Queen Elizabeth Promises To ‘Take Back America’ If Trump Elected

The Queen of England has vowed to 'take back America' if Donald Trump is elected President

Queen Elizabeth has promised her subjects that she will authorize the UK to invade the United States of America if Donald Trump is elected President in November 2016. 

Buckingham Palace released a statement from her Majesty, saying “Should Mr Trump be elected we will take back America by force and place it once again under colonial rule“.

The D.C. Brief reports:

The announcement has received mostly a positive response, but many critics have seen the Queen as merely taking advantage of the swell of anti-Trump feeling in the country after a petition calling for the banning of the real estate mogul from entering the UK received over 500,000 signatories.

In the mean-time the Queen has ordered the armed forces to start preparations for an invasion this November.

Her Royal Highness is also hoping that the current President Barack Obama succeeds in the disarming of the American people saying, “They won’t be able to have another Revolution without their guns.”

Fashion designer Stella McCartney has been tasked to design a new Red Coat uniform should the invasion go ahead.

“We’re going with the classic Red Coat look but with a 21st Century edge to it,” Stella said today.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Christian Nnaemeka

    It’s only a wicked joke.

  • Lord Potmsoke

    Why post stupid stories like this? All it does it make people think that the rest of the news on here might be bullshit too. there is no way in hell that the queen said that.

    • Robin Nelsen

      I hate to break it to you, but this IS a satire site . . .

      • Lord Potmsoke

        How is it? When a lot is true

      • Lizzie Sangi

        A “satire” site, you write? Would you please point out the same? 9 months ago??? This should not even be on my account, for my account, on account of!!
        Now, thaz satire

    • http://www.rt.com Alondra

      Is this also a “stupid story”???

  • Debbie Kelly

    Who comes up with this foolishness? Everyone knows the US is a well armed citizenry and have beat Britain 2 times out of 2! Silliness!

    • Robin Nelsen

      It’s satire.

  • reDSun

    they should fucking fire the guy who wrote this for being too fucking stupid

  • DrMichael

    This is just how brilliant the news here is. Lol As in, Not! 😀

  • dennis richardson

    Imagine if England’s military was directed to do such a thing by her? I think her own soldiers would and will object and will not do what she orders. Otherwise, London and their entire country will cease to exist.

    • Robin Nelsen

      Do you even “hear” yourself?

      The Queen has no ruling authority; none of the royal family does. Britain is ruled by the Prime Minister and Parliament. In terms of actual power and authority, the PM is the head of state. Whether or not she is senile has no bearing on the question. The military doesn’t answer to ANYONE in the royal family and hasn’t for some time. It wouldn’t matter what the Queen’s state of mind was, or how crazy or sound the order was: the military wouldn’t follow it, period, because they don’t take orders from the royal family. Neither would anyone in the royal family bother GIVING orders because they lack the authority to do so.

  • bobby

    why would the queen want America back? the british seem to being doing just fine without America

    • http://www.rt.com Alondra

      WHY would the queen to keep Canada and Australia ???
      Educate yourself Bobby.

      • bobby

        i wasn’t talking about canada or australia. i didn’t mention them at all. what the hell are you even talking about?

        • http://www.rt.com Alondra

          I answered your question, boob!!!
          Work on YOUR reading COMPREHENSION problem. It’s awful.
          Oh, and start to treat YOUR Neurasthenia, don’t delay.