Rupert Murdoch’s Vice Magazine Attacks Conspiracy Theorists

Rupert Murdoch's Vice magazine publishes hit piece on conspiracies and conspiracy theorists

Rupert Murdoch owned publication, Vice magazine, has launched a war against conspiracy theorists in its latest issue this April 2016. 

According to Vice, a former conspiracy theorist who claims the world of conspiracies is a big “cult”, represents the entire world of alternative media which they say needs to be shut down.

Stephanie Wittschier told Vice Magazine that “truthers” (or conspiracy theorists) are dangerous nazi’s who want to lure people into joining their dangerous cult.

According to the hit-piece:

The 35-year-old German was deep into the conspiracy theory scene for years before she dropped out, turning her attention to educating outsiders about the sinister truth behind Third Reich truthers and “chemmies” a.k.a people who believe the government is dumping toxic agents in plane vapor trails. Now she and her husband, Kai, run a Facebook page and Twitter account called Die lockere Schraube (“The Loose Screw”). And they’ve since incurred the wrath of their former conspiracy colleagues.

Wittschier’s journey into the world of conspiracy theories began when she watched a documentary about the alleged inconsistencies in the 9/11 attacks. “Immediately afterwards she went online and googled ‘conspiracy’ and ‘9/11,'” Kai told Broadly. Wittschier got hooked. “She started to talk about elites, the Illuminati… At a certain point it stopped being fun, as it became impossible to talk to her. She stopped listening and seemed closed off to any reasonable discussion.”

On the internet, Wittschier found people who shared her convictions. “That’s how it was,” she writes via email. “Back then, I had a friend who was into the same ideological conspiracy [stuff] and we got along pretty well. We believed in the same stuff, browsed the same forums, we used to talk about all sorts of things and most of the time we shared the same opinion.” Wittschier felt accepted among these like-minded people, who would ridicule outsiders’ attempts to re-educate them: “Those people [with different opinions] are representatives of the system or get paid; so-called sheep, people who don’t think.”

At the height of her obsession—especially when it came to chemtrails—Wittschier was part of various groups on Facebook, participated in a forum called Allmystery, and was active on YouTube. But in August 2012, her best friend in the conspiracy world started to question and oppose certain theories, and began the slow process of dissociating herself from the world she shared with Wittschier.

Wittschier spent months questioning the conspiracy theories and she began doing her research for the first time: “At a certain point I started thinking: Gosh, my best friend was totally right. I was shocked. That’s the moment you realize that you have invested all that time and money just to make a complete fool of yourself. It was awful. I felt ashamed, like a total prat. I just wanted to crawl into a hole. I thought about my family, my sister and my husband und all the things I told them.”

Vice is no stranger to being the subject of conspiracy theories itself when in 1994 it mysteriously published an article showing a cartoon of Beavis & Butthead dressed as Al Qaeda operatives flying planes into the twin towers. A scene eerily similar to the 9/11 attacks some 7 years later.

The Vice article goes onto claim that Truthers/conspiracy theorists/cult members are putting people in danger by trying to expose the truth about world events:

According to Wittschier, the issue goes beyond chemtrailers who threaten the press and any former believers. “With hindsight, it was like a cult,” she said. “At first it was very exciting to know secrets that others don’t, and to be able to educate others. They were a close community with rules, hierarchies and so on. It wasn’t until I swung around I realized the pressure they were exerting at the same time—people with different views were, in my opinion, aggresively and systematically attacked and were blocked or deleted within minutes. I was put under observation and everything I did online got recorded, collected, and noted. I can see a lot of similarities to cults like Scientology. For me they are one and the same thing.”

Stepahnie Wittschier claims to have firsthand knowledge of how deadly serious some of them are about their often-ridiculed fears. “At a certain point you come upon things that make you think Are you serious? Some conspiracy ideologists say that they want to die because they can’t take it any more—announced suicides. On his wall, one of them even appealed to the Illuminati to finally kill him. That beats everything. That’s not even an opinion anymore. because they’re putting themselves and others in danger. There are just some seriously crazy people in that scene who are not just peacefully expressing their beliefs.”

  • and

    Yeah, jet feul melts steel beams , bushes read books upside down , bin ladens can fly anywhere anytime , the liberty was a mistake , MLK fell on his own sword , hastings and mercedes have been a historically documented bad combination , its what killed the dino’s dont ya know .
    one does wonder where all the barium and aluminum in our soils came from ,, couldn’t be fly ash from coal fired plants cause there’s specific dumps for that toxic aluminum and barium filled garbage.
    Sheesh , keep this up and I’ll have to believe weed is from the devil , cigarettes and booze are harmless and jebus isnt an alien .

    • Morpheus

      “Yeah, jet feul melts steel beams…”

      Jet fuel didn’t melt the steel supports inside any of the WTC Buildings, as that appears to be what you are referring to; the conspiracy theorist’s, white supremacist’s &, bare minimum, ‘white supremacist shill’s’…like you, assumed that they did; bc, you don’t have the minimum number of necessary and properly working brain cells. Moron.

      The jet fuel, from those planes, fed the flames, along with all of the, other, burnable materials, plastic, wood, etc., and the enclosed spaces of those Buildings, while letting enough air in, kept the heat in and that turned up the temperatures, turning the structural integrity of those steel beams into something similar to the structural integrity of, something like, ‘silly putty’…

      So, why do you support white supremacy?

  • Anna

    yup….they will brainwash anyone listening now that conspirators should get ostracized, treated for insanity, that they are dangerous maniacs who threaten establishment (official lie) which keep everyone under control of fear…poor thing, she suffered so badly…it must have been petrifying to open her eyes!, suddenly she realized she was controlled by fear, carefully manipulated, and she didn’t like it… wonders how effectively they reached her to start denying scientifically proven facts of chemtrail pollution, the effects it has on human health, the experiments on populations that governments admitted….c’mon! how stupid do you have to be to believe her ‘official story-line’….what is she getting out of it? freedom from consequences?, life in peace? cash? you have to have your head about you to check every source possible! alternative or not, don’t be fool and don’t believe one soapy story of a ‘convert’….

    • Morpheus

      “yup….they will brainwash anyone listening now that conspirators should get ostracized, treated for insanity, that they are dangerous maniacs who threaten establishment (official lie)…”

      So, why do you support white supremacy?

  • Btown

    So……if someone wants to die because they can’t afford a designer dress, does that mean the dress doesn’t exist?

    • Morpheus

      @Bt: “…as if there was no traceable history Of the Vatican, Knights Templar, or Priory de Sion without them.”

      She didn’t say that all conspiracy theories are FAKE. Moron.

      The vast majority of all conspiracy theories, in fact, a good 90% of them, do contain about 8 – 15% factual information. Out of the remaining 10%…9% contains about 15 – 35% factual information. And that last & highly coveted 1% contains up to 50% factual information; a sparse portion of it containing more than 50% factual information.

      At the very least, the vast majority of the shit that you, say that you, believe in is FAKE.

      Damned near all of it is based on a combination of bigotries, of one form and/or another, conjecture & speculation and various forms of stupid, in particularly gullibility and naivete.

      Unless your a trolling little whore, take your med’s & don’t breed, Cletus.

      • Btown

        woah, not nice. thats ok. you be you. firstly, i don’t pretend to know any statistics about how many conspiracy theories their are, and what percentage thereof are true. I am far from bigoted, and i am very careful not to pretend that i have the all seeing eye that can speak as factually as you just did, regarding things you will never know for sure. National Security and SECRET Service means you are not informed, and neither am I. Repetition of mass media doesn’t make news accurate, and neither does wild speculation either. Some things are able to be ascertained and likely. Other than that, you can report what was said, what appeared to have happened, where flows of money go, and what appears to be the ulterior or transparent motive, etc. Now, more importantly, why so mad? Anger will get you nowhere in life. As far as bigotry goes, I have never cheered for any side based on any criteria that has to do with race, religion, size, shape, etc.

        • Morpheus

          @Bt: “woah, not nice.”

          Not that it matters, as how nice, mean, etc., something is has no effect, whatsoever, on how, in what way(s), whether or not, etc., something is true; still, I can’t help but wonder why, you, apparently, think, it does:

          What is it, about what I said, that is not nice and why do you think it matters?? What is it about that…that is, at least, important enough to even bring it up!?

          Or are you merely trolling? Are you stupid? Perhaps both.

          “thats ok. you be you.”

          You’re welcome!

          “firstly, i don’t pretend to know any statistics about how many conspiracy theories there are, and what percentage thereof are true.”

          Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m just smarter, and I’ve obviously done more research, than you.

          Don’t worry. You’ll get over it.

          “I am far from bigoted, ..”

          One does not have to be bigoted, such as based on the atypical demograghics of race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, disability, gender & sexual preference, to support bigotry. Ppl often think that they can still support bigotry based on non-typical demographics of geography, culture, politics, gov’t, career, society, etc., and not be considered a bigot. They are stupid and wrong. So, one can support specific ideological dogma’s & philosophies, religious & non-religious, that are not, necessarily, bigoted, at least on the atypical demographics, in & of themselves & yet are still supportive of bigotry, a, specific, bigoted ideology, such as white supremacy, etc. These, consistently, always consist of idea’s that are also supported by those that are bigots, based on the atypical demographics. They, like you, do this perhaps even from the point of view that what they are not fear, hate, scare, rumor & smear mongering about, the bigotry, based on the atypical demographics, and the conspiracy theorist’s that support those diarrhetic fantasies, is not a threat; or is one that is of far less importance than that of what they are fear, hate, scare, rumor & smear mongering about.

          It happens quite endlessly with the conspiracy theorist’s that are not white supremacist themselves; but, they still go nuts about `evil gubment`, which consists of things about gov’t, in general, and about federal gov’t, specifically, and about our Federal Gov’t, in particularly.

          White supremacy believes in the same shit about…`evil gubment`. And that’s how non-white supremacist conspiracy theorist’s are still, bare minimum, “white supremacist shill’s”.

          “and i am very careful not to pretend that i have the all seeing eye…”

          You actually have to be `careful`, to make sure that you don’t do that…

          Again: Are you trolling? Are you stupid?

          Maybe I am special; I don’t even try, to be careful, to make sure that I don’t do that; I just don’t do it.

          I’ve actually done the research. I’ve read the books. I’ve talked to lots of ppl. I’ve been back & forth across the internet, watching videos, reading blogs, forums, message boards, etc., more times than I care to remember.

          While most, not all, conspiracy theories do have at least a basic, bare minimum, amount of truth contained within them, literally, the vast majority of all conspiracy theories have nothing more than that; bc, that’s all that they have!

          Which means that the vast majority of all conspiracy theories are…almost…entirely absolute bullsh!t

          “National Security and SECRET Service means you are not informed, and neither am I.”

          Well, that’s quite an obvious lie; perhaps you were drunk and/or high and/otherwise impaired when you typed up this drivel…

          In any case, the very word “secret”, quite, heavily implies, & really means, that having, being in possesion of, that information makes one, in some context, more informed than someone that does not have that.

          You are just completely wrong about that alone. Sad really.

          “Repetition of mass media doesn’t make news accurate, ..”

          True. But no one ever said that it did. Either.

          Perhaps you are dumb enough to believe that anyone does believe that… If you do…believe that, ..well, that’s not evidence that you are trolling. That is, however, evidence that you are stupid.

          “…and neither does wild speculation either.”

          That’s true. I find it quite interesting that a person, anyone, you are a pretty good example, that defends conspiracy theories, in most any context, would bring that up. The vast majority of all conspiracy theorist’s never use anything other than that to defend their diarrhetic fantasies & their own credibility once they have soiled it so, by showing a belief in & support for those diarrhetic fantasies.

          Specifically, they never use anything that even slightly resembles real evidence; i.e., they never use credible, legitimate & quantifiable, peer-reviewed & scientifically validated, evidence to even show that their idea(s), at least, have merit, let alone to show that what to be true is actually true!

          I am finding this conversation to be quite comical; do you do children’s parties?

          “Some things are able to be ascertained and likely. Other than that…”

          Making assumptions, assertions & coming to conclusions without real evidence is exactly what Trump, AJ, Icke, Williams, Manning, McKinney, Kapner, Burros, etc., have all done in an effort to show their love & support for & belief in things that are not real.

          These things are NOT real; at all! Which proves that these ppl are the modern day version of the circus freak.

          “Now, more importantly, why so mad? …”


          Take your med’s, don’t breed and get back into your padded cell, Mister Kaczynski; Doctor Thorazine will be with you shortly!

          “As far as bigotry goes, I have never cheered for any side based on any criteria that has to do with race, religion, size, shape, etc.”

          Yea, except in this conversation; unless, of course, you are just trolling…

          • Btown

            so, what was said that was bigoted? i really don’t understand exactly what your worlds view is. i know you enjoy calling people stupid, and med-needy. that is about it. I read a lot myself, not “conspiracy” books. History. I’ll read anything i find from the 1700’s 1800’s etc. i have absolutely no interest in Alex Jones. For that matter, I prefer to learn than argue. which is why i’ll keep this comment brief. its not really a conversation.

          • Morpheus

            “so, what was said that was bigoted?”

            I didn’t notice anything that you said that was bigoted specifically and I didn’t say that I did…about anything that you said.

            Have you actually bothered to read my responses to you? And, ..if…you have, is/are your argument(s) for why you support conspiracy theories & the bigotries that they contain really so flimsy and pathetic that you are forced to respond in a manner that proves that you have taken me & my comments so wildly & unmistakably out of context that you can’t, reasonably, respond in a manner that allows you to defend yourself, your idea’s & opinion’s…or are you merely trolling?

            The idea that you are merely trolling & are responding like a developmentally stunted child is, honestly, the only, legitimate, defense that, I can see that, you actually have.

            Good luck with whatever, else, that you spew. But, you have painted yourself into an excruciatingly tight corner here. And you did that yourself.

            “i really don’t understand exactly what your worlds view is.”

            My world view is one that is based on factual information, critical thinking, logic, reason & common sense, backed up by reasonable assertions, logical assumptions & sound conclusions.

            You seem to be trying to blame me for your inability, lack of desire, motivation, etc., to be someone who, legitimately, at least tries to make an honest attempt to understand reality as it really is.

            Interesting FAIL.

            “i know you enjoy calling people stupid, and med-needy. that is about it.”

            Well, you’re the one behaving like an idiot; yea, clearly that’s my fault…

            “I read a lot myself, not “conspiracy” books.”

            That remains to be seen.

            “… i have absolutely no interest in Alex Jones.”

            AJ is just an example. And that, also, remains to be seen, too. What circus freaks do you put stock in?

            “For that matter, I prefer to learn than argue. which is why i’ll keep this comment brief. its not really a conversation.”

            Well, you haven’t actually tried to defend whatever you, say, imply, etc., that you, believe in.

            You’re welcome!

          • Btown

            Truth is stranger than fiction. You are welcome as well

          • Morpheus

            @Bt: “Truth is stranger than fiction. You are welcome as well”

            Nice FAIL. Moron.

          • Btown

            Nice all caps. Your point is really emphasized. Too bad no one cares

          • Morpheus

            “Nice all caps. …”


            Hmm. Another FAIL. Moron.

          • Morpheus


            I proved you to be a supporter of white supremacy. You should be thanking me; I did you a huge favor!

          • Btown

            Youre not even fit to recognize black pepper. Much less white supremacy

          • Morpheus

            I recognized you…didn’t I, David Duke?!

            Nice FAIL. Moron.