Scientist Demonstrates How Cancer Can Be Destroyed By Frequencies

Scientists reveal how cancer cells can be destroyed by resonate frequencies

A scientist has showcased a new type of cancer treatment that uses resonant frequencies to completely destroy different types of cancer cells. 

Associate Professor and Director of Music at Skidmore College, Anthony Holland, held a groundbreaking Tedx Talk named “Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies“.

He told the audience his dream is to one day see a future where children no longer have to suffer from the toxic effects of cancer drugs or radiation treatment, and says he believes his team may have found the answer. reports:

Many of us have likely seen or heard of people shattering glass with the sound of their voice. This amazing feat, Holland explains, is due to a phenomenon called resonant frequency. When someone taps a glass, it emits a natural resonant frequency.

To induce shattering, a person must match the resonant frequency of the glass with the vibration of their voice, getting louder and louder until the glass finally breaks.

Taking this phenomenon into account, Holland and a team of researchers wondered if they could induce the same effect in a living microorganism or cell.

They came across the work of a Chinese researcher, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, who conjectured that live cells exhibit similar properties much like liquid crystals do.

With this in mind, Holland and his team wondered if they could affect a cell by sending a specific electric signal, much like we do with LCD technology.

After searching the patent database for a device that could accomplish the latter, they came across a therapeutic device invented by a New Mexico physician by the name of Dr. James Bare.

The device uses a plasma antenna that pulses on and off, which, as Holland explains, is important because a constant pulse of electricity would produce too much heat and therefore destroy the cell.

For the next 15 months, Holland and his team searched for the exact frequency that would directly shatter a living microorganism. The magic number finally came in the form of two inputs, one high frequency and one low.

The high frequency had to be exactly eleven times higher than the low, which in music is known as the 11th harmonic. At this 11th harmonic, micro organisms begin to shatter like crystal glass.

After practicing until they got efficient at the procedure, Holland began working with a team of cancer researchers in an attempt to destroy targeted cancer cells.

First they looked at pancreatic cancer cells, eventually discovering these cells were specifically vulnerable between 100,000 – 300,000 Hz.

Next they moved onto leukemia cells, and were able to shatter the leukemia cells before they could divide. But, as Holland explains in his talk, he needed bigger stats in order to make the treatment a viable option for cancer patients. So what kind of numbers did they produce?

In repeated and controlled experiments, the frequencies, known as oscillating pulsed electric field (OPEF) technology, killed an average of 25% to 40% of leukemia cells, going as high as 60% in some cases. Furthermore, the intervention even slowed cancer cell growth rates up to 65%. It was a double whammy.

The team also found success attacking ovarian cancer cells. Most recently, they tested the treatment against the deadly super bug MRSA, an organism that is resistant to many common antibiotics.

Thousands of people die every year from MRSA, Holland explains, and the drugs normally used against the pathogen are known to have toxic side effects.

Incredibly, the frequency therapy eliminated antibiotic resistance, and researchers were able to introduce a small amount of antibiotic to kill the bug.

Holland hopes that one day the treatment will override the toxic conventional treatments currently available for patients.

At the end of his speech, he describes his vision for the future of cancer clinics:

“I believe the future of children’s cancer hospitals will be a different place. They will be a place where children gather and make new friends, they probably wont even know they are sick. They’ll draw pictures, colour in their books, and play with their toys, all the while unaware that above them, a beautiful, blue plasma light is emanating healing, pulsing fields, shattering their cancer, painlessly, and non-toxically, one cell at a time. Thank you.”

It’s also noteworthy to mention that in 1920 that Royal Rife first identified the human cancer virus using the world’s most powerful microscope.

After identifying and isolating the virus, he decided to culture it on salted pork. At the time this was a very good method for culturing a virus.

He then took the culture and injected it into 400 rats which as you might expect, created cancer in all 400 rats very quickly.

The next step for Rife is where things took an interesting turn. He later found a frequency of electromagnetic energy that would cause the cancer virus to diminish completely when entered into the energy field.

The great discovery led Rife to create a device that could be tuned to output the frequency that would destroy the cancer. He was then able to treat the cancer within both rats and patients who were within close proximity of the device.

See Holland’s Tedx Talk below.

  • chiripero

    Dr. Royal Raymond Rife took his radio frequency system, along with his successful data results with cancer patients for FDA approval in 1933, and was turned down because it would make the very lucrative allopathic medical system obsolete in the United States. A U. S. doctor told my granddaughter that she would never be able to get pregnant, and if she somehow managed it get pregnant, she only had a 10 % chance of carrying to term. Her husband (who is from Iceland) said, I can write a program for that and send the radio frequencies into the compromised organism to repair it. Two weeks after she went on the program, she became pregnant, and 9 months later gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl ! They came to the U. S. last Labor Day (no pun intended) and I was able to hold my first great grandchild in my arms ! I highly recommend everyone to read “Murder By Injection” by Eustace Mullins for a more in-depth explanation.

    • Beth Hill Ross

      YUP! And they ruined him! 🙁
      I have a Rife machine…am using it for cancer.


      • raziel71

        Sorry , but no one have a RIfe machine. The original Rife machine used multifrequncies created by a tube that is not available. Need to be manufactured to specs. What you have is a sound frequency machine that for some people have worked but is not the same as the Rife machine or frequencies. Dr hulda Clark made a machine like what you have. A Rife machine would be much more effective if replicated. Not even Rife technician was able to replicate his machine after Rife died. The people on this article might have an idea by seeing they are using a frequency tube to achieve it. Dont want to turn you down, just make you aware of what are the differences.

        • Charly

          Not so. In Rife’s days they were using oscillators that ran at a few MHz. The plasma tube has a non-linear voltage to current characteristic, thereby producing overtones. In addition, it was pulsed, which also gives overtones. They may have pumped a tank circuit with a higher resonant frequency, not sure about that. His co-worker wanted to hide the actual resonant frequencies, so he mixed in audio signals and was hiding the resonance in a sideband. So only the precise main oscillator frequency with the correct audio frequency would produce the desired effect. This was presented by someone on the Internet who studied this in more detail.

          Rife used a gas filled x-Ray tube but any simple such noble-gas filled tube with some electrodes, not necessarily of the x-Ray tube variety, should work.

          I think with today’s technologies we should be able to generate the exact resonant frequency without the need of the plasma tube, if we would find them.

          Dr. Hulga Clark built a low frequency zapper from a simple timer IC, it produces rectangular pulses and therefore also has overtones but it is a single overtone series that can’t be tuned.

          Interesting to note is also the work by Dr. Bob C. Beck and his blood electrification device. I read an article in a medical journal about in vitro electrophoresis of cancer cells. So that works too.

          • raziel71

            The only way of doing Rife work is thru his special microscopes. It is the only way of getting the correct frequencies. Anything else is dangerous and a misinformed hit and miss.

    • Dr. Spice Williams-Crosby

      Brilliant book, “Murder by Injection” also, “The Cancer Cure that Worked, 50 Years Suppression.”

  • pitbull123

    They have been using ultrasound to destroy kidney and gallstones. So why shouldn’t they use it for killing cancers. I thought they were doing this years ago. I use ultrasonic waterbaths to clean my jewellery, dissolve stubborn salts quickly and clean my glasses. I used ultrasound to break up the calcaneal spur on my foot and I can walk again.

  • MarcSFried

    interesting except I don’t think this is would be easily accomplished for Leukemias….

  • Beth Hill Ross

    He’s going to end up dead like the rest!! :/

  • Dr. Spice Williams-Crosby

    This is the work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife almost 100 years ago! Dr. Morris Fishbien, president of the AMA, destroyed this man’s work, burned his lab down, and had his partner murdered! I love what this guy is doing but he should give credit to RIFE!

    • Chaffee

      and also give credit to non profit group for bringing Royal Rife’s work to life on all levels ie frequencies and plasma etc…

    • dkoch

      Yes, I have both a beam-ray, oxy-rife and frex machine which I purchased a number of years ago, used both personally and with other people. This man is presenting nothing new at all, and seems even though he is documenting his work, Rife was a lot further along than he is over many years time . Rife had a 100% cure rate of diagnosed terminal (stage 4) cancer patients back in the 1930s using his original design, and targeted frequencies.

    • Rod

      I was going to mention the same thing. What’s ironic is the cancer industry uses nuclear implants to fight cancer, and it a portion of the ems.

  • Imran Khan

    Rife had a elaborate unit, Dr Hulda Clark developed the simple zapper which can be made for a few dollars. Effect is the same. Hulda Clark was also arrested ……for treating medical diseases as she was a Phd.

    • raziel71

      Please dont distribute misleading information. Read the book above that one of the posters offered and learn the difference. A zapper and the original Rife machine works very different and with very different frequncies. The zapper is an ultrasound machine and Rife machine uses light multifrequencies. Very difference in use and results. Many of the zapper machines are being sold by people who know nothing of how it works or the correct frequencies. The Rife frequencies needed to be precisely tuned to the organism to kill or it would do nothing and it was so powerful the treatment lasted minutes a day. I all for Rife but not for using incorrect information.

      • ZapperDave

        While you are correct to an extent, I have worked with both Rife and Clark over many years. The fact is that despite not being the exact same frequencies and Clark zappers not being as accurate, the Clark Zappers do have benefits and a long list of successes as well. The main difference is that Clark machines generate a wide range of frequencies at once through the use of square waves. Also, as another point, while having the exact accurate frequencies of a Rife machine is helpful, it is not always required. I eliminated my own basal cell carcinomas using an advanced multi-frequency Clark Zapper.

        • raziel71

          You are dealing with something very dangerous here. Even Rife recognized the dangers of using wrong frequencies. His frequencies where tridimensional, that is why it needed 2 or more different ones that were obtained thru the light frequencies of his special microscopes. There is no other way to obtain them, and viruses mutate. What you are doing is hit and miss and you run the risk of killing beneficial bacteria and organism necessary for your functioning instead of viruses. You could get even into the frequency of one of your vital organs and damage it. The only way would be to investigate and bring back his original microscopes. There are at least 6 of them in existence. Please stop sharing misinformation. What you are doing is dangerous and irresponsible toward any patient.

  • Chaffee

    non profit group is creating rife and plasma specific generators to help one recover from all dis-ease and be free … facebook group learn how to use this technology

  • swissms

    Glad to see such knowledgable comments from readers. Yes, music teacher Anthony Holland, is re-inventing the wheel of this research. There are many folks researching the use of resonant frequencies to heal. He references Mae-Wan Ho and her brilliant book to explain how resonant frequencies can fight cancer. Interesting that he has found that to destroy cancer cells with pulsed frequencies, you need to combine a low frequency with a higher frequency at the 11th harmonic. (This finding is interesting to me; causes me to think about the possibility of creation of organisms via resonant harmonics as well.) He also talks about cancer cells growing antennas to “hear” the frequencies being applied (which reminds me of the research being done on plants showing that they listen to one another and communicate via “sound”.)

  • Norman Frazier

    Extremely promising. The only caution I can think of is to screen patients for keloid trouble.
    A cancer of the blood should be treated in an artificial kidney.

  • raziel71

    Completely Rife work.. down to the utilization of a compound frequency.This is no novelty and the AMA basically killed Rife for this. Why would they act different now?? Rife microscopes are still in the smithsonian.

  • Leonoor

    I, Leonoor, am the initiator of our living group Contact & muziek. I recognise the way of treating with freguences. I belleive that that is a intelligent and human way of terating people. I don’t believ in surgery (we do this when it is to late, it is possible to prevnet illnes, I believe) and disliek the medcin war, giving peole chemo and chemicals

    I was a violinist and 13 years ago I began to help people with emotiolnall and mental problems. I brought together people and in 2006 out living group started. I teached myself and my three housemates the viola da gamba and lute. We meditate and sing 4 part songs a capella, I composed very slowly and in tune. It is amazing what 10 years daily practising, working and living together, solving every day all problems and negative feelings with each other, do to us. We wish every human being not to live alone, make music, share yur thoughts, wishes adn ideas and stop medcine and surgery. To heal every illnes with talking, music, herbs and love.

  • Jon Jones

    I hope you are right because the radiation problem in the USA is critical. You can get info on veterans today. Here is Alex Jones stating that 48 US nuclear reactors are leaking. Please spread the word. It’s all we can do.

  • Julian Shelbourne

    This is fascinating. The 11th harmonic is the “tri-tone” – the “devil’s interval” that was banned by the Church in the medieval period. Interestingly, I have discovered that the Solfeggio are also a means for generating tri-tones – as though the Gregorian monks who passed the Solfeggio down to us had encoded the generation of tri-tones as “difference tones” formed by singing or playing three or more Solfeggio tones at the same time.