Rihanna: ‘Prince William Is The Antichrist’

Rihanna has told staff and associates that "Prince William is the Antichrist" and he will be the future king of a one world government promoted by the New World Order.

Rihanna has told staff and associates that “Prince William is the Antichrist” and he will be the future king of a one world government promoted by the New World Order. 

Explaining that she has met Prince William twice and he “always has demonic entities trailing around behind him“, Rihanna claims that William has “already taken up the role behind the scenes.

Rihanna has been filming re-shoots for the film Ocean’s Eight in New York this week and has been using down time between takes to research the issue. Production staff on set have been provided with photos and video evidence that Rihanna says confirm her claims.

It’s frightening when you realize these things are real, when you see these things,” Rihanna said, referring to the demonic entities.

But you get used to it. You got to roll with it. What can you do?

Explaining that the first time she met Prince William “there was a demon feasting on a lamb” behind him, Rihanna said “everybody is talking about it” and that William’s role as king is an “open secret” among Illuminati elite.

As Rihanna claimed, videos have been uploaded to the internet of demonic entities following Prince William.

In 2004 the Rothschild-controlled Associated Press, published a photograph showing Prince William posing with a lamb like Jesus Christ, who the Bible calls the Lamb of God.

To the unaware observer, the photo is perfectly innocent. But to insiders familiar with Freemasonry and the Book of Revelation, Prince William is identified in the photo as the Antichrist.


The Antichrist has been described in art and literature as handsome and charming and a master of lies and deception. Freemasons call him the Baphomet, or Goat of Mendes. He is commonly illustrated with cloven hind hooves.

Why is Prince William holding up a cloven hind hoof in the photograph?

According to Rihanna it was a secret communication by the British royal family on behalf of the New World Order announcing Prince William’s ascension to the role of Illuminati king.

Prince William was the obvious choice for the role. As the eldest son of Princess Diana – who was sacrificed in an Illuminati blood ritual – William has been groomed for the role since birth and remains under the control of the House of Rothschild.

It’s actually a political position, more than a religious one,” Rihanna says, explaining that William’s role as king of the one world government will be made known to humanity after a global disaster “brings us all together as one.”

Rihanna’s meetings with Prince William are not her only experience with the British royal family. She recently spent time with Prince Harry in Barbados where she was blood tested for HIV with the younger prince in front of TV cameras.

But according to Rihanna, Harry isn’t part of the Illuminati’s plans. “Harry’s really from a different bloodline,” she explained. “Harry’s not even related to the Queen.”

Rihanna is far from the only member of the elite dropping hints about the Illuminati’s plans. Insiders are coming forward with shocking information more often than at any other time in history. Celebrities are breaking down, exposing their mind control. Others, like Rihanna, are hinting to associates about what they know.

The evidence against them, ancient and modern, is enormous and continuing to grow.

The simple fact is the New World Order is shepherding humanity towards the next phase of its masterplan. A one world government, led by an Illuminati king, the Antichrist, is almost here.

We have no time to waste. The world’s ruling class have tyrannical control over the mainstream media, as well as our food, water, and air supply, and they are actively dumbing down the masses.

It is time to fight the powers that be. Education is our greatest weapon. The innocent masses – “human cattle” as they are known to the Illuminati – must be woken up before it is too late and we are all enslaved.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Paul M

    Well, there’s crazy, and there’s… this.

  • itsrealalrightnodoubtaboutit

    Wake up Paul M … this is real… you need to read your Bible.. Start with

    Ephesians 6:12-18New International Version (NIV)

    12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    • Nathan Dunning

      Honestly the King James is better.The NIV is Apostasy and will lead many astray.

  • mary

    nothing surprises me about this dreadful family

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    Those are funny words coming from the mouth of a Satanist, a leader in the illuminati music industry.

    • Sams_1

      WELL it is the first thought. And she has participated. She even looks it. She said to roll with it. NO . HELL NO. …ROMANS 8 !–ARE ANY OF YOU AFRAID? are you..put that to work ………”.FOR I AM PERSUADED THAT NEITHER HEIGHT OR DEPTH, OR THINGS PAST OR THINGS TO COME CAN SEPARATE YOU FROM THE LOVE OF GOD IN JESUS CHRIST.” NOW IF RHIANNA (oh look spell check has her name at the ready) was serious and honest and really on the side of good and OF GOD- and was truly afraid..she would not tell us .by her example to “roll with it.”.. YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS. .. HEY everyone,.,,see the result and know the intent. Stay aware. Ask HIM. “For I am with you always even TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.”

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      look at her face here..and that nose ring is like cattle or . beasts of burden..or slave to the…beast BEAST

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      Maybe why she knows something??

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    Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (aka Jesus Christ) the Way the Truth and the Life.Choose Eternal Life with the King of Kings.


      Yeshua is not Jesus Christ, You guys love promoting this false god as Christ. its so many different ways to spell yashua its obvious its a false god, yashiya, yashaya,yashua, lmao all type of garbage, If your waiting on Yashiya to save you good luck with that JESUS coming to save me 1 John 2verse 22 anyone who thinks JESUS is NOT THE CHRIST IS ANTICHRISTS that’s why i don’t know why these fools think its one Antichrist lol people wake the hell up and read 1 john 2 verse 18 and their are MANY ANTICHRISTS. I am messing one right now who thinks yeshua is Christ lol

      • ✴TheOnlyGod™

        White-Jew-Jesus aka son of Zeus doesn’t exist. Jews are the SynagogueOfSatan aka the children of Satan and all that claim to descend from the Jew is also EVIL.

  • Frank Smith

    Interesting article. Same content as discussed in Grace Power’s documentary The Zion King. One issue… This is all hearsay unless someone posts a video proving this even occurred!

    • Sams_1

      they think they just did…my video can beat up your video? anon anon

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    THE PRINCE POSED WITH A LIZARD MOCKINGLY TOO.When one thinks allegorically ….well when one does…

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    human cattle

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    It’s not a Horse. I thought it looked more like a Lamb. Then realise this is exactly what Rihanna is talking about in this piece. The image above, is a Demon feasting on a lamb. This is an incredible piece of information.

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    I don’t know what to think about this other than you have been given freedom of choice. You only have ONE SHOT AT THIS LIFE. Think eternal…not temporal. You each were born into this world naked and with SIN but with an unfathomable purpose. It’s is your decision on how you want to leave this world. Jesus accepts you just as you are. He has already defeated death. Please just ask Jesus to show Himself to you… It is such a simple thing to do. Just repeat” Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and I repent from my sin I asked you to come into my life be my Lord and be my savior I believe that you came to Earth you died for our sins and you Rose again on the third day defeating death once and for all by shedding of your blood as the sacrificial atonement for our sins once and for all thank you Jesus for coming into my life to be my Lord and Savior.”. That’s it…

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    Anybody else see the strings puppetting the man with the sheep?