Reporters Face 10 Years In Jail If They Mention Fukushima ‘Conspiracies’

Journalists in Japan now face 10-year prison sentences if they cover the truth about Fukushima

Japanese Prime Minister Abe has warned that any reporter or doctor who publicly discloses the truth about Fukushima will face ten years in jail. 

Amid the worsening crisis at Unit 2 in the Fukushima Daichi reactor complex, where “unimaginable” levels of radiation are being pumped into the ocean which scientists warn pose a cancer risk to million of Japanese citizens, the government has ordered a complete media blackout on all reports about the dangers this poses to public health. reports:

The radiation measurement was 530 sieverts, or 53,000 rems (Roentgen Equivalent for Man). The dose at which half an exposed population would die is 250 to 500 rems, so this is a massive measurement. It is quite likely had the robot been able to penetrate deeper into the inner cavern containing the molten corium, the measurement would have been much greater.

These facts illustrate why it will be almost impossible to “decommission” units 1, 2 and 3 as no human could ever be exposed to such extreme radiation. This fact means that Fukushima Daichi will remain a diabolical blot upon Japan and the world for the rest of time, sitting as it does on active earthquake zones.

Tepco 2

What the photos taken by the robot did reveal was that some of the structural supports of Unit 2 have been damaged. It is also true that all four buildings were structurally damaged by the original earthquake some five years ago and by the subsequent hydrogen explosions so, should there be an earthquake greater than seven on the Richter scale, it is very possible that one or more of these structures could collapse, leading to a massive release of radiation as the building fell on the molten core beneath. But units 1, 2 and 3 also contain cooling pools with very radioactive fuel rods — numbering 392 in Unit 1, 615 in Unit 2, and 566 in Unit 3; if an earthquake were to breach a pool, the gamma rays would be so intense that the site would have to be permanently evacuated. The fuel from Unit 4 and its cooling pool has been removed.

But there is more to fear.

The reactor complex was built adjacent to a mountain range and millions of gallons of water emanate from the mountains daily beneath the reactor complex, causing some of the earth below the reactor buildings to partially liquefy. As the water flows beneath the damaged reactors, it immerses the three molten cores and becomes extremely radioactive as it continues its journey into the adjacent Pacific Ocean.

Every day since the accident began, 300 to 400 tons of water has poured into the Pacific where numerous isotopes – including cesium 137, 134, strontium 90, tritium, plutonium, americium and up to 100 more – enter the ocean and bio-concentrate by orders of magnitude at each step of the food chain — algae, crustaceans, little fish, big fish then us.

Fish swim thousands of miles and tuna, salmon and other species found on the American west coast now contain some of these radioactive elements, which are tasteless, odourless and invisible. Entering the human body by ingestion they concentrate in various organs, irradiating adjacent cells for many years. The cancer cycle is initiated by a single mutation in a single regulatory gene in a single cell and the incubation time for cancer is any time from 2 to 90 years. And no cancer defines its origin.

We could be catching radioactive fish in Australia or the fish that are imported could contain radioactive isotopes, but unless they are consistently tested we will never know.

As well as the mountain water reaching the Pacific Ocean, since the accident, TEPCO has daily pumped over 300 tons of sea water into the damaged reactors to keep them cool. It becomes intensely radioactive and is pumped out again and stored in over 1,200 huge storage tanks scattered over the Daichi site. These tanks could not withstand a large earthquake and could rupture releasing their contents into the ocean.

But even if that does not happen, TEPCO is rapidly running out of storage space and is trying to convince the local fishermen that it would be okay to empty the tanks into the sea. The Bremsstrahlung radiation like x-rays given off by these tanks is quite high – measuring 10 milirems – presenting a danger to the workers. There are over 4,000 workers on site each day, many recruited by the Yakuza (the Japanese Mafia) and include men who are homeless, drug addicts and those who are mentally unstable.

There’s another problem. Because the molten cores are continuously generating hydrogen, which is explosive, TEPCO has been pumping nitrogen into the reactors to dilute the hydrogen dangers.

Vast areas of Japan are now contaminated, including some areas of Tokyo, which are so radioactive that roadside soil measuring 7,000 becquerels (bc) per kilo would qualify to be buried in a radioactive waste facility in the U.S..

As previously explained, these radioactive elements concentrate in the food chain. The Fukushima Prefecture has always been a food bowl for Japan and, although much of the rice, vegetables and fruit now grown here is radioactive, there is a big push to sell this food both in the Japanese market and overseas. Taiwan has banned the sale of Japanese food, but Australia and the U.S. have not.

Prime Minister Abe recently passed a law that any reporter who told the truth about the situation could be gaoled for ten years. In addition, doctors who tell their patients their disease could be radiation related will not be paid, so there is an immense cover-up in Japan as well as the global media.

The Prefectural Oversite Committee for Fukushima Health is only looking at thyroid cancer among the population and by June 2016, 172 people who were under the age of 18 at the time of the accident have developed, or have suspected, thyroid cancer; the normal incidence in this population is 1 to 2 per million.

However, other cancers and leukemia that are caused by radiation are not being routinely documented, nor are congenital malformations, which were, and are, still rife among the exposed Chernobyl population.

Bottom line, these reactors will never be cleaned up nor decommissioned because such a task is not humanly possible. Hence, they will continue to pour water into the Pacific for the rest of time and threaten Japan and the northern hemisphere with massive releases of radiation should there be another large earthquake.

  • Black Swan

    ” We live in a world where assassination has become an unspeakable, nationally approved art to frustrate fundamental change.” Jim Douglas Author: Ghandi And The Unspeakable

  • Eric J Morris

    This photo is NOT from Fukushima. I’m not disputing anything in the article, but it would have more credibility if the associated photo was directly relevant to the story.

  • Michael Kilpatrick
  • HarryDutch

    What a load of crap. The anti-nuclear propaganda machine works with misinformation. Now they even resort to pictures of a fire at an oil & gas plant in the Chiba prefecture, east of Tokyo. The picture at the top is not Fukushima.

    • David Hewitt

      There is no ‘machine’ when there’s nothing to pay for it. Anti-nuclear propaganda doesn’t exist. Only PRO-nuclear propaganda exists.

      • Ethan Bodnaruk

        People make money from website visits via ads. They get fame and notoriety from spreading fear. Anti nuclear propaganda definitely exists

  • Stephen Bettinger

    When they use terms like “unimaginable” to talk about radiation …
    I wonder what they know about the subject.

    Yes there are things to worry about but this is a scare piece.

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    A complete media ‘blackout’ by the Japanese Government. To control information so damaging, that the truth about the on going damage, each day the worst nuclear accident ever. Continues to damage mankind and jeopardize our children’s future. This is exactly why, freedom of speech is so vitally important. Censorship by a complete, and controlled media blackout, to the point of jail time in the amount of ten years, to any doctor, engineer, or reporter who leaks or reports on what is taking place at Fukushima Dihatsui unit two. We already know that 300 to 400 tons of radioactive water is being released into the ocean each and everyday. So, the obvious question is, how much worse can it be? To face ten years incarcerated for disclosing what we don’t know. Doesn’t leave you with a real good feeling now does it? But, what is most important, is how do we stop this from happening? Can we stop this from happening? And what will eventually become of Japan and it’s citizens? The answers certainly will no be found unless we have full disclosure by TEPCO and the Japanese Government. The last thing we need is the unknown. This situation has been ignored by the the global community for far too long. This is not about Japan, or blame. It is about the Pacific Ocean. Further secrecy, feels like deception. And to allow the Pacific Ocean to continue to be compromised because of money, or some kind of national pride is disgraceful, and dishonorable by the Government of Japan. And someone in the West needs to step up.

  • tanaka

    10 years in jail ? Warned by government ?
    What a terrible lie.
    There are many scientists and citizens who study, investigate, expose or publish the situation by their own and no one is arrested.
    Please tell me just one person’s name who was arrested for publish the truth for such fake law.
    In addition, many fakes and mistakes are included.

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    I think that at this point in time. It’s not about money, although for TEPCO it certainly is. It’s not about blame and the legal terms of liability. It’s about two things. The Pacific Ocean, and the children and their future. This is not some theory in a lab, or some experiment that needs to be understood. It’s about the glow in the dark shrimp cocktail being served in Vegas. It’s a real time situation so problematic that it has global consequences, over generations, that will not go away.