Putin: Illegal US Airstrikes In Syria Will Not Go Unpunished

Putin warns that illegal US airstrikes in Syria will not go unpunished

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that illegal US airstrikes in Syria will not go ignored or unpunished by Russia.  

As the US continue to strike pro-government militias in Syria, killing hundreds of Syrian troops in the process, Russia have reminded the UN that the US presence in Syria is “actually illegal.”

“Nobody invited them there,” Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya told the UN Security Council on Thursday.

Rt.com reports: On Wednesday, the US-led coalition said it carried out several “defensive” airstrikes on Syrian forces in Deir Ez-Zor province in retaliation for what they described as an “unprovoked” attack on the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and foreign military “advisers.”

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Syrian militia unit was advancing against a “sleeper cell” of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists near the former oil processing plant of al-Isba, when it suddenly came under massive air strikes. At least 25 militiamen were injured in the attack, the Russian MoD noted, clarifying that pro-government troops targeted by the coalition did not coordinate their operation with the Russian command.

The US, however, maintains that the militia attacked the SDF. The Pentagon said Syrian forces moved “in a battalion-sized unit formation, supported by artillery, tanks, multiple-launch rocket systems and mortars.” The battle which lasted over three hours, the US claims, began after 30 artillery tank rounds landed within 500 meters of the SDF unit’s location.

“At the start of the unprovoked attack on Syrian Democratic Forces and coalition advisers, coalition aircraft, including F-22A Raptors and MQ-9B Reapers, were overhead providing protective overwatch, defensive counter air and [intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance] support as they have 24/7 throughout the fight to defeat ISIS,” Air Forces Central Command spokesman Lt. Col. Damien Pickart told Military.com.

“Following a call for support from Air Force Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, a variety of joint aircraft and ground-based artillery responded in defense of our SDF partners, including F-15E Strike Eagles,” he said in a statement Thursday. “These aircraft released multiple precision-fire munitions and conducted strafing runs against the advancing aggressor force, stopping their advance and destroying multiple artillery pieces and tanks.”

Damascus called the attack a “war crime,” while the Russian military asserted that Washington’s true goal is to capture “economic assets” in Syria. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova affirmed that the US military presence in Syria poses a dangerous threat to the political process and territorial integrity of the country, while Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called the strike another violation of Syria’s sovereignty by the US.

The US, however, remained unmoved, promising to continue to support the US-allied forces in Syria at any cost. “We continue to support SDF with respect to defeating ISIS… ISIS is still there, and our mission is still to defeat ISIS,” Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said Thursday. “We will continue to support them. Our goal is to ensure that our diplomats can negotiate from a position of strength, with respect to the Geneva process.”

“They [US] constantly assert that they are fighting international terrorism there, but we see that they go beyond this framework,” Nebenzya told the UNSC. He warned the US-led coalition members that it is “criminal” to engage the only forces “who actually fight” international terrorism in Syria.

  • george

    The BBC and Yahoo reported the French president Macron saying that the Iranian and Russian presence in Syria are illegal. Maybe I am missing something. They were invited by the Syrian government and are there quite legally. Actually we all know this anyway but there is little mention of the illegal American presence in the press. I believe in a rules based system, that is what we are right, but the West is breaking all the rules while the cowardly press are silent. History tells us when the press are silent bad things happen.

  • Steve S

    The US troops are in Syria illegally….shoot those jets down.

    • Jodi

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  • Derek Leisure

    If modern artillery and missile units are missing you by 1/2 a kliometer, they arnt shooting at you…just further illegal attacks by the US…The UN must step in or there will never be peace until the foreign army has been destroyed…The US has no rights or business to be occupying or exploiting Syrian sovereign territory…period

    • Suzanne Giraud

      “The UN must step in” – funny, I thought this article / report to be precisely referring to the UN / CORPORATE US Army… My mistake.

  • Paul Adams

    The sewer of lies just keeps pouring on the unwashed masses. SDF and ISIS are the US-trained-armed forces that exist for one purpose: to destabilize the middle east and take down Assad. The US has zero right to be in Syria, but its parasitic ziocon cabal has blackmailed and bribed Congress into this pre-WW3 Kabuki Theater that will see the US-Israel-Saudi triumvirate go against Russia-Iran-China. Good luck with that one!

  • Suzanne Giraud

    “several “defensive” airstrikes” – now where have we read / heard this identical ‘rationale’ from???
    Help me: wasn;t it ISISrael?