Ron Paul: US Democracy Is Dead

Ron Paul announces that US democracy is dead

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul has said that democracy in the U.S. is effectively dead, saying that having to choose between Trump and Clinton amounts to no real choice.

Speaking on MCNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, Ron Paul said “This country, we do not really have democracy. I mean, even if we were really, really super happy with the Libertarian candidate, you think they’d get into the debates? No, the debates are run by the Republicans and Democrats“. reports:

Republicans and Democrats would “find a way of excluding them,” Paul said, and it would not likely happen “unless you’re a billionaire and can put enough pressure, and the media capitulate and say, hey, maybe we ought to talk to a third-party candidate.”

“Overall, foreign policy won’t change with either party in a significant manner.

Spending is going to continue.

Government intervention of the Federal Reserve is going to keep manipulating interest rates, and never facing up to the fact that this country has lived way beyond its means.

And the debt is incomprehensible and all we know is it’s going to grow and grow,” said Paul, who mounted an unsuccessful bid for the GOP nomination in 2012.

“And I think the fighting, the personal fighting is a distraction from the real issue, which is personal liberty and the bankruptcy of this country and the failure of our foreign policy.”

  • Djago

    Old news, we have know`n that for ever, ever sinse the constitution flipped over by the zionists

  • Dan Jones

    The vote hasn’t counted since Woodrow Wilson…. All Presidents have moved us to the left, however they did it in various degrees… Democrats HARD LEFT…. Republicans a little to the right then way back left…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

    • American

      Not so fast. Wilson gave us the federal reserve and the irs. Both done in the dead of night when no one was around to vote NO!

      • Dan Jones

        Lol, my bad 🙂

  • Ranger

    I have absolutely no respect for the coward Ron Paul anymore! He was called into the Federal Reserve Building for breakfast with Ben Bernanke while he was campaigning, and the same morning he announced he wouldn’t be participating in any more caucuses. He was ordered to shut his mouth about the Federal Reserve in his speeches, and he obeyed their order to secure a seat for his little boy back-stabber Rand.

    A lot of good this mealy mouthed old man did for decades in the House. Just as today, he talks but nothing comes from it.

    • justin stark

      He’s a Freemason.

  • jerry

    ZOG is the USA

  • zeph

    Thanks for ripping us on contributions and handing your fake campaign to zionists. Good luck with your lousy stansbury shit. Phony bastard.

    • Johnny Kay

      “Stansbury”? Could you explain that reference?

  • James

    Ron Paul always was a Roman Catholic shill. You can tell who they are because all the worlds problems are blamed on “zionists”, when it is the Vatican that runs the US. The Supreme Court is packed with papists. You have Roman shills like our VP, Kerry, pelosi etc. not to mention the knight of Malta pat Buchanan who is all over MSM.

  • Dot

    America lost Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression. The place has been a cesspool ever since.
    “A Republic if you can keep it.”

    • Ray

      We didn’t keep it , we lost it and turned into a democracy. Just another word for communism.

      • QuestioningIntent


        I am not from the U.S. and no little about this part of U.S. history. Rather than study War of Northern Aggression in its entirety, which I may not have the opportunity to do, can you point me what I can read that supports what you are stating in summary?

        • justin stark

          Don’t bother, if you’re that lazy.

  • Robert Dunn

    In no way, shape, or form can the foreign policy agendas of Hillary and Donald be equated!! In the same way, neither can their campaigns! One is bought and the other is not! One has declared noninterventionism and the other is New World Order all the way! One wants America first the other wants Israel first and ONLY!

  • justin stark

    His speech patterns, alone, tell you he’s lying; he can’t get through a single sentence without
    stumbling all over himself. Hearing him ‘live’ is much, much different from reading a transcript.

  • ezwip

    “saying that having to choose between Trump and Clinton amounts to no real choice”

    Funny at what part of the video did he say that again?

  • TKList

    Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party is the only choice.

  • Fuck Ron Paul

    Fuck Ron Paul, you obvious piece of shit NWO motherfucker!


    Well Ron, actually , we are NOT a DEMOCRACY, we are a Constitutional Republic … I do think Ron knows this . Yes Ron there are many facts that most fail to see , including EVEN many Republicans and some so called Conservatives … WAKIE WAKIE……… What you accept, without research shall bring your own downfall… Every citizen of the Planet must wake up, get fully educated the best way they can and to do the necessary research should you want to ever have hope in bringing down the DEEP STATE, the NWO, and the satanist ILLUMINATI.. It has already started, but we need aware citizens of the Planet in every Nation to bring about the needed changes. If you can, that would be great… do something useful and learn and be aware.. the info is out there to make the needed changes. Aumm Shanti . A Conservative Constitutionalist from America .. we are all Planetary Citizens and all in this together.. Help eliminate evil everywhere, and do what you can to educate others and make it happen… Not much time left … get to work Yo ! POR FAVOR, Con la gracia de Dio… C’est le momente pour tous ! Shei Shei , et bonne soir a tous. should you agree with me, friend me on Fascistic Book. Should you hate me or want to troll me and rip me a new one due to your own ignorance of the facts , or just plain hate, fine… one day, you SHALL Awaken to reality .. the time is now coming that we all go thru the most extreme awakening ever.. from now into 2018 .. things are changing very fast, the forces of light, of the White Hats Are now full on the road to destroying absolute evil on this Planet , so be aware, do your research from many sources and find quickly which side you are on fast, the forces of light or the forces of eveil and darkness.. I believe in SOURCE, the Supreme Creator, I follow no organized or disorganize or fake religion but I no know at my long experience on this Planet thru years and years of research that a major change is coming … and you and your families and friends must be fully prepared and react quickly to do what you need to for your own protection and for that of your family and friends.. it is quick approaching , so it would be best to wake up real damn fast and be ready for the ultimate test, the most extreme testing you have ever faced. Are you up to it , are you ready , can you be trained enough to prevent the most evil things to soon descend upon our Nation ? Can you, can you, can you , can you ? If not , it is time , RIGHT NOW, NOW to be fully prepared…