Saudi Arabia Royal Family About To Collapse

Saudi royal family teetering on the brink of collapse

The royal family in Saudi Arabia is about to collapse any day now, leading to chaos in the country, according to Myles Hoenig – political analyst and activist. 

Hoenig commented that he thinks the Saudi royal family is “teetering on the edge of collapse” following Donald Trump’s speech at a recent Wisconsin rally where he denounced the Saudi royal family, saying that America should distance itself from them. reports:

The billionaire businessman told supporters that the US should be reimbursed by the countries it provides protection, especially those with vast resources such as Saudi Arabia, a top oil exporter.

“We take care of Saudi Arabia. Now nobody’s going to mess with Saudi Arabia because we’re watching them,” he said. “They’re not paying us a fair price. We’re losing our shirt.”

In his earlier remarks, Trump said, “Saudi Arabia is going to be in big trouble pretty soon. And they’re going to need help.”

Hoenig said “Trump’s understanding of many of the issues is incredibly juvenile, as he is with Saudi Arabia.”

“Trump is a businessman; whether he’s good at it or not is irrelevant. But he does see everything related to foreign policy as a business venture. That’s one of the many ironies,” he noted.

The analyst said Trump “criticizes US foreign policy as if he’s on the left, as if he’s with the Green Party. When he talks of Saudi Arabia being pretty much a client state of the US, he speaks an honesty that not even the Democrats would dare to speak.”

“What Trump only cares about is a dollar exchange for a commodity and how the US can come out ahead. He is correct that Saudi Arabia is in trouble. But to him, it’s only about the price of oil and the level of dependency the US and others have on it,” he continued.

“Nowhere in his understanding of happenings or knowledge of events in that country would he even consider that the royal family is teetering on the edge of collapse, with the possibility of internal dissent, whether it comes from within the royal family or the masses who live in poverty and are waiting for their Arab Spring, which Saudi Arabia had been so successful in suppressing in other countries, as well as brutalizing the people of Yemen for their internal struggles,” the activist observed.

“Like a typical Republican, and many Democrats, he would easily see the US simply increase its own oil production, even if it is an oil exporter. Nowhere in his positions does he talk about reducing the need for oil and replacing it with renewable resources. That would be left to the more intelligent candidates, such as [Jill] Stein of the Green Party. Even Hillary Clinton is a strong advocate for some of the worst, most environmentally destructive methods of oil extraction, notably ‘fracking,’” Hoenig concluded.

  • Shafi

    this is simply rubbish, Saudi King Salman is popular and widely accepted by all citizens and royal families…

  • Jason Curtis

    The one thing Trump is probably right about. Many citizens of Saudi Arabia that have the means to leave the country are doing so.

  • David Triana

    Also, They do have their own Military paid for by themselves. So I don’t know what they are talking about this “Protection Money” to America for?

    • Rollo10

      They spend a vast amount on their Military, but they can’t fight for toffee! This is why they rely on USA, they spend more time praying, than fighting!

      • David Triana

        Not a fan of Saudi, But, They have done a pretty good job of bombing the desert in Yemen and killing people all on their own.

        • Rollo10

          On their own? They’ve had US & UK support the whole time! The US took the Island of Socotra in the Gulf of Aden to stop access to ship traffic.
          They have been held back by a rag bag of herdsmen with no training fighting for their lives!

  • Debbie Stevens
  • mae

    Saudi ask for protection, or, usa wants to protect (without being asked) ?

  • Alok_Bhattacharyya

    Donald Trump should know better. USA government made a deal with the House of Saud that crude oil would be sold entirely in USD ($) and USA would provide them with security. Because only the USA can print any amount of $ out of thin air, USA gets OPEC crude oil for free. Other countries must have $ reserve to buy crude oil. This gives USA the economic power that other countries don’t have.