Saudi Princess Blows The Whistle On Chemtrails: “They Are WMDs”

A Saudi princess blows the whistle on chemtrails and likens them to weapons of mass destruction

Saudi Princess Basmah Bint Saud, daughter of King Saud, has spoken out against chemtrails and geoengineering at a conference recently. 

In her speech she refers to the ongoing geoengineering program as a weapon of mass destruction, saying that the constant bombardment of chemicals alongside the artificial modification of Earths climate systems is slowly killing humanity. reports:

She laments the cloud cover generated overhead. She is uneasy about what kind of world we will leave for our children. She has eyes. She sees. She has a brain. She thinks. About this, how can one remain silent?

Here is the video:

This is not her first time speaking out about difficult issues. The Princess is an activist. She advocates for reform in Saudi Arabia. She travels the world attending social issue conferences. We commend the Princess. The world would be a much better place if more prominent people such as her spoke out about these outrageous crimes against Humanity.

Patrick, our interviewer, also presented at the Istanbul conference. The Princess was in the audience. Here is video of Patrick’s presentation:

Here is a video of all the presenters at the “Atmospheric Manipulation; Opportunities and Threats” Climate Modification Technology Workshop. HRH Princess Basmah attended the workshop and asked several questions:

  • Karl Childers

    I’m curious, since chemtrails are genocide and are killing everything, do you have any numbers to back that up? If they are killing everyone, why has the population done nothing but rise for the last decade? It’s a serious question.

    • britt

      your an idiot

      • Karl Childers


        Oh the irony!

        • flidhais

          You sound like a gov mole or shill, and therefore don’t count with me. You sit back, judge, and contribute nothing
          do nothing; sounds governmental to me….

          Below are links to a site started by a retired USDA crop loss adjuster. Tested wells all over California, even snow on Mt Shasta and was able to compare the tests with years and years of previous ones. (you stupid fuck)

          A real “digger” for the truth, not a mole.
          It is a large site with a great deal of information if you’re sincerely looking for truth wake up, get off your dead ass and READ!
          If you’re reeely good someday you may actually contribute something worthwhile, instead of your sour attitude.

          RE: Aluminum oxide

          RE: Strontium oxide

          The person who started the site was also invited to speak at the UN about geoengineering and wouldn’t go on record with any information found to be less than factual.

          Have a nice day AH

          • Karl Childers

            ROFLMAO!!! The shill argument!! How did I not see this coming? Oh wait, I did, it’s like a stuck record with you people.

          • Jeanie White

            What about the the stop spraying site, ” scientist”? Go read a bit.

          • Karl Childers

            The “stop spraying” sites with the “donate” buttons? Yeah they’re making a killing off the gullible, more power to them I say, a fool and his money are easily parted!

          • Concerned citizen

            Sorry, it is you who has been fooled. I know tough pill to swallow. Thank you for your duty and service, Karl.

          • Concerned citizen

            Hi flidhais, just an FYI… from my observations, I don’t think Karl is a paid shill… I think he is a brainwashed former USAF order taker.

    • britt

      why don’t you do some research on chemtrails and see what can happen to you? or see what is actually mixed up in that ‘trail’ maybe then you will realise how much it is killing, no one does anything because most of the population are brainwashed and don’t know that the sky might be the reason there under the weather!!!

      • Karl Childers

        I have “researched” chemtrails, and they are not only a hoax, basic science and aerodynamic theory thoroughly debunks them. A simple look at multiple actual scientific studies reveal that not only do contrails form in cold air, they will persist if the air is already saturated. Schumann and Schrader’s studies prove that only due the high bypass turbofan engines on airliners make contrails (debunking the Youtube video stating otherwise) they create more than normal engines. Please do not lecture me on doing my research when you have done none except read some nonsense of a conspiracy site run by people that stand to profit from your gullibility.

        • flidhais

          Hey I have a wonderful shovel just made for horse shit like yours Karl. Short handle so you don’t have to reeely dig too deep. Just like your research huh….LOL

          • Karl Childers

            you mean my proven science and aerodynamic theory? Yeah, you chemmies always have difficulty refuting that..but the insults are kind of funny, then again that’s all you can resort to;)

        • Ming1942
        • Pocahontaz

          YOU are a special kind of stupid! Start reading!!!! And juse you MIND and THINK for yourself! You know the chemicals or? And don’t forget to read about the Vaccines, GMO ,Mind Control ,and Fluoride 😉 And dont forget HAARP and EISCAT! Good Luck!

          • Karl Childers

            I have thought for myself, and know that Dane Wigington makes a living off gullible people like you. I read a science book which proves that “chemtrails” are a hoax! Thanks for the advice!

          • Pocahontaz

            Are You blind?

          • Karl Childers

            Nope. I just actually take my time to read science books. Science absolutely trashes every single idiotic claim that chemtards have ever made. it’s that simple.

          • bonniebluejeanne

            And who are in control of what content goes in science text books? We already saw the Teachers’ edition of an elementary science book which said that the different kinds of clouds they see are only due to planes’ exhaust combining in contact with ice crystals in the sky. (which is BS) — So even the teachers are coached to reinforce the lies of the text books!!

          • bonniebluejeanne

            Source for that “science book”? Also, why are people paying their own money to get a chemist to do an assay on the nanno-particulates that accumulate on a large sheet of paper during hours & days of heaving spraying?? They know they are being bombarded with heave metals that can hurt their health. Yet when the assays come back and there is 50X more barium than the allowed limit — and they try to get a media outlet to cover that news, they never report it. (???)

          • Pocahontaz

            Try reading a book Elektromagnetism and life. 😉 and i asume you have read about HAARP and DAPHA since you talk like you do 😉

        • dawn

          Why do u say these false words?? You know chemtrails are real. What’s wrong with you? All u gotta do is look up.

          • Karl Childers

            No, that’s not all you have to do. You need to look down into a science book.

    • Margus Waffa Meigo

      this kind of killing is planned for special species of humans who are natural in here, compared to alien species.
      And it is planned to take in effect before 200 years, by the change of plants

    • bonniebluejeanne

      Massive bee, bird, fish,and sea mammal die-offs have been occurring for over 4 years, each year getting worse than the last. Trees are dying from the inside out, as witnessed by forest fire fighters (they start burning and within 50 seconds the trees explode- something they’ve never witnessed before). So, something is causing these mass deaths, and it would not take too much brain-power to make a connection between those and the tons of nano-particulates that are being dumped on the world’s land masses, and stunting the trees’ nutrition and eventual deterioration, or the respiration of all the insects & animals. And if no one can get govt to look at the connection, then the dumping will continue until it kills off multitudes of humans in the near future! Lower Respiratory Disease (lung) has replaced strokes as the 3rd leading cause of death in 2015. I’m no scientist, but I can look at that statistic alone and make a connection between lung health and breathing in heavy metals like aluminum and barium!! Also, people in their late 20’s are now being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, which many researchers think has a link to aluminum accumulating in brain tissue. And just by googling nano-heavy metals, we know they are small enough to go up the nasal passage and into the brain, or into the lungs and attach to one or more organs. Gee, Karl, I’m a retired jr-high school science teacher, so if I can see a connection, I know PhD scientists can.

    • MrTrev01 .

      It’s not about instant numbers. It’s about slow death to the natural world to prop up the current economic system -until something cracks. Then the by products of CTs will come into use. HAARP, water management, weather control as a military and political weapon and use of microwave guides [CT Barium] to disturb memory and mental comfort. I don’t think you’re a shill- just an example of unthinking blah blah who [currently] will never get into caring for humanity as a general aim.

      • Karl Childers

        oh wow that’s intense ROFLMAO!

        • Jeremy Parks

          Give up on this one. He believes in what his government is doing no matter what they do guys.

    • Stephanie Cox

      Chemtrails are actually new to the generation it has worked making the elder and ppl sicker so that’s still killing them slow also tricks ppl to get vaccines which some will b RFID Chiped for NWO slave FEMA prisons etc

  • flidhais
  • Pocahontaz