Russian Backed Syrian Troops Advance Towards US & UK Special Forces

It looks like the US is heading towards a direct conflict with its Cold War adversary.

According to reports, Russian backed Syrian troops are on a direct collision course with Western Special Forces after advancing towards a U.S. training base in the East of Syria over the weekend.

The Syrian government troops led by Iranian forces are within 15 miles of a fortified base for American and British special forces that has been used to train Syrian rebel groups.

The Telegraph reports:

Pro-government soldiers are now within 15 miles of al-Tanf – a heavily fortified hub for American and British special forces training Syrian rebel groups, which are fighting Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) near the Iraqi border.

The assault is being led by Iranian forces, which are commanding Syrian troops and a number of Lebanese Hizbollah fighters with the help of Russian jets in the skies.

The Syrian army has been alarmed by two months of Free Syrian Army (FSA) advances against Isil that allowed the rebels to secure a large swathe of sparsely populated territory stretching from south east of Damascus all the way to the borders with Iraq and Jordan.

Syrian forces have in recent days moved tanks and surface-to-air missiles closer to the eastern frontline with the moderate FSA units in an apparent warning to the US-led coalition, which flies sorties against Isil in the area.

“The Iranians are the ones promoting their movement towards al-Tanf, using the slogan Fighting The Grand Satan i.e. the US and the international coalition,” Mozahem al-Saloum, spokesman for the Free Syrian Army brigade at the base, told the Telegraph.

The area is strategically important for the government and its allies.

Capturing the road all the way to the Tanf base would re-establish the regime’s link with ally Iraq in the south.

The Damascus-Baghdad highway was a major weapons supply route for Iranian weapons into Syria until Isil seized large territory along the Iraqi-Syrian border.

The Syrian army is also keen to be the first to arrive and seize control of Isil-held Deir Ezzor, north of Tanf, which is home to Syria’s biggest oil deposit.

The US has sent a clear message that any government advance towards their base will not be accepted. However, it is unclear how the special forces will react to any serious provocation.

  • Ron Wheeler

    “The US has sent a clear message that any government advance towards their base will not be accepted.” Oh great, the Americans are finally colonizing parts of Syria, where Monsanto and friends (among others) can setup camp. The US government maintains that the Syrians will enjoy and prosper from the newly administered democracy all given to them at the end of a gun barrow.

  • John C Carlton

    ohh gee golly geewizz….This has been supposed to happen…. it has taken time it has taken fuel and sweat and tears….it is a long way from the top… 15 miles is a long walk if you are walking… hopefully you have taken a drink and a snack along…. there are a lot of answers to be found

  • Robert Walters

    We need to end the war in Syria with everyone involved. Pull our troops out and bomb the fuck out of ISIS, ISIL, the Syria military. Establish a new government for the people of Syria.
    Then the governments in Europe and the U.S. Need to Round Up all immigrants from the Middle East, all Muslims, all non Americans and return them to there home of origin. “WE THE PEOPLE” Don’t want them, we can’t afford them, so send them home. AMERICA and the AMERICAN. PEOPLE FIRST. WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD and he’s not a MUSLIM !