Russia Accuse NATO Of Manufacturing The Opioid Crisis

Russia accuse NATO of manufacturing the opioid crisis

Russia has accused NATO of manufacturing the opioid crisis in Afghanistan, claiming that the United States  directly benefits from the opium trade. 

According to Russian diplomat, Sergey Lavrov, NATO is working with drug producers and traffickers to flood the world with opium, saying that there is clear evidence that since the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the opium trade has skyrocketed. reports:

Remarking on how the mission to rid Afghanistan of terrorists quickly became distorted after the invasion, ultimately creating a never-ending supply of drugs to the West.

During their operation in Afghanistan, the terrorist threat has not been rooted out, while the drug threat has increased many times over. The drug industry prospered. There is factual evidence that some of the NATO contingents in Afghanistan turned a blind eye to the illegal drug trafficking, even if they were not directly involved in these criminal schemes. ~Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister

So, what exactly is the evidence? In a 2014 report, the UN notes that poppy production had reached an all-time global high, with shocking increases in heroin users worldwide.

The amount of land used for cultivating opium poppies around the world is at an all-time high, says a UN report. Afghanistan is largely behind the increase, with its crop growing by 36 percent over a year, producing 80 percent of the world’s opium.

A World Drug Report released by the UN’s Vienna-based Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has charted the global use of drugs. Although it says that global drug use is “stable,” it notes that the cultivation of opium has grown drastically. [Source]

As noted by TDC:

When the Untied Nations produces a report that reads like a corporate stock prospectus you know something is fishy. The UN report was very detailed about the number of new addicts, the flow of drugs out of Afghanistan and the final destination. [Source]

In short, if a NATO country is overseeing the security and military occupation of Afghanistan, and suddenly poppy production explodes, then at the very least NATO is permissive of the cultivation and exportation of the world’s deadliest and most addictive street drug.

Furthermore, as noted by Lavrov, there is a strategy of managed chaos in play at present in the Middle East and northern Africa, disrupting and ruining the lives of millions of people, for the benefit of America and those in positions to temporarily profit from unfettered access to the natural resources of targeted nations.

The concept of managed chaos appeared long ago as a method of strengthening US influence. Its basic premise is that managed chaos projects should be launched away from the United States in regions that are crucial for global economic and financial development. ~Sergey Lavrov

Lavrov’s comments on the opium crisis and managed chaos are included in the following video.

  • Kaos

    Wouldn’t surprise me if it were true. The part that I don’t understand is why is Russia the country that’s breaking all this news? Where is everyone else? Why does no one else weigh in? Are they all on the take for the other side?

    • Frederick Jackson (El Lobo Mex

      It would appear so. I imagine anyone foolhardy enough to bring all this to public attention would be eliminated in short order. The US government (CIA, Clinton and Bush Sr.) have been involved in a huge amount of drug trafficking for many years. Anyone remotely able to rat on the ops is found dead with bogus autopsies. Like someone with their head blown off listed as a heart attack. Yes, sad fact our major print and TV news is wholly owned by the powers that be who are all complicit in this trade, which, more important than the money it brings, is as Lavorv says to destabilize and bring down society, including that of the European NATO countries and the US itself. Pretty effinig horrible truth to face but the evidence is out there in abundance.

  • Vladisjustbadmmkaylolol

    Once again Vladimir pokes the yanks in the eye with a bent America is good at interfering in every country in the world EXCEPT RUSSIA…Vladimir pokes them in the eye.. and they whimper like a little puppy.. grow some balls yanks… start the fucking thing before he nukes you..

  • Dan Smith

    Yep this I would not doubt…

  • Black Swan

    ” When considered carefully American apathy is a crime against Humanity. The checks and balances of Humanity on Empire are gone in America, if they ever really existed. Implicitly Americans are complicit in the further destruction and destabilization of the World. When the dust settles of the oncoming rampaging history of American Empire, the guilt for the accumulated horror’s of its historical legacy will sit squarely on it’s peoples head’s, as much as their treasonous politicians.” Brett Redmayne