SB18 Bill Will Allow Authorities To Enter Unvaccinated Kids Homes

California SB18 bill will allow authorities to enter homes of unvaccinated children

California has passed the controversial SB18 bill, allowing state authorities to enter unvaccinated children’s homes in order to assess the child’s safety.

SB18 is a law that forces parents to adhere to and comply with the government’s definition of what is “appropriate” practice when it comes to raising children. Failure to comply with “appropriate” practises, including going against “evidence-based” medical recommendations, can put parents at risk of losing their children. reports:

At first blush, the amendments’ defining details of SB18 — which is being pushed by Big Pharma whipping boy Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) — appear altruistic in nature, utilizing language that attempts to swaddle political overreach in soothing terms like “child bill of rights.” However when taking a closer look, the amendments contain strangely redundant policy that seems to be seeking laws for innocuous rights that already exist, which begs the question, what is the real purpose for this legislation?

For example, section 1 defines the “right for a child’s parents to obtain employment opportunities that promote healthy balance between work and life.” While an obvious statement, are laws currently on the books that do NOT allow parents to promote healthy balance between work and life? Do we really need a law that says this, and does it mean that the state of California will have the right to decide if your job is acceptable enough for you to parent your children?

Moreover, the repeated use of the term “evidence-based” guidelines suggest if parents don’t follow their guidelines they will fall under scrutiny via “home visitation programs.” While the amendments use the term “voluntary” to describe participation in these said visitation programs, what happens if you don’t agree to do so?  Why is Jim Steyer to decide the standards which will take away the rights of parents to make decisions about their lives and the lives of their children?  These are the very serious questions that are going unanswered.

One section in particular that is especially alarming is section 1c, which is as follows:

The rights of a child’s parents to access evidence-based, voluntary home visitation programs such as comprehensive, coordinated home services that are offered to support positive parenting and improve outcomes for families including: improved maternal and child health, prevention of child injuries, child abuse and maltreatment and reduction of emergency department visits, improvement in school readiness and achievement, reduction in crime or domestic violence, improvements in family economic self-sufficiency and improvements in the coordination and referrals for other community resources and support.

Although it is written in legalistic language it is easy to see exactly what Steyer, Pan & company are really saying: Parents must, because a child has rights, allow authorities to implement home visitations to assess living conditions in order to implement medical/educational/occupational and technological standards coordinated with multiple agencies in order to ensure that parents comply with standards as set forth by the state.

“This legislation is frightening on so many levels, and is especially horrific to members of the vaccine-injured community,” said Michelle Ford, President and founder of the Vaccine Injury Awareness League (

“To imply that parents may have to submit to an in-home visitation program because they may be seeking an alternative to ‘evidence-based theories,’ which could easily be bought science such as mandatory vaccinations, is an outrage,” said Ford, “which is exactly what SB18 is saying. Furthermore, if any of these bureaucrats took one second to understand the life of a vaccine-injured child, which often includes complex diagnoses like tics, head banging and seizures, and what that family goes through when attempting to address these complexities, they would stop this continued push for Californians to comply with a medical utopia that simply does not exist, and instead look at the harm they are causing by injuring children through their egoistic negligence.”

Ford goes on to point out that in the early stages of vaccine injury, parents often seek emergency medical treatment in order to treat and diagnose the horrible symptoms often associated with vaccine injury.  Subjecting families to increased scrutiny of in-home visits during such a stressful time while parents are simply trying to get their heads around what has happened to their kid is unconscionable.

“It definitely paves the way for egregious acts of medical kidnapping and other abuses,” said Ford.

While no one can argue that helping families who are at risk is an important and noble cause, overreaching by taking away the rights of the whole in the name of protecting a few is bad policy making.

Moreover, introduction of this legislation is confusing given that the state already has a department of child protective services which in California has an annual budget of $314 million for 2016-2017 alone. How does introducing additional restrictions on parental decision making without factoring in services that are already available and are possibly misappropriated, in the best interest of the state?

As we have continued to see increased cases of medical kidnapping and aggressive overreach of the medical system and the marriage of scientific opinion to laws in the United States, parents in California may be seeing a trend first hand that is going to be played out in the rest of the nation. Especially since 134 vaccine mandates have been introduced in this legislative session, indicating the trend for political mandates of your child’s standard of care is nowhere near slowing down.

Many have speculated that SB18 is a part of Agenda 21 and Healthy People 2020 — U.N. and U.S.-based initiatives, respectively, that are designed to corral populations into the inner cities and enforce a standard of care across the board that will implement controls that enable governments to manage portions of the population based on their standards and not the choices of the individual.

In the meantime, concerned constituents should raise their voices now in California with their lawmakers, before SB18 and the Steyer brothers tell you how to raise your kids.

  • John C Carleton

    In other words, the Kalifornia nuts, want to be able to come into a persons home, and poison, perhaps premaritally disable, or even murder the child with the concoction that the pill companies are making millions on. Sounds like to me, Californians need to have a nut gathering and crushing party.

    • Fingal Carson

      What’s next? Will they require anyone who gets flagged to be forced to be “diagnosed” and take MD-prescribed pills everyday? Totally out of hand. For the children or for the elderly are all BS excuses.

      The liberal/zionist yankees hate children and the elderly like no one’s business. It is in their DNA to hate the very foundation of society and seek to destroy it. Now here comes the fantasy they’ve been waiting for over 3 generations: to finally push the stupid parents aside, too.

      They are also reversos as you know as well. Evidence-based = fairytale and on and on. Doublethink, doublespeak. A right to access = it must be forced without choice. Unbelievable how obvious they are and yet no one gets it.

      The world just gets more and more like a TV show.

      • PollyTickle1

        This is not a liberal/zionist/yankee issue. There are pharma lobbyists and paid-off politicians on both sides of the political spectrum. The republican lobbyists/non-profit ALEC is also involved in pushing pharma’s vaccine agenda. Your view that dems hate children is dangerous and wrong.

        • Aaron David

          Really? Then why is maintaining the unfettered ability to slaughter babies the dems TOP agenda? Every time we go to a baby murdering celebration to preach it’s full of witches and sodomites and all liberals singing and dancing and feasting. Nothing makes liberals, witches and sodomites happier than killing babies. Nothing. And I’d bet you my shoes that’s all you’ll find behind this sick Nazi garbage too.

          • PollyTickle1

            Really? On your bio page you mention the Presidio and Aquino. Aquino (and Crowley) were republican, and anti-semitic white supremacists. Demonizing half the population as baby-killers makes you wrong and dangerous. Research Cult of Kek and why Set was chosen to replace Satan.

          • Pnut3269

            Well said

          • soldr3968 .

            Very well said Aaron David. Respect.

          • ProudWitchMom

            This comment is disgusting! Bible thumping, narcissistic, egotistical, hypocritical, narrowminded, unknowledgable people like you are what’s wrong with the world today. You are just as bad as the government policies that support you. I am a PROUD PAGAN WITCH and happen to be a DAMN GOOD MOTHER! I MAKE NO JOY IN SLAUGHTERING BABIES! ALL THIS VILE VOMIT INDUCING BULLSHIT COMES FROM A MAN OF A FAITH THAT OVER CENTURIES HAS SLAUGHTERED MILLIONS, ADULT, CHILD AND INFANT SIMPLY OUT OF FEAR AND A NEED TO RID THE WORLD OF THOSE WHO DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR BELIEFS! YOUR religious holidays celebrating your murderous faith are done so on pagan high holy days celebrated centuries before you took over and changed them for your purpose of easy conversion by king Constantine and sadly have pagan beliefs woven through them like a pattern on an exotic rug and sadly you have no clue of any of it. Next time you toast to St Patrick’s day think of the thousands of men women and children he slaughtered to rid Ireland of the “heathens” or put an Easter egg in ur child’s basket think of the day Ostara were we celebrate fertility and birth and man, animal and nature during spring…. or put up a Christmas tree and sing YULTIDE CAROLS and decorate with green red and silver n think the fire celebration YULE. Think before you speak jerk. Maybe you should learn a few things before you open that judgemental and obviously uneducated mouth of yours!!!

          • Cheryl Egle

            I love you! Thank you for shining some reality on this whatever it is.

          • Nina Marrocco

            Nothing to be proud of, you are Vile.

      • Jen

        They already do this….for instance I have a seizure condition. They force me to take pills that make me fell terrible and damage my liver if I want to be able to drive a car. Yet when I don’t take their pills I fell much better and have less seizures, only problem is that the seizures are more painful and intense. But that only lasts one day, with the pills I’m miserable daily……

    • Chaos

      omg… premaritally??? premaritally disable children… bwahahahahahaha antivaxxers are fukking retarded. Go ahead and do us a favor and don’t bother with shots, we love watching you idiots take yourselves out with preventable diseases.

      • John C Carleton

        I think you will find this educational, considering your infection.
        little piece i wrote, called’ Zionist Webworms’!

        • Chaos

          Like I would believe anything written by an anti-vaxx retard.

      • nick quinlan

        It’s plain to see from your post who the idiot is here….wow.
        Guess what numbskull, more people are taken out with preventable vaccines, than the mild childhood illnesses we vaccinate for ever could.

        • Chaos

          How fukking stupid are you? I am for vaccinations. My in-credulousness is due to the fact no one edited this article. Read it again, retard.

          • nick quinlan

            Not even half as stupid as you are.
            If you are for vaccinations, I suggest you take enough of them to remove yourself from the gene pool.

        • Nina Marrocco

          I know, right.

      • soldr3968 .

        Your ignorance is our best friend. We need not worry about you, b/c you haven’t the common sense to participate in your own rescue. I truly understand not knowing something, but willful ignorance is a crime that I rank with pedophilia and murder. Are you aware that most vaccines contain a substance called Polysorbate 80 ( It was developed as an immunocontraceptive for female dogs. One thing lead to another, and they figured out if they increased the dosage, they could make the female dog sterile. Why or how it was decided that newborn children needed to be injected with this substance is beyond me. Preventable diseases? Are you serious? NO dis-eases are preventable – its called a healthy immune system that detects the foreign-invader in the body then attacks and destroys it before any symptoms are noticed. For your argument, I’ll inform you that some Women in Africa how now been found to be immune to the HIV virus (I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how they found that out).

        • Chaos

          Holy fukk, you are retarded.

          • soldr3968 .

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            Sent from the iPhone of Mr. Marvin Tindle

          • ProudWitchMom

            Aaaaaaaannnnndddd that just proved your ignorance and stupidity right there… ppl like you and ur likewise uneducated friend here are what’s wrong with this messed up contry… practice what you preach prick

          • ProudWitchMom

            *country… damn typo… some people don’t gave the immune systems to fight such things. And if you pull out survival of the fittest you can F*** off. If it weren’t for modern medicine I would not be here today, not would my 2 beautiful, extremely smart and very loving children who I will make D*** sure do not become hateful fear-mongers like you and so many others like you

          • Nina Marrocco

            Go to Hell Witch!

      • the dave

        Vaccines are clearly filled with poison – Anyone arguing FOR them, is under their influence and not to be taken seriously.

      • Nina Marrocco

        YOU are very Ignorant to say the least.

    • Paul Frohlich

      Socialism for you.

    • Chris Sky

      everything you said is right… except they are making TRILLIONS not millions.

  • Elizabeth Schmeidler

    California, you don’t even slightly resemble the America our Founding Fathers fought for. Your ways are tyrannical. Your state favors those who break the laws and punishes those who have moral, religious, or personal convictions. You have sold out to the highest bidding liberals. You will not stand. You will not succeed. This law is a disgrace to these United States.

    • Michelle

      Help us shed a spotlight on this disgusting rat’s nest of corruption, pro-child abuse, and cash for kids, brought to you by America’s “leadership!”

    • soldr3968 .

      Your Founding Fathers were bigoted, sub-human slave-owners who devalued the lives of others simply b/c they were different. They were genocidists who fully supported destroying an already thriving indigenous/aboriginal people by any means necessary, then broke every single treaty they ever signed with a people who were seeking to live amicably and harmoniously with them. When you mention your Founding Fathers, I just think it important for you to know that your heroes were and are OUR MURDERERS, RAPISTS AND OPPRESSORS. Your militaries, on the orders of your Founding Fathers, ran down defenseless fleeing women with infants and school-age children on horses and shot them in the back, if they were lucky. I don’t think I need talk about the innumerable gang-rapes that took place involving pre-teen native girls. Founding Fathers MY ASS: I call them the TRUE SAVAGES!!!!

  • WatchmanForTruth

    My God in heaven, just when you thought it was safe to enter the vaccine waters…THE VACCINE NAZI’s ARE COMING!!!

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    • Elvira Brooks

      Thank you. I watched this.

  • Courtney Guerrieri

    Hello??? How can I read this when the very first sentence is WRONG!! The bill has not even been introduced or assigned to committees yet. PLEASE don’t scare people with this headline. Yes, it’s a scary bill. but it HAS NOT PASSED, and if those of us here in California can make a big enough deal, we will prevent it from passing.

  • Deb

    Those under this choose not to vaccinate based on “research” or are negligent parents. The negligence will be addressed. Those who choose not to vaccinate their children based on “research”, will get a wake-up call! It is a proven fact that an unvaccinated child can get seriously ill or die from the diseases they aren’t vaccinated agsinst.These same children put other children (younger than them) at risk for serious illness or death. Diseases such as the measles and rubella are no joke! I’m glad California is taking a stand for public health and the health of children.

    • k3nw74

      Deb, you are clearly uneducated in this topic and it’s easy to see you’ve done no research outside of your television and Western mainstream media propaganda. Show me your sources for “proven facts”, and I’ll give you plenty in return that show otherwise. I cannot stop you from doing what you want to your children, but the moment you come and declare your ignorance and force these poisons into my child, you will forfeit your life. Talk all you want and make your ignorance known, but you will not destroy my children without a fight, and I stand by that.

      • nick quinlan

        Yes indeed. Deb is yet another brainwashed slave to the government propaganda, that has done no research on her own. Its a pity, there are too many just like her, and the children suffer because of ignorance of the true facts.

    • Aaron David

      You’re a psychopath Nazi, Deb. You have no soul.

    • Mark Meyers

      …” Next to toxic levels of brain-damaging aluminum salts, the researchers also found red blood cells of unknown origin and foreign, inorganic debris in aggregates, clusters, or free particles in every single human vaccine sample they tested.
      ” Further investigation revealed that the debris was composed of lead, stainless steel, chromium, tungsten, nickel, iron, zirconium, hafnium, strontium, antimony and other metals. Only one sample – an animal vaccine – came back clean.”…
      And if you do more homework, you might find this is just the tip of the iceberg. 😉

    • nick quinlan
    • Trav

      Deb, kindly GTFO of here. “Those who choose not to vaccinate their children based on “research”, will get a wake-up call!” that is a threat of violence against parents and their children, a subtle passive threat. Screw you

    • Trav

      Deb, you know where you can stick the needle.

  • k3nw74

    If it’s worth their life to enforce such things. that is their choice and one that will offer deadly consequences.

    It sickens me that people do nothing and do not hold these politicians that are supposed to be for the people, accountable. They are paid and lobbied by big pharm to pass laws that support these companies. Keep sitting back, saying it doesn’t concern you or there’s nothing you can do. Soon enough, these types of bills will come into law.

  • Michelle
  • Georgia Girl

    Anybody with any sense will leave that place…Truly communist rule.

  • Joan

    Maybe you should do your research. This is in Committee and if you bother reading the bill text, nothing would allow any illegal search without an appropriate warrant. A.K.A. Fake News.

    • Chris Sky

      “An appropriate warrant” which would be obtained as easily as finding out that their children “arent’ up to date” on their MANDATED VACCINATIONS… that’s how “hard” it will be to get a warrant. lol fuck people are sooo god damn stupid.

  • GrandDaddy

    People in California need to start shooting these needle-pushing freaks right off their doorstep.


    Or I’d be on the news, in Wikipedia, a meme on Facebook, and getting marriage proposals on Death Row like Charlie Manson.
    I’d be a cliche, a legend, the inspiration for many new laws…mothers would tell their children to eat their greens so they don’t turn out like me. Adults would double check their door locks, and kids would cry themselves to sleep hoping I didn’t come through the chimney to dismember their needle-pushing parents.

    Demons would vacate their lairs on hearing my footsteps, and California lawmakers would call for air support.
    Yep. Good thing I live in Arizona and my kids are grown, and smart enough to keep the needle-pushers away from my grandchildren.

    Because my default condition is ASSHOLE. It takes everything I have to try to think like Jesus and act like a Christian. If I stop for even one minute,
    I give Charlie the creeps.

    But a bureaucrat with self-appointed authority on my doorstep, coming in to assess my worthiness to keep my children… that officious little stain would be on a suicide mission.

  • soldr3968 .

    Why bother with the debates when you’ll do absolutely nothing? The line has been ‘drawn in the sand’ yet you sit comfortably behind your keyboards ‘venting’. Ha ha. You’re all laughable, and to date, the best comedy show going. One really couldn’t write better comedy than what the American public allows their ‘elected’ officials to get away with. But then, I guess you are busy with your countless holidays and their preparation, and those ‘roman games’ you call the NBA, NFL, etc. Oh, and let’s not forget the insane taxing going on that keeps your noses to the grindstone the rest of the time. Your government and political offices have become “Self-Aware” and have been creating policy to protect themselves FROM YOU, and its working. Answer?

  • Roger Long

    Anybody, and I do mean anybody who pushes their way into my home will be shot. I have no children and it’s me, the wife and my dogs. If you’re not invited, don’t come. PS, I don’t like government people, state or federal.

  • Lana Liz

    This is an incorrect description of SB18. Read it here:

  • DO

    When they do they should be carried out dead. There are no “authorities”
    we are not slaves and do not need to be treated as slaves.Making slave
    laws is illegal and unconstitutional and should be meat with the death
    of those that try to enforce them as “authorities”. The use of the word
    “Authorities” show that you believe you are a slave to others and also
    shows how much of Police State you live in. Slave drivers were called
    “Authority” for their use in having complete control over the slaves. If
    you believe anyone has complete control over you-you have given up your

  • JohnHolmes13

    Someone needs to beat the crap out of Pan. He is such a loser…I hope he drops dead of small cox.

  • thepaintedchairshop

    ever hear of a thing called bill of rights. or our constitution. to live free in the pursuit of happiness or our basic God given natural rights. any law that contradicts these is in violation of each of our rights.

  • Stace325

    One state at a time.

  • Chris Sky

    California… jewish Home Base in USA… hence why they want it flooded with as many non americans as possible… makes it much easier for the Zi0nist’s to control their G0ylm

    • Teri Van Horn

      Haters will hate. Unfortunately hatred is very contagious

      • Chris Sky

        Hahahahaha. Yes it’s an “accident” that California has the most draconian health laws, massive illegal immigration and horrible gun laws….. And the most “unfriendly” business laws in the USA. It’s not because of whose in control… nope it’s because “haters”


  • ned kelly

    OMG thank goodness my 4 kids are grown up, + also did their homework about vacs, + didnt have their kids done either.

  • Sik2012

    Section 1c doesn’t say that. I think he’s referring to section 1.a.3. Which states

    “The right for a child’s parents,including pregnant women or parents of children birth to age 5,and child victims of crimes, to access evidence-based, voluntary home visitation programs, such as comprehensive,coordinated in-home services that are offered to support positive parenting,and to improve outcomes for families including: improved maternal and child health, prevention of child injuries,child abuse and maltreatment,and reduction of emergency department visits, improvement in school readiness and achievement, reduction in crime or domestic violence, improvements in family economic self-sufficiency, and improvements in the coordination and referrals for other community resources and supports.”

    Whereas section 1.c and section 1.d state the following

    (c) Nothing in this section shall be interpreted to supplant any federal program or service.

    (d) Nothing in this section shall be interpreted to limit a parent’s rights under state or federal law.