Satanic Uprising: Church Of Lucifer Celebrates Rising Popularity

Satanic uprising - Lucifer Church celebrate the return of the antichrist

The Church of Lucifer held its first meeting earlier this month in Old Town Spring, Texas. 

Amid mass protests, the co-president Michael W. Ford warned protestors that the church was “here to stay”.

“This is what we get when we have Freedom of Religion,” said protester Christine Weick.

This was the group’s first meeting at its first building, which is smack dab in the middle of Old Town Spring.

“We have gatherings. But they’re not services,” says Co-President Michael W. Ford. “We don’t preach. We don’t have something that we try to tell people this is reality.”

Contrary to popular belief, Ford says they don’t sacrifice animals or worship the devil, and they’re not here to convert anyone.

“They just believe that that’s what happens. That’s what they spew.”

Some protesters made their way onto the property, only to be escorted off by Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies.

The group Tradition Family Property performed a Rosary and prayed for the nation and the community.

Some came from out of town to protest. Christine Weick, known for protesting outside the Supreme Court during same-sex marriage arguments, is one of them.

“We are all Christians here, together against this,” she said. “We ought to be filling up the whole street here that they have to pass through us to get into that church.”

Some people sat on porches and took in the sights and sounds. Some, including Janet Lynchard, stood shaking their head.

“They need God, is what they need. But they’re not going to find Him in this manner.”

Lynchard’s daughter owns a nearby business. She says the protesters are sending the wrong message.

“If I were not a Christian and I saw the way some of the people are behaving here, I would not want to be a Christian because I believe God wants us to love these people because He loves them,” she told us.

But Christine Weick says God’s love is exactly what she’s showing while she’s here: “I love you enough to say you either bow now or you will be forced to bow later and it’s too late.”

These Luciferians say they just want to go about their business.

“They have the right to do what they do. And that’s cool with us. But we have a right to believe in what we do too. And we need to co-exist,” Ford says.

  • Dio Jones

    Its okay, God wins in the end…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

  • Roz Rayner-Rix

    What total ignorance… Lucifer was the LIGHT BRINGER, nothing to do with satan or any devil… Man has invented all this utter rubbish and stupid sheeple follow… Lucifer is mentioned only once in Isaiah… Check it out for yourselves…

  • kurdt cobane

    God does not love the enemy. That is something that needs to be pointed out: the Bible is very clear that there is an ENEMY. That enemy is Satan. Therefore, this article reads like a half wit wrote it to steer other non-thinking people towards blindly accepting a false notion that we must love ALL. No, we must love OURS and know that they are the enemy. Satanists are the enemy of God and God’s people. You are not commanded to love the enemy. Love your brothers and sisters in God and Christ but know the difference between yours and not yours.