Russell Brand: Exposed As Government Agent?

Even the most ardent fans of comedian and commentator Russell Brand have, in the last few days, after his interviews with various high-profile MPs in the run-up to the UK elections, are starting to get suspicious about his actions, behaviour and motives.

Some are saying he’s a shill or a government agent. Others are going further, suggesting he’s a puppet working for the elite or, even worse, a satanist. Wasn’t he dating Jemima Goldsmith only last September? Hmmm. Just sayin’. What do you reckon?

Max Resistance reports:

Just your average gatekeeping, satanic, NWO, Rothschild, Fabian Socialist agent…

Russell Brand who is currently courting the Rothschilds / Goldsmith family agenda and relative. He has been put in place to control and brainwash the youth into believing the rich do care.

Brand believes ‘profit is filthy word’ and insists that he favours ‘a socialist egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth.

The new Messiah who promotes “Do As Thou Will”, with a colored past and questionable present, offering moral degradation for the future. He is the Brand and the example for our children to follow.

Sounds great on the surface, question is “Whats in it for HIM”? We can only imagine.

Click on the Max Resistance link above to see a video and further articles on the subject.



Jacqui Deevoy

Jacqui Deevoy

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Jacqui Deevoy
  • doomed

    Yeah I think the quality of the site you’ve linked to speak volumes about those posting on it.

    So much no news is news these days. You cannot win with the tinfoil hat brigade, if you’re one of the bad guys you’re doomed, if you’re one of the good guys you’re doomed because they’ll make you into a bad guy.

    I say we should save the planet. kill all humans. It’s the only solution that will solve all the questions. I for one sure as hell aint holding my breathe for the majority of mankind to develop any intelligent that’s for sure.

  • marc

    this is ridiculous.
    this is mis-information at its worse.
    this is a classic case of someone trying to dis-credit a good intentioned person.
    if anyone believes this story, then its ok, coz they are not smart enough to know right from wrong anyway.
    there is absolutely nothing that Russel Grant speaks about that could be even vaguely supporting a nasty agenda.