopaths/imbeciles, Castrated of Joy, unable to reach satisfaction in acceptance of what you have. Never Own, no human owns anything, no even the bodies where their spirit dwells. Control by unfulfilled greediness of nonsense power, unable to accept their own mortality, Delusionals Control Illegitimates Son of Reason. Their reality is uncontrolable, ending in The New World Disorder.

  • Joanne Sgrignoli

    Bravo, Vladimir Putin!

  • Debra Benoit

    I have heard that Putin, Trump and Xi had a secret meeting about this subject. We are going back to the gold standard from my understanding.

  • MJM

    Smart Man… that Putin…

  • TXInfidel

    He was so upset with the banksters in his temple, he tipped over their tables and drove them out with a whip.
    Really now? Im calling Bravo Sierra

  • http://johnkountouris.com John Kountouris

    Putin part of the New World Order – Rothschilds have offices in MOSCOW.. http://greeknewsondemand.com/2017/11/24/putin-part-of-the-new-world-order-rothschilds-have-offices-in-moscow/

  • James Mcgeorge

    Wow how much crack do you lot smoke?

    • john cenator

      Well thinking about it, money is introduced to the system through the fed, basically anyone who owns the fed controls the money, its not a coincidence nor a misconception

  • Kani Na

    Interesting. . . Could we be seeing the fall of the banking cartels? Perhaps the beginning of a global monetary reset?

  • GMAN

    Jews caused WW2 now they want WW3