Rare North Pole 5.2 Earthquake Measured, Seismic Activity Gains Momentum

A rare and unexpected earthquake has struck near to the North Pole on Monday with the epicenter located near to an undersea volcano (discovered in 1999).

The USGS website lists the earthquake as being “North of Svalbard”.


Dutchsinse Blog  reports:

Of course they’re not going to show the North pole, since this would raise everyone’s suspicions about earthquake activity picking up, being that this earthquake was less than 270 miles from the exact geographic polar North of the planet, people might start to ask questions the USGS doesn’t want to answer right now.

Questions might get asked like, “why are you not warning people that there is increased seismic unrest taking place, and that people should be preparing for larger coming movement?!”

This is an extremely rare event, and it follows multiple other rare seismic events over the past 1-2 weeks.

Over the past week alone, we saw a large unexpected blast from Shindake volcano off the coast of Japan, we saw a large unexpected blast from Wolf Volcano in the Galapagos, there was a large 8.5M earthquake (7.8 magnitude revised) which struck at a very deep level, a large 6.8M earthquake struck Alaska, another large earthquake struck off the coast of Oregon, also there was movement along the New Madrid seismic zone, and multiple dormant volcanoes showed earthquake activity in the United States.

  • Mandy

    Hi, well i well on the same page as you on this, im in NZ and last 5 years we are getting 20,000 there about quakes here a year now and I know even with one city in ruins that we going to see a even bigger shake, last night my time we had one 10 minutes from me first in over 41 years past few weeks i see a heavy amount going on all around the world more so on the ring of fire! So if you have a Fb account look me up, be good to chat and get more of a understanding to it all!

  • Shona

    Any adverse movement within the planet is cyclic and we are in the midst of a huge ‘shift’ on this planet. Mega earthquakes are merely adjustments within the planet’s internal structure that needs to release its pressure by coming up and moving the tectonic plates to enable the shift in gaseous build up within the earths core – which in turn allows the earth to keep its momentum on its axis. Coming are more earthquakes and volcanoes. Actually more of everything – but in the extreme – flooding due to cyclones, hurricanes, damage due to tornadoes, earthquakes – more sink holes, more sun damage. We are in the process of going through great change and if more people paid more attention to the planet we are living on and understood even the most fundamental of all lifes existence, (themselves), then we could make applicable adaptations in order to protect our environments the best we can, and survive the aftermath of some things that are out of our control. What will be will be – its what you do afterwards that determines the outcome.