Robert F. Kennedy Jr Drops Vaccine Truth Bomb Live On TV

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. dropped a truth bomb live on air, defying Big Pharma and mainstream media by sharing real facts about vaccine safety.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. dropped a truth bomb live on TV this week, defying Big Pharma and corrupt mainstream media by sharing real facts about vaccine safety.

Explaining to Tucker Carlson that this was only the second time he had ever been allowed to talk about vaccine safety on TV, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launched into a powerful attack on the vaccine industry, comparing it to a lawless mafia state.

The pharmaceutical industry is so powerful,” he explained. “They give $5.4 billion a year to the media. They’ve gotten rid of the lawyers, so there is no legal interest in those cases. They have really been able to control the debate and silence people like me.

Asked how things could get this bad, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explained that Congress granted Big Pharma “blanket legal immunity” when it comes to vaccines.

Big Pharma became a law unto themselves. They can put toxic ingredients in your vaccines, they can seriously injure your child – but you cannot sue them.

What you have to understand is that the vaccine regimen changed dramatically around 1989. The reason it changed, Tucker, is that Congress, drowning in pharmaceutical industry money, did something they have never done for any other industry – they gave blanket legal immunity to all the vaccine companies.

“So that no matter how sloppy the line protocols, no matter how absent the quality control, no matter how toxic the ingredients, or egregious the injury to your child, you cannot sue them.

“So there’s no depositions, there’s no discovery, there’s no class action suits. All of a sudden vaccines became enormously profitable.”

The enormous profits in the unregulated industry meant Big Pharma companies raced each other to produce new and unnecessary vaccines to pump into newborn children – often dozens at a time.

“It became a gold rush for the pharmaceutical industry to add new vaccines to the spectrum.”

But at what cost? The vaccine industry, operating under their own rules – or rather, complete absence of rules – is making it impossible for us to find out the facts. President Trump has long called for an independent inquiry into vaccine safety. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is calling for the same.

I got three vaccines and I was fully compliant. I’m 63 years old. My children got 69 doses of 16 vaccines to be compliant. And a lot of these vaccines aren’t even for communicable diseases. Like Hepatitis B, which comes from unprotected sex, or using or sharing needles – why do we give that to a child on the first day of their life? And it was loaded with mercury.”

Tucker asked, “We do give that to children?

We continue to give it to them. The mercury has been taken out of three vaccines, but it remains in the flu vaccine, and it is still in vaccines all over the world. And it is the most potent neurotoxin known to man that is not radioactive.”

How can we inject that into a child?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tried to put the outrageous situation into context.

If you take that vaccine vial and break it, you have to dispose of that as hazardous waste. You have to evacuate the building. Why would you take that and inject it into a child?”

But he wasn’t finished there. RJK Jr. also took aim at Bill Gates, who recently admitted that he told President Trump “there is no need” for an independent inquiry into the safety of vaccines because he has “looked at it” and they are “completely safe.”

Citing a new independent study, funded by the Danish government, which examined the safety of the Tdap vaccine when given to African children, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. left jaws on the floor when he revealed that the vaccine, pushed on African children by Gates, kills more people than the diseases it is supposed to protect against.

Virtually every kid in Africa gets it. What they found…they did a vaccinated versus non-vaccinated study, which has never been done…what they concluded was…they said that vaccine is killing more people than Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus combined (for which the Tdap vaccinated).

The kids who got the vaccine were “ten times more likely to die from the vaccine” in the two months following the vaccination, than those children who did not receive the vaccine.

“So we need to do these cost/benefit analyses on every vaccine.

Tucker then asked the question that gave RFK Jr. the opportunity to explain how Big Pharma has marginalized anybody who dares raise questions about anything that could impact their massive profits:

So why has the point that you are making, that doesn’t seem crazy, been so discredited?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. replied: “I’m called anti-vax all the time because the pharmaceutical industry is so powerful. They give $5.4 billion a year to the media. They’ve gotten rid of the lawyers, so there is no legal interest in those cases. They have really been able to control the debate and silence people like me. So I’m really grateful to you, for having the courage to allow me on the show to talk about this. This is the second show in 10 years that has allowed me to talk about this. 

“We ought to be having a responsible debate. A debate that is real, that is based on science.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Ralf Yuri

    Big Pharma is all based on lies, it’s time to investigate this Masonic monster.
    Do you want the truth?
    -The human organism was designed by God to react to any natural threat, you just have to eat the foods designed by the Creator. But do you eat foods made by Masonic industries? Sorry.

  • theyalwayskillkennedysforbeing

    Well said Kennedy.. but alas they will assassinate him soon enough,,, mark it down on your calendar

    • Chrisnhelen Faznshires

      Like father, like son.

  • Blucross


  • 62corvettefred

    Pres. Trump and the so called Republican Senate and Congress can change this now but won’t because Senators and Congressmen are being paid off by big Pharma. Drain the swamp like you said Pres. Trump we are waiting.

    • Chrisnhelen Faznshires

      Trump has changed, they got to him.

      • maridots

        what changes has he made, and who is ‘they’?

        • Margee Morey

          maridots are you really that uninformed; or are you kidding?

        • the dave

          If you don’t know those answers by now, nothing anyone can tell you will help. Research and investigation is your friend.

        • Vicky Harisis

          The famous ‘they’…the secret government- the power behind the throne, the men behind the curtain…the controllers of this world- the evil overlords- the puppet-masters who pull the strings of the government, those who really do the ‘choosing’ of who gets in power out of the few THEY put in to start with. THEY.

          • Train Man

            Just say Neocon Zionists. Don’t dance around their identity lol

          • Vicky Harisis

            There’s another word! Zionists… (what’s Neocon?)…learning all the time 😉

          • peccary

            Neoconservatism (commonly shortened to neocon.) is a political movement born in the US during 1960’s among conservative leaning Democrats who became disenchanted with the Party’s foreign policy. In other words neocons support actively “promoting democracy” around the world, even if it means using military force.

          • Louis Bertrand

            GWB destroyed the world by letting neocons talk him into bombing Afghanistan then sneaking into Iraq by WMD lies. War criminal with Blair of UK who was booted out.

          • Louis Bertrand

            Zionists are not the nasty word associated with Commies and Freemasons used indiscriminately to denote world conspiracy. Same conspiracy Nutters that claimed Jesuits got A Lincoln assassinated

      • Pilgrim

        Yep. How many days does it take for president to be owned by the deep state? About 75 days in this case.
        The one thing I found was Trump’s strongest positive point was his willingness to not have an antagonistic
        relationship with Russia. He went from that position of diplomacy and friendship to falling in line with the war-mongering generals he unfortunately choose to surround himself with. By pulling back on diplomats in the State dept., he is more vulnerable to being manipulated by Big Pharma, Bill Gates, FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. I just don’t know if Trump has enough of his own ideology or vision to
        forge his own path. Time will tell.

        • Lyn Roberts

          When we look at the choices he has made re people surrounding himself,, one could be forgiven for believing that he hasnt really done a 180, but was always a deep state member. Hillary is now in the White House.

        • Lorine M. Shannon

          Shame on you for having no faith in him.

          • Carol Williams

            Faith? in What? in Which words that come out of Which Side of his mouth.
            He’s a liar, a bully, an obnoxious dope who thinks he knows everything, and
            doesn’t even know what he Doesn’t know. I wouldn’t let him sit at my dinner
            table and embarrass me and my friends. I have faith in Truth and Intelligence,
            but never in a person like him. I still cannot believe how rude and ignorant he
            is, and yet got himself elected. He’s a great Carnaval barker and snake oil

          • leewacker

            Oh, so YOU could do so much better? Then WHY didn’t YOU step up to run? Besides, you can’t even spell—CARNIVAL–not carnaval!
            DON’T make so many claims without walking a mile in his moccasins! At least we have a man who gave up more than he will ever gain from this sorry office!

          • Carol Williams

            Carnival… Carnavale…. depends on what country you’ve seen it in… there is no ultimate Carnaval spelling, sir.
            Personally, i saw the greatest one on earth………Rio de Janeiro. trump gave up nothing, not even his tax records.
            Get real….

          • Dazy

            … and he shouldn’t have to. The only reason we’ve expected it in the last few decades is because we keep electing lifetime politicians who use the position to enrich themselves. We used to be able to see if they took any income from corporations or foreign entities on their tax returns. Now they’re just more sophisticated about it and set up charitable foundations to run their bribes through. And lest you think I’m being partisan, I’m not. The Bushes do it too. Trump has never held office so clearly he hasn’t enriched himself by writing laws to benefit him and his cronies. Furthermore, the witch hunt by the media proved that they would just make up what they didn’t understand and distort what they saw, because Americans are lazy and don’t even understand their own tax returns, much less a return as complex as his. There is NO WAY you would know anything by looking at his return and it would just cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars paying his CPA firm to defend all the many false accusations.

          • Justina Pinch

            This is what people harp on when they’ve really got nothing to bash him about…wth do his taxes have to do with anything? Where’s your anger over the dead bodies the Clintons left behind? Where’s your anger over the mess she left Haiti under the disguise of charity?? Where is your disgust over the racial division created by the WH for the previous 8 years?? **crickets** Sorry, but Trump doesn’t have to produce any…it’s not required and I personally wouldn’t release them either on the grounds that I refuse to be bullied. He has already had some leaked ILLEGALLY and guess what…it showed he paid more than my whole city makes in a year! What else ya got?

          • Lilli Larue

            Just curious – and this has been going round and round since day 1 of Trump’s campaign – what does the man’s PERSONAL tax records have to with a DAMN thing?? Do we ask EVERY candidate to reveal their PERSONAL tax records? No! Should we? NO! What does that have to do with the job he’s doing?? Since when is releasing one’s personal IT records a requirement of running for office??

          • peccary

            Your wrong about that Trump and Tillerson are going to rescind Obamas block on Exxon drilling in Russia. We are talking 500 billion dollars of which Trump will get 20%..

          • Sherry Sue

            What a hateful little bitch you are!

          • Barbara Mattia

            sherry sue and leewacker – you doeth protest too much.

          • Justina Pinch

            You’re being owned and don’t even know it, Carol. I feel sorry for you. Duped…completely.

        • Vicky Harisis

          It was always thus. There are no good guys in politics. If they were good they’re taken over. But I believe they weren’t ever good to start with and just pretend very well for the people to be duped into voting for them and agreeing to what comes after. I don’t agree to anything they do and I show that by not voting. to vote someone in power OVER you is to agree to anything they choose to do while in power. I don’t vote in evil overlords and certainly no one in power over me to take away my God given FREE will…so I don’t vote. It’s a farce anyway only to get your ‘agreement and consent’ they put in power who they choose…the rest is a ‘play’ a stage show for the public.

          • Bjarne Rostaing

            Sometimes there’s a good one, Vicky. It screws up the money flow, and the powers that be have to get rid of him/her by means we’d rather avoid. When Kennedy started to re-think and back away from Vietnam, billions were at stake for the arms industry, and the CIA was in danger of being effectively demoted. The Kennedys couldn’t be bought, so…….

          • Vicky Harisis

            Nice to hear that and-I’m with you. JFK was the last real President in my book….I loved him, I loved his speech and how he attempted to expose the secret government that really runs things. He shouldn’t have warned them he would expose it – he should have just done it- no pre-warning. He was truly a GOOD man- that’s why they got him. In my post- I should have said ” since JFK”, I kinda meant ‘currently’. I love the fact that the Kennedy’s are carrying the same good genes as JFK… still out there trying to bring truth to the people…I shared this Kennedy on facebook- maybe it will wake people up when they hear a Kennedy is telling it like it is…I hope so 🙂

        • HermitTalker

          Governments are controlled by Money Talks Powerful Entities. Large unions, Big Pharma, Insurance. Multinational Corporations whose secret formulae are in a safe-box off-shore; their global HQ dodge taxes by being registered elsewhere and, for example, sell goods and services in severl nations but register in another to avoid taxes. POTUS TRUMP’s reduction of corporate taxes should help the US economy, IF selling overseas will not be hindered by not being based in Europe, more urgent now that UK stupidly voted to exit the EU 500 million member market.

      • Jootz

        Trump hasn’t changed. Trump has always been for Trump. And he will do what is best for HIM and the rest of the 1% like him, and say and do whatever he has to to accomplish that. As far as the rest of us goes, he really doesn’t care. Too many people like you are in denial, because you don’t want to admit that you have no idea who you voted for, and it’s always easier to blame someone else for this mess. So now it’s “he changed, and they got to him.” Riiiight. He hasn’t changed. He’s always been a narcissistic, selfish, 2-bit hustler. You just didn’t want to see it. And apparently you still don’t.

        • Betty Clouse

          Jootz but Hillary is a liar and lots worse and it may come to just that there are no good people in government they lie to us and tell us what we want to hear and then they don’t need us anymore because they are super rich and that goes for Obama, Hillary, Trump and all the Democrats and Republicans and I believe they are all evil…where is there a good one and if there is one or two they can’t get anything done because of all the evil rats in Congress and Senators running around for money in their pockets they don’t hide it now!!

          • leewacker

            I want to know just how many men would give up what Trump had in his cushy lifestyle to run for president in a sorry, selfish, greedy, incompetent, dishonest, self-serving, entitled country like this one? Far too many Americans have lost their way, expect to be given all sorts of good stuff for free,out kids are not being educated properly, and now those same kids are so brainwashed they are ‘rebelling’ against the very thing that allows them to live in the greatest country ever formed–the Constitution, and they don’t appreciate it! Now, we have a man in office who stepped up to be counted, a man with no political experience, but is learning–the hard way, with hands-on experience—and people expect grand, glorious and great things overnight! Yes,he has surrounded himself with several rich, very rich, people who have worked hard for what they have, military men who know how to take orders and to give them–those are the type of people we need–not the ones with their hands out for big speaking or book monies, not people who are self-serving and entitled! One thing binds the POTUS and all of his cabinet—the fierce belief in our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our history and our country! They swore an oath that they are doing their best to live up to—-how many of you can say the same?

          • Nancy Forrest

            Donald Trump is wealthier than all the previous Presidents combined. He could have sat on the sidelines as the nation struggled to get back on track with job creation and improved trade, but Trump is a decisive person who doesn’t sit idly by when something needs to be done. I’m satisfied with the first three months of job growth and I look forward to more of the same.

        • memory

          Did you think Obama and Hillary LESS narcissistic and self serving?

        • jwood1952

          Jootz….I’ll take it you voted for Obama, and he was for? Obama….He talked big about wall st. and main st., but that was just a lie. He talked big about big oil, but then took bows for the oil companies. And all’s he wants is like the Clinton’s to be the 1%. If you find a people other than Muslims that they’re for let us know. Again you describe Obama to a tee. He will shove his Communist sh.t down your throat and you will like it that way. American’s want no part of their One World Order, who would, oh you.

        • Pilgrim

          Trump was always a scary candidate, but I agree the deep state and the DOD have moved in for the KILL. That’s where the money is. The world is reeling from starvation in desperate need of humanitarian aid. We could be doing amazing things in the world to promote world peace. Instead, we want to provoke N.Korea, when a peacy treaty would be the answer. Shame on those incompetent idiots.

          • Erwin Alber

            They are in my opinion evil rather than incompetent.

          • leewacker

            Humanitarian aid? BAH! The ONLY ones benefiting from that garbage are those who skim off the cream of the charities set up for helping those in need! World Peace? No such thing until the last humans are wiped off the face of the earth! Too much greed! Too many who feel entitled! Too many who think they know more than the next person! And, a Peace Treaty with North Korea? Don’t make me laugh! It was North Korea who started all of this mishmash in 1950, and THAT little war never ended–we are still under a cease-fire, and ONLY the military strength of our country, Japan, and South Korea has kept North Korea in line! Get real! The world is a savage, grim place what with all the politicians and so-called “good people” like yourself who think they know so much!

          • Dazy

            I really hate to agree with you, but I agree with you.

          • Sherry Sue

            I dont think its provoking to warn another country that we wont tolerate more nukes in the hands of crazy dictators, do you?

          • HermitTalker

            On Life for the Unborn, candidate Trump was elected to head off scary Democratic Extremists Obama- Clinton Pl In P’hood extremism. After 100 Days he’s learned how to listen and govern ,which arrogant Obama never did and left us ObamaCare that Congress never got to discuss, now needs bi-partisan fixing. Same for N Korea and Israel-Palestine that were on the shelf. Trump is a businessman wheeler dealer. We did not need another professor-dictator.

        • Erwin Alber
        • Lorine M. Shannon

          I believe Trump has done more for this country in the short time he has been in, than any other president. It has only been 100 days! It took Obama 8 years to screw it up this bad and now you are expecting miracles. Give the man a chance, Damn it! He IS for real! He is just not a magician. A man as successful as he is and that has children who love and admire him, is real. He just isn’t telling all of his plans.

          • Carol Williams

            Boy you’ve sure drunk the koolaid. Look at his face, dude…. he’s toxic and getting more so… he’s in over his head, and
            can’t even admit what he doesn’t understand. He’s done nothing but take everything away from the regular people, and
            given breaks and fortunes to the rich… him and his family and his buddies. He’s started fights with several countries
            already, and the USA has lost respect across the Planet… can’t you see that? He’s rude and crude and runs by this EGO.
            Maybe you don’t know what that means, but basically it means he hears and sees nothing but HIMSELF. He can’t even
            Read… he’s a bully and used to always getting his way because of his fortunes…. which he was given and which he stole
            from others by not paying them. You obviously respect braggadocio and Money more than Intelligence and Compassion.

          • leewacker


          • Carol Williams

            so now you are yelling… are you aware that capitals imply that? calm down dude… your frustrations are obviously to do with a whole lot more than this discussion.

          • Vicky Harisis

            When was the last time you ever HEARD of a normal person ‘running for office’? Really… when? The candidates are selected by them- and the winner is chosen by them. No one gets to run for office that isn’t part of the cabal and a RELATIVE. Normal people don’t have a chance. It’s all rigged. Last president we had was JFK- a GOOD man (whether relative or not) so good and honest- that’s why they got rid of him- he didn’t play by THEIR rules…they have made it that that never happens again I’m sure- that’s why I all him the last true president. (my capitols are for emphasis- not yelling)

          • Vicky Harisis
      • Stefanie Varney

        I hope not!

      • Honorio

        narco politics?

      • Michal Jackson

        They either cloned him or drugged him

        • Vicky Harisis

          Or…were fooled by the stage show each candidate always puts on for the public before elections- works every time- I’m sad to say.

      • Erwin Alber
      • Lorine M. Shannon

        Trump is not lead by anyone and he said right from the beginning that he won’t be telling his plans to anyone first. He has something cooking. Have a little faith. We knew he was the right one and so did God. He has been chosen for this very time. Patience and faith. We have to have his back. There are so many evil forces against him. Don’t be one of them.

        • Mickee Thorstad

          God had nothing to do with electing this president… God does not ordain politicians, only those who can’t or won’t take responsibility for their choices use God to justify them.

      • T247

        Trump hasn’t changed. You just woke up.

      • Carol White

        He hasn’t changed. This is how he’s always been. He just told you what you wanted to hear to get elected. He doesn’t care about you or anyone but himself, because he’s a narcissist. They have no empathy.

      • Bjarne Rostaing

        is this humor?

    • Roseanne Sansouci

      As far as the senators and congress, we are the only ones that can do that by electing the right people to stand up for the people and not for big pharma.

      • Shane Oo

        That though process is frought with failure, Your democracy is a lie… You can’t simply elect the one you want to represent you “the people”… You can only choose from the ones that have been pre-selected to be put before you. That is not true democracy, it is a farce and one that so many people eat up without question. The ones who you have been allowed to choose from have been checked and vetted and paid off before you even head to the polling booths.

        • Don Baker

          nothing new here… who are you lecturing?

        • Lizzy

          Except the United States is NOT a democracy, it is a republic.

          • Mika Nieminen

            same garbage.

          • spj3k54

            Ok Lizzy. You can have that. However, the republic representatives are elected in a democratic process. And Shane is still correct. Whether you call our system a democracy or republic.

          • Pete Dammann

            It’s a Republic but when you keep electing idiots like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck “The Schmuck” Shumer, Harry Reid, Bernie Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan you are screwed!

          • RaeJeanne

            How has Bernie screwed you?

          • Pete Dammann

            Just the fact that this dumb ass socialist is in the Senate is screwing hard working Americans!

          • Michael O Malloy


          • Janean Guy

            It’s not true all of the time.

          • HermitTalker

            It is a democratic republic. Except the Electoral College does not work democratically. Larger states’ citizens votes are in effect more important than smaller states. The popular vote should be honoured. The obscene spending of of money and advertising dollars in every medium corrupts the entire process in every race.

          • Timothy Mooney

            No sir you’re wrong! The Electoral College was put into place to give persons in smaller states with less population as much representation as states with large populations.Otherwise large poulated areas would determine every Presidential election and that would not be fair to the rest of the citizens.Thr founding fathers knew this.

          • HermitTalker

            Theoretically accurate. Popular vote would allow the winner of most votes to win, regardless of the size of the individual states’ population. That is closer to a democratic decision. However, big unions, Pharma, and Insurance and anonymous International Corporations with their secret formulae, and their being registered to avoid taxes wherever it suits – all run the world YOU and I are politically powerless in effect.

          • Pete Dammann

            Time to get off the crack. Less than half of the Electorate voted. The other half was waiting at the US Post Office to pick up the checks!!!

          • Louis Bertrand

            Compared to European nations, voting percentages are up in the 50-60 percent bracket. US POTUS is elected by 25 percent of the voters

          • createpeace

            I see no reason that small States should have that power. More likely the rich white men in all States wanted to have the final say. I am sure slave ownership had something to do with it also.

          • Eric Potter

            You are correct

          • Dazy

            Agree, but it worked in reverse in this election.

          • peterskm

            No, it didn’t. If the popular vote had been the deciding factor, California and New York would have elected the Butcher of Benghazi as president of this republic. Thank God for our founding fathers and the Electoral College.

          • kugelmum

            Stop thanking God for fake information you have never researched. Especially on Benghazi. You are a victim of the special interests who pay millions to control what you think. Our founding fathers never had Citizens United as way to form a decent honest democracy. Nor did they want a corrupt anti- constitutional con liar holding the most powerful position in the world with his family milking us while they screw us.

          • bouncedancer

            Did you not see where the Republicans admitted that Benghazi was a lie promoted by them? So you are happy about a President who is trying to get rid of Amtrak and sell National Monuments? One who wants to take welfare from handicapped children? One who did not disavow his Nazi support?

          • rose

            you are full of bullshit. You are getting Hussein mixed up with Trump.

          • eric roller


          • speakup4freedom

            to prevent mob rule

          • Dubiuus Anonymus

            I think you are confusing mob rule with equal value of votes.
            The current situation in the US consolidates the idea that a small mob (the gerrymandered minority) can control a big mob.
            Mob rule is a term best applied to riotous and chaotic mobs- like a lynch mob- or like the Americans who were panicked in to repressive actions against a small minority (Communist Party Members) who they disliked.

          • Butterfly711

            Once again, how the hell did these comments sink to talking all about politics. Are people unable to discuss/argue about anything that has to do with the article? This could affect any one person, that might be a family member, child, grandchild,
            or great grandchild etc etc! My grandchildren ages one and three, had to get shots to even get into daycare!They were dead against it, but it didn’t make any difference. My son goes to school, but he picks them up as soon as possible, to take them home. The Pharma companies are making huge amounts of money at your children’s, grandchildren’s, expense and things political are being discussed politics!????????

          • Karen

            thank u Timothy for straightening Hermit out..he had it completely we did not have the electoral college, then states like CA and NY would have complete say so on who was the president

          • Roger Coke

            Hermit never took history when he was in school, or he would know differently!!!

          • YeahIsaidthat

            Ok, back to how the government is controlling us through these vaccines….

          • Lynne Jordan Slaton

            They protected us for generations to come after them. I agree with you.

          • Ron Horton

            You’re right Tim, there were over 10 million illegal votes in the last 5 elections! We need a full proof election process ! Watch the Democrats go nuts on this suggestion!

          • Timothy Gallardo


          • Pete Dammann

            In New York Hillary only carried 5 boroughs all in NYC!!! That gave her the State!

          • Arthur Jackson

            40% of the population of NY state lives in NYC and 64% in the NYC metro area. Trump’s hometown.

          • Timothy Gallardo

            There are only 5 boroughs in NYC. Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.
            NYC is roughly half of the entire population of the state of New York at 8,537,673 of 19,745,289 total in New York.

          • Arthur Jackson

            I used to think that Timothy, but realized that was completely wrong. They don’t waste time in a presidential election going to Texas, California and New York because they are already solidly in the R or D camp. The same goes for many small states. So millions of votes mean nothing in those states. We are slaves to a few idiots that may be just like us or complete morons.

            What it comes down to then is about six swing states and pandering to the few who are not in the one of two camps already. That is how we end up with all these people elected who don’t give a fuck about what the majority of people want or even what is best. If the president was elected on popular vote candidates could not afford to let any votes slip anywhere when we are talking about such thin margins in the popular vote.

          • Dubiuus Anonymus

            Really that is silly.
            The voters are not large populated areas or small rural areas – they are individual people- and why should the value of one person’ vote change if they move in to a new area?
            This arrangement is unfair to the majority of the voters.
            As far as I can see the situation in the US arose because there had to be concessions made to the power bases of politicians in the less populous states so that they would agree to join the United States.

          • Tim Tobish

            Which disenfranchises voters in the larger states.

          • Bonnie C.

            Which disenfranchises all voters. We may as well not bother – it’s more and more rigged every year. The only way to attempt to end the B.S. is to eliminate the electoral college and go with a strictly popular vote. The ridiculous 2-party system, where nothing gets done except paying exhorbitant amounts of money to a bunch of fascists to do nothing but make outrageous statements and insult and block everything the other side wants to do, should be obliterated, too. Go back to the way it was, 3 or 4 “parties,” run-offs as the second step. Hell, with a government like this, who needs enemies? (Pay no attention to the woman who is now speaking, she is too tired to know what she is saying.)

          • Timothy Gallardo

            Gerrymandering is the reason that the popular vote no longer represents what the electoral college will decide.

          • Sherry Sue

            Popular vote would Rhiannaror some stupid Liberal running the country. NO THANK YOU!
            I dont think politicals in particular chose Donald Trump.

          • HermitTalker

            you ha white professor Obama for eight years. Suck it up Sherry. We a VOIDED HILARIOUHILLARN TWO.

          • John

            If it didn’t work, we would have had Hillary. California was held off because enough smaller states voted Trump. If you go with Popular vote, then Candidate will go to TEXAS, CALIFORNIA, FLORIDA ,NEW YORK AND PENNSYVANIA. The is not need to go to any other states. The Presidential Election will be determined by them alone. Go rethink your position and get back to us.

          • speakup4freedom

            that’s why democracy is tyranny.

          • Sher

            Yep, mob rule.

          • speakup4freedom

            that’s why there’s an electoral college.

          • ConnieJ

            Democracy is nothing but “Mob Rule”. The majority sets the rules and the rest have to follow while they get robbed blind.

          • Pete Dammann

            Democracy is mob rule. We are a nation of laws….thus the Constitutional Republic!

          • Dubiuus Anonymus

            Not true at all really. The majority of laws carry over from the past and any newly elected government can only change few of them in its time.
            In any case very few issues dear to the hearts of the public at large actually come to a vote.
            The political process strips the issues down for debate to a few small ones that really dont trouble the wealthy.
            In fact the political process in most democracies is highly unrepresentative.

          • Marilyn Griffin

            You are right, John. The founders knew this was the only way to prevent those few large cities from having all the power in presidential elections. Nevertheless, it is still congress that we should be most concerned about. They have the most power but do not use it for the best interests of America & it’s citizens.

          • Lynne Jordan Slaton

            You are exactly right.

          • Arthur Jackson

            I used to think that John, but realized that was completely wrong. They don’t waste time in a presidential election going to Texas, California and New York because they are already solidly in the R or D camp. The same goes for many small states. So millions of votes mean nothing in those states. We are slaves to a few idiots that may be just like us or complete morons.

            What it comes down to then is about six swing states and pandering to the few who are not in the one of two camps already. That is how we end up with all these people elected who don’t give a fuck about what the majority of people want or even what is best. If the president was elected on popular vote candidates could not afford to let any votes slip anywhere when we are talking about such thin margins in the popular vote.

          • Nanner

            Wrong Hermit. Timothy Mooney is correct. Do your own research.

          • HermitTalker

            I said technically correct. Founders could not anticipate Corporations, multinational. who avoid federal and fo0reign taxes, loca6ted offshore; unaccountable to no one. Billions spent on media ads. Pharma, Insurance, huge Unions, controlling governments, IMF demanding crooked Banks get paid off, poor nations crushed by debt and unfair trade practices. YOU have absolutely no say so in who runs the USA. Naive So much for Jefferson’s nation of small farmers. Grow up and smell who grows the coffee and who prices it.. Most historic social experiments last 200 years. US is 243, time for a revolution, POTUS TRUMP is draining the swamp. Delighted Obama- two Clintons and Democratic Pl Un P.hood crocodiles are on the run and drowning. Not bad for only 100 days without media undue influence that he silenced.

          • HermitTalker

            Another Government Socialist school graduate one assumes?

          • Dazy

            While the electoral college does seem ‘unfair’, it keeps people in dense, but small regions from ignoring the issues of the larger geographic region. Think about it. This election was a prime example. Those in big cities largely benefit from the global economy, so they completely ignored those in rural areas. The entire population of the U.S. can’t all live in those dense, big cities. By ignoring the needs in the rural areas, you’re also ignoring those who grow your food, drill your oil, etc. America can’t survive if half the country, and the largest geographic regions, are failing. HRC completely ignored those regions because she made the fundamental mistake of thinking her overwhelming popularity on the east and west coast would make her a shoe-in. She literally gloated over the lost jobs in the coal mines. I personally live in a large city and work in the finance industry. I benefit from the global economy. However, I would never laugh at putting a hard worker out of a job (even though I’m also a tree hugger and dislike dirty coal). We cannot continue in such a divisive manner and survive as a country.

          • Scott Pease

            People need to look up the definition for Heartland.
            Heartland is ESSENTIAL for the survival of the whole. Like I said after the election. The Hillary voter’s and other’s who couldn’t vote can thank us later.

          • Marilyn Griffin

            It isn’t just the Heartland, it’s all the small town/cities all across America.

          • HonderGuy

            Apostrophes don’t make words plural (like word’s). Apostrophes show possession.

          • Janean Guy

            Except for words like its and it’s. It’s means it is, and its denotes possession.

          • Nancy Forrest

            HRC is from Illinois. What excuse does she have for ignoring the Midwest? Utter foolishness especially since this same area decided to give Conservatives control of both houses of Congress. This isn’t rocket science. She viewed this election as another Liberal Progressive entitlement and didn’t work for it in her previous elected and appointive positions, nor in her Presidential campaign. HRC has no one to blame but herself.

          • speakup4freedom

            I read that Bill told her to go to rural areas, and he complained that she ignored him. Typical feminist thinking she knows better than a man who actually got elected. Bill went to those places during his campaign. As much as I think Bill Clinton is a scumbag, he’s still got more brains than his wife.

          • Dazy

            I think Bill Clinton is amoral scum too, but he’s got to be the most savvy politician of our day. She was a fool to ignore him (and Barrack Obama also told her she was making a mistake by ignoring the ‘rust belt’. Her arrogance is one of her most unlikable qualities and the most damning. Pride comes before the fall.

          • Sher

            Thank God that it worked as it was meant to for this last election. The popular vote is a joke in fact, as it is merely mob rule, and the majority of the population is clustered in larger coastal cities, where those who do not produce food, goods, or necessary services (outside of health care,) are nothing except out of touch with the rest of the country.

          • Dutchgirl242

            OH THAT’S FAIR…Let’s let CA, FL, PA, NY, and TX determine OUR President and not let any of WE THE PEOPLE living in 45 other states have a say? All because we don’t live in one of these states…THAT’S UNAMERICAN…Might as well live in a Socialist Society…Unbelievable…Let the Electoral College rule…

          • J Stone

            Only a fool would want a popular vote to control who enters into Presidential power….

          • Dubiuus Anonymus

            So how is the current situation better? In any case the argument here seems to be one of ensuring that electoral college votes reflect proportional representation- not one of suggesting direct election of the president by the people- as happens in many other countries.

          • Nancy Forrest

            The Electoral College gives voice to smaller states equal to larger states. The popular vote will enable California and New York to decide and completely ignore fly-over country, the outback. I wouldn’t trust any politician who only passes muster in California and New York.

            Donald Trump spent $300 million on his campaign, and Hillary Rodham Clinton spent nearly $2 billion on her campaign. Look at their contributors. HRC received big bucks from Big Pharma.

          • Pat Engness

            nooo…..The Electoral College keeps big, concentrated populations from determining the Election. Most people would NOT want California and New York to dictate the president. President Trump WON More “popular votes” in MORE States that added up to WAY more Electoral Votes= he won. Besides, $HilLIARy was only 600,000 popular votes ahead (if even THAT is true) on November 14, 2016….SIX Days after the Election when the counting was done. Unless you buy into that Story that thousands and thousands of more votes kept being counted week after week ONLY for Her and NOBODY Else. 600,000 to 1 million to 1.2 million to 1.5 million, on and on. From where? anyone ever say? 1.8 million to 2 million. Votes just kept being magically counted ONLY for her! in what state? what district? If all that’s true, then WHY was SHE the ONLY One to LOSE votes in the three states where Recounts were started?? and Trump/Jill GAINED more votes? Hillbilly was just trying to make a case for over-turning the Electoral College…..figures SHE’D be the one. look at what she did with The Hand Picked Super Delegates…….and she couldn’t do that with just a 600,000 vote lead spread out across the whole country. The Arkansas Crime Family has never run a clean campaign/election. signed, a Bernie/Green Party Voter

          • stant

            No, it’s the other way around….the Electoral College protects the smaller states, making all states more equal. The popular vote would mean California and New York would decide for the whole country….4% of the states shouldn’t decide for the other 96% of the states…Using popular vote, the difference just in California would have decided the election…Does anyone really want California running the entire country? That’s why were a Republican, not a Democracy…so that mop rule does not control the country….

          • Timothy Mooney

            Repreentative Republic#

          • Louis Bertrand

            Not democratic republic. People elect delegates to govern.

          • Louis Bertrand

            It’s not. It’s a democratic, as in the People, choose who represents them. republic. Not the medieval UK system where the wealthy, and Anglican bishops have an inordinate disproportionate say-so, And a devout Queen, who heads the Church, is forced th sign off on abortion and sodomy for men is equal to M and F marriage, Totally ludicrous.

          • SSC

            America is not and never has been a democracy. America is a republic, a democratic republic. We elect congressmen and senators to represent us. If we were a democracy, we the people would be voting on each and every issue.

          • Louis Bertrand

            Stated already below. Do you read or just emote??

          • SSC

            So only one person can state the same facts? You should be pleased that others agree with what you said; instead, you chose to make a snotty, juvenile remark.

          • Louis Bertrand

            Normal procedure is to agree or disagree, Not to repeat the same thought. Apologies for not understanding your approach. See just now how I replied to Michael,

          • SSC

            So the ‘normal procedure rules’ only apply to others, not to you? I got 2 email notices of your above remark 90 minutes apart. Isn’t that a bit repetitive?

          • Louis Bertrand

            I replied once, only. Apologised for not understanding your way of responding. That was my response. Not responsible for your ongoing reaction. Does “snooty, juvenile reaction” ring your bell. Normally an apology takes a humble admission. .

          • SSC

            As I said, I got 2 notices about your ‘normal procedures rules’ comment, one at 6:08 a.m.and another at 8:38 a.m. One email alert is normally sent whenever a comment is made, not two.

          • Louis Bertrand

            I am not presently in any USA time zone hence two e-mails at 6 and 8 -ish AM is not normal Renewed apologies SSC

          • SSC

            laughing…those are the times at which I received them in my time zone, not when they were sent from wherever. 🙂

          • Brenda Stines Mills

            no,that’s why we have representatives……there are too many of us for it to be feasible for all of us to vote on every issue……

          • SSC

            Exactly! It was never feasible, not even in 1776.

          • Glenn Festog

            …and that’s where “you have to pass the bill (Obamacare) to find out what’s in it” comes into play.

          • GullibleSkeptic

            That would be Nice, I have often said they ought to slim down Government, by letting the People Vote on each and every issue and the Popular Vote should decide the Presidency also!

          • SSC

            No, it would be a total nightmare. The founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they set up our form of government and the electoral college. I sure as heck don’t want the liberal flakes in Cali, NY, and Illinois deciding the presidency for the citizens of the other 47 states

          • Jackie

            Absolutely agree. We should not depend on Congress and the House to make decisions that only apply to them and not the people i.e. lifetime salary after one time in office, have their own insurance which is unavailable to the public, etc. The people should have the voting power on all issues if dissatisfied with Congress.

          • Jackie

            You are correct, we in America are a Republic.

          • HermitTalker

            Correction. A Democratic Republic. People Demos, elect those who elect them. Elections control the process. A Democracy would require all citizens vote. Totally unwieldy – we are not a small city state as in ancient Greece. TV and radio ads right now destroy US elections with their pretend bombast of fake images. A Republic would have the selected leaders vote. China, Cuba the former USSR. Learn some Civics please.

          • Train Man

            No, it’s SUPPOSED to be a Republic. It’s actually a Corportacracy and an Oligarchy.

          • Dubiuus Anonymus

            Shh- you are not meant to tell anyone. Its meant to be a secret.

          • YeahIsaidthat

            Careful, the Clintons will have you killed next!

          • Cody

            Uhh, I don’t think Clintons kill Kennedys…

          • Karin McMullen

            who knows, if they are desperate enough …………….

          • Jack Washburn

            well, someone’s been killing them….

          • Tony Bertrand

            let a kennedy start to reveal the truth about the clintons and see how long they live. Of course the kennedy’s are just as crooked and low-life as the clintons

          • GullibleSkeptic

            It is all controlled by the Central Bank. and it is a “Democracy” and a Republic. Don’t forget the the old “Union of Soviet Socialists Republic”, Republic of Cuba, The Republic of North Korea, the Republic of Russia, Republic of China, etc. It is just another name for “Country” So we live in a Democratic Republic, not a Communist Republic, Unless you count Republicans! (They Should Be Republi-cants)!

          • Tony Bertrand

            and what do you call the dems?

          • ConnieJ

            It WAS a Constitutional Republic before the politicians gutted the Constitution.

          • Lyndau123

            OBAMS gutted and totally 100% IGNORED our Constitution and what did we get, huh? ONE, big, humungus MESS! $10 Trillion more in debt, ISIS being PAID for by American taxpayer monies so they could KILL our Military thanks to Obams. Then he GIVES, through the worse agreement in history, nukes capability to IRAN who wants us and Israel DEAD! $6 billion unaccounted for SPENT by the Obams and 1/4 of all our uranium GIVEN to Russia by Killary. And then there was Benghazi and the providing of all our CLASSIFIED military secrets over a totally unprotected server to our enemies. Oh yes. Dems Did a good job of destroying our country and now POTUS Trump gets to CLEAN up their mess while they stonewall and blatantly LIE about everything he does! NOTHING is getting done that we so NEED!

          • bouncedancer

            Would you kindly explain how Obama’s dealings with the Constitution were different from other Presidents’?

          • Louis Bertrand

            Constitutional expert Judge Napolitano said all POTUS stretch the Constitution, but POTUS Obama pushed it to the extreme.

          • Jackie

            Obama was a muslim abiding by Sharia law. He had many working in his administration and as you know sharia law and our Constitution are not in sync. He sold us out!

          • bouncedancer

            WHAT Sharia law? It’s cuckoo to keep insisting that Obama is a muslim — unbelievable that people bought this ridiculous propaganda. Actually, what Trump has ushered in re women in this country is much closer to Sharia law: full control over women’s bodies, telling them even what to wear! Radicals are all the same, wanting control over women.

          • Jackie

            Some American history that our schools no longer teach, along with the MSM ignoring it, and the ‘touchy-feely’ naïve left wanting to open our borders to any and all……………they won’t tell you.

            Here is the history lesson: Update yourself and your history.

          • Butterfly711

            I think you just need to turn off that stuck broken record. This is about the pharmaceutical companies and not about President Obama. Why is it so many people bring up politics, when an article, has nothing to do with it? Is it because they can’t talk about any other subject, so they just throw it in, to talk about the only thing that they can discuss?

          • Jackie

            Look at other comments about Obummer….your ex prez. He was a dismal failure. It was because of him we have many situations like BIG PHARMA come up. He was in bed with them.

          • Jackie

            Some American history that our schools no longer teach, along with the MSM ignoring it, and the ‘touchy-feely’ naïve left wanting to open our borders to any and all……………they won’t tell you.

            Here is the history lesson: Open your eyes before your head is lopped off by Muslims.

          • Henrietta Dinzler

            Actually Butterfly711 – IF Congress & Senate have given the pharmaceuticals immunity from lawsuits, etc. this is about politics.

          • YX Ra Kage

            IF being the operative word. I’m not sure I trust RFK Jr. I don’t care who his father was. He’s not a clone, so…

          • Jackie

            Obama was part of the reason we have problems with pharmaceutical companies now — they pay off physicians and politicians to peddle their drugs whether they are good or bad drugs.

          • BoundlessExistence

            You are just another paranoid, delusional, lunatic! Was he a Muslim during the 20 or so yrs. he attended that Christian church every Sunday, the one he dropped out of after its preacher made that absurd comment about God hating America? Do you have a video or pics of him getting on his knees and bowing in the direction of Mecca 5 times a day while praising Allah? He was POTUS for 8 yrs so if he was a Muslim he would have done this 72,880 times while in office. Where would he have secretly done this? Do you have some insider info claiming Obama changed a storage closet in the White House into a mini-mosque where he could worship Allah in private? If you have some proof that will back up your statement bring it forth, show us or stfu!

          • Jackie

            Researchers have revealed Obama’s Muslim childhood. One of the main influences came from his stepfather in Indonesia. There as a Muslim, Obama spent “at least four years in a Madrassa, or Muslim seminary. A source close to the investigation said ‘He was a Muslim, but he concealed it.'” His Muslim father gave Obama his middle name: Hussein. Barack rarely uses that name in public, particularly in America where he is in contest for the White House.

            After his parents’ divorce (his father, being black, came from Kenya), Obama’s mother wedded an Indonesian student. Of course, Indonesia is a blatant Muslim country. According to US Intelligence, the nation is composed of primarily Muslim schools that teach legalistic Islam — Wahhabbi. That particular segment of Islam is especially harsh, Koran-abiding, and following the law of the cult to the nth degree. The Wahhabbi proclaims that non-Muslims have no rights, should not exist, and Islamics should particularly hate Jews.

            When understanding that this was Obama’s childhood teaching, one then can understand how he could live twenty years with a screaming, anti-American mentor such as Jeremiah Wright. Wright was preaching exactly what Obama believed as a closet Muslim. Obama found what he needed: the cultic Muslim cadence from Wright’s pulpit plus membership in a Protestant denomination. With that membership, he could say that he is “Christian.” He also could relate that he found Jesus there. That Jesus, by the way, is not the Bible’s Jesus. It is the Muslim Jesus, the latter considered merely a prophet, not the divine incarnation. If Obama had met the Bible’s Jesus, Obama would not be supporting anti-biblical morality such as abortion and sodomy.

            Further, the United Church of Christ (Congregational) will permit everything preached but orthodox biblical teaching. It does not adhere to the Bible as divine revelation. That denomination considers each person writing his own holy writ. Therefore, that denomination endorses same-sex recreation and abortion as well as relativism in ethics — that is, situation ethics. Obama then becomes a member of a denomination that permits each member to write his own religion. At the same time he has a “pastor” who preaches as a mosque cleric.

            Obama then becomes a member of a denomination that permits each member to write his own religion. At the same time he has a “pastor” who preaches as a mosque cleric.

            All this meshes with how he had been reared as a Muslim.

          • BoundlessExistence

            You have shown no proof that Obama is a Muslim, just an “opinion” you share with many other wacko right-wingers who have twisted certain facts about Obama’s early life into what they claim is proof that he is a Muslim. These so called “facts” have been spoken about and shot full of holes by several political commentators, who, if they were true, would have jumped on them like white on rice screaming for Obama to be kicked out of the White House. Some nutcases claim he is a communist who had many secret meetings with communist leaders from China, N. Korea, and Cuba to formulate a plan to take over the entire world and some of those wackos think he is a Muslim communist which is absurd because communism is a atheistic political system which kicked Allah and Jehovah to the curb. Your theory is as phony as the one claiming that the CIA murdered President Kennedy or that Elvis faked his death and is still alive. Show me some undisputable proof Obama is a Muslim, I’m waiting.

          • Jackie

            The ring Obama has worn since before he married Michelle for instance. The first half of the Shahada is inscribed on it—that is, the Islamic phrase “There is no God except Allah,” a common refrain of practicing Muslims. Considering that Barack Hussein Obama has been wearing the ring for 30+ years, there can be no doubt that he is a Muslim and this explains his longstanding coddling of Muslims, including the Muslim Brotherhood, and his recent statement at the UN castigating “those who slander the prophet of Islam. “ In a video of Obama on November 10, 2009 he admitted he was Muslim and spoke of his “Muslim faith.” Another video on June 3, 2012 he speaks of John McCain not mentioning his “Muslim faith.” What more proof do you need?

          • BoundlessExistence

            That ring was looked at by more then one expert and they said the figures were not words but abstract figures meaning nothing at all! The, “There is no God except Allah” nonsense is a made up story in an attempt to prove Obama is a Muslim! I just read Obama’s speech at the U.N. and he said nothing about, “those who slander the prophet of Islam”, nothing at all, just another made up story! Those videos you mention were proven to have been altered, parts of 2 or more videos spliced together to appear as a single video in which Obama appears to state that he is a Muslim but those doctored up videos are fake! You and every other person who thinks he is a Muslim are delusional imbeciles!

          • Jackie

            The imbeciles are people like yourself and Terry Ridge. You have been so mind controlled you cannot see the forest for the trees. Obama, Hillary and so many more are pro-New World Order. It will be a sad day if this world is controlled by a few “globalists” who are NWO. You nor I will ever have the amenities we have today if “they” are in control.

          • BoundlessExistence

            Ha ha ha, more “New World Order” bs! You need to quit flushing your meds!

          • Jackie

            Obviously you do not maintain up-to-date information or you would know the NWO is not b.s. I take NO medications, therefore, I have nothing to flush other than my colon. I surmise that do not believe what George Soros has said, what the Bush family has stated and many others, about the New World Order to come. I pity those who will not be prepared should this event take place.

          • Teri Lately

            All arguments aside, YOU LIVE IN AMERICA! Everyone here is allowed to practice any religion THEY choose, not what YOU choose for them!
            By the way, I have met a lot of self proclaimed Christians that were terrible, evil people. I’d be willing to bet that many serial killers were Christians when they were young, so I guess they were Christians when they started to kill because you say what you are when you’re young is what you are forever.
            P.S. I’m not saying that anything you say about Obama is accurate or comparing him to serial killers, just tearing apart your flawed thinking.

          • Jackie

            Gee, and I was thinking the same thing about you. You need more than professional help — you need God in your life. By the way, Islam is not a religion, it is an ideology.

          • Terry ‘Kaialoha’ Ridge

            Thank you BoundlessExistence! ‘Jackie’ is CLEARLY not a well person. Obama a Muslim? Obama a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? And the list of paranoid delusion just gets longer from there. I feel so sorry for people like Jackie. I’m wondering if her illness is related to Aunt Mom and Uncle Dad!! I admire you for your patience in even responding to this unstable person’s rants. Goes a long way showing how compassionate you are!! ~ Aloha ~

          • Jackie

            He was reared a Muslim. He even spoke about his “Muslim upbringing” in a recorded video several years ago. The only way he could be a candidate for the presidency was to pretend to become a Christian. That is where Rev. Wright helped him. He was never a Christian although he pretended to be. Get your facts straight. Why do you think he allowed so many Muslims into this country (his brothers) while president. Why do you think he had so many Muslims in his administration? His top adviser was a Muslim, Valerie Jarrett.

          • Terry ‘Kaialoha’ Ridge

            Dear Heart, can I suggest you seek out a mental health intervention professional? You’re not a well person! Good Luck! I hope you get better sooner than later ~ ~ ~ MUCH Aloha ~

          • Karin McMullen

            NOPE, he more or less destroyed it

          • Louis Bertrand

            His background is so nihilist, secularist anti- Christian anti Natural Law. He had no real option.

          • GullibleSkeptic

            That is Right, Bush took away many Constitutional Freedoms, now Trump is threatening more!

          • Frank

            It is a representative democracy and not a direct democracy. It is a democracy because officials are elected by the people.

          • Nora

            They are one and the same.

          • Dubiuus Anonymus

            Ultimately the elected representatives are meant to represent the wishes of their electorate. The US is founded on the principal of that sort of political decision making process as opposed to the process in monarchies at the time the US was formed.

          • strav

            A hypocrisy

          • Michael O Malloy

            more like a fascist state

          • Michael Hutchings

            No, it’s an oligarchy.

          • Patricia n.

            Perhaps we need to change that first?

          • nivek

            It’s not either a Democracy or a Republic. It’s corruption. It’s also unlawful to make anything not prosecutable. We the People. Stand up and be Heard. Stop taking it in the ass. Fight back. Enough is Enough. If they won’t reason, kill them. Why not there killing you and your children.

          • HermitTalker

            Thank God few of us are anarchistic- murderers

        • AJ Landpirate

          Agreed. Well put. I don’t know what else to do here. I participate actively in grassroots change. I think that is where we need to focus, on coming together. They want us fighting each other and it is working 🙁 It is slow though, grassroots movements, baby steps, like with cannabis reform which I have participated in for over 25 years. That is where we will find our real leaders. It is a tough situation we are in, no doubt. With our education system we are not a generally intelligent populace. Also, our food is filled with chemicals and rarely has any real nutritional value, all the while the media pounds into our heads whatever it wants. Classic brainwashing techniques on a massive scale. It breaks my heart. I love my country but the sinister things going on bring me great shame. Critical thinking is something greatly needed and rarely found, as well as empathy and with all the propaganda destroying facts and the hatefulness stirred up here, I fear greatly for our future. The media is currently prepping us for WW3. I am a disabled woman and am genuinely afraid of this administration.

          • leewacker

            It isn’t the administration that is at fault! It is the greedy, left overs from administrations past that are hanging onto the failed policies that were extant when they were elected up to thirty, forty years ago! THOSE people don’t want to let go, and actually allow this administration to do its work! Trump and his team have a dreadful uphill battle, and are thwarted far too many times by the old mossyhorned dimwits like Pelosi, Schumer, Waters and others who have NEVER held an honest job in their lives, yet expect to be re-elected time after time, each time jeering a bit harder at the American people!

          • Vicky Harisis

            Well said- you are SO right. Try not to fear though- (they feed off of that, it’s how they control us) I know I feel the same but am spending time now trying to create the future I want for my family instead of focusing on what they want or what they are doing to make THEIR version of reality happen. There are a great many evolved and awake people out here- you are not alone and many are working on this. I believe- I MUST believe that good will win and we will have peace <3

          • Nancy Forrest

            Lies can always be debunked with a little effort by the American public, and then stop funding those sources that are not trustworthy and reliable. Timeliness, accuracy and objectivity are the hallmarks of journalism. If these are missing from the reporting, find another source for your information. Stop listening to people who tell lies and report deceit as if it is news.

        • AndreainAtlanta

          It’s not supposed to be true democracy. Our founders were very specific about not creating a true democracy. But thanks to government schools, generations of uneducated people think the US is a democracy.

          • Timothy Mooney

            Yrs you’re correct sir.Thank you.

        • Timothy Mooney


        • Proud American

          Where you from Shane?

        • Joe Cortez Sr.

          Like Trump……

          • Lyndau123

            LIKE PRESIDENT Trump what? Tell us! We want to know just HOW blatantly ignorant you are!

        • Janean Guy

          That’s not always true.

        • Mariah Black

          You mean like Obama?

      • Marilyn Griffin

        Rosanne, we have been trying that for many years, but we have to finally accept that our votes make no difference. It matters not who we elect to congress, nothing changes except for the worst for us.

      • Itstimenow

        And as long as we have uneducated voters, nothing will change!

      • Victoria

        No matter who is in government, they will not do it because of this:

      • Pete

        Im sure he is doing the best he can. It’s very difficult with all the liberal opposition…

    • Stefanie Varney

      Yes! Its a nightmare in our country it makes me sick! But there is awareness among us now and alot of Drs research holistic now in all 50 states I read somewhere! I hope and pray we can we can beat this mandatory death sentence for kids! And i read obamacare was to mandate all adults to get caught up on vaccines through a vice on your drivers license or whatever it takes!

      • Betty Clouse

        I will not take anymore flu shots period I did last year and I have felt bad every since and I’m 72.

        • PARKS CURTIS

          the evidence suggests over all vaccinations are good but I have the same mentality as you and don’t want to be one of the ones with adverse reactions . God Bless you and stay healthy

          • Lyndau123

            Yes, Let’s just allow Measles, Mumps, Scarlet Fever, Polio, TB, Whooping Cough, Black Death, Rabies, Tetanus to come back to the GOOD OLD Days! My guess is that due to our vaccines nearly NONE of you have lived through those diseases! I have a husband who was SEVERELY effected by polio =before there was a vaccine! I would take that vaccine any day after seeing the suffering he has done in his entire life. We are already seeing an influx of all of these diseases from immigrants now! I guess it will decrease our population if THAT is what you are looking for. Hope it happens to ALL you Stupid people’s families. The hyperbole horror stories you hear are about such an infinitesimal percentage of those bodies SAVED from the dread diseases! Kennedy’s have gone berserk with ignorance. That’s all I have to say! When it is YOUR kid who gets polio and confined to an iron lung for years until he dies then maybe you will change your mind!

          • Lilli Larue

            Hello….he is not talking about eliminating ALL vaccines – of course, the original ‘basics’ still stand – he’s talking about all the B.S. ‘vaccines’ that have been designed and implemented in the last 15 or so years – if you are not aware – there is a plethora of ‘new’ vaccines – that have very real, very serious side effects – these ain’t your Grandma’s vaccines sweetie – do your own research – get educated.

          • mcgwessin

            sweetheart all my generation had the mumps, measles,and I NEVER heard of any deaths, or serious sickness. Polio is one disease which has been eradicated. all of us support the polio vaccine, but the others are NOT needed, Thank goodness for Mr. Kennedy and by the way , we are not stupid, I know of physicians who will not allow their children to have all these vaccines, in the first year of life 10-15 shots, with all types of preservatives, BAD

          • Nancy Forrest

            Jonas Salk was an honest man and the scientist who save my uncle from polio. Today’s pharmaceutical companies aren’t as ethical as Jonas Salk.

          • kderose

            You can call us names all day long, but YOU are the one that is VERY uninformed. I suggest you do your own research about the vaccine schedule of today, and the NUMEROUS children who have been damaged by them–many of them in horrible ways. Just because you don’t know about them, and the media won’t tell you about them … doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

            And, even though the vaccine producers cannot legally be sued (a travesty), for the damage they are doing to children … guess what? …. our government has a FUND to recompense some families for their children’s lives irrevocably damaged. Over $3.5 BILLION has already been paid out, to date, and that’s only to the families who were financially able to pay for attorneys over the course of many years, to even try to get a settlement. Most families of damaged children do not have the funds to fight for damage compensation, as they are paying tons for medical help for their damaged child.

            You should really look for the series that was shown online recently “Vaccines Revealed” … and you might change your mind. You should sit and watch the interviews with MANY parents of damaged children, and their continued struggles. I feel sorry that you’ve been told many LIES about this subject … but it’s because there is a LOT OF MONEY involved in vaccines. And, why wouldn’t you question an industry that cannot be sued for damages … that is NOT held accountable for putting toxins into children ???? Doesn’t that make you think just a little bit?


        • Lorrie Miller

          I have NEVER gotten a flu shot, and they’ll have to drag me in kicking and screaming before I do. I’m 62, and other than the once a year cold, which I usually catch from my grand kids, or more likely my neighbors kids, I’m healthy and strong. If it *ain’t* broke, don’t fix it. Oh and that hep C vac.? God only knows what’s in it. But I have never messed around in my life, (been married to the same man for 40 years) so why get something I DON’T NEED? We ALL need to start questioning the things that are pushed at us by these so called doctors. To be honest I haven’t been to a doctor in YEARS and until I find a good one who believes in Natural remedies I won’t either.

          • Miriam Peterson Carlson

            Oh. my goodness !

    • Betty Clouse

      I voted for Trump but now I’m afraid he will not deliver hell will freeze over first so many liars in government!!


        one of the problems is people are willing to overlook lies and high treason trump is a traitor and people are in denial

    • Erwin Alber

      The trouble is that even if he wanted to Trump wouldn’t be able to do anything effective to curb the rampant corruption and criminality of the vaccine industry and the government’s regulatory agencies. I also suspect that Trump is himself a swamp creature.

      • Pilgrim

        ya think?

      • 62corvettefred

        Your not that high up on the food chain to say he can’t do anything and also saying he is part of the swamp. Another lefty loon spouting of am lot of excrement.

        • Erwin Alber

          If you had a functioning brain you would realise that US presidents have as much influence on the direction the country takes as a car hood ornament has on the direction the car travels in. US presidents are just puppets of the psychopathic elites tasked with the implementation of their psychopathic agendas.

          • swedelady13

            I’ve heard other people say this also.

    • Erwin Alber

      Trump is part of the swamp.

    • LifeCoach Cher-ie

      Drain the swamp let big pharma die

    • leewacker

      He’s trying, but gets blocked by so many who are feeding at the Big Pharma trough, and self-important politicians who think they are more important than the voters! Yes, the swamp MUST be drained, but POTUS can do only so much, the rest and most important work is up to the voters to remove those sorry excuses for humans from our Congress!

    • Roxanne

      I agree that much of Congress is on the doll of Big Pharma. Unfortunately many in Congress, on both sides of the isle are “allegedly” being blackmailed or have willingly joined the ranks of the Globalist Left and the New World Order Government. It is my belief that President Trump, AG Jeff Sessions, Trey Gowdy, etc. are doing things in such a way as to not compromise the potential for Prosecution. Charges of Treason, Corruption or Pedophilia are difficult to prove, to say the least. They are taking their time to do things within the Constitution and our System of Justice, so the accused will not slip Prosecution. Unfortunately it will take time but God Willing, Justice will eventually be done.

    • Cindy Carlson

      Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he filled it up further with snakes and crocodiles.He is unethical and will not do anything about this.

    • sjstrick

      This practice is nothing new. It didn’t just start yesterday! Obama was in office for eight years! Why didn’t HE do something about it?????

    • Mollie Norris

      Not only paid off personally – attacked with sexual harassment or pedophilia charges by women who’ve been paid off.

  • privateman
  • maridots

    If you are dealing with a live virus vaccine and you break the vial, yes its a hazardous spill. MMR and Varicella vaccines fall into this category, maybe others that I’m not aware of. Mercury is a preservative in a multi dose vial… meaning the vial has more than one dose in it. Flu vaccines can be thimerosol free if you ask for them at the pharmacy, and sometimes when we’re doing a flu clinic the company will provide thimerosol free injections, but usually not. If you’re pregnant, don’t risk it, go to the pharmacy and tell the pharmacist you need a thimerosol free shot. I’ve had pregnant women come thru the clinics and their doctor said its ok to get the vaccine, but I won’t give it. Its just not worth the risk. Big pharma has gotten toooo big. Youtube Trey Gowdy interviewing the fool from big pharma who sat and smirked at congress as he invoked his 5th amendment right. He reflects the attitude of big pharma totally. Its an up yours without lube.. thats the kind of screwing we’re getting.

    • Anne Felippe

      Better to just stay away fm vaccines

      • maridots

        I am stunned by the amount of vaccines that babies get before they even leave the hospital. Used to be it was just a little shot of Vit K to help them with blood clotting and that was it. They’re so full of chemicals by the time they reach a year old its pathetic. I agree its best to stay away from the majority of them, but if we don’t vaccinate against polio it will come back. Some are needed in my opinion, but certainly not all!

        • Erwin Alber

          We don’t need any vaccines. There have been no wild polio cases for nearly 40 years, the few polio cases during that time were all caused by the vaccine. One also needs to keep in mind that vaccines are designed, made and used not to prevent, but to CAUSE ill-health.

          • maridots

            I’m no expert Erwin, I am in the healthcare field tho. There are some things that need to be vaccinated against. Its how small pox was eradicated. Remember it was the settlers who gave small pox infested blankets to the Indians and so many of them died. Things like that happen. We need to monitor the drug resistant forms of TB. My cousin is one of the unfortunate ones who got the polio vaccine and got polio from the vaccine. You’re absolutely right that it can cause it. I still believe that we need some vaccines, just not all of them. Most especially not so many given to babies who are still growing. I’ve long suspected the incidence of vaccines and autism. I have no proof, only suspicions. Big pharma likes to make us believe that they are our saviors, and they aren’t. So much can be accomplished with essential oils and healthy living. But you have to keep in mind that we are exposed daily to people from third world countries who bring their own diseases with them. They may be immune to them, but aren’t.

          • Erwin Alber

            It’s in my estimation the brainwashing we have all been subjected to that makes us believe that we need vaccines to protect our health.It’s however all a bunch of lies. We absolutely DO NOT need vaccines of any kind and vaccination was completely ineffective against smallpox and polio, as well as against other diseases. Anyone who claims differently is either ignorant or lying.

            EVERY vaccination causes harm, which means that EVERY vaccinated person is vaccine-injured regardless of whether the harm that has been caused is evident or not. Vaccination needs to be abolished and the vaccine industry to be shut down as a matter of urgency to once and for all put an end to this medical fraud, child abuse and crime against humankind.


          • maridots

            you have powerful and interesting comments but nothing to substantiate them. I’m neither ignorant nor lying. If you want constructive conversation, don’t be insulting to others. I don’t necessarily disagree with you.

  • Anne Felippe

    Hood gor Kennedy and Tucker!!!

  • <<<<<< Leftard Enema

    Trumps gonna be a busy man for the next seven and a half years.

    • Pam Burridge

      3.5 or less if we’re lucky. I’m hoping he doesn’t make 200.

      • <<<<<< Leftard Enema

        Hang on to that wet dream and see where it goes.

  • Black Swan

    ” Contributing factors for diseased conditions in America, chemicals and inserted genes added to the food supply, water contaminated with chlorine and aluminum florides, particles of heavey metals sprayed in the atmosphere, radiation, vaccine poisons, medical drugs, industrial pollution and toxic waste dumping and other industries that poison the earth so that Corporate America may enjoy the freedom to make money without the slightest accountability to those they are killing” Gore Vidal

  • Lenny Schafer

    If vaccines are too risky to produce without the legal protection against liability lawsuits, they are too dangerous to go into children’s bodies. Duh.

  • AS1124

    as a parent of a vaccine injured brain damaged 28 year old child who was injured by the old , now removed, DPT shot in 1989 I can attest to the truth of this article. I NEVER thought I had to be afraid of my pediatrician until my 4 month old had a febrile seizure from the DPT shot. He was glassy eyed and listless and then later had a seizure and screamed for hours. He was never the same after that later diagnosed with Tourettes ( A well known PRECURSOR for Autism ) and he had severe Learning disabilities and TICS. He has always been slower than my other children and our families IQs range from 130-150. His: 90-100. I stopped trusting the medical field THAT NIGHT. I spent years researching the truth about vaccine industry. I no longer do vaccines, NOT because we are anti “VAX” : A term created BY the industry and parroted by Americans who have no idea what they are talking about and are being influenced by Manufactured Consent. I have been speaking out for 28 years. I will not stop. I tell anyone who will listen and I also tell drs DESPITE the push back I get. I don’t care. If you stay silent you are complicit in the injuries and deaths of all children including YOURS if you vaccinate.

    • AllNotWell

      Our Federal Government set up a fund for Vaccine Injuries.You can research how to get compensation but I bet it is very hard to prove unless you have doctors sign the medical papers. “The Truth about Vaccines” videos are sponsored by Kennedy and produced by Ty Bollinger. They interviewed scientists and doctors worldwide for the series.

      • Stefanie Varney

        No doubt they have a plenty of money to do this but does not begin to compensate on the permanent damage or death of a child! Each drug company makes 3.2 trillion a year is what ive read!

      • AS1124

        I know all about their
        fund” which taxpayers fund 75cents each time you get a vaccine. The govt doesn’t fund it you do. And Pharma doesn’t put one penny into it. Secondly, they treat all parents who inured children like criminals. Its a joke. go research it from parents who had lost children and tried to apply.

      • Chris Stiles

        Too late by then though, once damaged by the vaccine it is for life, no matter how much money you throw at it

        • Jill Mudgett House

          Not too late anymore …seek out a functional medicine doctor (of course you need cash for them because its not covered by insurance ) I am hearing of Autistic kids getting 80% better.

      • Party Line Discredited

        There is a 3 year statute of limitations to file a claim in Vaccine Court. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund is funded with a $.75 excise tax on each disease vaccinated for (ie: $2.25 for dTap), which is paid for by the purchaser of the vaccine – ie: you and me.

    • Stefanie Varney

      I am so sorry !!! I cannot imagine the pain! Im worried about my Grandson right now who just entered middle school had more vaccines! He is a good kid and smart but these deadly shots cause cancer and other diseases might not be right away but it happens ! Then u add the monsanto food and water also protected by the federal govt! And wifi and chem trails also govt regulated and hushed up! We dont have a chance!

      • AS1124

        here is what I did to protect my family: 1: Make SURE you have a DR who even if he /she doesn’t believe the current vaccines are dangerous, respects and does NOT even slightly try to force or influence you to vaccinate until the CDC is brought to Congressional hearings again and Congress changes the law back so vaccine companies are liable again. Then WAIT. Because the lawsuits against them will expose the truth. 2: Do NOT give your children anything but organic GMO free food. Get filters to make sure all your water sources are filtered for lead , chemicals, and Flouride. Not all filters remove fluoride. Its a neurotoxin , EVEN in small amounts in the water. Do not allow your family to have “flouride treatments” or metal cavities. Lastly, remove all chemicals from your lawns and house. ALL chemical toiletries. everything.

      • Erwin Alber

        Never give up! 🙂

    • Erwin Alber

      If you would like me to post your son’s story on my website please e-mail it to me with a photo or photos to erwin at

      My website is

    • Dazy

      I’m so sorry. That’s a horrible… and I know from first hand experience that the medical community will vehemently deny any causation by the vaccine. My son had nearly the same experience after getting the DPT and the MMR vaccines (at the same time). His fever spiked, his eyes turned glassy and he was incredibly listless – had a very minor seizure (petit mal). Fortunately, he does not suffer from severe long term effects, but he did noticeably ‘regress’ after those shots. He’d never been sick a day in his life before then, but has suffered migraines ever since. There’s no doubt in my mind that some people are sensitive to the chemicals in these things. I believe in getting vaccinated for the most extreme diseases. I simply believe we demand far too many… even the chicken pox for pity’s sake! My pediatrician refused to admit it could have been the vaccines, but she did alter their vaccine schedule after that. She also allowed them to have a DT vaccine rather than the DPT – only as a concession to my fears, not because she admitted the vaccines could be a problem.

  • critter

    Why do any of us think the President or our government has ANY control over what people do? It’s way past that folks, we’ve let this go on to long. The people who run things are not interested in how many of our children are killed by the vaccines they sell. Bill Gates himself, has said the population of the world, needs to be around 500,000,000 people to sustain the earth. They aren’t interested in anything but the money they can make.

  • Linda

    I have wandered if a study has been done as to how many children with autism have or have not been vaccinated. Are there children with autism that have never been vaccinated?

    • Frances Ann LeClere

      Yes, my brother had autism symptoms before he got any vaccinations.

    • Erwin Alber

      Yes there are but there are not many. Vaccines are the leading cause of autism, but they are not the only cause.
      A vaccinated versus unvaccinated study can’t be done because it would mean the end of the vaccination racket.

  • #concerned

    I think RFK jr. is full of crap !! After stating that ‘virtually’ every child in Africa has received the Tdap vaccine….he goes on to refer to a Danish study that claims that more children died in the group that received the vaccine than in the group that had NOT received the vaccine…………. BUT…he just said that ALL children had received…. well, you have to ask, What the hell is wrong with this man. AND….no child at day ONE receives the Tdap shot. So much for his research !!!

    • Erwin Alber

      “Virtually every kid in Africa gets it. What they found…they did a
      vaccinated versus non-vaccinated study, which has never been done…what
      they concluded was…they said that vaccine is killing more people than
      Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus combined (for which the Tdap

      Please note that he said that “virtually every kid in Africa gets it” (the vaccine), so one has to assume that the researchers found enough unvaccinated children to compare them with a similar number of vaccine-poisoned children.

      Also, as far as I can tell, RFK Jr didn’t claim that the TDaP vaccine is given on day one.

  • Nadia Rabaioli

    such things have to change, it is time..People now know the truth…..

  • wellbeing123

    1989 it was a democratic controlled congress, remember folks democrats only care about money and power, not you. This is a pretty brave act for Kennedy.

  • Honorio

    we need to clean up the Health Care System, and change the corruption going one.

  • Irene Pfannenstiel

    It this why there are so many children with autism today, because of all the mandatory shots?

  • Frank Todisco

    Trump has been there less than 100 days odumma was there 8 years… stick it in your ear corvettefred

  • Shane Nelson


  • Ann Branley

    Fake website. Misleading adverts = misleading content.

  • Mike Tusoni

    And we should believe a Kennedy, WHY?!?

  • Alexa Brosen

    Nothing an be changed within the first 100 days…for pete’s sake..give the guy a chance to prove himself.

    • Earl

      He has already proven himself to those that care to pay attention, and most of his supporters do from the polls. His support is still there with people that voted for him. When you see the “I voted for Trump but—–” they are trolls. What we are seeing is the resistance from the establishment and their activist judges.

  • Mika Nieminen

    democracy is a failed system! even originally the Athens version was rule by the few. There are working systems but hey they are not good for the parasites that run the world

  • alan macdonald

    Not surprising! What is surprising is that a Democrat is saying it!

  • Susan Johbnson

    that’s like the polio vaccines, there are 2 types, one with the live virus that one can actually contract polio from and the second, a much safer version from the dead polio virus, my mom had polio because of this. They have a choice and the live one is so much cheaper and that is why is is given all the time to our young children. I have cautioned my children of this and hope they insist on the dead version if they remember. it may mean an extra shot instead of a liquid oral but better a shot then a much greater risk of contracting the disease it is suppose to guard against. This is anther one they don’t want to educate even out medical students on. My mother had to educate the director of the Manatee County Children’s Clinic (or whatever is called today) and when that doctor told my mom she must know someone who got polio that way, my mom told him, yeah, I did, I was a guinea pig for that failed testing and the treatments, boiling wool blankets was all they knew to do back then and put them on their legs, the nuns did this because that is what allowed my mom to walk despite the great pain it cause for being treated. The treatment for curing the disease may have changed by why use the more risky vaccine just because the general public is kept ignorant of how much greater the risk to save a few pennies……….grow up America and lets cure things the right way.

  • Madame Bonnet

    I have long admired RFK Jr., but this is irresponsible.Particularly, lumping in the Danish study about a particular trial in Africa as evidence against vaccination when vaccination has been, apart from birth control, the most beneficial scientific advance to benefit civilization in history. Epidemics that killed children en mass like diphtheria, small pox (which has been eradicated from the human population worldwide,) and the horrific fatal diseases caused by puncture wounds like tetanus and rabies have been prevented. These vaccines were developed by humanitarian scientists long before “big pharma.” He is just one more celebrity recklessly expressing his uninformed opinion and using it to do great harm. This is not “the truth” about vaccines. It is a public menace that makes headlines and profits for unscrupulous bloggers. Politicizing this demonstrates just how cynical and manipulative this issue has become for attention seekers with no qualms about lying to get attention, starting with the criminal English MD who managed to publish a fraudulent paper in the Lancet, which has long since been refuted and debunked. Because the Lancet failed to vet this article, it was given credence due to the reputation of this publication. It gave this entire anti-vaccine movement currency for a time. It has been seized upon by movie actors and other public figures with no scientific background, and as RFK Jr. admits, at least as this article is constructed, that he and all his children have actually benefited from vaccines, as have we all. Baxter Dmitry’s claim that he has won arguments is one more bogus claim. Only maladjusted or otherwise gullible people fall for this.I repeat: vaccines have been effective in promoting public health for over 100 years.

    • Hales

      Tell that again to the people whose children have died in their arms after receiving vaccinations!

  • Shivam Rachana

    Why is his voice so strange?

  • terri monroe

    I have said this since my child was born and refused all their vaccines. They try to tell you that in order for your child to be in day care and school he/she has to have vaccines. Don’t buy into it. If nothing else home school. Mine was in public school the whole time and graduated college without one single vaccine. My child is more important than BIG PHARMA!!!!!

  • Indigo Jazz

    Agree that US big Pharma has too much power, but please, let us not throw the baby out with the bath. The world is bigger than the US and a huge number of longitudinal studies done outside the US by independent agencies show the efficacy of vaccinations.

  • Vicky Harisis

    They’ve been killing off African people for years with vaccines- I knew this but others hadn’t put 2 and 2 together. The diseases that come supposedly out of Africa- I KNEW they were the ones putting the disease INTO them to start with via vaccines- and I shudder when they say “give money for ‘HEALTH CARE’ for the Africans…and kind people send it and are really funding the evil ones to buy more poisons to inject into those innocent little babies and good people 🙁 They are EVIL

  • Vicky Harisis

    I don’t vote-because there are no ‘right’ people. They’re all related and the whole voting thing is a farce. Whoever gets chosen THEY choose and no matter if each argues different sides or opinions- they end up carrying out the SAME plan as the controllers had originally. The puppet-masters pull the strings, they are those you don’t see- the men behind the curtain…the power behind the throne’. Always was- always will be as long as the public votes. I don’t vote in evil overlords to make life hell-Since they’re all part of that and put on nothing but a ‘play’ on tv… I don’t vote. It’s the only way once others wake up. Back to people power

  • Melissa Jill

    SO amazing! Thank you for sharing this!! Praying that a big spotlight will be directed at this issue! WE NEED CHANGE!!

  • Ussula Lutrova

    the people in congress thatr took the money from pharma and passed the laws that allowed this situation to arise should be barred for life from politics and all positions of power or authority and all medical or legal positions whatsoever and charged with treason because what they did ws in fact treasonous. they took power from the people to defend themselves against bodily harm, forced or stealthy, and stripped it from them in the name of money, which resulted in decades of falsified data in the name of money and greed by the pharma corporations which resulted in decades of vaccine injured children with no current legal recourse. then they should also be charged with crimes against humanity for setting the situation up that caused all this harm to people. then the people who were in positions pf power or authority within the pharma companies that produced the vacciens should also suffer the exact same criminal charges and bans. also anyone in the medical field who knew about it and willingly participated should get the same. the penalty once found guilty of these crimes should be a minimum of life imprisonment and all wealth stripped and divided up between all victims. a maximum penalty should be death. the law must also be rewritten to allow victims to sue the companies of all the money they have retroactively and regardless of the previous uncosntitutional treasonous law preventing such suits. since that previous law is in fact a crime against the country and its peoples and against humanity it is therefore an invalid law and can and should be retroactively abolished, opening the way for all lawsuits. the companies involved should then be dismantled forever.

  • northern vigor

    I just scrolled down fifty comments and see the topic has gone completely off topic. Well played, drug company trolls.

  • LeRoy H Beltz

    President Trump needs to go after big pharma and the politicians sucking up the bribes ,throw there ass in jail-. What does Gates care he’s always talking about population we need to eliminate population ,maybe this is Gates answer to over population poison people thru vaccines . Sounds like Gates is one board with pharma . Rand Paul should look at this
    along with Ben Carson

    • HermitTalker

      Naivete about how the World of Power works is feeding into fantasy land.

  • Shawn M. Cohen

    Good for you Robert Kennedy! May some miracle heal your voice because you are speaking TRUTH! NO Vaccines, NO more toxic hell into children’s bloodstream!

  • HermitTalker

    Big Pharma is a global giant sucking machine that thrives on cash.

  • Roxanne

    This has the evil “Deep State”/”Shadow Government”, all over it!! The Pharmaceutical Industry, originally called The Chemical Industry” was created by J.D. Rockefeller. At that time in history most Americans were using Homeopathic remedies and J.D. Rockefeller realized that there was little to no money in it for him. The Rockefeller’s already had the Chemical Company in place and that is what eventually turned into the “Pharmaceutical Industry”. Rockefeller also recognized that he needed a “gate keeper” to oversee and protect his initial business and the FDA was created. These “elite” trillionaires, own most everything we see, hear, watch, eat and consume, etc. They have complete control over us, the hated “masses”. The people these same elites refer to as “Useless Eaters”. Much of the Globalist left were once “Atheists” but have now allegedly, become avowed Satanists. When people have “allegedly” put their faith in Satan, is it any wonder that they would have no conscience or hesitation in allegedly, killing us, insidiously, through poisoning our air, water, food, vaccines, etc? These secretive, creatures, have been running America into the ground for well over sixty years now! Allegedly, “False Flagging” us into one “unwinnable” War after another, throughout our history. The “Deep State” Oligarchs know full and well that President Trump cannot be bought or blackmailed, which is the “Deep States” main control mechanism. That is why they are fighting tooth and nail to destroy Trump, his Administration and agenda with everything they have and they have a great deal! It will take the people across the World to wake up and recognize that we are ALL under constant attack by selfish individuals who hate God and his creations. When are we going to stop sleep walking through this world and demand justice for the American People and all of Humanity?

  • Jim

    The phrase on all prescription disclaimers is that your doctor has determined that the benefits outweigh the risks.

  • Norell

    After reading the reply’s it is safe to say that we are all pawns in a rich man / woman’s game. But a lest we can bitch about thee sellouts and traitors in Washington. Term limits is what is needed.

  • Carl Blue Wise

    Is there any more good People left to give a damn about us the People in our Congress and White House. What a disgraceful group of lizards .

  • Cheryl Adame

    Amazing how easily this thread was completely led away from the true topic matter… Vacaines are killing kids! Stop arguing politics and start talking to everyone you know/ tell them the truth, get people organized, start petitions, marches, protest! Nothing will change if we wait for politicians to do the right thing. I think we can all agree that they have sold us, and our children out!

  • peterskm

    He’s only been in office since January 20! You expect him to fix everything wrong with this country in that short time? Get real!

  • Noel Charles Reichert

    For years very creditable people like Dr Tenpenny have been warning about the fraud perpetrated by the pharmaceutical industry. She and many others have been ridiculed and threatened for exposing this huge money making scam, at the expense of our children’s health as well as our own. I am convinced that my own muscular-neurological issues are the result of vaccines.

    • Roxanne

      Noel Charles Reichert, I believe you are on to something! My Nephew was diagnosed with Autism in 1992 after they changed the makeup of the vaccines in 1987 or 1989. I was diagnosed with MS in 1999. We have three neighbors and friends that have been diagnosed with ALS. Autism and ALS were extremely rare and seldom seen in women. My Doctor knows not to even ask me if I want a flu shot. If our government ever makes the suicidal, decision, to attempt to force these vaccines upon us, there will be hell to pay!! I have explained some of the background of “Big Pharma” in my comments further down this page. It may give you some insight to exactly what we are all dealing with.

  • Bjarne Rostaing

    This really needs to be out in the open. Can we be bothered to think about it?

  • Ulla Camp

    Have to admit that my jaw dropped, not only by what he said, but also that it was the Danes who figured it out………
    So if it was known to the rest of the world, then why were we NOT told over here??

  • sparhawk

    Commercial Solulants Fertilizer ending up being a very large pharma company. Who owned this company? Look up the Billie Sol Estes scandal in the 1960s. Know your history! Two good books to read by John A. Stormer. NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON first book on this one and THE DEATH OF A NATION both in the 1960s. Don’t be left in the dark.
    USDA—– we need to drain this swamp too.

  • BigMG

    If you were offered a million dollars to push a button that would kill 10 people who you don’t know and would never see, would you do it?
    These people are willing to do just that. Often for the reason that someone might beat them to it.

  • Tammy

    I can sue, because I didn’t agree to what the government allowed Big Pharma.

    • Roxanne

      I hear you Tammy but you will be going against evil people with more money than they could possible spend in a thousand lifetimes. These “Deep State/Shadow Government” creatures “allegedly” buy off or compromise and blackmail anyone who gets in their way. The trillionaires that own “Big Pharma” have” allegedly” become “Satanists”. So it is no surprise to me that they would lack a conscience and would not have a moments hesitation in killing us insidiously. Allegedly, they will not be happy until they “decrease the surplus population”. Nothing would surprise me after all I have researched and learned about these secretive, creatures.

  • Sally Pettit

    I remember years ago (maybe five years)when he talked about vaccines and autism. That happened to my brother and nephew. Now….my dog, I believe is getting too many vaccines, and harming her health.
    WHY do these people not care about hurting people? Is it that the money is do tempting, that you let people die and become autistic?
    Well, go to your fundraising parties, and take money over heart

  • Sally Pettit

    I cannot understand how the congress chooses to allow a child be autistic and and ruin families. Just thouht as I was typing, that you do not have a soul

  • Chris Johansen

    Thanks to vaccines our life expectancy has went up 20 years. Millions of lives saved throughout the world yearly due to flu vaccines. The amount of mercury in vaccine was never more than that found in a can of tuna. Sounds like Kennedy is working for the trial lawyers who already costing us and medicine zillions of dollars. Kemedy’s background leads me to believe he has a low IQ on vaccines and science.

  • big mouth

    Big P is making so much money from these vaccines then why is the government buying it? Someone is buying and it isnt the families. who?????

  • Bob Jamison

    What is not noted in this article is that $.75 of every vaccine goes into the vaccine compensation fund, for the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. This is a complicated process to receive compensation for injuries. For more information go to: or

  • Donna Troy

    I find that unbelievable. I’d need to SEE the study and who conducted it. I certainly have no respect for RFK Jr.!!! Not a good guy, read the books about him and his character.

  • Lorinda

    As usual, the comments have very quickly spiraled down to politics and no one is talking about vaccines killing children.

  • Mary A Anderson

    Now, that there is a Democrat of old school. The kind that tells the truth and lives by the standard of decency. My son had a reaction when he was 3 mos old. Thank God, he overcame it. But I will never forget the lethargic little baby boy, that was so full of movement before being vaccinated. I was so scared.

  • Carolyn Mathews Long

    This is an old post, but I just saw it. The post is about vaccine injury and the lack of accountability of big pharma by a 1989 congressional action. The law needs to be repealed. Big Pharma needs to be accountable for their reprehensible and irresponsible actions. Only by removing the rock can we let these varmints slither out into the light where they can be exterminated. Look around you; autism is rampant. Do you think we just suddenly all developed genetic defects.

  • joseph bourque

    This was about giving our children poison to make big bucks! Why did it turn into a discussion about politics. We should be concerned about big Pharma getting away with killing our children. Thanks RFK Jr.!

  • joseph bourque

    this is what it is all about!

  • joseph bourque
    • James Peters

      This is the only conspiracy in which the conspirators would have to be working directly against their own interests, those of their loved ones and patients too. Who wants to die of cancer, having “suppressed” its cure?

  • MIkeX

    The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is a no-fault alternative to the traditional legal system for resolving vaccine injury petitions created in the 1980s, after lawsuits against vaccine companies and health care providers threatened to cause vaccine shortages and reduce U.S. vaccination rates, which could have caused a resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases.

  • MIkeX

    “Kennedy is an outspoken opponent of the inclusion of the mercury-based preservative thimerosal in vaccines. In June 2005, Kennedy authored an article in Rolling Stone and titled “Deadly Immunity”, alleging a government conspiracy to cover up connections between the vaccine preservative thimerosal and childhood autism. The article contained a number of factual errors, leading to issue five corrections and ultimately to retract the article completely on January 16, 2011. The retraction was motivated by accumulating evidence of errors and scientific fraud underlying the vaccine-autism claim. Previous to this retraction, sometime in 2010, Rolling Stone had inadvertently broken the link to Kennedy’s article during a website redesign, but never considered retracting the story. The article is still posted on Kennedy’s website.”

  • MIkeX

    The thiomersal controversy describes claims that vaccines containing the mercury-based preservative thiomersal contribute to the development of autism and other brain development disorders. Thimerosal is no longer used in children’s vaccines in the United States, except some types of flu shots. In the context of perceived increased autism rates and increased number of vaccines in the childhood vaccination schedule, some parents believed the action to remove thiomersal was an indication that the preservative caused autism. Clinical symptoms of mercury poisoning differ significantly from those of autism. In addition, multiple population studies have found no association between thiomersal and autism, and RATES OF AUTISM HAVE CONTINUED TO INCREASE DESPITE REMOVAL OF THIOMERSAL FROM VACCINES. Thus, major scientific and medical bodies such as the Institute of Medicine and World Health Organization (WHO) as well as governmental agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) and the CDC reject any role for thiomersal in autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders. In spite of the consensus of the scientific community, some parents and advocacy groups continue to contend that thiomersal is linked to autism.

    • Roxanne

      “Thiomersal is no longer used in children’s vaccines”. So our “honest” and forthright government tells us! Especially in light of the law that was enacted to prevent the people from suing of the makers of these so called vaccines. The “Deep States”, David Rockefeller and his family own the pharmaceutical Industry. Rockefeller and his fellow trillionaires, who comprise the “Deep State”/Shadow Government”, run this world and they do not think highly of us, “the masses”. They are “allegedly” the promoters of eugenics and would love nothing better than to “decrease the surplus population”!

      • MIkeX

        Roxanne, you are kidding, correct? LOL

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I agree that we should take a look at legislation and that Big Pharma shouldn’t be allowed to pay off Congress but that’s a separate issue from the efficacy of vaccines. We should all still vaccinate because countless studies have shown its efficacy over not vaccinating. This article, however lacks any sources to support its conclusions (I’d like to see the study they reference that says more children in Africa die from the vaccine than the disease it is used to prevent because it isn’t sourced in the article) and the sentence below is enough for me to doubt its legitimacy entirely. . .

    “The kids who got the vaccine were “ten times more likely to die from the vaccine” in the two months following the vaccination, than those children who did not receive the vaccine.”

    . . .Obviously any child who gets a vaccine is (Whatever)% more likely to die of a vaccine than one who doesn’t. . .because they didn’t get the vaccine.

    And the propaganda around mercury in vaccines should also be disregarded, or rather, if you are worried about Hg in your vaccines, you should also be concerned about the high quantities of Sodium and Chlorine in your table salt. . .

    Just sayin’

  • carla

    I have said this all along about the shots for our children. And I truly believe that is about when it started as he said. The serum they used is not the same it has been changed hence the reason we have more children with autism and aspergers. And as long as congress is paid and the media is given money nothing will happen. Money talks.

  • Dean

    this video has Roberts voice all cut up to make him sound unintelligible and possibly stupid. Boy …the lengths that the media goes through to thwart his information is just disgusting. he doesn’t talk or sound like this . This was intentionally done in an altered .

    • sally

      I think he has a speech disorder that causes him to speak like that. The same one that Susan Collins, US senator from Maine, has.

  • Judy Tincher

    This has been known for years by many many people, Gov required shots for kids to go to school, and etc.. Parents should have right to say No to a vaccine, I did some of the ones they wanted to give mine.. I found out years ago, I have complete medical papers til I had a stroke, all hospital records too, My Mother had polio!! Yet she only let them give me 2 of 3 required doses of vaccine?? I found out years after she passed away.. Yes I think some should not be given, and some were not given to my kids, and glad too, but it was ok back then to say No.. Now it isn’t they kick your kids out of school and fine you for not getting shots.. true many diseases are back, but where did they come from, how were they hiding and we were told they were no more???

  • Nancy Forrest

    There would be greater outrage over the overkill of vaccinations if they were directed at adults instead of children. Any parent who questions the efficacy of any of these vaccines is bullied into silence or compliance or choosing to homeschool their child instead. Vaccines should be tested and peer-reviewed like any other drug or medication. It’s the responsible thing to do. Kudos to RFK Jr.

  • Vicki Dyl

    Read through all the comments…for about five minutes of my time…and then gave up. This story was about the dangers of our vaccines! Pumping known neurotoxins into our children and then denying that disorders like autism are the result because they are “safe”!!! No one seems to see the insanity in this line of thinking? Let’s stick to the subject matter and not get distracted for a moment!

  • Emily BH

    Tucker should interview someone about the 1996 TElecommunications Act which CONGRESS PASSED (which goes to show how much they care about our health) that gives the industry carte blanch to put up as many cell towers as they want and radiate us as much as they want and danger to our health or the environment can’t be used as a reason to prevent them from doing so! Little do people realize but RF radiation, dirty electricity, electro-smog has been said to be “possibly the worst insult to human health” ever. The gives you and idea of how vastly it affects all of us by weakening our immune system by damaging cells and DNA.

  • Teri

    Um … someone who is vaccinated is more likely to die from the vaccine than someone who isn’t. Yes. That’s probably true. And I’d also guess that in some situations, more people are harmed from getting the vaccine than from the disease. We need numbers to show the impact of the vaccine .. how many it saves, how many are vaccinated, to determine the real risk. I’d say that it is probably true, in a country where vaccination is nearly ubiquitous, that more children are harmed from the vaccine than the disease .. because the vaccines prevent or reduce the seriousness of the disease. There was no vaccine for MMR when I was a kid .. and pretty much everyone got those diseases. My children and grandchildren have not. Smallpox has been eradicated except in the laboratory … I remember the cowpox innoculation. And sugar cubes for polio. People with agendas need to stop presenting false truths to convince people. Yes, there are some flu vaccines (in the vials of vaccine that are shared) which still contain thimerasol. But the vast majority of flu vaccines do not .. and you can demand the ones that do not have it (single dose shots). Anything to spread more doubt about science (and to cut costs so more money goes into the pockets of the wealthy). And think a little bit about who won’t be vaccinated, and where illness and death will go up if the government doesn’t provide vaccines or require insurance companies to pay for them? yes .. there could be some other motivations.

  • i

    I refuse to get these shots anymore because i have NO CLUE what it is in them! They keep telling me to get flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc etc shot as an older American….They are even saying we have to get CHICKEN POX SHOTS! WHY? I already had it! So did my kids, so did just about everyone I know!

  • bobswims

    If only he could site one peer reviewed study that would support his claims. Then people would listen. Unfortunately he won’t, because he can’t.

  • Donna Hart

    Are you all serious right now?? Is anyone going to talk about the actual issue, instead of about voting politics?? Please, for one second, step away from the usual nonsense, and LOOK at what this article says!! Doesn’t that alarm anyone??

  • GeneJets1

    Trump needs an independent investigation on him. He lies and changes his position just to suit him. We need to elect people who care for us and not just the political contributions from big Pharma. This is why Citizens United should be shot down by a constitutional amendment as Bernie has said.

  • Haraldur Magnússon

    Can anyone give a link to this “Danish” vaccine study??

  • fed up

    Remember when Hillary went on and on about the Pharmicuticals and how bad they are.> WELL< Big Pharma gave more than half million to the Hillary Clinton candidate an din turn she was to protect them. I don't know how much they gave to the Clinton Foundation but I'm sure quite a sum < PAY TO PLAY agenda by the Clinton Mafia

  • Pat Engness

    Jill Stein, the Second Female Nominee for a U.S. Political Party (Cynthia McKinney was the FIRST Female Nominee for President= 2008 for the Green Party) AND a Physician herself, said people should do their own research on Vaccines before getting them or giving them to their children. She IS an advocate for Choice in this matter. SHE got a lot of Flack, and was always Misrepresented on the subject. People would Misquote her purposely……probably instigated by HillBots after a lot of Bernie people showed more interest in her than $HilLIARy. I had one “friend” screaming at me about it when I told her I wasn’t voting for either of the Duopoly Candidates…..I was (and DID) voting for The Green Party, whose Platform represents me. On the other hand, I personally know TWO families that are Home Schooling to avoid mandatory vaccines. Sorry, Big Pharma…..but if you can’t sufficiently make your case, the Government has No Right to Inject anything into a person’s body without their consent unless they are in an ER and unconscious, and even then a spouse/family member/fiance should be consulted. This goes for Blood Transfusions as well, which are unnecessary half the time and one transfusion comes from twenty people and can be dangerous. People donate a pint at a time and the body replenishes it within 8 days, so unless you lost twice that amount, you don’t need it. In fact, now that thousands and thousands for DECADES have been having Every Kind of Operation (including Open Heart Surgery) WITHOUT it, it has been proven that patients who DON’T get those “just in case” transfusions, Recuperate FASTER. probably because their bodies aren’t dealing with the equivalent of an organ transplant (the blood is medically an organ). Anyone going into the Armed Services ought to know that once they sign on the dotted line, they OWN your body and can FORCE anything they want on you, many times under the guise of it being necessary for foreign travel. I am SO glad I am NOT a parent now. My kids in the 70/80’s got twice the shots that I did and their kids are getting twice what They did! I’ve never even had a Flu Shot and I’m still here in my Sixties with only Grandma’s inherited Osteo-Arthritis, but still haven’t needed hip/knee replacements. I eat 90% Organic/Non-GMO, right down to my milk, ice cream, crackers, chips, eggs, butter……foods most people don’t think of as coming in an “Organic” form. yes, I got the Polio vaccine (sugar cube) and i got a Tetanus shot after stepping right down on a old nail sticking out of a plank that had fallen off an old dilapitated 60 yr. old barn out in a field. I got a mandatory TB shot (booster?) when I had to stay in a Shelter. So don’t think this cocktail of vaccines that you give your kids are ALL they’ll ever get. THAT’s just the beginning. So WHY overdo it. You’ll continue to get them for whatever reason later on, too, so be wise. Enough Sheeple will be forced to, or will keep getting them, to ensure “Herd Immunity”. Two Working Parents usually don’t have the luxury to say “No” because they HAVE to send their kids to Public Schools. The ONLY people I ever knew who got the FLU were the ones who GOT the Flu Shot!

  • Ncrdbl1
  • Mistanick

    Guys like T Carlson are such political weenies. The research has been available for years and years, yet Mr. C takes this namby pamby pink tie attitude about the mass poisoning of humanity worldwide. He is “wow, maybe we need to talk about this some more….”

  • The Professor

    Trees are a jew hoax wake up sheeple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are educated stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bubbiesbub

    I thought this post was about vaccines. Kennedy is spreading lies. I’ll believe him when I see the data from an independent source. Vaccines are an important public health service by our government. The government’s job is to keep us safe. Period. I can understand why they were released of an liability, but that said, only frivolous law suits should be outlawed. Vaccines save lives. Period.

  • Terence W. Spross

    It would help if the so called “citizen’s united” law was repealed as it is anything but giving the average citizen a larger voice to get better representative’s into office.

    More public domain research is needed on vaccines to have a preservative other than the mercury based thimerosal. It is a situation for most vaccine’s that simply removing the thimerosal increase’s the likely hood of illness due to bacterial spoilage of vaccine, So another approach is needed.

  • Louis Bertrand

    In Ireland the battle rages and pressure is on to vaccinate boys. Wonder how free governments are from Big Pharma.

  • Louis Bertrand

    “BIG” RULES GVERNMENT: Big Pharma, Big Teacher and Labotr Unions, Big Medical Associations Big Corporations, Big Trial Lawyers, Big NRA

  • Lindaxox

    Exactly right

  • Louis Bertrand

    Founders designed the system to be complicated and hidebound.

  • Louis Bertrand

    US Founders designed a system to limit power, Make it complicated. As I wrote yesterday, BIG Pharma, and Big everything took over and owns Congress

  • JoeyB

    Vaccines are safe. In most instances the mercury containing ingredients have been eliminated from the formulations. Most if you don’t realize, but if it wasn’t for vaccines about 25% of us would not be here from these diseases that are kept under control by vaccines.

  • Louis Bertrand

    62conv. Do you believe the Jesuits had Lincoln assassinated?

  • Mckeon Charles Sr.

    Anyone that let’s a doctor inject Guardasil into their child is not a good parent……
    It is a drug that has been developed to dumb down woman around the world and now they are pushing it on teen aged boys.
    Yes folks, one if the major stock holders in the company that produces Gardasil is non other than George Soros !
    That alone should make you think twice before you let someone inject that poison into your child……

  • Louis Bertrand

    SOROS??????/- No surprise if true. . BTW The Kennedy record favours defending social justice- Ted thought abortion was a good cause, sadly it was disastrous. I trust Robert Jr on this point. BIG PHARMA cares about PROFIT.

  • Melinda Fee

    This discussion is so vital and I truly honor and respect Mr. Kennedy for having the courage to continue to stress the potential danger/s of these outrageous vaccines. Especially for our children. Now flu shots have mercury too + aborted fetal cells, difloid cells, etc. Get a copy of insert…DON’T GET SIDE-TRACKED ON AMERICAN CIVICS. That’s another day. Vaccines are a major component in Agenda 21 or UN Agenda 20-30–READ UP!!

  • My hovercraft is full of eels

    RFK is an intellectually disabled diletanntte. His troof is a pile of EASILY refuted used hay

    • Louis Bertrand

      Love your grasp of language. However applying it as a Leftie bigot.

      • My hovercraft is full of eels

        Needs more English.

  • spiritseeker

    Been saying it for years. This is just like Monsanto!

  • Will Wiegman

    Vaccines really aren’t at the base of the problem. Undiagnosed Congenital Lyme in the kids is the problem coupled with missing Immune Support Micro-nutrients in most modern Soy Formulas and processed baby foods in jars.
    n the last 16 months, in a group that started with 400 ASD/Congenital Lyme families with over 1000 kids, the Moms and I cured all of their kids of Congenital Lyme (99.8%) and most of the kids’ Autism Syndrome Disorder symptoms.
    Go to my Facebook Notes to read about the patented plant gene deletions, the gene numbers, and the exact protocol we used to CURE AUTISM. The group continues to grow by about 40 families a week. The Cure is science based with hundreds of EXISTING scientific research papers referenced. We called and emailed active scientists, the CDC, and ILADS and all they would say is, “That’s not how real science is done. I don’t want to talk about it.”

    The Cure involves two generic antibiotics, Minocycline combined with Tinidazole, which cost on the average about $40 one time and another $60 in Nobel Prize winning natural antibiotics and takes 17 weeks.

    Many of the non-verbal ASD kids are actually singing in their school programs now.

  • Will Wiegman
  • jimspice

    From the article:

    “The kids who got the vaccine were ‘ten times more likely to die from the vaccine’ in the two months following the vaccination, than those children who did not receive the vaccine.”

    Please read that again carefully, and tell me you trust this article.

  • tomstur

    If Pharmaceutical manufacturers were held accountable thru science related to cause and effect rather than monetary profitability or ideological precursors maybe our needs would be attended to. Our needs, the forgotten majority remember us. The producers not the seducers. The extreme waste of our dollars being exploited thru extortion practiced on a daily basis by a minority of wealthy whores prostituting the masses of a forgotten majority. We constantly justify unfounded causes which produce profit to the minority and dependence of the majority. Draining the life from the forgotten exploited to pay the exploiters. This is not the exception its the norm. Our representative are organized to reward the pay pal scammers not in the context of PAY PAL but political pay to play context. Our politic social club conforms to monetary interests not citizenry interests with the exception of those contributing to their cash cows. Big Pharma is just one in fact every industry is infected and or effected. America is based on the free market yet capitalists pigs have driven that out of their equation which turned the majority into a forgotten after thought. Money rules our sickened Democracy, the rule of law has been put aside to accommodate the mob ruling class lawlessly exploiting the majority while using the victims they have created to distract freedom from fruition, independence to be obstructed, liberties to be controlled thru anarchy by those victims they created thru pimping out enablers to bring unrest to a weary people by using causes to stir old wounds to their surface. Emotional warfare in plain english. Comrades.

  • klang100

    This is powerful. For those who think we have a free press, read it. Senator Kennedy tells it like it is. “If you take that vaccine vial and break it, you have to dispose of that as hazardous waste. You have to evacuate the building. Why would you take that and inject it into a child?” I have heard this stuff for many years—from alternative medicine doctors, from alternative media, from many researchers. But we will not hear it from the corporate media or most elected officials. Big corporations such as Big Pharma, the insurance companies, big oil, big banks, and Monsanto—they can kill us and get by with it because they pay well. Corruption has been made legal because they consider profits so much more important than people. These Capitalists can do whatever they want while they look down on us and call us socialists—-like that is the most evil word they can think of!

    • Louis Bertrand

      Absolutely true. However TRUTH DOES NOT SET FREE everyone, especially those who associate KENNEDY with abortion and s-e-x. And socialism. Horror of horrors

    • Louis Bertrand

      Fake news, as in the tabloid press is older than POTUS Trump who is 70!!

  • Michael Churchward

    Was the Danish study on the effectiveness of the Tdap vaccinations on African children accurate?. Was it the truth? Did you fact check it yourself? Or did you let it slide in favor of sensationalism? I posted that article on FB thinking you were passing on fact to your readers. Disappointed! Once bit and twice shy.

  • Louis Bertrand

    Michael Most incumbent on us to check sources on all subjects, Thanks for the alert

  • kathy658

    I’m 59. I never received any vaccines as a child. #1 Because my mother didn’t believe we should get them. #2 Nobody made us get them. I had mumps on one side when I was a child. Nothing else. When I was 22 and pregnant they tested me and said I was immune to mumps and measles. They said I must got my immunity from an older sister who had measles. Later in life both kids got chicken pox. I never got that either. Still no shots… My mom had 12 children. None of us received shots.

  • Nisa67

    Big Pharm flat out murders people to keep them quiet.

    • Mike Allan


  • Robin Prestwood

    Idiotic comments, This thread strayed so far from the subject at hand.

    • Louis Bertrand

      National divided politics has determined the content of posts. Nothing strange there. The old-fashioned Kennedy passion for social justice versus Big Everything in D.C.

      • Robin Prestwood

        National divided politics? You mean idiocy, lunacy and fervent, foam at the mouth, mindless emotional responses with only “I” in mind.

        • Louis Bertrand

          Too cynical a response. I am an Aristotle- Aquinas Via Media man, Robin. Political discourse has descended to the chest-beating Ape stage to the exclusion of the soberly rational.

          • Robin Prestwood

            Well said!

  • Louis Bertrand

    Normal political discourse. Kennedy Family typical pursuit of justice versus BIG everything in D.C. ruled by Power.

  • Seattle_bound

    Interesting how they give blanket immunity to all vaccines and only removed the mercury from a few, and Denmark/African study. Since he researches and reads “bullet proof” science, I think he should do research on what illness increased when fluoride was put in all water (and toothpaste) when it is not in many other countries, what happened to people working in and living near Plastic factories, and the EU studies on GMOs and why so many countries have banned them.

  • Deb Grif

    If Big Pharma is controlling all of this, where did Kennedy get his info. I would like to see sources. I want to read, do the research and come to my own conclusions. I am tired of being given info without sources to back it up and people trying to tell me what to think.

    From the CDC

    From Scientific American on Kennedy’s speech.

  • Louis Bertrand

    So delighted you dug up stuff to confuse. Woo Hoo

  • Louis Bertrand

    This topic has dumped us into the Trash Can. Obama and Sharia Law have nothing to do with RFK and Big Pharma. DROP THE THREAD OR I SHALL DELTE DISQUS. Thank you. l=L.B

  • Mary A Anderson

    I am not behind him on much anything, but this Republican is finally glad someone of importance will step up to the plate on this subject.

  • Tamaresque

    Sounds like Rob Kennedy Jr has joined the looney patrol!

  • Bob Mohilowski

    The most interesting remark to me is at 4:45, when Robert says – the pharmaceutical industry gives 5.4B yearly to the media! That is HUSH money so the public doesn’t find out any illegal activity from Big Pharma….5.4 BILLION A YEAR!!!

  • GullibleSkeptic

    I am now 76, When I was a Kid, all I got was a Smallpox Vaccine. Later in the 50’s when Polio was prevalent, I had the Salk Vaccine! and I made it all the way to 76. Are all those vaccines really needed?

    • jake101goodale

      Idk were antibiotics, surgery, washing your hands, ect really needed? After all a lot of people made it to old age back in the day. Was the smallpox vaccine even really needed? Only a 1/3 of people who got it died and a lot of people didn’t even get smallpox.
      The smallpox vaccine was pharmaceutical companies trying to make money.

  • Rich

    It’s easy to blame the pharmaceuticals but it’s really the politicians who cause this. Glad to see he’s a bit on board, but it’s his family that is responsible for much of it. We don’t need more power in the hands of the politicians, we need less. How does he think the problem can be solved.

  • Patricia n.

    How can Congress ever work for the people when it is bought and sold by lobbiests? It needs to change…perhaps the whole model needs to change!

    • HermitTalker

      Re-engineer flawed human nature OR Programme Robots to vote your way and destroy all contrary-engineered robots.

    • HermitTalker

      It’s a democratic republic regardless of who abuses either word overseas or here to pretend or grab power. This conversation is. Tiresome. Big time.
      Get Outlook for iOS

  • jake101goodale

    I stopped reading at “We continue to give it to them. The mercury has been taken out of three vaccines, but it remains in the flu vaccine, and it is still in vaccines all over the world. And it is the most potent neurotoxin known to man that is not radioactive.”

    If you do not understand there are many types of mercury, each with different biological effects, you are scientifically illiterate and have nothing to offer the discussion of vaccine safety.

  • Alex Knight
  • Ghislaine Coulon

    I am not familiar enough with can be done or not in the US but Bernie Sanders is pushing for an alternative to the current mess which nowadays is totally feasible. So, would it be possible to create a new source of safe vaccines, like the functional medicine and essential oils markets have created, self regulated by organic and safe standards to offer an alternative to the corrupt and dangerous conventional medicine in bed with big pharma. There is wealth of information out there to help us, people like John Bergman and Amy Myers, Dr Axe, The Truth About Cancer, do-Terra essential oils and many more are on it already. I have been on those since early 2016 due to autoimmune disorders and neuropathy not being dealt with nor understood by conventional medicine and even made worse with big pharma drugs. I have currently added to my regimen organic produce, reduced toxins in household products, pricey but all come out of my own pocket, selling anything from under my roof that I have not used for the past year to pay for it as I feel that my health is paramount, having almost pushed up daisies late 2015 and I figured that I will not take any of this material stuff when I meet my maker, so a big change in life’s priorities and doing so well on it !!! Forget about the FDA as they are in bed with big pharma and conventional medicine too. We need to create an alternative to the current unsustainable system and some of us have already taken the necessary steps in order to have a better standards of living in all aspects/sectors of life. Look at the new Constitution of Iceland, the Nordic Alliance and the cooperative business model for a start.

  • nrbrk


    While preparing for the independent vaccine research studies to begin, let’s remember that right now state laws are compelling children to be vaccinated with the very vaccines you’re questioning for being toxic.

    It’s time to put a nationwide moratorium on “mandatory vaccination”, and make vaccines only available for parents who really want them.

    Also, let’s affirm that Vaccine Religious Exemptions are a 1st Amendment “Freedom of Religion” right that cannot be legislated away. States have had them for decades. It’s an unalienable right that cannot be taken away. Protect religious freedom and religious exemptions in every state.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

    • HermitTalker

      AMEN. No Nanny State or Big Sister/Brother. Or Imposing Leftie anti-Natural Law agenda from USA or UN

  • nrbrk

    New Research Debunks CDC’s Assertion That the Mercury in Vaccines is Safe

    The study meticulously details identical toxicity pathways shared by both forms of mercury—ethyl and methyl:

    “Both ethyl and methyl mercury cause DNA damage or impair DNA synthesis (Burke et al. 2006; Sharpe et al. 2012; Wu et al. 2008)”…

    “This study is a nuclear bomb detonating over the CDC… it should be getting international, front page headlines.”

    — Boyd Haley, chairman emeritus of the University of Kentucky Chemistry Department

    • HermitTalker

      Thank you, good to know. Hope this gets global awareness.

  • AutismDadd

    This whole thread has been hijacked and discussion is about Obama.

  • Lee A Millington

    This goes along with the “New World Order” agenda, and depopulation, Trump will do nothing about it because he is part of the system. Washington is so corrupt it will take God to fix it, I didn’t even know until recently Washington DC is not even part of the Union, this why you will never see any true justice coming from them. But all this is part of Bible Prophecy, those who have studied it know what is coming.