From Russia With Love: Edward Snowden To Be Executed By Trump

Edward Snowden may be sent back to America as a "gift" to strengthen the relationship between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

According to sources in the U.S. intelligence community, Edward Snowden may be sent back to America as a “gift” to so-called President Trump to strengthen the already close relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump.

Trump has previously stated that N.S.A. whistleblower Snowden is a “traitor” and “spy” who should be executed.

There is no way of knowing yet when this diplomatic transaction will take place should it happen at all. Such a transaction would be majorly unjust as he should be allowed return to the United States with no criminal charges for his altruistic spotlighting on the Orwellian spying procedures on hundreds of millions of American citizens, who have no links to terrorism whatsoever, without warrant. It is crucial to note that the leaks contained no information that could harm national security.

Snowden says that this story is proof that he is not a spy in a Tweet.

It is clear that Snowden is no longer of use to Putin or Russia. Should Russia change its mind, however, then Edward Snowden will be able to apply for a Russian passport in about 1 year.

  • Anne Murphy

    This article is absolutely pathetic. He said this like three or four years ago and with Bannon and all those guys around him things have definitely changed.. that’s why don’t like this website sometimes everything is Mere speculation using A-to-Z journalism

    • Frank C

      Absolutely, Anne. Still, this website is not the worst. They DO (through some of their better authors) provide a lot of good information. Research anything you read here, or ANYWHERE.

    • Ron Wheeler

      Kind of agree with you. I am new here and to see this crap as journalize of the free press looks more like fake news.

    • Amaris

      this gives alternatives news a bad name, and is pure conjecture.Written by Grayson Black? must be new.

  • Amaris

    pure conjecture, we don’t know that for sure…so this article is all wrong.