Reporter Who Exposed BBC Pedophilia Cover Up Found Dead

Liz MacKean, the former British investigative reporter who exposed Jimmy Savile and the culture of pedophile protection at the BBC, has been found dead.

Liz MacKean, the former British investigative reporter who exposed Jimmy Savile and the culture of pedophile protection at the BBC, has been found dead. She was 52.

MacKean worked at the BBC until she quit in 2013 after executives decided to ban her groundbreaking and brave investigation into predatory pedophile Jimmy Savile in order to protect him and other pedophiles.

Dismissed by the establishment as mad and dangerous, MacKean was finally vindicated when the truth about Savile’s pedophilia eventually came out in 2012, a full year after MacKean first tried to bring his notorious crimes to light.

The BBC, who blocked her groundbreaking investigation from airing and spent the next few years attempting to destroy her reputation, are reporting that she died of “complications from a stroke.”

Acknowledging her life was under threat during the time she was investigating Savile and BBC elites, MacKean said her conscience left her no option but to pursue the truth and expose the culture of pedophila. The mother of two children believed it was her duty.

When it became public that BBC News blocked her investigation from airing, she admitted on Panorama: “I was very unhappy the story didn’t run because I felt we’d spoken to people who collectively deserved to be heard. And they weren’t heard.

“I thought that that was a failure… I felt we had a responsibility towards them. We got them to talk to us, but above all, we did believe them. And so then, for their stories not to be heard, I felt very bad about that. I felt, very much, that I’d let them down.”

Big name stars

Liz MacKean is the second high profile BBC journalist to die in suspicious circumstances after attempting to expose the truth about the pedophile ring operating in the upper reaches of the establishment. Jill Dando, former Crimewatch host, also tried to alert her bosses to the pedophile ring at the BBC, warning that “big name” stars were implicated.

Jill Dando, who was 37, was shot dead on April 26, 1999 on the doorstep of her West London home in a crime that still remains unsolved.

Before she died, Dando had passed a file to senior management in the mid-1990s, proving that big name BBC stars, including Savile, were involved in a pedophile ring, but senior management chose to cover up the child abuse rather than organize and investigation.

No one wanted to know” when Dando raised concerns about the alleged ring and other sexual abuse claims at the BBC, according to a former colleague and friend.

I don’t recall the names of all the stars now and don’t want to implicate anyone, but Jill said they were surprisingly big names.

 “I think she was quite shocked when told about images of children and that information on how to join this horrible paedophile ring was freely available.

“Jill said others had complained to her about sexual matters and that some female workmates also claimed they had been groped or assaulted.

“Nothing had been done and there seemed to be a policy of turning a blind eye.”

The former colleague said female BBC staff confided in Jill, one of the best-known TV faces of the day after fronting primetime shows including Holiday and the Six O’Clock News as well as Crimewatch.’

The source said: “I think it was in the mid-1990s. She was seen as the face of the BBC and a magnet for women with problems.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
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      But I don’t work for the BBC!

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    • Patrick J. Herbert

      Also let’s not forget about Savile’s dear friends, the Windsors…

      • Patrick J. Herbert
        • Amy1343

          Wasn’t Savile knighted? I think I read that somewhere. Sick people.

          • Patrick J. Herbert

            Yes. Isn’t it absurd? I had also read that he had unparalleled access to the palace, and was a regular visitor.

          • Tony Brown

            An utterly false piece of rumour mongering. He didn’t have access to the palace nor was he a regular visitor. He was a monumental self-publicist and attention-seeker who raised his profile by running marathons for charity and other publicity stunts. As a result he would often be brought into contact with more illustrious people such as members of the royal family who are patrons of many charities. There are many fundraisers who do this sort of thing. It’s interesting how all the conspiracy theorists flock round Prince Charles and Princess Diana in the hope that scandal will emerge. However, most of them overlook the fact that Savile conned Margaret Thatcher too – she invited him for Christmas on one occasion. The truth is that although many in the music business knew that there was a wheel off regarding Savile, people such as Thatcher and members of the royal family just regarded him as a garrulous clown who raised money for charities including children’s hospitals and they simply obliged him with photo-opportunities. Now, all the smart-arse types are clamouring for attention and shouting from the rooftops that they never liked him and always thought he was a paedophile. They didn’t.

          • Patrick J. Herbert

            Thank you for your reply.

            I cannot confirm or deny whether or not Savile did, in reality, have access to the palace. I only mention it as something I had read. Given his long-term involvement with the upper-echelons of British society, in whatever capacity that may have been, it would appear to be more probable than not and by that nature more difficult to discredit by mere opinion (especially when you involve eyewitnesses).

            The question still remains as to why this man was entertained by prime ministers and monarchs when, using your words, he was considered to be a garrulous clown (and I love your choice of words there, by the way). It is as though we should not be surprised to find Pee-Wee Herman sitting besides the queen at various luncheons and charity events.

            You mentioned Thatcher and Savile, so I might as well post a photo from that encounter as well.


          • Patrick J. Herbert

            Lunatic fringe stuff because you personally do not agree with it? We do need evidence to the contrary in this case (and you did write up a rather well constructed argument against these claims, but I can’t find it anymore), especially with substantial evidence that gives weight to the majority of these accusations against Savile. There will always be two sides to every argument and both must be considered in order to formulate a more concise picture of events that we personally were not witness to and one in which we are dependent on the voices of those that were directly involved, and try to weed out the truth from agenda-driven narratives as well.

          • Clay Diggs

            Orgy island & Lolita Express is not lunatic fringe. When a former POTUS takes a flight for several days without secret service protection and now we learn that HRC made 6 trips to the island why is the investigation stalled?

          • Clay Diggs

            Remember the little girl abducted from Portugal hotel a decade ago? Compare the Scotland Yard composite sketches to the Podesta brothers and Anthony Weiner. No news on that either.

          • Patrick J. Herbert
          • Clay Diggs

            Did Scotland Yard prepare a composite of a 3rd man? If available please show it along with a picture on Anthony Weiner.

          • Patrick J. Herbert

            I haven’t personally come across it, but if/when I do, I will certainly post it.

          • ACC

            Many people believe that there was no abduction, but temporary occultation of a corpse that was later secretly disposed of. The parents have reportedly made a lot of money out of this disappearance.

          • Clay Diggs

            I’ve tried to stay current on this topic. But I’ve haven’t heard of this theory. This topic is not covered much by our media. Do you have any links to documents that would bring me up to speed?

          • Denise S

            Most people do not even realize that there are people (I refuse to refer to them as parent’s) who sell their off-spring for BIG bucks, especially, if the child is blonde hair and blue eyed. Many involved with the movement against Child Protective Services in the USA and Britain, and other European Nations are fully aware. It’s a big BILLION dollar industry, just like the drug business is. The same people protecting the drug industry are the same fighting to legalize Pedophilia, rich elites. Thank you for mentioning this.

          • Clay Diggs

            If Weiner’s PC is ever publicly addressed again it could possibly blow the lid on a huge scandal. Anthony Weiner was recently arrested, indicted by grand jury and found guilty and should report soon to begin his sentence. This story hopefully won’t go away.

          • Gillettestevens

            You must be ten years behind current events…seriously, are you asleep? None of this is really a secret anymore, many of the most powerful people in the world are involved, and those in America don’t like Trump.

          • John Gibson

            Why is it lunatic fringe stuff ? wouldnt have anything to do with some people just might have a different opinion than your’s, ie, Their own.

          • Denise S

            This is very REAL. There are global organizations pushing for a new sexual preference – Minor-Adult, they are “using” the Gay Right’s Movement, just as they used it for Trans and Non-Sex genders. This is just ONE of many articles. If you research Minor-Adult you will find FAR MORE INFO on this subject matter.

          • Nancy Reisiger Rice
          • Nancy Reisiger Rice

            Remember the naked man who climbed out of a window with a makeshift rope at the Palace? That was very fishy. I wonder what they were doing to him or making him do.

          • Avid Mador

            No it wasn’t. That video was already debunked.

      • Patrick J. Herbert

        A very long friendship with a rampant pedophile is quite strange, isn’t it?

        • Blacktiger

          I would imagine the Peoples Princess would have become a whistleblower, well maybe she was going to do that. Many reasons why she was killed.

          • Patrick J. Herbert

            Indeed. Her death was quite convenient to the royal family for many, many reasons.

          • Grantus Maximus

            Good grief…

          • Denise S

            And as we all know, she LOVED children, she would have done anything to protect ALL children of the world, if she could’ve.

      • Denise S

        Part of the Rothschild family.

    • Filis whonosall

      Is that a real picture of the past? I dont remember seeing this and why is the childrens eyes covered is that originally or been edited? Thats a real spooky picture as a child i never ever liked jimy savile he gave me the eby geebies was like a durty old man hated him guess my natural instincts were correct after all same as fmrolf hated him amd his digerydoo thing lol creepy men they were. As with old brucey boy i hope he dont end up on the list now he has passed on! He just like younger wonen from what i remember. Oh goshhh

      • Patrick J. Herbert

        The YouTube videos of his children’s show “Jim’ll Fix It” that I have seen are pretty creepy and disturbing, especially in regards to the latest revelations about him, for sure.

        As for the first picture, I am not the author. It is more a stylistic representation of the claims made against Savile and the BBC in relation to pedophelia.

  • HWR
  • Mark Potter-Irwin
    • pam

      I was brought up in an orphanage built by Sir George Lansbury Labour MP, I have a photo of me aged five, naked. It was built for his cronies..I was tough and toughed it out but I have no doubt we were a steady supply of doubt

      • Janos Orosz

        Honestly when I watched the documentary the BBC released last year I was aghast at the level to which this corruption rises and the great lengths made to cover it all up before others high up were exposed to it all. Corrupt rich men make for sick bedfellows in our communities.

  • Josh Stern

    There are a number of interviews with John Lydon (Sex Pistols/PIL singer) talking about how he tried to blow the whistle on Saville in the 1970s and was shut down for the attempt. The number of pedophile cases coming to light in the UK is astronomical – includes form PM Heath, among many others.

    • Herma Hudek

      Many in America as well.

    • bodica

      There is credible testimony regarding Heath’s use of his yacht to seduce and silence orphans from the notorious Jersey Island orphanage, and Heath is believed to be involved in the Dunblane massacre of Kindergarteners. Records are sealed for an unprecedented 100 years!

      • Tony Brown

        No it isn’t unprecedented. It’s perfectly normal practice for a lot of documents. Unfortunately it leads to halfwits announcing all sorts of utterly nonsensical conspiracy theories. Heath’s “yacht” wasn’t that sort of yacht. It was a fairly spartan ocean-going racer that was hardly any use for such purposes. You may remember it losing a mast in the Fastnet race? Probably not.

      • dcadogan


    • Nancy Reisiger Rice

      The pedophile ring is global and includes the very rich elite of every country and nation. They are satanists.

      • Josh Stern

        Yes and no. They have no religion. They like hurting folks and feeling superior to their victims.

        • Gav Davenport

          yea that’s basically what modern satanism is about …to excessively indulge in all things that make the self feel superior , to include hurting folks . They are purely materialistic and seek to gain as much power , pleasure and wealth as they can before they die , regardless of the the affect it has on other people.

          • Josh Stern

            Also, I believe that the public has an image of covens of equals where, in reality, the satanist organizations of today are hierarchical & totalitarian – e.g. someone transporting a victim, may have no idea who the people are, how they got there, or may even be driving a truck without knowing people are inside. Someone else might be told the victims are volunteers who are well compensated. Leaders, on the other hand may have grandiose visions of leaving their mark on society in a destructive way. Leaving THEIR MARK is a thrill. IMO, the Cure song alt.end is a successful attempt to probe that expresses that psychopathology:

          • Nancy Reisiger Rice
          • steve slater

            It’s FA to do with that. OMG I don’t believe what I just read. I suggest you read up on Bloodflowers album & what it’s about.

        • Nancy Reisiger Rice

          No these people use infants and toddlers in satanic ritual abuse and torture. If you want proof – here is a link from the US about the sheer number of pedophiles in US police reports! I mean cops who got arrested!

          • Josh Stern

            Thanks for the link. It does not mention anything about Satan, rituals, or religious practices.

          • Nancy Reisiger Rice

            That other stuff is out there too.

        • Nancy Reisiger Rice

          They want an unending supply of children because their master, satan, demands them. They are passed around GLOBALLY like party favors to be raped tortured then killed in satanic rituals. There are videos on YouTube of victims who escaped or were rescued. Watch some of them and please wake up this is spiritual warfare – good vs. evil!
          These rich people BUY children to rape and molest and torture and kill (after their organs are harvested for the elderly elite in an attempt to stay young). The people who grab children to be trafficked for the rich scum are not predators. Predators want to have access to children but they are not really involved in trafficking.

          • Josh Stern

            A lot seem to end up in various forms of slavery too.

          • Josh Stern

            Yes, it is a kind of good vs. evil. But the vast majority of the evil people do not seem to be motivated by any metaphysical religious belief or spiritual intervention by an unexplainable dark deity. We need honest cops and investigators and journalists to catch them, rather than exorcists or theologians or preachers.

          • LoveGod

            Josh, Nancy is right. They are Satanists. This has been whistleblown by many people on youtube. Look it up. Evil originates in a metaphysical spiritual being – Satan aka Lucifer. They are Luciferians. All evil comes out of that being and has infiltrated the world. There are some people who are just mean and enjoy hurting people, that’s true. There are others who are involved in a high level pedifile Satanic sacrifice ring. Check into “pedogate”.

        • PokieKnows

          What about the Catholic churches involvement in moving priests around to avoid criminal charges & prosecution! Journalists should be notifying the police before airing reports anyway. Children must be protected. No one is above the law! (You’re making bad conclusions from tabloid news.) Stop focusing on imaginary beings and prosecute those who commit such atrocities!

      • Hugh Johnson

        yes the Clintons are part of this evil and never pursued

        • kellyann1029

          You’re right. And, their buddy, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, is definitely a pedophile and evil. Read this. It’s unreal.

          • pelirrojo

            “It’s unreal.”

            Yep, completely unreal, as in totally made-up nonsense without a shred of truth in it.

          • Fed up with psychopaths.

            pelirrojo -only a person involved in the peodophile sex trafficing ring would say that. Public confession huh? well done, but you are not forgiven.

          • pelirrojo

            “only a person involved in the peodophile sex trafficing ring would say that”

            So pretty much every sane and sensible person in the world is involved in a paedophile sex ring?

            Awesome. You managed to make an even more outrageously stupid statement. This is fun. Can we get you to say something even more ludicrous?

        • dorchesterwayfarer

          Perhaps we could look at a few examples nearer home? Concentrating on the Clintons conveniently ‘distances’ us from our own home-grown offenders, alive and dead, who have been protected by the establishment to the extent that whistleblowers naming them are liable to be sued, hounded and disgraced themselves. It is our responsibility to pursue these offenders here in UK where our voices can be heard,rather than pointing the finger at offenders elsewhere., where no-one is interested in what we think we know about them.

      • kellyann1029

        Unfortunately, I have learned a lot recently about how many people: celebrities, people in the political field (John Podesta), etc are pedophiles and/or satanists. It shocked me to the core. If anyone doesn’t believe in evil, you would if you were shown what really goes on in this world. Mind blowing and pure evil.

      • Justin

        More on this:

        The Psychopaths of the New World Order – Part 4 – Ronald Bernard Interview Analyzed

    • Tina Robinson

      Dear John wants to sleep with one eye open in view of this! It would seem to be unwritten policy at the BBC to keep paedos as comfy as possible. . . . & knock off anyone who won’t keep their ‘trap’ shut!!

      • Josh Stern

        There a lot crazy things in our culture that shouldn’t be there. For instance, if Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is about recruiting minors for sex cult slavery using false promises, then that is a crime to rectify, not cover up.

    • dcadogan

      Twaddle is the most appropriate word I can think of in respect to PM Heath ‘allegations’.

      • Josh Stern
        • dcadogan

          IF you’re having to use the Daily Shit as your source, your case is even weaker than I assumed. Poor sod. Get a life.

          • Josh Stern

            Pro Spooks like MI5/MI6 are in the business of protecting politicians, while controlling & manipulating the press. We are lucky when anything at all gets reported along those lines. Sources and media conduits often end up dead or out of a job. If you have good reasons to believe the claims are not true, then why not discuss them.

    • steve slater

      There’s one interview with Lydon where he’ says there’s people he’d like to kill, Savile being one & he goes on to say Savile is “into all sorts of seediness. We all know about it but we’re not allowed to talk about it. I know some rumours.” This he mentioned on Piers Morgan show.
      One thing that does always detract from those who believe in these elite rings is that any truth in them looks rather week as many who shout loudest about them believe EVERYTHING is a government conspiracy, the Earth is flat, theres no satelites, the moon landing is fake, pizza shops are perfect places for ex Presidents to set up paedophile rings.The list goes on.
      Even worse when people start involving semi-religious terms such as ‘Satan’ which puts many people off. No doubt theres been cover up’s but some go OTT.

    • Oscar

      Lydon ‘s best friend is a convicted pedophile. Why would anyone believe him as he has protected his pervert pal for years.

  • CrusadaB

    Another reason why the media needs investigated. Lousiest bunch of people who can’t spell, can’t or won’t fact check, and who think they are above the law. Who is ALWAYS out front at these mass killings of pedestrians? In front of demonstrations? In front of bombings? It’s the media. Thy are the biggest SWAMP MONSTERS OF ALL. Drain it!

    • Tony Brown

      With your fine literary style and cavalier disdain for grammar there’s no fear of you pursuing a career as a journalist. Nevertheless, your description of these swamp monsters who “can’t or won’t fact check” could just as easily apply to most of the correspondents here with their wild conspiracy theories.

      • CrusadaB

        Thank you professor. Have you been online long? 3 comments. 3 insults.

        • Candy Samson


        • Vig orniensis

          Lol – very good.

      • Candy Samson

        literary style and cavalier disdain….it’s been a long time since I’ve read such a phrase, today f*you takes it’s place. Thanks, reminds me to read something written last millennium.

  • Wes Kirky

    The Mob at it again, dare we say,/??

    • bodica

      Not the Mafia, but a different set of gangsters.

  • Joel Paul Stelt

    The song remains the same.

  • Bom Hom Du
    • Oskar Pernarcic

      How was the girl called that was shooted in the time of brexit cos she was too much ‘stirring’ / agitating for the EU => against Brexit. Ain’t she a 3rd victim to record?

  • silentpurr

    I would be interested in knowing what she was PRESENTLY investigating.

  • Laura Allen Burgett

    Perhaps there was not enough evidence to air the “expose.” But I suppose talking to any conspiracy theorist will be futile. Sure, rich people fuck children, but I don’t believe that it’s as well organized as y’all make it out to be. Also, news flash: Poor people fuck children as well. We humans have some real sickos amongst us. And that’s how it’s been for thousands of years. Our best defense is to 1: Not have a child until we are ready; 2: Once the child arrives, treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve, and 3: Love them unconditionally, no matter what they do, so they don’t feel it necessary to find solace in somebody who doesn’t have their best interest at heart. A child who knows who they are, who loves who they are, who knows where they come from and where they are going, has a much reduced chance of being taken in by a predator. Also, don’t fuck kids. It’s bad.

    • Nancy Reisiger Rice

      You are SO naive Laura! Rich people BUY children to rape and molest and torture and kill (after their organs are harvested for the elderly elite in an attempt to stay young). The people who grab children to be trafficked for the rich scum are not predators. Predators want to have access to children but they are not really involved in trafficking. Kids do not look for solace from strangers. WAKE UP! It’s probably the most organized group on the planet! They want
      an unending supply of children because their master, satan, demands them. They are passed around GLOBALLY like party favors to be raped tortured then killed in satanic rituals. There are videos on YouTube of victims who escaped or were rescued. Watch some of them and please wake up this is spiritual warfare – good vs. evil!

      • Justin Sofio

        You are SO right about everything you just said…it’s controlled by satan. Jesus is raising up an army of Christians to wash over the badness in this world. The world is finally waking up and it’s causing conflict. Good conflict because than evil will be exposed as opposed to festering and hiding like it has done for so long.

        • Grantus Maximus

          Have I just stumbled into an alternative universe?

    • John Gibson

      Well said Laura Allen Burgett, Nice one.

  • Michael Wilson

    Who is paying for all these deaths?

  • Generi Ctitle

    The BBC have lost 50% of their market share since 1981.
    I’ve never given them a penny and now I don’t even consume their incredibly bland content anymore.
    Tony Rooke for Director General !

  • Paul
  • Michelle Wahlen

    It seems that when someone dies lately it comes back to the Clinton’s. Every time people get too close to the pedophilia story or anything else that has her hand in it they turn up dead. There is always a supposed natural cause. You can’t tell me that 6 or7 people that were investigation something about the elites turn up dead by natural causes.

  • Michelle Wahlen

    Oh did I happen to mention. Soros. You know the richest man in the world. His hands are all over anything the Clinton’s do. Have any of you ever heard of the ILLUMINATI ? Is a group of elites that have been in the closed group for years and years. Even there parents and there parents. I know it goes back a long way. They are the ones that want a one world government. Anyway look them up. Some interesting reading

    • dcadogan

      The lunatic fringe strikes again … member of the Flat Earth Society too?

      • John Gibson

        How do YOU Know the earths not Flat, believe everything your told do ya.

  • Christine Marois

    As far as I am concerned both women are heroes.

  • Louis Chapman

    Time to call in the big guns.

  • Edward Called Enoch
  • Janos Orosz

    Hilarious seeing all the mindless Yank responses.

  • Wright Thinker

    Who was running the BBC at that time…Mark Thompson the present CEO of the New York Times !!!!

  • Chris

    Any chance you can add a face book share button ? Twitter share is also a good idea.

  • Margaret Swift

    How shocking, two brave women killed for speaking out about the damage being done to a younger generation of children all so those wanting to feed their perverted sexual gratifications could do so with impunity.

    Time to bust out these bastards, why consider their careers, future’s or standing in the community, did they give consideration to the futures of their victims?

  • Proud_to_be_American
  • Anna Dziewulska

    Shame on the BBC for covering up child abuse ….. I had no idea that Jill Dando had investigated and compiled a file ….. sad that Liz Mackean has died again highlighting the dark side of show biz cover ups.. I feel for all the victims ….

  • Denise S

    Britain just announced Turkey made child sex legal for 12 yrs old this summer. There is a large movement in Britain and around the world, trying to legalize PEDOPHILIA as a sexual preference. They are USING the Gay Right’s Movement to achieve this goal, just as they used the Gay Right’s Movement to push thru Transgender and Non-Sex. They seem to believe this will eliminate Child-Sex Trafficking. Eliminate one criminal activity BUT legalize another. The want the Minor-Adult Sexual Preference acknowledged as a LEGAL Sexual Orientation. Gay Right Activists in Britain are fighting this, because they want no part of it, but Mainstream Media is keep a tight lid on it, one must ask why? Maybe they are ALL one in the same, to include Hollywood USA?

  • d marino

    The same bastards involved are no doubt behind the murders of people exposing the criminal elite and their disgusting perversions. The power of the Oligarchy will only stand as long as the public doesn’t speak up and reveal their filthy ways and their ENORMOUS deceit.

  • d marino

    The history of orphanages are rife with pedophilia and a number of books and documentaries have been made revealing their atrocities against the innocent children. Religion is a terrible thing when it produces large numbers of twisted minds of sexual perversions.

  • Alex Beston


  • Deanna Clark

    Only increases the public’s convictions about this issue…

  • A. “Wyatt” E

    I hope these monsters and pedophiles rot in hell…. Same in the cesspool on the Potomac. The Clintons, Soros, and their criminal buddies can join them.

  • KlingonOffTheStarboardBow

    That nobody in the BBC has been prosecuted for this is beyond belief. I HATE THE BBC.

  • steve slater

    Half the people commenting are talking about Satan/Lucifer & quasi religious crap. No wonder so many elite get away with their perversions.
    Stop reading Crowley, taking drugs etc. & look at it from a simple perspective:these paedos are perverts, sexual gratification is what they enjoy. There are lots of these groups but the groups composed of rich & powerful can hide it. Not everythings a government conspiracy.

  • Moh Moss


  • Arlenice

    The Bible says that It would be better if a person who hurts an innocent person, that they should tie a heavy mill stone around the neck and jump into the deep ocean, than the punishment that God will give to them for their wickedness!
    Sorry for the reporters and their families.

  • rtj1211

    So what happened to Dando’s file passed on to BBC management then? Extremely pertinent to the murder enquiry, I would have thought? I trust BBC management supplied copies to the Met and have still retained them to this day…..

    If not, all the pensions of senior BBC management of the day should be frozen, as they should all have been sacked in disgrace for gross professional misconduct allied to conspiracy to pervert the course of justice…..

    It says a great deal about the BBC that such words were not aired 18 years ago…….