Rhode Island Mandates 7th Graders Get Dangerous HPV Vaccine

HPV vaccine

It was recently announced that 7th graders in Rhode Island will be required to have the Gardasil HPV vaccine as a requirement for attending school.

According to the Providence Journal:

Starting this fall, seventh-graders in all public and private schools will be required to get a vaccine that protects against a sexually transmitted virus linked to various genital cancers, especially cervical cancer in women. Students who fail to get the vaccine for HPV — or the human papillomavirus — will be precluded from attending school unless their parents seek an exemption for medical or religious reasons.

Vaccine Impact reports:

The HPV vaccine has become very controversial, particularly outside of the United States, due to the large amount of injuries being attributed to the vaccine, and in some cases, also deaths.

Sadly, parents are generally not warned about the serious adverse reactions to the vaccine.

Locally, some parents are already agitating against the vaccine, saying it’s an intrusion by the government into private matters and that the vaccine’s side effects can be serious.
But Tricia Washburn, chief of the office of immunization for the Rhode Island Department of Health, said the vaccine has been thoroughly studied by the Centers for Disease Control, which monitors adverse outcomes, and no safety concerns were found. (Source.)

The CDC has shown that they cannot be trusted for information on vaccine safety, due to a serious conflict of interest as they are the largest purchaser of vaccines in the world, buying billions of dollars worth of vaccines each year. (See: CDC’s Purchase of $4 Billion of Vaccines a Conflict of Interest in Overseeing Vaccine Safety.)

Countries outside of the U.S. have stopped recommending the vaccine, and launched investigations regarding the widespread reports of crippling vaccine injuries due to the HPV vaccine, such as the recent European Medicines Agency probe that just started a few weeks ago. (See: European Medicines Agency Launches Probe into HPV Vaccine Injuries.)

Risk of Infertility from HPV Vaccine

One of the most serious side effects being reported by those harmed by the HPV Gardasil vaccine is premature menopause, or what the medical community labels as “Primary Ovarian Failure.” This terrible side effect is well-documented in the medical literature. (See: Study: HPV Vaccine Linked to Premature Menopause in Young Girls.)

Most people are also probably unaware that the U.S. Government earns royalties from the sale of Merck’s Gardasil vaccine. In November 2010, Dr. Eric Suba submitted a Freedom of Information Request to the Office of Government Information Services to discover the amount of money the U.S government earns from Merck’s sale of Gardasil. But apparently the government is immune from revealing those figures, as you can read for yourself the response Dr. Suba received here.

In Ireland, a mother who says her daughter suffered “horrendous adverse effects” shortly after receiving the HPV vaccine has started legal proceedings against the Irish government.

She is seeking a High Court order for the withdrawal of the license given to HPV vaccine manufacturer Gardasil HPV vaccine, which is currently offered to girls aged 11-16 as a cervical cancer preventative.

In December a group of eighteen teenage girls reported extreme physical side-effects after receiving the controversial HPV anti-cervical cancer vaccine, after being administered the shot at their school.


  • SteveCA7

    This vaccine has never been proven to prevent a single case of cancer. It is ‘expected’ to reduce either 2 strains (Cervarix) or 4 strains (Gardasil) of HPV (human papilloma virus) but there are approx. 100 types. Although the ones in the vaccines are mainly associated with cancer now, experts expect other strains to take their place. It will be decades before we find out if teh vaccine is beneficial. Rates of cervical cancer are 9/100,000 and mortality has improved from 8 to 2/100,000 over the last 40 years with no benefit of vaccine and current Pap screening rates of just 80%. Screening will still be necessary after vaccination. During the vaccine manufacturers clinical trials on health checked adults the rates of SERIOUS adverse events (reactions) were c. 2,500/100,000 recipients and post vaccination reporting levels are similar.

  • common law

    this is flat out criminal.

  • mjamesb

    It really is time for people to start pushing back. How many young women will be injured by this craziness?

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