Russia: Edward Snowden Is A Russian Agent

The Kremlin have admitted that Edward Snowden is a Russian agent for the FSB – Russia’s domestic intelligence agency. 

Despite Snowden and his representatives repeatedly insisting that he is not a Russian spy, his relationship with the Kremlin has come under close scrutiny recently and has subsequently revealed his close ties and allegiance with the Russian security services. reports:

Since Wikileaks itself is now more or less openly a front for the Kremlin, with its head Julian Assange mouthing pro-Putin propaganda with increasing frequency, there’s no reason to take its claims about Snowden seriously – particularly given Assange’s admitted role in getting the American to Moscow in the first place.

Nobody I know in Western intelligence circles believes any of these claims of Snowden’s innocence. If he has not collaborated with Russia’s special services, he would be the very first defector since 1917 not to do so. There are no indications that Vladimir Putin, who publicly called Snowden a “strange guy” and is not known for giving anything away for free, is that charitable.

Snowden’s relationship with Russian intelligence was in the public eye recently when the issue arose during the Bundestag’s NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss. Last month, Hans-Georg Maassen, the BfV President, created a stir when he explained that, in reality, Snowden is very likely a Russian agent.

BND President Gerhard Schindler went further, explaining to BILD that Snowden is “a traitor” and “Er ist zum Spielball des FSB geworden, und das ist alles andere als gut” – the FSB being the Federal Security Service, Russia’s powerful and unsavory domestic intelligence agency.

Although these statements should not be controversial, since Snowden has been in Russia for three years and shows no signs of leaving Putin’s protection, his defenders objected to such commonsense pronouncements by Germany’s security leadership. However, Snowden did himself no favors by suddenly being able to tweet in fluent German – a language he seems to have learned overnight – which bolstered the case that he is the plaything of the FSB.

Now, the Kremlin has settled the issue once and for all by stating that Edward Snowden is indeed their man. In a remarkable interview this week, Franz Klintsevich, a senior Russian security official, explained the case matter-of-factly: “Let’s be frank. Snowden did share intelligence. This is what security services do. If there’s a possibility to get information, they will get it.”

With this, Klintsevich simply said what all intelligence professionals already knew – that Snowden is a collaborator with the FSB. That he really had no choice in the matter once he set foot in Russia does not change the facts.

Klintsevich is no idle speculator. He is a senator who has served in the State Duma for nearly a decade. More importantly, he is the deputy chair of the senate’s defense and security committee, which oversees the special services. The 59-year-old Klintsevich thus has access to many state secrets – for instance regarding the Snowden case.

He is also a retired Russian army colonel, having served 22 years in the elite Airborne Forces (VDV). Klintsevich saw action in Afghanistan in the 1980s with the VDV and, based on a careful reading of his biography, appears to have served with GRU, that is military intelligence (his work in “special propaganda” in Afghanistan and his 1991 graduation from the Lenin Military-Political Academy are indications of his GRU affiliation).

Klintsevich is not a well-known figure outside Russia – he appeared in the Western press briefly in 2012 with his short-lived idea to buy Hitler’s birth house in Braunau, in order to destroy it – but he is a well-connected member of the Kremlin’s ruling elite. Given his senate committee position and his GRU past, there is no doubt that Klintsevich is considered nasch (“ours”) by Russia’s special services.

His statement outing Snowden’s relationship with the Kremlin therefore cannot be an accident or a slip of the tongue. For whatever reason, Putin has decided to out Snowden as the collaborator that he actually is – and has been for three years already.

One reason for this may be Snowden’s recent tepid criticism via Twitter of Russia’s draconian new laws on domestic surveillance – which vastly exceed any of the activities of the Western democracies that Snowden has so strongly criticized from his FSB hideaway. Indeed, his hosts finally allowing their American collaborator to tweet negatively about Russia – many had noted Snowden’s silence on FSB repression and worse – may be a sign that the defector has outlived his usefulness.

In truth, Snowden was never all that well informed about American intelligence. Contrary to the myths that he and his mouthpieces have propagated, he was no more than an IT systems administrator. Snowden was never any sort of bona fide spy. There are no indications he really understands most of what he stole from NSA.

The FSB therefore milked Snowden of any valuable information rather quickly. He likely had little light to shed on the million-plus secret files he stole. Instead, his value to Moscow has been as a key player in Kremlin propaganda designed to discredit the Western intelligence alliance.

In that role, Snowden has done a great deal of damage to the West. But he was never a “mole” for Moscow inside NSA. In reality, the Snowden Operation is probably a cover to deflect attention from the one or more actual Russian moles who have been lurking inside NSA for years, undetected.

Based on the cases of previous Western intelligence defectors to Moscow, Edward Snowden faces an unhappy future. Whatever happens to him is up to his hosts, who control all aspects of any defector’s life. There no longer can be any honest debate about his relationship with the Kremlin, which has settled the matter once and for all. Putin and his special services consider Snowden to be nasch – there is no question about that now.

  • commonlaw

    Thankyou, for letting the American people know the “Truth” Mr Snowden. These twisted little NSA nazi creepy guys that want to know everything the American people are doing including ( the bedroom ) really need their come up ins… and I hear that is coming:)

  • Brabantian

    Snowden is a ‘Russian agent’ only because Putin is himself playing along with the CIA which set up this ‘Snowden’ game … Not only Russia, but all major global governments & gov intel agencies know that ‘Edward Snowden’ is totally, clearly, blatantly a CIA hoax & fraud.

    The Snowden hoax is beyond any doubt if you read the intel reports on him held by European governments, online here ‘Russia gov FSB SVR report, Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds’:

    Vladimir Putin has hinted the truth about his ‘guest’ but too-eager-for-a-fake-hero Westerners don’t pick it up.

    Snowden and his CIA media (Glenn Greenwald, UK Guardian, NY TImes) are a murderous trap for genuine dissidents who may have already been killed after contacting Snowden’s CIA Rothschild media team

    Nothing was really ‘new’ in Snowden revelations except media hype and a few project details – previous NSA whistleblowers had covered all this surveillance stuff before, tho without media blasting as in the Snowden fraud. 5+ previous NSA whistleblowers with the same material were relegated to ‘conspiracy’ sites.

    Ditto the practice run for Snowden, Julian Assange of Wikileaks (who is probably NOT living as claimed at the Ecuador Embassy in London, but moved in & out by Britain’s MI5 – MI6 agents for his photo ops & meetings).

    Anti-9-11-truth Snowden & Assange were both promoted by same CIA newspapers, NY Times & Rothschild UK Guardian, with criminal charges registered against them in Europe for lies against real USA dissidents.

    Ex-gay-pornographer, anti-9-11-truth Glenn Greenwald who worked for Rothschild & Bill Gates & now is paid by CIA billionaire Pierre Omidyar, has done little except promote Snowden bla-bla, Snowden also directly linked to Dick Cheney via Cheney’s pal biographer, CIA Bart Gellman at WashPost. Snowden’s USA ‘lawyers’ are all CIA-tied goons – Plato Cacheris, Bruce Fein, ‘Man-Boy Love Association’ ACLU scammers who scorn real dissidents.

    Snowden, Assange, Greenwald, & their media & lawyers & ACLU all refuse to discuss, support, or connect with the cases on corruption of US judges – who are the same judges whom Snowden & Assange claim to fear seeing in a USA ‘trial’!

    Snowden hoax which has multiple goals, including general intimidation & terrorisation of global governments & citizens, & support for CIA media … & proving how quickly even people of ‘opposition’ can be easily duped by sales pitches of familiar sleazy CIA media liars like NY Times & London Guardian.

    There are maybe already several dead whistleblowers silenced after being tricked into contacting ‘Snowden journalists’ and media, such as Rothschild employee & ex-gay-pornographer Glenn Greenwald, or trusting Snowden’s oily promotion of the ‘Tor’ fake-anonymous & CIA-NSA-friendly ‘dissident anonymous’ browser …

    Snowden & Assange try to dupe real dissidents & whistleblowers to trust Wikileaks, Greenwald, NY Times & Guardian … How many good people have Snowden & Assange already helped murder, whom we will never know about? How many have been caught and silenced after trusting the Snowden-pumped Tor browser?

    Meanwhile, any real dissidents are de-legitimised as people think, ‘If what you are saying is true, you’d be famous like Snowden, and Glenn Greenwald would be covering you!’

    Intel professionals note that liar Snowden has been unable to hide the facial signs of taking pleasure in deception, i.e., his ‘duping delight’ smirk … Vladimir Putin gets positive publicity for playing along, but has been openly hinting that his guest Snowden is fraud, yet the world is too eager for a CIA-supplied fake ‘hero’, to see the facts.

    • James Smith

      I see you’ve been doing your homework? You should be able to put the whole criminal scheme together… ?

      Or this site could be a controlled opposition pit? A endless rabbit hole, for people who know the whole horrid truth? To keep me isolated here and communicating with cointelpro agents, instead of disseminating the truth in an effective way? Is that not the truth?