Russia Obliterate ISIS In Northern Syria

Russia destroy ISIS in northern Syria

Russia have successfully completed a round of airstrikes in northern Syria by targeting oil tankers owned by ISIS, obliterating their financial resources. 

Newly released footage filmed by ISIS shows oil tankers left completely destroyed after being hit by Russian fighter jets in al-Mansurah, 20 km from Raqqa. reports:

ISIS, a notorious death cult known for its barbaric executions, is illegally trading with stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil to finance its bloodthirsty jihadists and purchase weapons.

The destination of the destroyed tankers is still unknown.

ISIS has been financially crippled as Russian and U.S. airstrikes have been frequently targeting the group’s banks, oil refineries and tankers.

  • commonlaw

    Thankyou Mr Putin, the criminals in our military industrial complex soon to be removed

  • Greg Burton

    Since it has now been repeatedly demonstrated that “al Qaeda”, the FSA, Al Nusra and ISIS, et al. are proxy armies of the Satanic oligarchy and its intelligence constructs (CIA, MOSSAD, MI6); can we now end the so-called war on terror that only benefited Israel and its BIS banking cartel, throw these assholes in jail? Can Americans now have their Constitution back?

  • UncleB

    The Final Oil Solution

    Here’s the plan: US/Israeli forces, in cahoots with Russia/China, using Mossad, CIA, KGB, are working hard at causing warring in the Middle East, and in pitting Muslim sect against Muslim sect, even Iran against Saudis. In the pursuing warring, Both major power groups, US/Israeli forces and Russia/China will sell arms, progressively more potent armaments, even up to and including light nuke weaponry. The final phase will turn this into a well crafted genocide, when medium nukes are sold.
    The ‘End Game’?
    Well if history tells the truth then look at the drilling for oil by multinational oligarchs in the Golan Heights, a territory once a richer segment of Syria, and now claimed by Israel, even as the United Nations object (Google for verification of these facts) Understand the Russia/China need the Ports on the Mediterranean as well as a share of the oil, and U.S.A. is desperate to back its fiat, funny money by forcing the sale of Middle East Oil in U.S. Dollars to the Western World and abroad. The more cheap light Sweet crude oil the U.S. can get they will burn, with no real interest in renewables at all. They even tempt warring in the ‘South China Seas Oil Basin’ (Google this for the cause of the Vietnam war) under the pretext of protecting international waters: waters that were never challenged in the first place.