Russian Official Calls For Global Coalition To Confront ‘US Dictatorship’


The head of of Russia’s top law enforcement agency, Aleksandr Bastrykin , has called for the establishment of an international coalition to confront what he refers to as the US-imposed “dictatorship” on the rest of the world.

Bastrykin said on Friday that the world is in urgent need of a new system of checks and balances that would equally represent every nation across the global political spectrum.

Press TV reports:

The formation of a global coalition of countries could serve as “a feasible pole to counter the dictatorship imposed by the Americans together with their Western allies,”  he said during a round table discussion in Moscow.

Bastrykin said Washington’s geopolitical dominance is founded on its financial might, which is based on “the uncontrolled and non-guaranteed” injection of the dollar currency into the global economy.

“It is against common logic to financially support the country that is using these same resources against our interests,” he said, adding the international coalition should ascertain the gradual exclusion of the US dollar from their foreign currency reserves.

The Russian official said Washington and its allies are waging a “hybrid war” against Moscow, ranging from what he referred to as price dumping on energy markets, along with “currency wars” in the shape of the unrestrained expansion of the US dollar.

Bastrykin also said a number of international institutions and groups — such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Community, the BRICS and the Collective Security Treaty Organization — have already established the basic elements for shaping a future global alliance.

Russia is at odds with the West, particularly the US, over a series of issues, including the crisis in Ukraine, where Western countries accuse Russia of fanning the flames of conflict.

Western countries have imposed a set of punitive sanctions against Russia which has retaliated with its own embargo against those measures.

Russia also perceives an east-ward expansion by the US-led NATO military alliance as a threat.


  • Anti

    The sooner Murika is marginalized and sent packing, the better off the World will be, enough of these crooks cheats and bullies, they are untrustworthy, they cannot compete with out cheating or killing off competition and most of all they have little idea of that the rest of the world has different cultures, as Murika has none but me me me.

  • Haider

    who has given the divine right to a state to impose sanction against the other, impose wars, conquer and loot in the name of so called democracy, even the america is not a country any more it is a corporate entity against its own constitution run by an overseas minority, bankers and military industrial complex, it is high time they should be stopped at their hegemony and so called actors taken to task for disturbing the peace of the world for their own greed and petty gains, and the first place to start is to honestly investigate 9-11.