Lord Rothschild Vows To Destroy Bitcoin – Launches ‘FedCoin’

Lord Rothschild launched FedCoin in a bid to destroy Bitcoin

Lord Rothschild has announced plans to launch a government-approved cryptocurrency called ‘FedCoin’ which he says will completely destroy the threat Bitcoin poses to the US dollar. 

The Rothschild-controlled Federal Reserve claims that the new FedCoin will see the end of other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum – and will allow the US government to better control and regulate the digital currency market.

Theeconomiccollapseblog.com reports: Just a few days ago I warned that global central banks could eventually try to take control of the cryptocurrency phenomenon, and so I was deeply alarmed to see the Post publish this sort of an article. We want cryptocurrencies to stay completely independent, and we definitely do not want the Federal Reserve and other global central banks to start creating their own versions. Because of course once they create their own versions they will want to start restricting the use of any competitors.

The one thing that could derail the cryptocurrency revolution faster than anything else would be interference by national governments or global central banks. Unfortunately, now that Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are getting so much attention, it is inevitable that the powers that be will make a move.

On Monday, the Washington Post published an opinion piece by Professor Campbell R. Harvey of Duke University that was entitled “Bitcoin is big. But fedcoin is bigger.” These days, there is an agenda behind virtually everything that the Washington Post publishes, and so it is not just a coincidence that they have published an article with “fedcoin” in the title. Here is how that article begins

Over the past few weeks, investors have been flocking to bitcoin, the digital currency whose value has soared by about 2,000 percent in the past year alone. And while many economists are cautioning against excitement about bitcoin — which is caught up in what may be one of the biggest speculative bubbles in history — it’s important to note just how revolutionary the technology may be.

Indeed, the technology underlying bitcoin could fundamentally change the way we think of money.

Professor Harvey goes on to explain that it is “only a matter of time before paper money is phased out”, and that some version of “fedcoin” is inevitable.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The Federal Reserve and other global central banks could just leave us alone and allow us to create our own currencies. The cryptocurrency revolution is moving along just fine, and there is no need for any sort of interference.

But I have a feeling that the powers that be will eventually manufacture some sort of a “cryptocurrency crisis” if one does not happen naturally. In the aftermath, they will attempt to introduce some version of “fedcoin”, and many in the general public will be very thankful for the “solution” that the government has provided.

And that day may be closer than we think. In fact, the U.S. government has already invested millions into cryptocurrency research

To add fuel to the fire, the U.S. government has been rigorously studying Bitcoin for about two years now… and instead of fighting Bitcoin, the Feds seem poised to wipe out the U.S. dollar by creating their own digital currency.

The National Science Foundation, a U.S. government agency that supports and funds research… has awarded $3 million to three U.S. universities for wide-ranging cryptocurrency research.

Cornell, the University of Maryland and the University of California Berkeley will focus on developing new cryptocurrency systems that, according to principal investigator Elaine Shi, will address “pain points” attributed to Bitcoin and other existing networks.

The Federal Reserve is far from alone. Other global central banks are doing their own research, and the Bank for International Settlements says that “all central banks” may eventually need their own cryptocurrencies. The following comes from CNBC

Central banks may one day need to issue their own cryptocurrencies, the Bank for International Settlements said in its latest quarterly review.

“Whether or not a central bank should provide a digital alternative to cash is most pressing in countries, such as Sweden, where cash usage is rapidly declining,” the Sunday report said. “But all central banks may eventually have to decide whether issuing retail or wholesale [central bank cryptocurrencies] makes sense in their own context.”

This is going to be a critical phase for the cryptocurrency revolution, because the people of the world are going to have to make it exceedingly clear that they do not want central bank cryptocurrencies.

Central bank cryptocurrencies would simply be an extension of the current debt-based system that is systematically enslaving humanity. The thing that makes cryptocurrencies so great is the fact that they are not debt-based and they are allowing humanity to express independence from the current system.

As existing fiat currencies fail, we want there to be independent cryptocurrencies that people can use as an alternative. And we don’t have to just imagine what that would look like. In fact, it is already happening in Venezuela…

But in Venezuela, the collapse of the bolivar has forced locals to turn to alternatives like bitcoin and local community-issued currencies with fixed exchange rates. The rapid erosion of the bolivar’s value made everyday transactions like buying groceries and paying cabbies untenable – customers had to pay with large, cumbersome stacks of bolivars that were difficult to transport.

Patricia Laya, a Venezuela-based reporter, tweeted a photo of the 5,000 bolivars – the maximum amount – she was able to withdraw from an ATM in Caracas. They’re worth around $0.05. Laya stated that she had waited 20 minutes in line to obtain $0.05 in hyperinflated currency worth little to no value, according to CCN.

Even though bitcoin transactions can take hours – even days – to settle, local merchants have readily embraced the digital currency.

This is a revolution that has the potential to completely change the global financial system, but I have a feeling that global central banks will never let it get that far. The current system funnels literally trillions of dollars to the very top of the food chain, and the elite are going to jealously guard their golden goose.

  • clarioncaller

    All of these cryptocurrencies suck way too much energy and value to effect a transaction.

    • http://futayuriverse.com/ Delicious Vodka DeBlair


      • Christian Thomas

        Bitcoin mining is using the same amount of electricity as Ireland.

    • Joseph Montes

      Bitcoin is old technology already. There already is bigger better faster more efficient very little energy sucking Cryptocurrency out. It’s not about being a currency it’s about being a technology and technology is going now where. Look up Ethereum, Vergecoin, ripplecoin.

  • Steve S

    One step closer to a global currency. Resist all forms of electronic fiat currency. If you want a new form of money create one backed by gold or silver.

    • Andy C

      Usery free at that.

    • Dil Mohammad

      Exactly…God’s law v/s satan’s law

      • all in all


        • Dil Mohammad

          Pure lies….

          • Oligio Pasquale

            All in All is correct, We all know that allah is satan. and Muhhumad is of the lineage of Ishmael. Google it or ask any muslim cleric. These are simple facts

          • Dil Mohammad

            Absolutely false, but you are satan…., so for you your beliefs and for me my beliefs…

  • http://futayuriverse.com/ Delicious Vodka DeBlair

    The beast will control humanity when it has a perfect, unassailable one world currency.

    Granted, it may not technically achieve true global dominance, but it will surely reach the 80% saturation rate.

    • Andy C

      It pretty much has global dominance. The UN is its one world government (they have banks (IMF, BIS), various ‘humanitarian’ depts, its own army), they have 193 countries signed up. Pretty much only the Vatican and Palestine are not members.

      • Joseph Montes

        Blockchain technology is here to release from the chains of control. We will be the bank. Your so controlled they have you believe that if they lose control all chaos will break loose. Let’s see if that’s true. I don’t think it will be that way.

        • Andy C

          No they don’t. They have you so controlled that you think doing what they want will be against them.
          They announce a drive for a world digital currency, a little later an independent announces ‘safe digital currency’, puts together an ‘unbreakable’ proposition that is controlled by technology.
          And you think that is against globalisation by collectivist oligarchs who made currency into a world of exponential debt.

          I’m not buying there is a global digital currency to free us from a global digital currency.

          • Dil Mohammad

            Dear, till these demons control power, we will not be free by using their satanic systems…

          • Andy C

            I presume that is meant to mean “using block chain crypto currency is freedom from fiat currency” Except it isn’t. Its getting people off physical currency/money and onto digital non-existent electrical dependant currency.
            Arguing for that, is to help them to construct smart city gulags. If you are for that, no matter how sweetly you conceal that poison, then you are for them and against the larger part of humanity. All races and creeds.

            There are solutions to money that are not digital. But instead of learning about those and promoting them,pro-crypto pro -smart cities types are pushing the globalist agenda whilst presenting a picture full of minutia about how they are something else.
            Try the bradbury pound, the american greenback or the reichmark.
            Those free us.

            “Dear, till these demons control power, we will not be free by using their satanic systems”
            But if I take your words literal, you believe demons need to be in control for you to be free. Freudian slip of the tongue?

            Oh and, re the first, since both seem to believe, who is “we will be your bank” “we will free you”; banks don’t free people they make slaves of people. I am not buying that line.

          • Dil Mohammad

            Dear, only eschatology can best explain to us the reality of the world today, providing the necessary solutions…and I invite you to listen to the honourable expert scholar in the subject, Sheik Imran Hosein…

          • Andy C

            Long and short there are options that do free us, without giving wins to the central banking cartels, or the UN digital communist drive. You both want to give wins to both, under the auspice that its good for me.

    • Dil Mohammad

      That’s it….these devils will control from Jerusalem….

  • Michael Hendrickson

    The reason that they are called CRYPTO is they can be traded without being tracked and taxed by the central banks government agencies. Otherwise it is just a digital fiat currency.

  • Andy C

    Rothschild promotes hegelian dialect/controlled opposition stratagem to drive people to one world digital currency that they can no longer be easily studied to reveal usury, and other scams because of the AI and crypto involved.

  • http://watchalliance.store Avaruuskadetti Wespa

    Hahahaha 😀 He will buy like 1 000 000 000 000 coins himself and others will buy like 1 000 coins and he will cry like a baby. 😀 Bitcoins and others will prevail. There can’t be takeover, no time for that, too late and no money can win people’s will for new coming of the new era! 🙂

    Sorry to say but this old Rotten Child is too old for the new game! 😀 Monopoly is too old game for the new era! 🙂 All good for you sir, you can try but you are like that two mouses trying take over the world. Your rules are so old for the game, you can go like to the future or to the past, but you will still fail cos you are out of control. We are all one and we are free.

  • Watchman for Truth

    Why hasn’t anyone taken this psychopath out yet? Bring his head and be rewarded in the millions!

  • Gyre

    FedCoin. LOL. I hope he loses his skinny ass on that dog.