Putin: Brexit Proves UK Can Destroy The New World Order

Russia is hoping for a 'new understanding' with a post-Brexit Britain, according to Kremlin sources, with President Putin said to be 'deeply encouraged' by the British people voting to back themselves and reject the New World Order's destructive goals.

Russia is hoping for a ‘new understanding’ with a post-Brexit Britain, according to Kremlin sources, with President Putin said to be ‘deeply encouraged’ by the British people voting to back themselves and reject the New World Order’s destructive goals.

According to sources, Putin believes that Brexit is proof the globalist’s destructive agenda is deeply unpopular with real people, and when given a chance they will instinctively reject it out of hand.

‘We must mark today in our calendars as the day the British people stood up to their masters and told them a resounding no. No more.’

Putin vowed to destroy the New World Order in 2016, and it appears people all over the world have started to wake up and take notice. The President is ‘deeply encouraged’ that his determination to destroy the invasive organisation’s plans is shared by people all over the world, and gaining momentum all the time.

Brexit represents the biggest uprising by the British people against the rulers who run the United Kingdom since the Peasant’s Revolt in 1381, and the New World Order controlled puppets in Westminster are reeling. All of the elite – politicians, bankers, economists, celebrities – told the people to remain in the European superstate. But the people are waking up.

The Rothschild NWO cabal will be pacing nervously in their mansions, wondering how to deal with this massive, unexpected blow to their globalist agenda. Their roadmap to arriving at a one world government has been complicated by this uprising by the people.

Do not be surprised if the mainstream media attempt to convince you of something deeply disturbing in the near future. Never in history has the NWO had such a firm grip on mainstream media operations. There is already a push underway to declare the referendum non-legally binding, and plans to hold a second referendum to ensure a different result. London mayor Saddiq Khan is even suggesting the city could secede from the United Kingdom in order to stay in the European superstate.

The New World Order controlled elites in London and Brussels did not expect this blow and they are scrambling to take back control.

Triggered by a massive popular uprising, stoked by wholly rational fears, and fired up by hard facts, Great Britain has regained its place as a powerful, sovereign nation. The people chose to make Britain relevant again, to take control of their economy, and make themselves respected in the eyes of the world. They have taken the bull by the horns and backed themselves as British. They have voted for advance over stagnation. It is the answer for our times.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Pablo Hein

    The City doesn’t needs to secede. They own the EU.
    The secession will be a frontiers issue. Just a formality.

    • wilhelm1908

      But Khan probably wants it so his Jihadist buddies can turn it into an Islamic Republic

      • Pablo Hein

        Whatever needed to keep the UK population in despair, with the full support of the Zion London City Bankgsters for sure.

      • don

        He is not mayor of the city

  • mick

    Well said Putin. I have always thought this was the EU’s agenda.

  • ubu

    I don’t trust this take on Brexit. Maybe it was a miscalculation but remember who suggested it in the first place. Breaking up the union might be good for something but I’m not sure what exactly. War and instability in Europe probably, and whose hands does that play into?

  • shutit

    This was well planned, finally the NWO had one pulled over on them, early polls showed a heavy favor for remaining in the EU, over 80%, and that is exactly what they wanted the powers to think, by doing an almost last minute switch in the support for Brexit, they surprised those who thought they had successfully defended the European Super Nation they had built.

    Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us) they were being deceived with false numbers, and fake support for a stop to the Brexit, personally I think they did what many nations can only dream of, but now that they have done it, that dream is more obtainable for other nations, and I wouldn’t doubt if we hear more EU nations deciding to do the same, I know Northern Ireland is probably next from what I’ve read.

    • IAmSipho

      Northern Ireland?

  • plumjax43

    It is early days and the only obvious thing at the moment is that the Politicians had not planned on this decision. Those that remain after the inevitable shake up will hopefully of learnt that they are there to serve the public and not the other way around.

    • Highland26

      USA needs to adopt the spirit of Britain!

  • palivid

    One of those inconvenient truths that had no place in the wretched, dumbed down, post-intelligence debate we have had, where brainy Oxbridge politicians link up with the right-wing tax dodgers, foreigners, liars and pornographers who own most of our national press and are today enjoying the benefits of years of lying about Europe and hate-stirring against immigrants. The power-crazed Murdochs and sociopathic Dacres of this world are all too easy to despise. But it was politicians Johnson, Gove and Farage who managed to turn the lies and the myths into a campaign that persuaded millions of people to go their way.

  • Mick Wosika

    Don’t think for one moment that these evil scumbags responsible for mass genocide, haven’t already put something in place to cator for this!

    • don

      The are trying for a rerun…

      • Mick Wosika

        This petition is fraudulent and is now being investigated by government.
        Not only has it gone all round twitter with people sharing their postcodes so people outside the UK could vote.
        It was also hacked by 4Chan and their bot has seriously spammed the petition adding hundreds of thousands of fake
        signatures. There was about 50,000 signatures from the Vatican City, and the same from other countries like North Korea!
        I was reading about it on Breibart and HeatStreet. I guess the BBC and Sky won’t be so excited to tell all the
        Remainers about it now!

        • don

          lo…..wow the Vatican must have had a population boom in the last few years.

  • Darwin

    I consider Putin a friend. Never let the Globalists lead us into a confrontation. We are natural Allies with common cause.

    • Highland26


  • https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/ jan: a people of lohfeldt

    it’s like the owners (house of orange, house of braganza, house of braganza-saxa-coburg & gotha and their agents) of the zoo (europe) are seriously worried or bothered whether the lions (UK) now believe they left the enclosure for the kiosk area, since both are still fenced and part of the zoo…

    • https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/ jan: a people of lohfeldt

      is ‘yournewswire’ actually a satire page btw ?

  • denise smith

    Above all the globalist project of the world elite for World Government has suffered a setback: the narcissistic elite never thought that the people were intelligent enough to return to freedom. We are.
    The EU elite was too arrogant to listen to ordinary people whom it mocked, patronized and insulted as mentally handicapped racist yobs. If the anti-democratic EU elite tries to take away our new freedom, revolt will only grow.

  • WhatWouldYodaDo

    This means they will have to start rigging the voting mechanisms.

    • misky

      How would this work? I was trying to think of a way that voting could be made visible and tamper-proof, I came to the conlusion that it wasn’t possible to achieve. How could it be done? Is there any campaign/support for such a thing?

  • don

    OK Mr Putin……..this is only the beginning, now you must show us the evidence of UsA and UK involvement with ISIS.

  • donhank

    This is a fake. Putin has always insisted he does not have any interest in the EU being disbanded.

  • Duncan Gill
  • powys

    I have never been sure about Putin, but on this matter he is dead right. The EU, if not checked WILL morph into the NWO. The noises currently being made by Obama as he cuddles up to Germany, indicates that a Clinton regime would continue Obama’s policies and that means US support for the NWO. If that ever comes to pass the world would quickly have a one-world totalitarian, socialist government with zero checks on its political excesses.

    • IAmSipho

      Obama has plans to get involved in the EU after his “precedency” (intentional!), with Hillary continuing his ass-o-holic policies in the US. That combined with his moose-lum leanings will strengthen their goal of a NWO. Putin sees this clearly, and I hope Trump does as well. Between the two of them they can kick their smelly asses.

  • Patricia

    The problem is that the powers that be have never admitted that they are pursuing the New World Order agenda so many people do not understand the long slow march to this tyranny- more needs to be publicised about it – the problem being, of course, that most of the media are part of the plot !! More needs to be done if we are to continue on this new road.

  • IAmSipho

    Most clear headed leader in the world. While on the other hand, you have that porch monkey Odumbo.

  • nemezida

    I think there is a much dipper problem in Europe then just a politics and economy: the stage of a mental health of people who are involved in public relations. Going unchallenged, Austria have given a birth to Hitler and neocolonialism – which still shaking above all “spring risings” – Great Britain. You cannot be a God and be a human at same time – it is a mistake of cognition. Delusion might become a cultural practice. I propose a psychological testing for a “man of power”…Are you a robot?