Putin’s 2016 New Year Speech – I’m Going To Defeat The Illuminati

Putin reveals his 2016 new years resolution, saying he will fight the illuminati

Brave Vladimir Putin appears set for a face off with the Illuminati in a last minute, desperate attempt to stop the outbreak of World War III, Kremlin sources claim.

Putin, whose pets include a black Labrador, brown bear, and 1.5 million Chechans, has decided on his 2016 New Years resolutions a remarkable three weeks early, proving yet again that he is two steps ahead of Barack Obama, the Turkish airforce, and ISIS.

In 2016 I will stop the Illuminati from starting world war three. And quit smoking,” Putin announced to a star struck Kremlin tour group, before fixing them with his trademark pitiless stare.

I will do this…with my bare hands,” he continued. According to Kremlin sources the tour group burst into spontaneous applause.

His new year’s resolution speech comes after Illuminati member Jacob Rothschild accused Putin of being a traitor to the New World Order, amid Russia ‘going rogue’ in their fight against ISIS in Syria.

Putin, the proud dad of two pretty amazing kids, can bench press 220 and listed his interests as “dioxin, polonium 210, thallium, and bending lead pipes” in his high school yearbook.

Baxter Dmitry
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Baxter Dmitry

Writer at Your News Wire
Passionate about motor sports, military history and the truth, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one.
Baxter Dmitry
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Baxter Dmitry
About Baxter Dmitry (632 Articles)
Passionate about motor sports, military history and the truth, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one.
  • funnygirl101

    Putin is extraordinary… humanity’s superhero.

  • SafetyDave

    Awesome man!

  • Jamie Hanson-Quebedeaux

    Putin is a real leader, unlike that terrorist ringleader in the White House!

  • Common Sense

    Putin should start with the freemasons. They are the illuminati.

  • hanorabrennan

    If the Illuminati don’t kill him first.

  • J. E. South-Fox

    I hope he does! Fight well Putin…

  • InalienableWrights

    Ironic that most of the Christians in our “Christian nation” support and love the Satanic Illuminati “because government is of God” — so they say.

    • Joyce

      What bs! No Christian I know thinks that. What planet are you from? You don’t know diddly about Christianity.

    • T

      This article seems to be a joke based on this Onion article and hardly anyone realizes it : (

      • Michelle E.

        Indeed. This author invents trash-news and muddies the water. He is lying and brings zero evidence.

        Baxter, you are a paid TROLL, spreading lies and disinformation online.

        Shows us the sources for ANY of the following invented “news” that you spread:

        – Putin talking about the cashless society,
        – vaccines being used to enslave the world,
        – smart tv’s spying on people,
        – 9/11 being an inside job,
        – Rothschild naming Putin a traitor of the NWO, etc..

        You are INVENTING stuff and you should be ashamed. Your News Wire became The Onion because of you.

        You can easily prove me wrong by posting ONE source for the alleged claims.

        • Michelle E.

          P.S. Putin never said any of those things, you have ruined this website!

    • Jose Powur

      Really hope this is true.

    • Joyce

      Funny, but I have always felt Putin was not “all in” with Illuminati. Why would Russia, a mega power, give control to a bunch of criminal cabalists? He won’t, and neither will China. The cabalists will be eliminated by the “controllers” who will seize their $. Then, while they all are hiding in the DUMB’s, they will be seized and used for food and experimentation. If they escape the tunnels, surviving humans will kill them. No mercy will be shown. You reap what you sow.

      • Fix

        China will succumb to illuminati once the western power destroyed the Chinese economy, coming in the near future. China is the next stagnant Japan.

      • sam

        Go Putin!

      • Lena Mozya

        We live in a very interesting period, because all of us want to write articles and to voice a thoughts of Putin. NEVER Putin told it… because according to the position he just cannot say it aloud. Maybe he thought about it… but to say it out loud… NO.

      • LeelaLeah

        would like to be true.. but there are no referenced sources for this article.. have you got any?

      • Martin351

        The funny thing is, the Illuminati also goaded Hitler into a war he didn’t want. An economy as strong as theirs made no sense to go to war. Stop and think about that one for a second about who the real enemies were/are..

      • Jannaina

        Is this page for real?

      • Jannaina

        looks fake, sorry. No proof online

      • Christopher In Russia

        I live in Russia…and watched President Putin’s yearly New Year’s Eve speech. He spoke nothing of the Illuminati! Not one word. This is pure trite which is shoveled out on many websites. Made-up stories are better than no stories…I suppose.

        • Christopher In Russia

          That being said though, I must add that President Putin is one hell of a leader. He seems kind of like a John Wayne president…instead of a Gumby president. Obama says “stop bombing ISIS.” (Another story, within itself.) Putin replies “watch them eat more bombs.” No other country on the planet did as much to stop ISIS, as Russia did. Thank you President Putin. That should be a strong barrier for the NWO to attack Syria…for now at least.

        • Joe Blow – See through the BS

          This page is complete garbage and just made up crap. Putin did not say anything. 90% of this website is about getting visitors to the site and selling ads. Every pictures you see is an ad. The people running this site are complete losers.

        • Steve Keys

          Your approach to journalism is dire. Lots of credit to Putin, and lots of speculative fairytales.

        • Ivil Kotchrnotzoff

          Putin smokes?

        • Scott Bixler

          This is fake rhetoric. All the major super powers jetset elite members are incahoots with a masterminded plan to steal everything, including all money, land, your children’s futures, and our planet. They feel most entitled as if we owe them everying yet they just worship Lucifer and Power to destroy the world….It’s a long lineage of brainwasthed mentally ill bipolars inheriting great wealth that goes to their heads where they believe they are entitled to everything and even super human demi-gods. The wars are created by them to control the world.

          • william favour


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