Russia Claim FlyDubai Plane Was Shot Down By US Missiles

Russia say FlyDubai plane crash was brought down by U.S. missiles

Russia have turned over the investigation of the FlyDubai Flight 981 crash over to The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (SLEDKOM) – saying that they are now treating the incident as “criminal” after evidence emerged that the plane might have been shot down by two American missiles.

According to the Federal Security Service – video surveillance tapes prove that two shoulder missiles of American origin were fired shortly before the plane attempted to land. reports:

According to this report, SLEDKOM is the main federal investigating authority in Russia answerable to President Putin—and whose director, Alexander Bastrykin, took the lead in the investigation of this crash over the Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) and Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) who were initially tasked with it, and due to a number of “shocking discoveries” that were made involving this horrific tragedy that killed 62.

Among the first of these “shocking discoveries” made, this report continues, was that among the dead from this crash was a “high level” American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official traveling on a forged British passport using the name Larisa Allen, and that this plane was carrying US$27 million in cash.

As to what caused this plane to explode and leave a debris field of over 1.7 kilometers (1 mile), FSB analysts in this report state, was due to its being struck by two FIM-92 Stinger shoulder fired infrared homing surface-to-air missiles while it was in the process of landing—and which were identified by the unique “chemical signature” of the high-explosive used in them.

Though these missiles are made by the American defense giant Raytheon, this report continues explaining, the high-explosive used in the attack upon FlyDubai Flight 981 has been traced to the Turkish weapons manufacturer and defense contractor Roketsan which manufactures these Stinger shoulder fired missiles under a license granted to them by the European multinational defense giant Airbus Group.

The “combat sophistication” of this missile attack against FlyDubai Flight 981 is, also, to be noted, this report says, due to this plane being “nearly simultaneously” struck in its left wing section (which caused the main jet fuel explosion) and rear galley section where the flight recorders for this type aircraft are situated—and which left these flight recorders so damaged, IAC investigators say it will be over a month to retrieve their data, if at all.

To the “motivational terror actors” behind this attack, this report continues, it appears to be Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko—both of whom have publically voiced their extreme hatred of Russia, and after their 9 March meeting in Ankara to form their “Black Sea Axis” against the Federation, the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) noted a US$7 million bank transfer from Poroshenko to Erdoğan that was followed by the loading onto Poroshenko’s plane of 5 “heavily shielded” crates whose contents were not able to be determined—but could very well have contained these FIM-92 Stinger missiles made by Roketsan used to destroy FlyDubai Flight 981.

As to why Poroshenko would want to attack Russia in such a vile manner, this report says, was, most likely, his attempt to “change/misdirect” the trial outcome for Ukrainian “spy/terrorist” Nadiya (Nadezhda) Savchenko—but who, in spite of the deliberate downing of FlyDubai Flight 981, earlier today was found guilty of murdering two Russian journalists in 2014.

As we had previously noted about this Ukrainian terrorist murder Savchenko back in January, the FSB had used in the trial to convict her numerous “beyond top secret” emails obtained by Russian intelligence analysts from the unsecured computer of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

This report concludes by noting that the FSB is, also, investigating other “terror scenarios” for SLEDKOM involving this tragedy, including its link to the Islamic State, Western governments and organized crime elements, all of whom in the past have shown little to no regard for human life.

  • Dan Jones

    Okay lets say it was… how many RUSSIAN weapons have been used by countries to kill people???

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark.

    • Anti

      MMM well it appears hardly any compared to the thousands supplied by USA, after all it is the USA biggest and ONLY export now..USA makes nothing other than war weapons, all the rest has been pushed over to China for the cheap labour and fat profits, it doesnt matter there are no decent jobs left in Murika anylonger, the top lot dont care,as always with USA its money money money…

  • Dan Sheppard

    I totally agree that it was struck by a surface to air shoulder mounted AA missile, but disagree with where it struck the aircraft. The evidence we can speculate on so far is that the 737 lost surface controls (the ability to turn and move). If the wing/engine was struck, there would of been no catastrophic deviation in altitude.The missile hit the tail exhaust and severed the hydraulics/actuators, to all rear control surfaces.
    This push the nose up as the wing flaps in landing position were now acting as the control surface, caused the sudden incline, which lead to the stall, of which the aircraft then began to plummet to the ground. You can see the captain attempt to pull out of the dive, but since the only control surfaces he had at his disposal now working were the ailerons, he could only manage a soft turn banking left just before hitting the ground.