Russia Say CIA Agent Was Killed On Dubai Plane Carrying Millions Of Dollars

Russia say CIA official was aboard Dubai plane carrying millions of dollars

A Russian investigation into the FlyDubai Flight FZ981 crash has revealed that the Dubai plane had been carrying a top CIA official who had an estimated $27 million in his possession. 

The CIA agent was travelling on a forged British passport under the name of Larisa Allen. reports:

According to this report, this FlyDubai Boeing 737-800 aircraft that had taken off from Dubai Airport exploded this morning at about 03:50 Moscow time (00:50 GMT) while landing at Rostov Airport killing all 55 passengers and seven crew members aboard.

Flights from Dubai to the Federation are common, this report says, as many young Russian females work is this most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as “dancers” (i.e. prostitutes) with many companies advertising their “services”.

With organized crime elements within the Federation (Russian Mafia) controlling the bulk of these “dancers”, and with Dubai having become a global centre for terror funding, money-laundering, drug money and mafia cash, this report continues, CIA fears that terrorist funds were being diverted to Russia provides the most likely explanation as to why one of their “high level” officials was on board this plane.

As to how the estimated US$27 million in currency came to be aboard this plane packed into the cargo hold in “metal/aluminum” containers, this report notes, is currently being suspected by the FSB to have been “caused/effectuated” by the Cypriot pilot of this plane as the links between Cypress banks and Federation organized crime have long been known.

With the IAC issuing a public statement that they have now taken control of this investigation, this report concludes, and due to the death of this “high level” CIA official, along with the millions-of-dollars found aboard this exploded plane, President Putin, who had previously expressed his condolences towards this tragedy, has authorized US, French and Dubai intelligence agencies to join it too.

  • David Howard

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    • Mira

      I’m not sure there’s sufficient information to say so. You’re trying to discredit the info above with that weak comment. Are you a troll? The CIA are the lowest of the low and corrupt. I do not know how they get away with it, and have done for many many years, and that includes the assassination of JFK. Google it!

      • Pat Mc Ginley

        The definite evidence of CIA involvement in the Dallas coup d’etat is in ‘Plausible Denial’ and ‘Last Word’ both by U.S. author, lawyer Mark Lane.

      • Mitch Mitchell

        CIA internet plant? David Howard is fond of the CIA’s Google.

  • Mauricio Massa

    Only 27 million…. that is pocket money right?

  • Gunnar Forsgren (<- in photo)

    They were trying to land in a situation that was not safe. Other planes redirected to safer havens but this one insisted in flying directly into a storm with dangerous vertical winds. How many incidents must there be before airlines stop doing that ???
    Whoever was a passenger and what baggage they carried has nothing to do with that. Other than perhaps serving as a random insight into what people transport.