Robert F Kennedy Jr. Says The U.S. Wants To Overthrow Syrian Govt

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Says The U.S. Wants To Overthrow Syrian Govt

Robert F Kennedy Jr. has  said that most Americans are unaware that Washington aims to overthrow the democratically elected Syrian government.

RFK Jr, a US attorney and nephew of the late US President John F Kennedy, wrote that the US decided to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power after he refused to back a Qatari gas pipeline project.

Sputnik news reports:

The CIA went ahead with this plan after the multi-billion dollar pipeline project first surfaced in 2000, years before the Arab Spring uprising in Syria took place.

The project was aimed to build a gas link from Qatar through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey to Europe.

Kennedy writes that if completed, the pipeline would have had major geopolitical implications. For example it would have given “the Sunni kingdoms of the Persian Gulf decisive domination of world natural gas markets and strengthen Qatar, America’s closest ally in the Arab world.”

The gas link would have also provided Ankara with ‘rich transit fees’, the author added. This all clearly indicates that the Syrian conflict is not a civil war for greater rights or representation, but a violent foreign-sponsored insurgency aimed at bringing a business project to life.

Radio Sputnik spoke with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to learn more about his research.

“If we study the history of America’s relation with Mideast and looking at the US’ violent intervention in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt over time and the extraordinary and astonishing thing is the solid record of the cataclysmic failure every time we venture there in violent fashion. Most Americans are completely unaware of us attempting to overthrow the democratically elected government in Syria, contrary to our own state department policy and contrary to American values.”

Kennedy Jr. went on to say that this has resulted in severe blow backs for the US. He spoke about the US and Syria’s relations and how they both fought beside each other in World War II against the French who controlled Syria at the time.

“After the war the Syrian people tried to introduce a US fashioned democracy in Syria. The elected president’s big mistake was that he was reticent about building an Arabian pipeline as the US energy project and because of that CIA overthrew him. Six years later they again tried to overthrow him and this time their attempt failed and it was highly publicized and it caused riots.”

He spoke about how the CIA agents tried to murder the Syrian chief of staff by bribing the Syrian military but that plan backfired and the Syrian government expelled all of the US diplomats from Syria.


  • Thomas Donnelly

    “US and Syria’s relations and how they both fought beside each other in
    World War II against the French who controlled Syria at the time.” The US never fought against the French in WW ll !?!? ALSO I wouldn’t call Syria “the democratically elected Syrian government” Isn’t Assad a dictator? Other then that the article is right on!

    • Matt

      Assad has been overwhelmingly re-elected numerous times. Until the US backed oil whores decided they needed to run an oil and gas line across Syria into Turkey they were not a problem to anyone. But when Assad said “no, that would be bad for our ally, Russia” they decided he had to go. The whole war in Syria is a load of BS ginned up by the US Jewish controlled media. Prior to the attempted overthrow of Assad, Syria was the only country in the Middle East where Arabs, Jews and Christians lived together with no animosity toward one another. It’s all a scam to steal the treasure and resources of another country under the guise of America “doing what’s right”. Laughable…..

    • James Smith

      You better do your homework, we fought against the Vichy French in Syria. The Vichy French was the government Hitler allowed in Southern France after their surrender, headed byMarshal Petain. Following Germanys surrender their was great groundswell of anger resulting in the executions of many of the collaborators.

  • Janis Lentz

    Remember George W. bush threatened Bin Laden with a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs if Afghanistan didn’t agree to allow Unocal to lay a pipeline through the country? That was July 2001; he refused, and Bush/Cheney set off the 9/11 attacks!!! Then, they schemed and invaded March 2003–it was ALWAYS about mid east oil and U.S. Oil compaies’ greed!!