Real Vampires Keep Doctors At Bay For Fear Of Stereotyping

A study has found that vampires are not eager for help from Doctors or clinics, in fear of being ridiculed for their lifestyles.


‘Real vampires’ have been found to be too timid to approach physicians or therapists for fear of misinterpretation of their habit of ingesting other peoples blood (volunteer donors).

Researchers have found that “real vampires” who drink other people’s blood are reluctant to approach health professionals for fear of ridicule.
A study led by D.J. Williams, director of social work at Idaho State University, found that “real vampires” need other people’s blood to gain energy. They appear to be extremely tired and are in search of volunteers to satisfy their thirst for blood.
The study indicated that ordinary successful people could identify themselves as vampires. They are in fear of approaching health professionals in case of being stigmatised and the risk of being diagnosed with mental illness.
The study was done on 11 ‘real’ vampires among a population of 1000’s worldwide. It does not indicate the affect on the volunteers who had their blood drained by the vampires.

Reuters report:


The paper, published in the latest issue of Critical Social Work, a peer-reviewed journal based in Canada, found that authentic vampires as opposed to “lifestyle” vampires – black-clad figures with phony fangs – might be stereotyped by clinicians whose fields discourage biases.

Williams, who has studied self-identified vampires for nearly a decade, finds they come from every walk of life and profession, including doctors, attorneys and candlestick makers.

Fester & Lurch, 1966

They are successful, ordinary people,” he said.

Except they are very, very tired. That’s apparently the chief reason they find a consenting adult willing to allow them to use a scalpel to make a tiny incision in the chest area so they can ingest a small amount of blood for energy, the study found.

Williams and another researcher based the paper on the responses of 11 people who had identified themselves as vampires for many years and could be relied on to be open and honest, and who gain permission from practicing adults before ingesting their blood, he said.

“The real vampire community seems to be a conscientious and ethical one,” Williams said.

real vampire
Al Lewis

The challenge is finding non-judgmental clinicians to whom vampires can disclose their alternative lifestyles, he added.

“Most vampires believe they were born that way; they don’t choose this,” Williams said.

The global vampire population is thought to number in the thousands, he said.



Edmondo Burr

BA Economics/Statistics
Assistant Editor
  • Miss.Anne Thropee

    Al Lewis: R.I.P. I am so glad I had the opportunity to spend many a good time at Uncle Al’s (His restaurant in NY, mid 80’s, before his passing) Although, for the sake of reality within the truth of his character from The Munsters, I have to wonder why his picture is being used to help illustrate any points in this article. I tend to feel that he had a much deeper impact than he is given reverence for…and now, he is just an image to illustrate this article? Hmmmmmmmm.
    I must say that I (a faction from the days of mid-80’s Death Rock/Goth reflecting on an article which is anything but a new thing) tend to think that the reason why these ‘Vampires’ do not go to see Dr’s is not as difficult or psychologically deep as this article is attesting to. These fake fanged fashionably feral folk simply do not wish to see any semblance of truth or reality ruin their cosplay/larp lifestyles. I admit, as a Natural redhead, there were times that when decked out in my couture au noire, that many other ‘Goth types’ would ask me if I had a penchant for blood. (Being a redheaded anemic that blisters immediately in the sun has it’s ups and downs) I never said I did, or was in anyway a ‘Vampire’. Many writers that stopped me also hoped that I did…(Including one Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of ‘Vampires Among Us’ even approached me whilst in a Goth nightclub in 1990…)
    Needless to say, I declined.

    The ‘Vampires’ I have observed will not see a Dr. because, sadly, that would smash the reality that they are still sane enough recognize would be shattered, and scientifically so. That is what fuels many of these ‘Uber-Goth’ types that still have a stronghold on their beliefs, whether psychosomatic, or…just plain denial, keeps them from being told by one hat in reality would actually only make use of ‘donor’ blood out of emergency medical treatment, which, would be the nail in the proverbial coffin where their world begins and ends. That, and the fact that human blood has been being used for a miasma of plasma-related activities such as sacrifice, to bloodletting by Priests–and other religious doctrines, to actual medical beliefs going back into the very first accounts from the Egyptians. (You will usually see that many of these ‘vampires’ will also have a penchant for all things Egyptian; especially wearing an ankh) They generally make sure that their beliefs, tales, and back history are doctored to the point that only a physician would be able to scientifically bust.

    This article supports this, and vice versa. I just wanted to clarify that it is much more than fear of being made fun of, because if that were the only faction, don’t you think that the outrageous, and very expensive, tendency to make sure they are indeed noticed because of their flair for theatrical appearances, and the amount of work taken into being seen as one whom is not generally one that conforms to ‘regular’ regalia, as opposed to their dressing choices.

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