Sarah Silverman Calls For Fascist Military Coup To Overthrow White House

Sarah Silverman has urged the military to perform a violent, fascist coup to remove President Trump “and his handlers” from the White House.

Sarah Silverman has urged the military to perform a violent, fascist coup to remove President Trump “and his handlers” from the White House.

Using typical liberal doublespeak, Silverman informed her 10 million Twitter followers that President Trump is a “mad king” and a “fascist” before boasting that once the military has been co-opted by the far-left they will be able seize control of the United States by force.

Failing to comprehend that if the military violently removes a democratically elected President from office, then the military, and Silverman herself, will be the fascists, Silverman chose to end her disturbingly totalitarian message with four heart emojis.

Silverman is far from the only Hollywood celebrity to use the language and imagery of peace and love in order to promote the much darker reality of a fascist military coup to overthrow the White House and install a totalitarian regime.

Rosie O’Donnell signaled her support for martial law to block Donald Trump’s inauguration until he was cleared of “charges” of collusion with the Russian government to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. The fact these supposed “charges” were only leveled at Trump by CNN and mainstream media didn’t stop Hollywood celebrities paying lip service to the idea of a hare-brained “strike” in order to force President Trump to resign.

The violence and riots that broke out at the University of California at Berkeley last night – as masked agitators forced the cancelation of Milo Yiannopolous’s talk at the university campus – continue the left’s devolution into a fascist movement that cannot tolerate opposing views and isn’t fond of free speech.

For thirty years liberals have been shouting down anybody who dares to offer a different viewpoint, calling them names and attempting to shame and silence them through deft use of “political correctness.”

However U.S. President Donald Trump has had enough of the left’s clampdown on free speech, threatening on Thursday to cut funding to Berkeley UC after anti-free speech rioters smashed windows and set fires at the liberal-leaning school, all because they didn’t agree with the views of the guest speaker on campus.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Frank C

    Sarah should stick to comedy and not try to understand the world political reality, and certainly not make “snowflakey” comments. By doing so, she is trying to DESTROY AMERICA. Mr. T. is doing great so far. GIVE HIM A CHANCE and if he starts to screw up later, THEN maybe she could learn more FACTS about the situation, and THEN comment intelligently. (But I doubt it!!)

  • Martina

    So sarah silverman threw sanders under the bus, supported a dead beat politician, and now fancies herself a, “revolutionary”?

    Talk about creative bankruptcy, she used to be an amusing little monkey dancing to the accordian, now she’s a monkey throwing poop on the wall:

    “lookie, ain’t dat phunnies, itz poopey, gimme money”…yawn.

    Wait a second…is she trying to be serious? she actually wants us to believe she cares about anything but herself? I guess it went over my head, THAT is funny!

    Nobody takes sarah seriously, even her parents…she’s been a joke ever since her mom had to lie about who her father is! No wonder she’s having an identity crisis.