Queen Elizabeth Suspends Wedding After Meghan Markle Calls Herself ‘Liberal Activist’

Meghan Markle's "game-playing and histrionics" over the Christmas weekend have forced Queen Elizabeth to demand she signs a prenup.

Meghan Markle’s “game-playing and histrionics” over the Christmas weekend left such a bad taste in Queen Elizabeth’s mouth that she has forced the future princess to sign a prenuptial agreement with Prince Harry – or else the wedding is off.

The problem with Meghan Markle is that she still insists on calling herself an “activist” on her Twitter page, and she is a noted hater of the President of the United States. That could be overlooked if she would “stop spreading divisive ideology” on her Twitter page and instead “keep a dignified silence on political matters“, but her “unsuitable” behavior over the Christmas weekend has left Buckingham Palace “concerned.”

Queen Elizabeth’s eyebrows were first raised after Meghan Markle created a “fake racism scandal” by having a member of her increasingly sizable entourage leak a story to the press about Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin.

As previously reported, “The Hollywood celebrity gossip outlet, Page Six, has decided Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, Princess Michael of Kent, intentionally wore a ‘horrendously racist brooch’ to meet Prince Harry’s finance, Meghan Markle. There is no doubt this story was leaked by Markle’s ‘people,’ thus she approved it.”

The claim that the brooch was racist was a completely bogus accusation, concocted by Meghan Markle to mark her territory in the Royal Family and create a scandal in order force the British Royal Family to change their Christmas traditions.

In fact, Blackamoor art is not racist, and the brooch in question depicts a black king or royalty. Unconfirmed reports say the brooch represents the Blackmoor “Wise Man” who visited the Christ child, and Princess Michael noted she has worn the exact brooch at Christmas time on many times without incident.

Princess Michael of Kent leaving royal Christmas luncheon wearing a traditional brooch celebrating one of the Three Wise Men.

Mad World reports: Regardless, the entire episode turned into a nightmare for the Queen, who as head of the British royal family and, as the monarch, was pressured by the mainstream media in America and England to “apologize.” She refused, which was met with cheers by the public, who saw through the whole fake “racism” claim concocted by the Meghan Markle camp.

This left the Queen, who must personally approve of all royal marriages, “quite upset“. The British monarch has lived through her share of royal divorces, and this “racism” claim left a bad taste in her mouth. It also set off “warning bells” about Markle’s behavior, so she told her grandson to “either get a prenuptial agreement or no marriage.”

OK! magazine reports that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their “first fight” after Markle felt “insulted” over a prenup. According to the story and an alleged inside source, the engaged couple is moving ahead with wedding planning, but they hit a major hurdle over the prenup.

Referring to the report in OK!, MSN adds, “The magazine reports that Queen Elizabeth has seen ‘too many royal marriages end in divorce’ and doesn’t want her grandson to ‘take any chances with his reported $40 million fortune.’ That’s led to tension between the spouses-to-be, with a source sharing, ‘Meghan can see where the queen is coming from, but at the same time, she’s insulted that it would even cross the queen’s mind that Meghan would have an ulterior motive for marrying Harry.‘”

According to the publication, the insider claims that the actress “loves Harry, and money is the last thing on her mind.” However, it also adds that “Queen Elizabeth is nonetheless pressuring her heir to make sure the family’s money is protected,” and consequently, “that means Prince Harry and Markle are clashing over the situation.

While some question the legitimacy of unnamed “inside sources,” others confirm that Markle, who went on the record calling President Donald Trump a “misogynist,” is livid that she would have to sign a prenup and claim that staffers inside the residence allegedly added that they heard the actress “letting Harry have it.

Markle, who enjoyed moderate success on a TV series called “Suits,” is divorced from film producer Trevor Engleson, a marriage that lasted only 48 months, and her maid of honor has since shared some startling information.

Designer Ninaki Priddy, who was maid of honor at Markle’s wedding in Jamaica to Trevor, revealed how her friendship with Meghan ended. “What came to light after Trevor and I spoke ended my friendship with Meghan. I think everybody who knew them both was in shock,” she said, according to the Sun, adding, “All I can say now is that I think Meghan was calculated, very calculated, in the way she handled people and relationships,” describing Markle as “cold.

It looks like the Queen is spot on about requiring a prenup agreement. If Markle cared nothing about money, then there would be no reason to scream at anyone, much less the man who is her future husband and sixth in line to the throne.

The entire bogus racism episode is looking more like a stunt to show the Queen that Harry’s fiance is willing to play games the British monarch won’t like to see made public. Well, as we said before, Markle and her merry band of leftist snowflakes are in way over their head. Elizabeth II is as astute as President Donald Trump, and these liberal losers are outclassed, outsmarted, and out of their league with this Queen.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
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      So who is pushing the Klan and WN? Bannon? You? Who? LOL

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      The shabby way they treated Diana, her son Harry has subconsciously repaid them back in this brave bold move to marry this half black beauty. Good for him. LOL

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    Good for the queen! Send Markle back to Harvey Weinstein.

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      Good for the Queen? Meghan is set to makes tons of money. Her picture is everywhere. Also even if she and Harry divorce later on like most of those stick neck royals- any book she sells about these uppity snakes will be thru the roof.

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    The royals are out of date.

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      Yeah and inbred, no one wants to be ruled over by retarded…

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    the Queen is spot on about requiring a prenup agreement- the British royal fortune should not be jeopardized

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      you mean – the money they stole from the rest of the world? that is what their fortune consists of…..

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        This time you are correct didckhead…don’t let it go to your dick head….

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          I would be worried if I were you…..you may have names changed……but style is very recognizable…..don’t you realize by now that you chose the wrong side?
          switch while you can……it would be far better for you

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            America is not the Taliban. In America, thankfully there is freedom of speech. If one does not like that they can try Trump’s Russia. We know Trump hates the Press but it is in the Constitution.

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            I support freedom of speech with whole my heart, and always will…..but that does not include insults, rude words…… the person to whom I answered used such way to communicate with me on several occasions, changing the name but with the same style……He or she is obviously a troll, and I trully don’t like people who work as trolls…..their sole purpose is to create havoc on forums, to spread lies…..

            Regarding the freedom of speech…..I’ve heard of so many people being killed in America for expressing their opinion, or talking about crimes in America…..so it is hard to believe that this “freedom of speech” is real…..

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            Insults and rude words? Trump invented names like lying Ted and Little Marco and tweets out insults on a daily basis yet still got to be President. Kind of hypocritical to hear people say they hate rude words but still elected a rude & crude President.

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    Harry’s finance-hilarious! Sad they, nor hardly anyone else, realises they are going to commit adultery (because her first spouse is still alive) and never enter Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 5:31, I Corinthians 6:9) despite hypocritically attending Christmas service!

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      ummm yep….. exactly..and the queen is supposed to be the leader fo the church,,,, nice work queeny nice work….

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    Isn’t it interesting how Fake News always refers to Leftists as “activists,” while smearing conservatives as “special interest groups.” Activists are of course caring, loving, and kind, while those nasty special interest groups only care about themselves and are thoroughly evil. Ask any Fake Newsie or liberal.

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      You have the nerve to talk about fake news when your Trump spreads it on twitter on a daily basis. He should win a prize on all of his lies including his claim he saw thousands of Muslims celebrating in the open streets of New York after 911 when the NYPD reported it as a lie. The top lie goes to his slander that Ted Cruz dad helped cause the death of President JFK because it was in the real credible (word credible is sarcasm) Enquirer tabloid.

      Although Trump’s Birther lie stuck big time, Trump came out right before the election to admit he NO longer believes Obama was born in Kenya and said he now thinks he was born in the USA after all. Then he reneged on that and flipped again . Trump seems to go back and forth with his contradictions (aka lies) and like most liars can’t keep track with all the falsehoods he spreads.

    • Guest

      Trump clones have the nerve to talk about fake news when Trump spreads it on twitter on a daily basis. He should win a prize on all of his lies including his claim he saw thousands of Muslims celebrating in the open streets of New York after 911 when the NYPD reported it as a lie. The top lie goes to Trump’s slander that Ted Cruz dad helped cause the death of President JFK because it was in the real credible (word credible is sarcasm) Enquirer tabloid.

      Although Trump’s Birther lie slander against Obama stuck big time, Trump came out right before his Presidential election to admit he NO longer believes Obama was born in Kenya. Trump confessed he now thinks Obama was born in the USA after all. Then he reneged on that and flipped again. Trump seems to go back and forth with his contradictions (aka lies) and like most liars can’t keep track of all the falsehoods he spreads. If he would just stop that twitter addiction and act his age no one would notice how much he fabricates. His followers enable that bad habit. What a shame.

  • Catherine

    Harry has always been unreliable. It is so typical for him to get in over his head in a situation that will go bad faster than Diana’s marriage into the royal family, and where Diana was just petulant, spoiled and disloyal it is apparent that Markle will disgrace and cause major problems for the royals. This is absolutely ridiculous. When Markle’s friend said she is cold, that is probably an understatement. Markle left one of her dogs behind, and her other dog has had two broken legs this week. Markle has already been divorced, and she has served notice that she will be a trouble maker and will probably be standing out in picket lines holding signs. She is not marriage material. Maybe Harry could get his wits about him, if he has any.

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      Markle will probably be standing in picket lines and holding signs? Can you tell us who the next lottery winner is, or who will win the Super Bowl? Very impressive you can predict the future? LMAO!

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    Another Diana. Same end?

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      yep… a car a tunnel a muslim a reporter oh and…..don’t wear her seatbelt dude.. shebang shaboo.. shes a real grotty looking thing too ewww suits a ranga I guess

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    When a pure blood man marries a half breed black girl every thing you do makes you a racist, even speaking the truth. When you marry a black “activist” liberal from Hollyweird fake news will become part of your daily life. I would think pedophiles wouldnt even be insulted by such a light weight insult as being called a racist. Is this all a ploy to distract you from the truth?

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    She is divorced..if he marries her that will make them both adulterers..and he is the grandson of the leader of the Anglican church the queen has a responsibility to not only take no part in it….. but to take act against it.. she owes that to God………umm does anybody know how we can send them a Bible… so they can read it for themselves and not go down that road.. and not end up in an eternity in hell…heellloooooo wake up royal dickheads….

  • Buon Di

    Her marriage to Trevor lasted 18 months if I remember reading. And yes, there should be a prenup, not only because there is too much money involved but because it’s her second marriage. I wonder how much did she get from Trevor since they lived together for over 7 years (pre-marriage and after).

    • Guest

      She will not need the money if they divorce sillies, she can make millions in a tell all book. Her face is everywhere and she will be just as famous as Princess Diana. U can Bet on that.

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    How convenient the writer of this poorly written article forgot to report the Princess Michael of Kent has had a history of racist behavior and Trump by his own words disrespected women when he went after the other Meghan Kelly and admitted to grabbing women by their private parts and sticking his tongue in their mouths while married to the lovely Ex Topless Model Melania.

  • Guest

    Just like Harry’s soon to be wife Meghan, Princess Michael of Kent got into the Royal Family by marrying into it. The writer of this article wants us to believe she is innocent and has never been accused of racist behavior in the past. However she was specifically accused of loudly insulting black guests at a restaurant in New York City in 2004 and told them to go back to Africa. Allegedly her so called friends claim she Is known for making racial stereotypes and comments but the brooch she wore was completely innocent, yeah right and there is ice water in hell for you when you get there. So Funny!

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    The writer of this article will soon mute the fact this Royal by marriage has been known for making racist remarks but wants us to think that brooch was actually flattery toward of blacks. Too funny!

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    “You lost. We won. Deal with it.” – Barcck Communist Obama, the Muslim terrorist enabler.
    Seven more years of sniveling, whining, and beating up Trump supporters until you Antifa(da) losers get your chance again. We suffered under 8 years of Obama ignorance and incompetence without beating people up and burning cars. Get some civility, and common sense, will you Leftists?

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    You know what I find funny. Us americans using this story as an excuse to interject our political views, come on folks isn’t this just getting a little ridiculous at this point? What our views are, are completely inconsequential when it comes to the British, as are theirs when it comes to us. Also it’s common practice to get a prenuptial in Royal weddings, and if the story is true why isn’t it picked up elsewhere? Also those of you crying about the divorce status well, charles and camellia are both divorcees the queen didn’t attend their wedding because it would be seen as her approval of the situation. So it’s likely she may or may not attend this one.

    If she’s cold then she’s cold, and the British royals are no strangers to scandal or dealing with con artists . So if she is one truth will win out as they say.

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    Really?? Who CARES about these lozerz!

    Get a life, people!!


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    Haha… funny dmitry? Clearly a propaganda is now targetting Meghan because if what she said about Trumptard? Owws. . Clearly you are Russian and has the penchant for spreading misinformation and fake news…..pathetic!

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    The author is a Dmitry….a Russian henchman